The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1133

Chapter 1133: The Ocean Holds All Rivers A Great Heart Embraces All

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The moment the '卍' appeared, all the golden Buddhas began to chant.

Wang Chong's face slowly turned grave.

There were far too many legends about the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple, the most sacred ground of the Tibetan Plateau. It had a legacy that spanned more than a thousand years, and was both secular and yet not entirely secular.

The supreme powers of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple had many unknown secrets around them. Wang Chong only knew that the fundamental basis of their peerless techniques was the mantra 'Om Mani Padme Hum', the 'Six Syllable Mantra'. But no one except the people of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple knew what sort of secrets and powers were contained within the Six Syllable Mantra.

Those powers were completely alien to the Central Plains, and even during the apocalyptic era, when all the various martial arts were being fused together, the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple remained silent on its supreme techniques.

Even when Wang Chong became the Grand Marshal of the World and led humanity's last strength against the otherworldly invaders, he was not able to communicate with the monks of that temple.

But even so, the martial arts of the Great Snow Mountain were not invincible. Every martial art had a flaw. This was a principle that applied everywhere in the world, and not even the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple was an exception.

Wang Chong trusted in his master's words. As long as he could find the Veda Sacred Bell's flaw, its Qi Gate, he would definitely be able to undo the seal of the ritual tool and release his master.

There is no better technique than the Myriad Spirit Sea Art for finding the Qi Gate of the Veda Sacred Bell. This technique is practically without equal when it comes to finding the flaws in techniques. No matter what, I must first cultivate the Myriad Spirit Sea Art!

Wang Chong's mind was in turmoil as the words of the Myriad Spirit Sea Art rushed through his mind. A moment later, his Stellar Energy began to transform, splitting off into tens of thousands of strands that spread to every acupuncture point of his body, transforming into tiny whirlpools.

Energy into dantian! Transforming the points of the body into tens of thousands of dantians was the most basic objective of the Myriad Spirit Sea Art.

After some time, Wang Chong was able to use his vast experience and his Great General cultivation to transform every acupuncture point of his body into an energy vortex.

There was an enormous boom as all ten thousand points cried out in unison, but just when the energy in these acupuncture points was at its most intense, all the Stellar Energy within them was ejected. A moment later, they had been completely drained and Wang Chong's miniature dantians were no more.

Wang Chong froze for a moment, and then he immediately circulated his Stellar Energy once more, following the method outlined in the Myriad Spirit Sea Art. But this time, he was even more cautious.

Through the world of energy, Wang Chong was able to precisely control every strand of Stellar Energy to circulate them in his acupuncture points. Now that he was a Great General, his control over Stellar Energy had reached a level that most people could not even imagine. Not even other Great Generals could compare.

Now that he had some experience, he was able to make the Stellar Energy in his acupuncture points circulate more stably. It was able to remain for longer, but a few moments later, there was a terrific boom signaling that he had failed once more.

There could be no creation without destruction, and only after destruction could there be success.

The Myriad Spirit Sea Art required a cultivator to cultivate and then destroy their cultivation, and only then could they begin to actually cultivate the technique. But Wang Chong's dantian was surging and bulging with energy. He found it impossible to keep his Stellar Energy in one place.

"Chong-er, your talent is already incredible and makes one gasp in amazement. I only explained it to you once, and you are already able to cultivate the Myriad Spirit Sea Art to such a level, proving that your master's judgment was correct. But you still do not understand the principle behind the origin of energy. Your master asks you, why is it that the ocean can hold all rivers and the heart is great that embraces all?"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice once more resounded in Wang Chong's mind. His Psychic Energy was linked with Wang Chong's, so he had been silently observing Wang Chong's progress.



Wang Chong froze. He had never expected his master to ask him a question at a time like this, but Wang Chong knew that there was a profound meaning to this question.

"Because the ocean has far more capacity than the rivers, streams, and lakes?" Wang Chong probed.

"Haha, your answer can be considered correct, but your master asks you, if capacity is all that is needed, why is it that a full river floods and a full moon wanes?" the Demonic Emperor Old Man said.


Wang Chong was immediately at a loss for words.

"So… it's because it has space?"

"Haha, you truly are a smart one, understanding with just a small hint!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man said in a gratified tone. "Correct. The ocean can hold all rivers and the heart is great that can embrace all not because it is large, but because it has space. Only with space can one put in more things, can the ocean hold all rivers. Chong-er, your dantian is currently full to the bursting. This is precisely why your acupuncture points cannot hold any Stellar Energy. Your dantian is not empty, so you cannot cultivate the Myriad Spirit Sea Art. Only by resolving this point can you succeed."

"So, my dantian is full, so I should make an empty dantian, and in terms of space, nothing is more spacious than the world. Master means that I should make my internal dantian an external dantian, treating the entire world as an empty dantian to hold my energy?" Wang Chong muttered.


The Veda Sacred Bell suddenly fell silent. Even the Demonic Emperor Old Man was taken aback by Wang Chong's words.

His original intention was to have Wang Chong empty out a part of his dantian. Although could not be considered 'destroying one's cultivation', it achieved a similar effect. Wang Chong wouldn't be able to cultivate the Myriad Spirit Sea Art to his level, but he would get sixty to seventy percent of the way there, enough to see the flaws in all things in the world, including the Veda Sacred Bell.

But the Demonic Emperor Old Man had never imagined that Wang Chong's thinking would be so unconventional, thinking of the idea of using the infinite void to serve as a dantian after one destroyed one's cultivation.

"Chong-er, not even your master has attempted what you have proposed. Unlike yours, your master's dantian is already broken, so your master has no way of determining if your understanding is right or wrong. But if you succeed, your attainments in the Myriad Spirit Sea Art will far exceed your master's, perhaps even that of the creator of the Myriad Spirit Sea Art."

The imagination of man had its limits, restricted by what they knew and the world they lived in.

Not even the Demonic Emperor Old Man could determine if Wang Chong would succeed, but theoretically speaking, there was nothing wrong with Wang Chong's idea.

But Wang Chong had no time to think about such things. As long as he could save his master as quickly as possible, he didn't care about anything else.


A few moments later, Wang Chong changed his plan. He once more poured his Stellar Energy into the acupuncture points of his body, but this time, he spun the strands of Stellar Energy in the opposite direction to what was instructed.

At the same time, he imagined the world as his dantian while the acupuncture points of his body were the acupuncture points of the world.

Perhaps it's not like that at all…

Wang Chong suddenly raised his head in understanding, staring at the boundless world of energy. The human body was one world, so why could the heavens and earth be another world?

If he looked carefully, the large and small particles of energy traveling through the heavens and earth were the Stellar Energy flowing through the human body. And weren't those higher-level dragon-like torrents of energy the meridians of the human body? And from a certain point of view, didn't those different colors and shades of energy seem to be forming into the 'organs' of the human body?

This thought made Wang Chong feel like the clouds had parted, allowing the sun to shine brightly over the world.


A moment later, as if in response to the change in Wang Chong's mindset, the air for dozens of feet around him began to seethe like boiling water. And even more inconceivably, energy began to surge, 'arteries' of different colors beginning to twist and bulge as they took shape.

The end of each 'artery' was attached to a pore on Wang Chong's body, creating a bizarre, mysterious, and wondrous sight.

But a moment later, all these images vanished, and an explosion came from within Wang Chong's body.

Wang Chong had already reached an extremely high level after breaking into the Great General, but now, every one of his pores had transformed into a dantian, each one packed with Stellar Energy, and his strength swelled once more.

"How could this be!"

At this time, probably the only person with the time and energy to observe the positions of everyone on the battlefield was Dalun Ruozan.

He was a civil minister, not a military general, and as a strategist and tactician, he needed to observe the entire battlefield and understand all its trends.

Dalun Ruozan had no idea what had happened to Wang Chong, but he could tell from the shift in Wang Chong's aura that this fierce foe of Ü-Tsang was only getting more powerful and formidable.

Dalun Ruozan sensed that Wang Chong was now equal to Gao Xianzhi and Abu Muslim, even surpassing them in some aspects.

Dalun Ruozan had never encountered this kind of opponent before. Wang Chong had fought with Aybak and Ziyad, received two attacks from Qutaybah, and been assailed by countless Arab cavalry, but not only had Wang Chong not weakened, his strength had swelled. He was dozens of times more threatening than before, making Dalun Ruozan feel extremely uneasy.

Qutaybah, Abu Muslim, it all depends on you. No matter what, you must get rid of them as quickly as possible and break the Great Tang's Nine Dragon Blood Formation!

Dalun Ruozan was frantic with worry, his gaze subconsciously turning to that godlike and radiant figure in the distance.

All the plans had been realized. The last and most crucial step was to defeat the Great Tang!

Only this would ensure that all the sacrifices were not in vain. Only this would make Dusong Mangpoje's sacrifice have any meaning!