The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1134

Chapter 1134: The Demonic Emperor Returns Alive

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The current Wang Chong had no attention for anything else. His mind was entirely focused on the world of energy and the Veda Sacred Bell.

"What a strange feeling. So this is the Myriad Spirit Sea Art!" Wang Chong muttered.

Now that he had cultivated the most basic 'pore dantians' across his entire body, his meridians and blood vessels transformed as well, altering Wang Chong's perception of the world. Previously, when observing the world of energy, Wang Chong would only be able to sense the size of the energy and the intensity of their luster, like he was viewing a 2-D plane.

But now that he had comprehended the basic form of the Myriad Spirit Sea Art, making the entire world his 'external dantian', everything had changed.

Wang Chong could not just sense the strength of the energy, but also when it moved, floated, or trembled. This was like moving from a 2-D world to a 3-D world.

Wang Chong had ascended to an entirely new level in his ability to sense the details of the various energies.

Wang Chong rapidly made the Veda Sacred Bell the target of his new perception. Suddenly, the complicated and enormous formation of tens of thousands of golden Buddhas of various sizes appeared entirely different.

Wang Chong could sense that each of these golden Buddhas was moving, slightly vibrating in the world of energy. His understanding of this world of energy was no longer superficial, but as clear as if he was reading a book in his palm.

"Found it!"

Wang Chong suddenly turned his eyes to a tiny vortex of energy on the Veda Sacred Bell. This was an extremely faint vortex, hidden beneath the vast golden radiance of the Buddha formation, making it extremely difficult to find. Moreover, the vibrating golden Buddhas were able to completely drown out the aura of this energy vortex.

The Veda Sacred Bell simply had too much energy. At his initial level of cultivation, Wang Chong had simply been incapable of noticing this vortex.

Any ritual tool would leave a point of entry where the user could insert Stellar Energy, and the Veda Sacred Bell was no exception. It would definitely have a point where the user could maximize the energy they put in. This was the back door to the ritual tool.

In addition, every ritual tool had a creator. No matter how much energy this creator possessed, there was a 'point' from which the construction of the ritual was started from that could not be resolved. It could only be covered up or hidden, weakened so much that it became nearly undetectable. This was the 'Qi Gate' that Wang Chong had been searching for.


Elated, Wang Chong immediately began to communicate with the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

"Master, we strike together from both the inside and the outside to open up this ritual tool!"





At the count of 'one', Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man immediately struck their palms against the Veda Sacred Bell.


This 'bong' was almost impossibly loud. The entire Veda Sacred Bell fiercely trembled, droning furiously as its energy poured out in a landslide, causing the ground to shudder and groan.

One layer of rock after another beneath Wang Chong's feet was sundered apart by those waves of energy.

At this moment, the golden bell seemed to be as heavy as a mountain. The ground beneath it constantly trembled, but it still did not move. Even though they had found the inner and outer Qi Gates of the golden Sacred Bell, they were not truly activating the bell, so all they had managed to do was shake it a little.

"Get out of my way!"

As the droning of the golden bell began to fade away, Wang Chong saw that his master was still unable to come out. His eyes went red and his body exploded with power, all of it surging toward the Veda Sacred Bell's external Qi gate like a mighty tsunami. At the same time, Wang Chong also sent all his prodigious Psychic Energy at the golden bell.

Boooom! An explosion seemed to shake the entire world and even the heavens. Wang Chong was silent and motionless as his bloodshot eyes stared at the golden bell.

After what seemed like a second and also like endless epochs, clack! A sliver of space appeared underneath the golden bell.

"Master! Hurry and come out!"

Wang Chong was exerting all his power to resist the Sacred Bell, all the veins on his body bulging. The Buddhist energy of the generations of High Monks of the Great Snow Mountain Holy Temple, built up over thousands of years, was incredibly difficult for Wang Chong to contend against. Moreover, the ritual tool's inherent repulsive powers were simply too great. Even this sliver might vanish at any moment.

As Wang Chong impatiently looked on, an enormous force suddenly burst out from within the Veda Sacred Bell, widening the sliver into a gap.

Whoosh! An elderly figure shot out from beneath the golden bell. Behind him, the six-meter golden bell thudded back to the earth with an enormous 'bong'.

Dust exploded from beneath the bell, rising dozens of feet into the air.


Wang Chong became agitated at the sight of this familiar figure, and rushed over to embrace his master.

"Chong-er, the situation is dire. Your master consumed too much energy dealing with this golden bell and can no longer stand against Qutaybah. You've comprehended the origin of energy, broken into the Great General level, and have also learned your master's Myriad Spirit Sea Art. Your master has taught you everything he knows, and now, it all depends on you!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man was in extremely poor condition. His aura was in chaos, his clothes were speckled in blood, and his entire body exuded extreme fatigue.

He had already greatly exhausted himself through his battle with Qutaybah, and then Dusong Mangpoje had caught him off guard and succeeded in trapping him under the Veda Sacred Bell. The seal of this Sacred Bell, strengthened by generations of High Monks, had consumed even more of his energy.

If the Demonic Emperor Old Man had still been in his prime, his dantian intact, then he would have had nothing to fear, but with his dantian shattered, he was unable to fight long battles. Adding onto this the time that he had spent resisting the Veda Sacred Bell's seal, he was no longer fit for a major battle with a peak power.

To be able to survive, preserve this much strength, and even find the Veda Sacred Bell's internal Qi Gate was truly astonishing. Such a feat was simply unthinkable.

But it was precisely because of this unthinkable feat that the Demonic Emperor Old Man was no longer able to stand on equal ground with Qutaybah.


The Demonic Emperor Old Man had barely spoken when a scream tore through the air. And then shockwaves of energy swept through the battlefield of Talas as if the apocalypse had come.

"It's from the Great Tang!"

Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man raised their heads and turned in shock to see the situation.

In front of the first defense line, a figure was thrown high into the air, blood gushing from his body.

"Zhao Fengchen!"

Wang Chong's pupils narrowed. He was extremely familiar with Zhao Fengchen's silhouette.

Wang Chong scanned the battlefield and immediately locked onto another figure. "It's Ziyad!"

This person was hidden behind the other soldiers, right under Zhao Fengchen. The Ocean Ring was just flying back into his hand.

Ziyad was a Great General of the Arabian Empire; no one had expected him to join the ranks of regular soldiers to ambush Zhao Fengchen, heavily injuring him in a single blow.

Zhao Fengchen was already weaker than Ziyad, and he was certainly no match for Ziyad while being ambushed.

"Kill them!"

Ziyad's icy voice was brimming with killing intent. Without the slightest hesitation, Ziyad immediately lunged at Cheng Qianli.

Qutaybah, Abu Muslim, Huoshu Huicang, Aybak, and Ziyad working together immediately put the Great Tang on the back foot. And this was only the beginning, the sneak attack on Zhao Fengchen causing the dominoes to begin falling. Bzzz! In a flash of light, a massive beam of golden Sword Qi, as imposing as a mountain, slashed down at the white-haired Wushang Village Chief, who was distracted by Zhao Fengchen's heavy injury.

The timing of this strike was perfect. Not even someone of the Wushang Village Chief's strength was able to dodge it.


With a shrill scream, the Wushang Village Chief was struck by Qutaybah's sword. His elderly figure trembled and vomited blood, his body flying backward like a ragdoll before striking one of the high steel walls, drenching it in blood.


Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man both trembled as if they had been struck by lightning. The distant Tang soldiers began to cry out in alarm, and even the black-armored guard paled.

Ziyad's successful sneak attack had broken the balance of this battle, allowing Qutaybah and his prodigious strength to heavily wound the Wushang Village Chief. The Wushang Village Chief was already afflicted by a lurking disease, and he was already very old. The constant battling and two strikes from Qutaybah had left him more injured than ever before.

And without the Wushang Village Chief's support, the Great Tang's defense line was placed in great peril. There was no one left to stand against Qutaybah.

"Not good!"


Wang Chong and his master both became deathly pale. With no time to think, Wang Chong blinked away, immediately carrying his master into the distance. Even though Wang Chong's reaction was fast, he was still a step too slow. In this battle, both sides had been fighting for time.

Qutaybah had been suppressing the Wushang Village Chief all this time, focusing more than half of his attacks on him, precisely for this moment.

Although the black-armored guard was powerful, Qutaybah had a higher level of cultivation. The black-armored guard would never be able to stop Qutaybah alone.