The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1135

Chapter 1135: Upgrade Imperial Great General

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Today is the day of your annihilation!"

Qutaybah's cruel and emotionless voice rang out through the world, drowning out the screams, the stamping of hooves, the clashing of weapons, the howling of the wind… All these other sounds became nearly inaudible. At this moment, the entire world seemed to be about to fall apart as this deafening voice rang out in their ears.

A golden light as bright as the sun exploded beneath the overcast sky. Even those several dozen li away could clearly see Qutaybah, his hair flying in the air, his body dazzling with golden light, unleashing his heaven-shaking Sword Qi.

At this moment, Qutaybah seemed like a mighty and enormous deity standing above the sky, earth, the countless cavalry, and the corpses covering the ground. Everyone who saw this man would feel measly and insignificant down to the deepest parts of their souls.


A second later, there was a massive explosion. Time slowed down to a crawl as that beam of golden Sword Qi tens of thousands of feet long tore the sky open, cleaving apart the dark clouds. With a thunderous and magnificent blow, it struck the well-tempered and imposing body of the black-armored guard and sent him flying.


Tens of thousands of roars filled the air. The moment Qutaybah sent the black-armored guard flying and wounded him, the many war halos on the bodies of the Tang's top-class armies flickered like candles and then were snuffed out.

At this moment, Aybak, Huoshu Huicang, Ziyad, and everyone else attacked. But their targets this time were not the Wushang Village Chief or the black-armored guard, but the Tang elite armies.


Explosions rang out from the churning clouds of dust and screams filled the air. In great swaths, the soldiers of the Divine Martial Army, Divine Prison Army, Dragon Stallion Army, and Azure Martial Army were thrown into the air, boundless Stellar Energy tearing their organs apart.

Bloods and limbed showered down from the sky.

These top-class soldiers that had been honed through countless battles on the border of the Great Tang could stomp down on all the elite Arab armies, but they were incapable of standing against those who stood at the very precipice of authority and power, the Imperial Great Generals!

The Great Tang immediately sustained severe losses.

And it was still far from over. "Kill!" In a stampede of hooves, tens of thousands of Arab and Tibetan soldiers charged over, their eyes bloodshot and killing intent seething from their bodies. Although this battle hadn't gone on for very long, the Arabs and Tibetans had also sustained heavy casualties.

The army of the trilateral alliance originally had around one hundred thousand soldiers, but by now, they only had around fifty thousand. Moreover, at the very beginning, this allied army had consisted of nearly five hundred thousand soldiers!!!

How could these losses not be shocking!

The fires of rage had been building up in their hearts for a long time now. Now that they had this chance, all of the Arab and Tibetan horsemen roared as they pushed their horses to the limits of their speed.


Like a massive wave beating onto the shore, the countless warhorses slammed into the Tang defense line with a deafening crash. After a few short moments, the defense line began to dangerously buckle.

"Retreat! Withdraw! Everyone retreat!"

A panicked roar resounded from the distance. Wang Chong's heart was aflame with worry as he madly rushed toward the battlefield. He was moving like a lightning bolt, covering tens of thousands of feet in seconds while leaving white scars in the air. One could see his afterimages all throughout the battlefield.

For the first time in his life, Wang Chong found himself to be exceptionally slow. Stellar Energy was booming within his body, on the verge of exploding out of his dantian.

Hurry! Faster! Faster…

As the winds howled past him, everything became like blurry shadows. Wang Chong's hands were clenched into fists, and his jaws could practically bite through steel. On this vast battlefield of Talas, any Arab or Tibetan soldier that got in Wang Chong's way would be sent flying through the air.

Wang Chong carved out a long and straight path through the dense enemy ranks, with countless soldiers instantly being pulverized on first contact with his Stellar Energy. Wang Chong's speed was extremely fast, but on this constantly changing battlefield, it was still rather slow.


There was another burst of screams as the Arab cavalry charged in, their sharp scimitars coldly gleaming as they cut down innumerable Tang soldiers. In this one clash, six to seven thousand of Su Hanshan's ballista soldiers were slain.

Of all the Great Tang soldiers, these former bandits and brigands were the weakest, so they were also the ones to suffer the greatest losses from the charging Arab cavalry. One ballista soldier after another was run through by the Arabs, their blood pooling on the ground.

"Seeking death!"

Wang Chong felt like his eyes were going to burst out of their sockets. Boom! He shot forward like a cannonball, slamming into the dense ranks of Arab cavalry. Screams ripped through the air along with blood and flesh. Golden torrents of Stellar Energy extended from Wang Chong like dragons, pulverizing countless Arab and Tibetan horsemen.


"Stop him!"

Wang Chong was moving far too quickly, and his abrupt assault left Aybak, Huoshu Huicang, and Ziyad in a state of panic. The three of them had all exchanged blows with Wang Chong and had fared poorly, so they regarded him with great apprehension.

"Pharaoh's Grip!"

"Vairocana Buddha!"

"Ocean's Fierce Tide!"

The three Great Generals joined forces. The furious roar of a Pharaoh, the chanting of a Buddha, and the howling of the Ocean Ring spinning through the air created a loud din. Three different yet equally powerful floods of Stellar Energy surged toward Wang Chong like mighty waves, weighing down his head like a mountain.

The combined attacks of these three were enough to make the world quake and anyone pale in shock. Even other Great Generals would not be able to block the combined attacks of this trio.

"Wang Chong, watch out!"

Light and flame filled the world. Gao Xianzhi was currently working with the wounded black-armored guard to barely hold back Qutaybah and Abu Muslim, but even so, he was still paying attention to the shifts on the battlefield. The sight of Aybak, Huoshu Huicang, and Ziyad all attacking Wang Chong had him deeply concerned.

"Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!"

Wang Chong furiously roared, his eyes cold and intimidating as he charged straight toward these attacks. The Wang Chong of this moment had a momentum that completely dominated his three opponents. Boom! The moment Wang Chong attacked, the world seemed to become a most turbulent ocean. All the Origin Energy and Stellar Energy in the word began to madly revolve around Wang Chong.

Even the destructive torrents unleashed by Aybak, Huoshu Huicang, and Ziyad began to distort and veer off course due to Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.


"How is this possible?"

The three of them slightly paled as they sensed their Stellar Energy fall out of their control. There was no one who could step into the Great General level without Stellar Energy that was as firm as rock, and all of them had comprehended a portion of the principles of the world. To shake and jolt their Stellar Energy was extremely difficult, and to take control of their Stellar Energy was practically impossible.

But Wang Chong had done it.

He had completely twisted away the attack of a supreme Great General, causing it to veer off its original course. This was simply impossible! Wang Chong's abilities had completely surpassed their imaginations.


A moment later, the three floods of Stellar Energy unleashed by the trio veered into each other, unleashing a chain of explosions. "Aaaah!" Caught off guard, numerous Arab cavalry were caught up in these explosions and obliterated by the turbulent energy.

A high-level battle between Great Generals was not something that ordinary soldiers like them could take part in.

And this battle was far from over. Huoshu Huicang, Aybak, and Ziyad simultaneously groaned and grimaced, all of them retreating in unison. As they fell back, plushplushplush! Bloody mists exploded from their bodies.

Now that Wang Chong was a Great General, he could finally wield the full might of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. Not even the Stellar Energy of Great Generals could resist his absorption. In just a second, the three of them had been injured, bloody mists erupting from their bodies and rushing into Wang Chong's.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was the supreme evil art of the world, and it was precisely this dreadful power that made the powerhouses of numerous sects fear and revere it. Countless bloody storms had been stirred in the world of martial arts for the sake of this evil art.

This evil art possessed an irresistible temptation for all martial artists. They would be invincible against experts on the same level, able to go one versus three. Even against more numerous foes, the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art would still be able to accomplish the task with ease.


Although Aybak, Huoshu Huicang, and Ziyad had withdrawn quickly and promptly, the same could not be said for the Arab and Tibetan soldiers. Bangbang! In the blink of an eye and an explosion of bloody mist, countless soldiers dropped to the ground.

The air seethed with bloody mist, and Wang Chong devoured it all. And when he had absorbed the last wisp of mist, the ground for several dozen paces around was covered with corpses. Almost no one had been left standing.