The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137: The Final And Decisive Battle

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Qutaybah had originally been focused on the retreating Tang army, but the moment Wang Chong attacked, he immediately grimaced and turned his head. His disdainful eyes instantly became solemn and grim.

The Great Destruction Art!

This was the highest level of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. In a great war, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had once relied on this move to kill dozens of powerhouses of the righteous and evil factions and slaughter more than a thousand experts belonging to various sects. Through this feat, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had firmly established his supreme status in the world of martial arts and gained the title of 'Demonic Emperor'.

This move could tear apart space and draw out the purest destructive energy from the depths of the void to attack an opponent. Even someone as strong as Qutaybah would need to confront this attack with all the attention he could muster.

Bzzz! With an enormous clang, the beam of golden Sword Qi that had been aimed at the retreating Tang army suddenly turned and slashed at Wang Chong.

These two beams of Sword Qi originally aimed in different directions now fused together, becoming even sharper, stronger, and more dazzling than before.


These two different kinds of destructive energy, both incredibly pure, collided in the air.

Everyone could see two points of light emerge in the darkness, which instantly expanded into a blazing golden sun and a red full moon.

These were more real than any illusion of the sun or moon that Wang Chong had ever produced before. On this blazing sun, one could see the surging corona, and the surface of the full moon was uneven and pockmarked with craters. Wang Chong had created them by fusing the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art with his understanding of the psychic domain.

In this clash of energies, Wang Chong was admittedly still thrown back, but the powerful attack that was the fusion of two of Qutaybah's beams of Sword Qi was also completely shattered by Wang Chong's Great Destruction Art. Even the immovable figure of Qutaybah slightly quivered.

As Qutaybah watched Wang Chong being thrown back, he grimaced.

When Qutaybah had first appeared on the battlefield and run into Wang Chong, Wang Chong had posed no threat to him whatsoever. Not even Wang Chong working together with Gao Xianzhi, Wang Yan, and Cheng Qianli could contend against him. But now, not only had Wang Chong managed to receive his full-strength blow, he had even caused Qutaybah's shoulders to tremble. This instilled Qutaybah with an unprecedented desire to kill.

Just as Qutaybah was clenching his fists and preparing to attack again, he suddenly heard a voice.

"Chong-er, your master has come to help you!"

Before he could react, the Demonic Emperor Old Man shot forward like a black bolt of lightning, intervening in the battle between Wang Chong and Qutaybah.

"It's you!"

The familiar figure caused Qutaybah to grimace once more, a clear look of apprehension on his face.

Boom! In the blink of an eye, the Demonic Emperor Old Man's Stellar Energy exploded toward Qutaybah. At almost the same moment, a great banner waved. The black-armored guard, suppressing his energies, gripped the Nine Dragon Blood War Banner and threw his stalwart body back into the fray.

"Master, watch out!"

A second later, Wang Chong exploded forward in alarm, and the three joined hands and began to fiercely battle with Qutaybah.

Even though Qutaybah was the number one expert of Arabia and practically unstoppable, he immediately had to put all his focus into dealing with his three attackers, the combined assault of three Great Generals.

Now that Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the black-armored guard were working together, the Tang armies felt the pressure on them as they retreated greatly diminish.

"Forget about them! The three of them are all practically spent! Qutaybah has enough strength to deal with them! Don't let the Tang soldiers retreat. Kill them all and we will be the true victors of this battle!"

Winds howled over the chaotic battlefield. Aybak's gaze paused on Wang Chong for only a few moments before he began to pursue the retreating Tang army.

Hearing Aybak's words, Huoshu Huicang and Ziyad began to follow him without a second thought, charging toward the fleeing Tang.

The Great Tang didn't have many soldiers left, and other than the ballista soldiers, the remaining soldiers were all elites. If they were allowed to return to the Western Regions, they would be able to stir up an endless amount of trouble.

And as long as they killed all the Tang soldiers, it didn't matter how tenaciously Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the black-armored guard struggled.

An army without soldiers was no real army, and if all the Tang soldiers were killed and only the commanders like Wang Chong and Gao Xianzhi were left, they would be unable to escape and eventually meet their deaths.

"Watch out! The Arabs are pursuing!"

The moment Aybak and Huoshu Huicang began to move out, Wang Sili, Du Wuwei, and the other commanders grimaced, even the Tongluo Cavalry Deputy Commander Chuluohou.

Three Great Generals working together wielded a dreadful power that all of them had personally experienced, and now that these three were moving toward them like lightning bolts, Wang Sili and the others couldn't help but pale.

"We can't worry about that much! No matter what, we have to get the army out safely!"

In these dire circumstances, if Huoshu Huicang and the others caught up, the Tang army would suffer horrific losses. With no time to think, Wang Sili lunged at Huoshu Huicang's group.

Du Wuwei, Chuluohou, and the other commanders swiftly made their decision. Bangbangbang! One figure after another charged out, all of their eyes determined and unyielding.

"Hmph! Just clowns who overestimate their strength!"

Aybak couldn't help but coldly laugh at this sight. There was a massive gap between Brigadier Generals and Great Generals that could not be filled by passion and courage. In Aybak's view, these Tang Brigadier Generals were engaging in a suicidal course of action.


One storm of energy after another exploded from the bodies of Aybak, Huoshu Huicang, and Ziyad. The three of them seethed with killing intent as they prepared to commence a slaughter, when suddenly…


A milky-white bolt of energy, sharp and grandiose to the extreme, thundered toward the trio.

This bolt of energy was extremely dense, and even individuals as powerful as Aybak, Huoshu Huicang, and Ziyad couldn't help but tremble in fear at the sheer destructive power contained within it. All three of them stopped and fell back.

"Bastard! The old thing is still alive!"

Aybak turned to the white-haired figure in tattered robes standing front of the steel walls. His pupils constricted, his teeth clenched, and a string of curses issued from his mouth.

This old man had also received one of Qutaybah's destructive blows, and after being knocked away, he had remained motionless for some time. Aybak had believed that this meant that he had died, but it seemed like he still had a little breath in him.

"Qutaybah, you bastard, why didn't you just cut off his head. In the end, you've left us a major headache!"

Aybak couldn't help but grumble at this point.

This old man was definitely not an existence that could be ignored. All he had done was jab out with his finger, but if they hadn't been cautious and taken it seriously, they might have died to that bolt of energy. This was why Aybak and the others had chosen to retreat.

But Aybak was just voicing his complaints. Those at the Great General level all had extremely tenacious vitality and some unique methods of preserving their lives. For example, when Duwu Sili had noticed that something was wrong, he had immediately fled, and Governor Osman had his own unique version of Blood Escape. The old man certainly had his own ways that had kept him alive.

"Let them catch their breath for now. Once we kill this old man, we can slaughter the Tang just the same!"

Aybak viciously glared at the Wushang Village Chief as he charged forward. Ziyad was behind him, throwing out the Ocean Ring, with turned into a blur as it hurtled toward the Wushang Village Chief. Huoshu Huicang hesitated for a moment, but in the end, all three chose to attack together.

At this stage in the battle, Ü-Tsang had no means of backing out. If they did not kill off the Tang and make them pay an enormous price, Ü-Tsang would not be able to consider this a true victory. The deaths of all their soldiers and the fall of Dusong Mangpoje would be meaningless.

Boom! Aybak, Huoshu Huicang, and Ziyad joined hands to attack the heavily wounded Wushang Village Chief. The Wushang Village Chief was in extremely poor condition, but for the sake of the greater army, he could not retreat.

"A man must die eventually! Come! This old man will fight with you until the end!"

A stream of blood was flowing from the corner of the Wushang Village Chief's lips and his head of white hair was dyed red, but his back was straight and his eyes sharp. He was as immovable as a mountain, resolved to never retreat.

In the blink of an eye, the four of them began a fierce battle.

"Hmph, don't let them run!"

Although Huoshu Huicang and the others had been drawn away by the Wushang Village Chief, their armies were still not done pursuing the remaining Tang soldiers.

Dama Trimo gripped a massive crimson sword in both hands as he charged after the retreating Tang. His eyes were bloodshot and tinged with madness. On this battlefield, he had finally unleashed all his killing intent, and a gruesome massacre was sure to follow.

"Kill one Tang and be rewarded with an official rank! Kill ten Tang and you will be made a hero of Ü-Tsang! No one is allowed to retreat! Everyone, follow me!"

At almost the same moment, Dayan Ersongrong, Darlag Nyetsai, Qili Sulong, and the other young Tibetan prodigies roared as they led their forces in pursuit, killing intent boiling off their bodies.

Plushplushplush! In this fierce battle, one Tang soldier after another was run through by a scimitar and dropped to the ground. They were engaged in a fighting retreat, fending off the Tibetans and Arabs while withdrawing as quickly as they could, but two legs could not outrun four. It was extremely difficult to outrun the Arab cavalry on this flat and open terrain.

Tang were constantly being slain on this battlefield, but Tibetans and Arabs were as well.