The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1139

Chapter 1139: Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Hmph! Stop arguing! Both of you won't be able to leave!"

Abu Muslim's icy voice resounded in everyone's ears, and while Qutaybah didn't understand the Tang language, the topic of Wang Chong and Gao Xianzhi's conversation was no secret. But to think about escaping at this stage of the battle was simply wishful thinking.

"Asmodai's Fury!" Abu Muslim fiercely bellowed. The giant three-headed demon god once more manifested behind him, sending torrents of Stellar Energy that could sunder mountains howling forth at Gao Xianzhi. Boom! Their Stellar Energies clashed once more, but this time, Gao Xianzhi was forced back ten-some steps, his face turning even paler.

Abu Muslim was constantly draining away his energy. If this continued, even if he wanted to cover the retreat in Wang Chong's place, he would be incapable of fulfilling the task.

But Gao Xianzhi was far from the only person to want to persuade Wang Chong to leave.

"Chong-er, you go first! I'll cover the retreat!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's robes flapped in the wind, but his expression was serene.

"Do you remember what I told you last night? Go now! You're the only one who can do it!"

Just like the Wushang Village Chief, the Demonic Emperor Old Man was covered in blood. He had consumed far too much energy, and his shattered dantian was currently constantly drawing the Stellar Energy from the other areas of his body and leaking it out. The problem of his dantian was not simply a problem of him no longer having one. A martial artist could not go without a dantian, but when the Demonic Emperor Old Man was sufficiently powerful, he could suppress the problems with his supreme strength and techniques. But now that his energy was reaching its limits, he could no longer suppress these ailments.

The situation was growing more perilous by the second. Qutaybah's Sword Qi was continuing to add onto everyone's injuries, and without a person of similar strength to oppose him, he only needed to use a fraction of his power.

Bang! A palm suddenly shot out and grabbed the Demonic Emperor Old Man's arm. Rumble! Stellar Energy poured out from Wang Chong's body and through the Demonic Emperor Old Man's.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art could not only absorb an opponent's energy, but could also be used to transfer one's own energy to others.

"Master, say no more! No matter what, I will never give up on you!" Wang Chong determinedly said.

Countless thoughts flitted through his mind, and Wang Chong quickly turned to the Stone of Destiny in his mind.

"Stone of Destiny, how many points are needed to exchange for the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor?" Wang Chong called out in his mind.

The Karmic Battle Armor alone was not enough to contend with Qutaybah. If he wanted to oppose Qutaybah and cover the retreat, surviving the combined attacks of Qutaybah, Abu Muslim, and Aybak, he would need the higher-level Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor.

"User is not at a high enough level to exchange for Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor!"

The Stone of Destiny's cold and emotionless voice resounded in his ear. Wang Chong froze, his heart rapidly sinking. Never had he expected that he wouldn't have the right to exchange for the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor.

Without the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor, he would never be able to escape so many opponents alive, not even after he had become a Great General. A dark cloud of worry appeared on his brow.


"But out of consideration for user's special circumstances and situation, for an additional fee of Destiny Energy, user can be granted the right to buy the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor in advance. Does user wish to exchange in advance?"

To Wang Chong's surprise, just as his heart was sinking, the Stone of Destiny spoke again. After a moment of shock, Wang Chong was filled with joy.

"Confirm! I want to exchange in advance!" Wang Chong immediately said.

"User confirms that the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor should be unlocked early!

"The Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor has been unlocked!

"User has consumed 15,000 points of Destiny Energy!"

As the Stone of Destiny spoke, a string of golden characters appeared in front of Wang Chong's eyes, rapidly morphing until they finally settled on the number of 15,000. This number was far greater than the fee Wang Chong had paid for any previous reward, and this was only to unlock the item. It did not mean that Wang Chong had actually bought the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor.

In the past, Wang Chong would have been greatly pained to see such an enormous expense and might rethink his decision, but at this moment, Wang Chong had no time to think about how much Destiny Energy he was spending. As long as he could get the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor, nothing else was important.

"Stone of Destiny, exchange for the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor!" Wang Chong yelled at the Stone of Destiny.

"Exchanging for the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor requires 40,000 points of Destiny Energy, and because user has yet to complete the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor's training mission, user cannot obtain the full abilities of the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor. Does user still wish to exchange?"

The Stone of Destiny's emotionless voice rang out in his mind.


Wang Chong's insides were aflame with worry.

Wang Chong had always known that the speed at which time passed in his mind was completely different from how much time passed on the outside world. Although he had exchanged many words with the Stone of Destiny, not even the time needed to snap one's fingers had passed in the outside world. But no matter how slowly time passed in his mind, time was still passing. A clash between experts could be decided in a single second. For the first time, Wang Chong felt like the exchange procedure for the Stone of Destiny was too slow and complicated.

"User confirms exchanging for the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor!

"User has consumed 40,000 points of Destiny Energy! Karmic Battle Armor is commencing the upgrade!"

The Stone of Destiny seemed to unleash a deluge of messages on Wang Chong, and as it spoke, the Karmic Battle Armor that Wang Chong was wearing began to change. It exploded with golden light, and in the middle of this golden radiance, mysterious runes began to flow. At this moment, Wang Chong could clearly feel the vast energy of the principles of the world bursting out from the depths of spacetime and pouring into the Karmic Battle Armor.

Wang Chong's Karmic Battle Armor rapidly began to change, turning from black to a magnificent gold. And this was not merely a change in color. The essence of the Karmic Battle Armor underwent a massive transformation as well.

Five golden claws extended from the shoulders to grasp them while mysterious inscriptions began to carve themselves onto the armor. These inscriptions were different from any known inscriptions. They were gorgeous, mysterious, abstruse, and infused with the principles of the world. As these inscriptions began to cover the armor, they made Wang Chong appeared dignified and majestic. On Wang Chong's left breast, the metal seemed to come to life, bulging outward and transforming into the visage of an ancient beast, even older than human history. From a distance, it was both savage and majestic, instilling fear in all who looked upon it.

Clangclangclang! As the head of this ancient beast appeared, barbs shot out from Wang Chong's elbows, knees, and other joints, sharp needles that seemed capable of stabbing through the firmament. In a flash, Wang Chong's silhouette had completely changed.

This abrupt transformation left Qutaybah, Abu Muslim, Huoshu Huicang, and Aybak dumbfounded.

"What's going on here?"

Abu Muslim's brow creased. Despite his vast experience and knowledge, he had never encountered a situation like this. In the middle of this intense battle, Wang Chong's armor had suddenly changed in both shape and aura. It appeared to be even stronger than before, a very concerning matter.

More importantly, no one understood what Wang Chong had done. Even Qutaybah couldn't help but frown.

"Master! Village Chief, General Li, Lord Gao, go! I can protect myself!" Wang Chong urgently called out.

The auras of the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief were getting weaker and more disorderly by the second. If this continued, Wang Chong was worried that something that he would not be able to endure would take place.


The Demonic Emperor Old Man, the Wushang Village Chief, the black-armored guard, and Gao Xianzhi all grimaced, hesitation in their eyes. All four of them had seen Wang Chong's transformation, and even though they didn't want to leave him behind, it truly did appear that Wang Chong was the only person capable of simultaneously holding off Qutaybah, Abu Muslim, Aybak, Huoshu Huicang, and Ziyad.

"Hurry and go!" Wang Chong anxiously said.

Wang Chong immediately punched, his fist infused with the Great Destruction Art. In front of this power, even Abu Muslim was forced to beat a temporary retreat.

"Brother Wenfu, let's go! Now is not the time for hesitation. Trust in that child! He can do it!" an elderly voice yelled out, brimming with panic and concern.

At this moment, the Wushang Village Chief was probably the only person that could make the correct and rational decision. Both the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Gao Xianzhi had their judgments tinged with so much emotion that they had failed to notice that enormous shift in Wang Chong's aura. At the very least, this golden suit of armor afforded Wang Chong a great deal of protection.

"This… Go!"

The first to make his decision was Gao Xianzhi, then the black-armored guard, and finally the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

They were in no state to last much longer. If they stayed any longer, they would be staying forever.


The four of them quickly fell back, drawing away from the battlefield. Meanwhile, Wang Chong could hear the Stone of Destiny ringing in his mind.

"Congratulations to user for obtaining the Heavenly Mandate Battle Amor!

"Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor, a top-class suit of armor. Once user equips it, user's Stellar Energy will be strengthened. The explosive power, shattering power, and damaging power of user's Stellar Energy will be increased by 60%. In addition, the rate at which Stellar Energy Piercer activates is increased. In addition, when user equips the armor, user will gain a recovery effect. The speed at which user's physical energy and Stellar Energy recover will be increased by 60%."