The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1140

Chapter 1140: The Power Of The Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Defense buff: When user equips the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor, damage will be greatly reduced. All Stellar Energy attacks will have their damage weakened by 40%!

"Strength buff: Since user has not passed the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor's training mission, this ability is locked!

"Notice! Because user is using the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor despite level restrictions, 80 points of Destiny Energy will be deducted for every five seconds the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor is used until user has no more points of Destiny Energy available. When user does not have sufficient Destiny Energy, the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor will unequip on its own and store itself in the armor dimension.

"User has obtained the Armor Equip skill. In all battle and non-battle situations, user can summon the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor and swiftly equip it at any time."

A string of messages surged through Wang Chong's mind, but he had no time to pay attention to them. No matter how many points of Destiny Energy were required to use the Heavenly Mandate Battle Armor, Wang Chong did not care.

"Qutaybah, eat my sword!"

Wang Chong's eyes were bloodshot as he lunged at Qutaybah, his Wootz Steel sword in hand. Even though there was still a gap between him and Qutaybah in terms of strength, Wang Chong had chosen to challenge Qutaybah first.


In a flash of golden light, an unimaginably heavy Sword Qi slashed down and collided with Wang Chong's Sword Qi. Boooom! Destructive bolts of energy shot off in every direction as the point of Wang Chong's and Qutaybah's impact rapidly became brighter than the sun.

"You're seeking your death!"

Qutaybah stared disdainfully at Wang Chong, these four words serving as his reply to Wang Chong's challenge. His cultivation level was constantly rising as he comprehended more and more of the Subtle realm. In just a little while longer, Qutaybah sensed that he would be able to break through the barrier and step into the realm that he had dreamed about. When that time came, not even the Demonic Emperor Old Man in his peak form would be a match, not even if everyone else present tried to help him.

But no one except Qutaybah knew this. Even Wang Chong could only sense that Qutaybah was outrageously strong.

"Abu Muslim, ignore that brat! Let Qutaybah deal with him. Stop those Tang commanders. No matter what, they can't be allowed to flee to the Western Regions!"

A ruthless voice resounded in the air. Aybak viciously stared at Gao Xianzhi, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, the Wushang Village Chief, and the others, his eyes seething with killing intent.

It had been extremely difficult to reach this stage of the battle, with countless Arabs dying for the sake of this moment. Even a powerful Great General like Dusong Mangpoje had died while Osman had been forced to use his Blood Escape. If the Demonic Emperor Old Man, the Wushang Village Chief, and Gao Xianzhi were still allowed to retreat with their bodies intact, all their efforts would be for nothing.

It was impossible for Wang Chong to singlehandedly hold all of them back. Even if Wang Chong wanted to sacrifice himself, Aybak would not be such a fool as to give him what he desired.


Aybak immediately began to pursue. But even though Aybak responded to the situation quickly, Wang Chong was even faster. Booom! A second later, there was an explosion so loud that it seemed to be from the creation of the universe, and an enormous 'sun' appeared. At the same moment, an enormous attractive force began to draw in Aybak, Huoshu Huicang, Ziyad, and even Abu Muslim.

In his battle with Gao Xianzhi, Abu Muslim had consumed too much strength. If he had been at his peak, perhaps he would have been able to resist this attractive force, but now, even he was incapable of resisting Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

Rumble! The four Great Generals as well as Brigadier Generals and other soldiers were drawn in by Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

"Bastard! If you want to die, I'll fulfill your wish!"

Aybak ground his teeth and quickly turned around. In the current circumstances, if he didn't kill Wang Chong first, he wouldn't be able to kill any one of Gao Xianzhi, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, or the Wushang Village Chief.

"Death Gaze!"

The giant image of a pharaoh appeared behind Aybak, but this pharaoh's head was different from before. His eyes were pitch-black and his narrow head deformed, exuding the thick aura of death. And behind Aybak, behind the pharaoh, a dark shadow had manifested. In this shadow was a pitch-black river, and on this river, countless corpses, rigid and wrapped in white cloth with their arms crossed over their chests, were bobbing on the surface as they were slowly carried along by the current.

Above the river and the corpses was an enormous black scale that seemed to be weighing something. Below the scale was a pair of terrifying and dreadful eyes. The Death Gaze was a curse originating from a distant god of the underworld, and it was Aybak's strongest and most lethal move.

Using this technique consumed a great deal of mental and physical energy, and for a month afterward, it would be impossible to participate in any top-class battles. Thus, Aybak rarely used this technique, but he knew that now was not the time to worry about such things.

"Vairocana Illuminates All Things!"

At almost the same time, Huoshu Huicang thrummed with Buddhist energy as he once more rose from the ground into the form of the Vairocana Buddha. With a swing of his scimitar, he sent a heaven-sundering slash at Wang Chong. Over the course of this battle, Huoshu Huicang had built up a furious bonfire of rage in his body.

Four Great Generals and the Arab War God Qutaybah were unexpectedly unable to deal with the seventeen-year-old Wang Chong. This was the greatest farce in the world! Just when had this youth that had only been able to contend with them in the southwest through intelligence become so powerful that so many people were required to deal with him?

"First kill him, and then deal with the others!"

Huoshu Huicang's eyes were brimming with killing intent, his rage and desire to kill causing the Vairocana Buddha's face to deform.

Boom! The saber energy tore through the air as it descended on Wang Chong's head.

"Ocean Ring!"

A blue blur of light shot through the air. With his sharp eyesight, Ziyad had chosen to cast out his Ocean Ring at this moment. Bzzzz! Winds howled, thunder rumbled, and dark clouds began to gather. It was the same Ocean Ring, but it seemed several times more powerful than before.

At this crucial moment in this battle, Ziyad had chosen without hesitation to unleash all the strength in his body to lash out with his strongest attack.

Aybak and the others had cut off Wang Chong's path of retreat while unleashing their most powerful attacks. Meanwhile, Wang Chong also had to contend with Abu Muslim and Qutaybah.

"Asmodai's Fury!"

Abu Muslim's face twisted in fury as the three-headed demon god swayed in the air. This time, it did not remain behind Abu Muslim, but strode past him, its mountainous fist flying at Wang Chong. Qutaybah chose the same moment to strike.


As his understanding of the Subtle realm continued to deepen, Qutaybah suddenly slashed out with his sword, unleashing a dazzling beam of golden Sword Qi that seemed to span the gap between heaven and earth. Fwoosh! As this beam of Sword Qi slashed down, golden flames burst into life, so hot and scorching that even space began to deform under the heat.

Five Great Generals in five different directions were unleashing five powerful attacks against Wang Chong in the center. It was like some mighty formation that had sealed him there. Such destructive force was enough to make any Great General quiver in fear and experience the ultimate dread.

This was because no single Great General could deal with all this. Yet in the face of this lethal situation, Wang Chong's eyes were cold, his entire body bursting with fighting intent and showing no desire to retreat.

He had to take on this battle, and he would never retreat from it!

"Great Destruction Art!"

His bellow was infused with boundless fighting intent. A moment later, an enormous golden god appeared behind Wang Chong, which employed the Great Destruction Art, the strongest of the three moves of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. Booom! A fissure tore through the world, unleashing a cataclysmic torrent of destructive energy that swept through the world.


Everyone looked on as Wang Chong poured all his strength into his strongest move, using it to oppose the strongest attacks of Qutaybah, Abu Muslim, Aybak, Huoshu Huicang, and Ziyad. At the moment of impact, the entire world seemed to go dark.

But a second later, there was an enormous bang like the one that had heralded the birth of the universe. The darkness shattered, drowned out by a blinding radiance ten thousand times brighter than the sun. Everything fell silent, leaving only that dreadful banging and booming.

Hwooo! After the explosion, destructive gales of wind swept out, stirring up vast clouds of dust.

The scene at that moment left an indelible impression on everyone's mind, instilling them with deep awe and respect!


Sensing these astonishing ripples of power, the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the retreating Tang army turned to look at the center of the explosion, their faces pale and bloodless.