The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1147

Chapter 1147: The Death Of Qutaybah V
Chapter 1147: The Death of Qutaybah (V)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Qutaybah, it's useless. I already know your weakness. You won't get a chance to recover your strength and reverse the tides!"

The three Wang Chongs spoke at the same time as they fell back in three different directions, increasing their distance with Qutaybah. Boom! As Wang Chong fell back, a furious gale swept out, accompanied by a ruthless voice.

"Brat! I don't believe that I can't force out your true body!"

As Wang Chong and Qutaybah were battling, Aybak had retreated a great distance to avoid being caught up in it. But at some point, Aybak had managed to sneak behind Wang Chong, and now, he suddenly lunged forward. Raaaa! The pharaoh howled shrilly, and as Aybak lunged at a 'Wang Chong', the pharaonic energy within his hand thrummed and shot at a second 'Wang Chong'.

Wang Chong's cloning art was simply too powerful. Not even Qutaybah could tell which one was real. But Aybak was confident that even the strongest cloning or illusion art had to have a flaw that made it inferior to the true body. Qutaybah could deal with one 'Wang Chong' while Aybak would attack from the rear, attacking one Wang Chong with Stellar Energy while using his body to attack another. In this way, one would be able to swiftly figure out which was Wang Chong's true body.

Before Aybak's attack could land, an icy voice resounded in his ear. "Aybak, you are truly seeking death!"

The 'Wang Chong' in front of him vanished while a hand shot out from behind him, pressing on his shoulder, its fingers stabbing into his flesh.

"Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!"

A voice resounded through the world, immediately freezing Aybak's heart and making his face turn ghastly pale. At this moment, Aybak suddenly understood that he had walked into a trap!

He had truly been furtively sneaking up behind Wang Chong to ambush him, but Wang Chong had also been scheming against Aybak. Although his attention had been on Qutaybah, he was well aware of Aybak's every move.


Wang Chong's eyes were sharp as his fingers exploded with that dreadful devouring force. Aybak's energy immediately began to flood like a river into Wang Chong's body.

Aybak was not the strongest of the Arab commanders, but the trouble he had made for Wang Chong and the other Tang soldiers was greater than the other Arab commanders. This had provoked Wang Chong's killing intent, leading to this trap.

"Qutaybah, save me!"

As his Stellar Energy was drained out his body, Aybak's eyes went wide, his pale face brimming with fear. As the highest commander of the Mamelukes, Aybak had spent more than half his life in the military. He had killed countless opponents, crushed innumerable rebellions, and broken many cities, but for the first time, he smelled the overpowering stench of death.

"Asmodai's Fury!"

"Ocean's Rage!"

"Wang Chong, release him! Vairocana Buddha Blade!"

Seeing that Aybak had been captured and was in mortal danger, Abu Muslim, Huoshu Huicang, and Ziyad became furious, and the three of them instantly attacked Wang Chong.

Bangbangbang! The three of them soared into the air, their Stellar Energies fusing together as they shot with incredible speed toward Wang Chong.

"Hurry and go!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief became nervous and immediately flew into the air to prevent Wang Chong from being surrounded by Abu Muslim, Ziyad, and Huoshu Huicang.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief had been able to maintain a weak equilibrium with Abu Muslim, Ziyad, and Huoshu Huicang. As long as they didn't move, neither would the Demonic Emperor Old Man or the Wushang Village Chief. Both sides were heavily injured, or else they would not have resorted to this. But now that Abu Muslim and the others had broken the equilibrium, the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief were forced into action.

Wang Chong was in no state to deal with Qutaybah and all these other Great Generals.

Bangbangbang! Origin Energy rapidly rippled through the air as it gathered at the command of the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief into large blue hands that simultaneously attacked Abu Muslim, Ziyad, and Qutaybah.

"Hmph! Futile!"

With a single wave of his palm, Qutaybah unleashed a scorching storm of golden energy. His single strike suffused with Subtle energy instantly shattered the attacks of the two elders and then struck them, viciously blowing them away.

The two somersaulted in the air, and though they tried their best to diffuse this energy, when they struck the ground, they instantly paled, trembled, and then vomited blood.


Wang Chong paled, his eyes going red. His master and the Wushang Village Chief were in extremely poor condition, their energies almost spent. They had already done their utmost to last until this point.

"Qutaybah, if you want to save Aybak, then I'll give him to you!"

Wang Chong's eyes were scarlet as he suddenly vanished from his original spot. At almost the same time, a golden beam of Sword Qi descended from the sky, striking the place where Wang Chong had been standing. At the same time, the attacks sent by Abu Muslim, Ziyad, and Huoshu Huicang arrived as well, creating a massive explosion. But their four attacks had all missed.

Wang Chong had apparently predicted all this and perfectly evaded their assault.

Several dozen feet away, Wang Chong reappeared in a flash of light, his hair flying in the wind while his body rumbled with Stellar Energy. As for the Mameluke Commander Aybak, he was held high over Wang Chong's head, his skin and muscles shriveling away. In these few short moments, three-quarters of Aybak's energy had been absorbed.

Even more terrifying was that Aybak was completely powerless to resist Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, and he was nothing more than a fish on the cutting board, waiting to be slaughtered. "Aaaah!" With one last scream, the final sliver of Aybak's energy was absorbed, and Aybak was dead.

"Since you want to save him, then take him!"

Wang Chong's body was roiling with energy, his body thrumming with power. Now that he had absorbed Aybak's energy, Wang Chong once more swelled in strength, the Stellar Energy in his body as endless and ceaseless as a great river.

Bang! Wang Chong threw Aybak over to Abu Muslim. His armor clattered while his white-haired head struck the ground and flew off, rolling into the distance.


Abu Muslim and Ziyad both went red with rage at this sight, particularly Abu Muslim, whose body exploded with dreadful killing intent. He had fought alongside Aybak many times, and he had been the one to invite Aybak to this place. Abu Muslim had never imagined that Aybak would die here.

"Seeking death!"

Abu Muslim went insane as he lunged at Wang Chong, his bronze gauntlet erupting with light. Black Stellar Energy flew through the air, the roar of a demon god howling out from within.

Boom! But Abu Muslim had barely lunged forward when a massive beam of golden Sword Qi swept past Abu Muslim and struck the place where Wang Chong was standing, cleaving the air in two.

Only Qutaybah was capable of unleashing such a swift attack.

Yet such a swift attack had still missed. The two golden speed halos under Wang Chong's feet made him incredibly swift, making it difficult for even Qutaybah's attacks to strike true. Boom! The moment Qutaybah attacked, Wang Chong countered, a steely Psychic Energy shooting through the air to impact against Qutaybah's mind. Qutaybah grunted, his body freezing as he was pulled from the air by Wang Chong.

In the past, when Qutaybah was at full strength, not even Wang Chong's full power would be able to wound him. But even though Qutaybah appeared fierce and domineering, his organs and meridians were all damaged, his condition little better than the Demonic Emperor Old Man's.

But Qutaybah was still young and vigorous, he had no internal ailment, and he had also broken into the Subtle realm.

"Let me see how long you can last!"

Qutaybah's face turned savage as yet another wave of searing golden energy erupted from his body. His speed suddenly increased, and he shot toward Wang Chong like a sharp sword.

This was a thunderous strike at a speed that even Abu Muslim would find it hard to keep up with, but a moment later, an invisible energy shot out and collided with Qutaybah, throwing his energy into chaos.

"Chong-er! Run!" The Demonic Emperor Old Man anxiously called out. He had been the one who had suddenly attacked Qutaybah.

"You're seeking death!"

Infuriated, Qutaybah immediately unleashed a beam of golden Sword Qi at the Demonic Emperor Old Man, but a figure shot forward in a flash of light and rescued him from this peril.

"Master, focus your mind. Let me give you a hand."

Wang Chong clenched the Demonic Emperor Old Man's arm as he spoke to him, and before the Demonic Emperor Old Man could react, the vigorous energy that had once belonged to Aybak surged out of Wang Chong and into his body. Through this method, Wang Chong passed on the entire cultivation of a Great General to his master.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man was dazed, but he quickly understood what was happening. Under the guidance of the Demonic Emperor Old Man, this frenzied energy swiftly worked its way through his meridians and became his own.