The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149: The Death Of Qutaybah Vii
Chapter 1149: The Death of Qutaybah (VII)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Abu Muslim had no idea what had happened to Qutaybah, but he could sense that the character of Qutaybah's energy had undergone a massive transformation. It was like there was a blazing sun in Qutaybah's body that was only getting brighter and hotter.

This was not the energy they had given to Qutaybah, but some higher level of energy, more terrifying and destructive.

It all depends on you. No matter what, you have to win.

With this thought, Abu Muslim turned around and urged his horse into an even faster gallop. This place was now a trouble zone. Qutaybah was bound to begin a major battle, and none of them were capable of surviving that kind of enormous explosion.

"Village Chief, Lord Gao, all of you should retreat to the rear as well!" Wang Chong called out at almost the same time.

The Village Chief was in serious condition, and Gao Xianzhi had also greatly exhausted his Stellar Energy in the previous battle. Most importantly, Wang Chong hoped that if there were any mishaps, at least one of the Walls of the Great Tang, Gao Xianzhi, would survive.

"Everyone, withdraw!" Wang Chong ordered as he stared at Qutaybah, who had finished absorbing energy and was slowly stepping forward.

This would be the last and decisive battle, where the Great Tang and Arabia would determine the victor. The strength of ordinary soldiers, even elites like those of the Divine Martial Army and Divine Prison Army, would be useless in a battle of this level. Rumble! Following Wang Chong's order, the Tang soldiers that had been around the steel defense line, relying on the beehives to maintain an uneasy standoff with the Arab soldiers, began to retreat like the receding tide. All of them had looks of extreme concern, but there was also a sense of deep conviction.

The Great Tang was definitely in a bad situation. The existence of the Arab War God Qutaybah was like something out of their worst nightmares, hanging over all of them like a shadow. When a person reached a certain level of strength, they could make anyone feel a deep despair, and Qutaybah was undoubtedly this kind of person. No one knew how this battle would end, but all of them had great faith in Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

If there was a way that the Great Tang could win, could defeat Qutaybah, it would be through these two.


A golden warboot, gorgeous to the extreme and imbued with boundless might and majesty, stomped down.

Qutaybah strode through the air, his every step confident and weighty. Qutaybah walked on the air that was forbidden to most martial artists like it was flat ground, and as he strode forward, a vast hurricane of energy exploded from his body.

Wang Chong looked over through the world of energy, and he saw that the once-frenzied energy in Qutaybah's body had been significantly stabilized. That stream of energy that connected Qutaybah with that higher dimension was now much thicker. This energy was allowing Qutaybah to recover at astonishing speed.

"I don't care who you are, nor how you struggle. You will all die today!"

Qutaybah's icy voice boomed through the air like a peal of thunder.

Kaclack! Qutaybah clenched his fist, causing the joints of his fingers to crack. Boom! An enormous wave of killing intent surged through the air, distorting space as it engulfed Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

The temperature instantly plunged while the battlefield of Talas was saturated with tension.

Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man tensed up, and they prepared to counterattack at any moment.

"Chong-er, remember what your master just told you. There will only be one chance. There is no space for mistakes!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man whispered, his expression solemn.


Wang Chong nodded. No one noticed him making a light gesture with his fingers.

"Qutaybah, come!"

Wang Chong quickly raised his head to stare at the distant Qutaybah, his eyes shining with resolve.

"Let's see just who will be the true overlord of the continent, the Great Tang or Arabia!"

Bang! Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man lunged forward, both of the same mind as they charged at Qutaybah.

Bangbang! At almost the same moment, two powerful waves of energy exploded outward to contend against Qutaybah's killing intent.

Three different energies mixed together, distorting the air in their struggles.

As the three energies battled, the surrounding region suddenly fell silent. Everyone stared silently at Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and Qutaybah. Even the slowest of them understood that this was the most critical moment of the entire battle. Qutaybah, Wang Chong, and the Demonic Emperor Old Man would soon decide the outcome of this battle.

Ordinary soldiers were pointless in a battle of this level. Once the battle between Qutaybah and Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man was decided, the entire war would be settled. This long war would finally have its victor and loser.


Fierce winds gusted, sweeping rocks and dust across the somber battlefield.

For what seemed like an eternity, Qutaybah, Wang Chong, and the Demonic Emperor Old Man were in a distant standoff, but a moment later…


With a heaven-shaking boom, a vast and boundless energy erupted from Qutaybah's body. Crack! The space around Qutaybah for thousands of feet shattered like glass, hundreds of thousands of cracks suddenly appearing in the air.

An Arab horseman several thousand feet away happened to be standing in the way of one of these spatial cracks. Bang! Without even a groan, the rider together with his horse and armor exploded into dust.

"Retreat! Hurry and retreat!"

The Arabs and Tibetans paled at this sight and immediately began to withdraw.

They had all believed that since Qutaybah was aiming at Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man, standing several thousand feet away would be enough to keep them from being caught up in the battle. Who could have expected that even though the battle hadn't even begun, and Qutaybah was just making his opening move, the ripples of power he unleashed could already affect his own soldiers in the rear? Bzzzz! The tens of thousands of soldiers immediately retreated in disarray.

Across from Qutaybah, the high steel walls were all of a sudden covered in countless tiny cracks. Bang! Just like that abruptly-vanishing Arab horseman, the steel walls that weighed more than ten thousand jin began to explode into powder.

"All soldiers, retreat!"

Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, Xi Yuanqing, and the others all paled when they saw those high steel walls being vaporized by those tree-trunk-like cracks in space. They immediately began to order their soldiers to retreat. As they were withdrawing, they all heard Qutaybah's frigid voice.

"Meet your destiny!"

Kabooom! A peal of thunder drowned out all other sound in the world, and a moment later, everyone could see the space within one thousand feet of Qutaybah shattering into darkness. Even Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man were engulfed by this darkness.

In the center of this darkness, a golden light thousands of times brighter than the sun suddenly shot into the sky. Qutaybah, who had been floating in the air like a god this entire time, suddenly vanished, replaced by a blazing sun several hundred feet in radius that presided over the darkness.

"Look over there!"

An Arab horseman suddenly raised his head and noticed the highest point of Qutaybah's dazzling beam of Sword Qi, and a look of shock appeared in his eyes.

These words immediately had countless others casting their gazes upward. A moment later, the battlefield was awash with cries of alarm, everyone's face frozen in shock.

Far above Qutaybah's blazing sun, the sky had begun to ripple, revealing countless strange images. Qutaybah's attack had not only cleaved open the sky, it had pierced through countless dimensions to connect to some mysterious and unknown world.

And in the depths of that world, a blazing sun of the same kind of energy as Qutaybah's hung up high in the sky. This was exactly the sight Wang Chong had seen in the world of energy.

Qutaybah's sword had cut through dimensions to link with the dimension of the Subtle realm.

The dreadful energy leaking out of that world made everyone pale. The pressure exerted on their bodies made them feel like the end of days was coming.

That attack that spanned the gap between heaven and earth slashed down with frightening speed. This speed surpassed thought, and even the fastest martial artist would not be able to dodge it, much less block it. And when this sword slashed down, the entire world seemed to burn.

No! It did not just seem to burn! It actually began to burn!

As Qutaybah's sword slashed down, countless golden flames began to appear, the air itself beginning to burn. And this was only the beginning. Crack! The earth swayed, and a massive chasm appeared underneath Qutaybah, extending westward to the Arab army and eastward toward the Tang army.

This chasm was two to three thousand feet wide and unfathomably deep. "Aaaah!" Arab, Tibetan, and Tang cavalry screamed as the chasm devoured them.