The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1162

Chapter 1162: Killing Ziyad

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Haha, Abu Muslim, it's pointless. Even Qutaybah was killed. Do you really think you have the ability to exchange blows with me!"

With a single thought from Wang Chong, the air for hundreds of feet around him was thrown into turmoil, all the air raging and churning under Wang Chong's control. Wang Chong's body also exploded with an immense suction power. By aiming at the thick walls of Khorasan, Wang Chong was able to pull himself back up the wall.

"Great Destruction Art!"

Without the slightest hesitation, Wang Chong used the strongest move of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art. The entire world seemed to become deathly still, and all light began to distort. From a distance, the walls of Khorasan seemed to have been plunged into darkness, and deep within this darkness was a most dreadful destructive energy.

"Not good!"

With a loud bellow, Abu Muslim and Ziyad both trembled, looks of extreme shock on their faces.

"Ocean Ring!"

"Asmodai's Fury!"

Enraged and dismayed, both of them used their strongest moves.


Three torrents of energy collided in the air, and then there was a mighty explosion. "Aaah!" Ziyad and Abu Muslim were both flung back, screaming. Meanwhile, Wang Chong flew up, flipping in the air before smoothly landing on the walls.

Thudthudthud! The enormous power of the attack forced Abu Muslim to take six or seven steps back before he finally succeeded in stabilizing himself.

Nearby, Ziyad's chest trembled and he vomited blood. He raised his face and stared at Wang Chong as if a demon god had descended, his eyes tinged with despair. He knew that Wang Chong was strong, but not this strong. The two of them together were simply no match for him.

"How could this be? How could a single person become this strong in such a short amount of time! There's no one else like this Tang who can advance in power so quickly!"

Ziyad could feel pain in every part of his body, and his eyes were ashen and lifeless. Everyone needed many months and years to advance from the basic level of Great General to the very summit, but Wang Chong had managed to achieve this astonishing transformation in just a few days.

Even as he thought back to it, Ziyad still felt immense shock.

All of this was enough to make anyone despair.

"Abu Muslim, Ziyad, everything is over. Let this place be your end! Hand over your lives!"

Wang Chong's eyes were sharp, and his loud voice resounded to the horizon.

Abu Muslim had been the one to start this war, for the sake of Arabia's ambitions on the Great Tang. Now, it was time for this war to end with the two of them.


A vast sea of Psychic Energy flew through the air, dividing into two and stabbing like spears into the minds of Abu Muslim and Ziyad. While these two were having their minds shaken, Wang Chong's halo clattered and golden Stellar Energy erupted from his body. With a heaven-toppling momentum, he charged at Abu Muslim and Ziyad.

Kacrack! Even before Wang Chong's attack had landed, the sturdy walls beneath the pair began to groan and sink, cracks appearing across their surface. The entire city of Khorasan began to quake, completely incapable of enduring the power of this dreadful strike.


Even Abu Muslim and Ziyad paled at this strike. The strength Wang Chong had displayed had completely exceeded theirs. This was a strength that made them despair.


Abu Muslim's eyes gleamed with resolve, and he suddenly stomped down, shrouding himself in frenzied energy as he prepared to charge at Wang Chong. But just as Abu Muslim was prepared to move, an energy came from behind him and viciously pushed him back.

"Milord, get out of here! I'll cover for you!"

Before Abu Muslim could react, Ziyad was already rushing at Wang Chong, his eyes streaked with blood and his face determined.

He would not be able to escape. After so many battles, he had accumulated injuries far worse than Abu Muslim's. Moreover, Ziyad knew that Wang Chong would never let him escape. In his current state, his chance of surviving was minuscule.

Moreover, with Qutaybah, Aybak, and Osman dead, if even his commanding officer Abu Muslim died as well, then the Caliph would have no other choice than to execute him so that he could accompany all the other governors who had been killed in battle.

"Milord, we've fought together for ten-some years. Milord has always taken care of me, so now, let me take care of Milord. At the very least, if Milord can survive, you will still have a chance to avenge me and Lord Qutaybah!"

Ziyad's hair was blown about by the fierce winds, and as he stared at Wang Chong, his hands clenched into fists.

"Tang, come! Let's fight to the death!"

Ziyad howled, and then without the slightest hesitation, he threw out the Ocean Ring. Countless waves of black energy immediately began to converge on Wang Chong.

"Not knowing your own strength!"

Wang Chong coldly snorted.

The golden light on his body surged, rumbling like a mighty wave as it shattered Ziyad's attack with one blow. Clack! Before anyone else could react, Wang Chong had shot forward and wrapped his fingers around Ziyad's neck, sealing off his Stellar Energy as he slowly raised him into the air.

With the power of the Ocean Ring, Ziyad had a strength similar to Cheng Qianli in the form of the Supreme Desolation God. Seven or eight days ago, before Wang Chong had broken into the Imperial Great General level, Ziyad might have had a chance, but now, if Ziyad thought that he could contend against Wang Chong, he was truly naive.

But to his surprise, the captured and doomed Ziyad cared little for his own fate or what danger he was in. He put all the strength in his body into a single heart-wrenching roar.

"Milord, hurry and go!"

This roar was like a thunderclap, shaking the souls of many and even startling Wang Chong. He had never imagined that there was actually a person like Ziyad amongst the pugnacious and fierce Arabs. At the final moment, he was not thinking of himself, but Abu Muslim, completely disregarding his own life.


The winds howled. A hundred-some feet away, Abu Muslim had been just preparing to charge at Wang Chong when he suddenly heard that roar. His body trembled while great waves tossed and turned in his mind.


Abu Muslim ground his teeth so hard that they seemed on the verge of shattering.

"Run!" Ziyad sternly said.


At this time, the air resounded with the sounds of fighting, and close to Abu Muslim, a Great Tang soldier appeared, the first to scale the walls with a Flying Grapple. Behind him, more and more people were reaching the top of the walls.

"Charge with me! Open the gates!"

The city itself was also in chaos, weapons clanging against each other as more and more Khorasani entered Khorasan through the tunnel. The eight-thousand-some Aswaran Cataphracts that the Arabs had spent so much time searching for had appeared before them in a completely unexpected fashion and were now swiftly charging at the gates.

Abu Muslim could also see that Gao Xianzhi, Cheng Qianli, and the Demonic Emperor Old Man were also converging on his position.

The battle was settled!

At this moment, Abu Muslim understood that whether he was willing or not, whether he stayed or not, Khorasan was foreordained to be breached.


Even someone as cold and brutal as Abu Muslim couldn't help but give a furious and grief-stricken roar.

"Wang Chong, Gao Xianzhi! The grudges between us won't end like this! There will come a day when I come back with another army and finally step onto the lands of the Central Plains!"

With these words, Abu Muslim jumped off the walls and fled like a lightning bolt into the distance. An Aswaran Cataphract tried to catch up, but with a single palm, he was blown more than five hundred feet away. Even before his body had landed, his famed suit of armor had already been shattered into pieces.

"Hmph! Abu Muslim, you won't get the chance!" Wang Chong sneered.

He activated the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art while also snapping Ziyad's neck. Wang Chong felt no sympathy for these enemies of the Great Tang. An invader had to be prepared to pay the price for a failed invasion. Abu Muslim had just been pushed to desperate straits. If this pair had managed to win, they would probably have been showing grim and savage expressions, and calamity would have befallen the people of the Great Tang.

Wang Chong glanced at Ziyad's corpse and coldly said, "Sympathizing with the enemy is just being cruel to oneself. Ziyad, be at ease. Abu Muslim will be joining you very soon!"

Wang Chong made a gesture, and a group of Tang soldiers quickly descended the walls and made their way to the eastern gates of Khorasan. In the distance, ten-some Aswaran Cataphracts were also making their way to this gate. Rumble! A few moments later, the tall and firm gates of Khorasan began to slowly open.

Khorasan had been formally breached!

"How is it? Should we pursue?"

In a gust of wind, Gao Xianzhi approached Wang Chong from behind, his eyes gazing in the direction that Abu Muslim had fled.