The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1176

Chapter 1176: Battle The Three Titans Of Black Radiance

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

From the moment Wang Chong set eyes on the tributary of the Tigris River, he knew that this city would be far harder to attack than imagined. And under his command, this city could exert far greater might than it ever had under the Arabs.

These walls were much sturdier and even more difficult to attack. At Talas, Wang Chong had even needed to erect two lines of steel walls so that he could divide the Tibetans and Western Turks from the Arabs, but that was not necessary here. This river had already fulfilled Wang Chong's strategic requirements, allowing him to employ the tactic referred to in the art of war as 'attack mid-crossing'.


The air droned as the Wushang Cavalry and Aswaran Cataphracts led the charge out of the gates, sweeping unstoppably through the Arab ranks. Wherever their swords and scimitars slashed down, the Arabs would be thrown into chaos, tossed into the air, hacked at by weapons, and left dead or wounded. The Arab formation fell apart.

With the Wushang Cavalry and Aswaran Cataphracts serving as the vanguard, the other Khorasani and rebel soldiers followed closely behind, battering against the Arabs on the eastern shore like massive waves.

And this was far from over. Wang Chong stomped down, immediately unleashing his two powerful war halos on the world. The waves of energy attached themselves to the feet of the Arab soldiers, and in a clatter of metal, at least half of the Arabs felt their war halos flicker and sway, their strength plunging.

The Bane of the Battlefield Halo!

The Bane of Generals Halo!

After unleashing these war halos, Wang Chong immediately stomped down his foot again, releasing a third war halo. This time, however, his target was the Wushang Cavalry.

The Halo of Dusk Stallion!

Wang Chong's three Halos of Dusk Stallion attached themselves to the Wushang Cavalry, and the Wushang Cavalry instantly became like tigers with wings. Their speed, strength, and dexterity all received massive boosts. Rumble! The Arabs were already unable to stop the charge, and now, they were thrown into a complete rout.


A burly Arab horseman screamed as he was thrown ten-some meters into the air by the impact of a Wushang Cavalry. While still in the air, his chest caved in and all his organs shattered, resulting in his death. And similar scenes were occurring all across the battlefield.


On the western shore of the Tigris River, the Three Titans of Black Radiance were forced to watch as the soldiers on the eastern shore were utterly crushed, their corpses piling up like mountains and their blood running in rivers as the Tang, Khorasani, and rebels charged out of the city. The sight left them absolutely infuriated.

"All governors, hear my order! Immediately move out and kill these Khorasani remnants and eastern infidels!"

In a rush of wind, the enormous capes worn by the Three Titans swept out as they shot into the air. Amidst fierce neighing, the air seemed to cave in, leaving six sets of deep hoofprints floating in the sky. Somehow, the Three Titans of Black Radiance could traverse the air as if it was solid ground.

As the three rode out on three black-armored warhorses, black flames suddenly erupted from the hooves of their horses, making the three appear like demon gods of the apocalypse. Clang! A massive black war halo erupted from beneath the Head of Black Radiance as he took the lead in charging at the walls.

He was swiftly followed by the other two.

"Haha, it's about time to move out!"

Wang Chong chuckled, his hair flying in the wind. Before his enemies could attack, he jumped from the high walls of Khorasan, immediately shooting toward the Three Titans of Black Radiance.

"Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art!"

Wang Chong was as fast as lightning, and as he shot forward, the illusory images of the sun and moon appeared on his shoulders. Winds suddenly stirred as all the air on the battlefield began to madly revolve around Wang Chong. Even the three warhorses of the Three Titans were not immune, their bodies swaying and their positions in the air becoming unsteady, almost dropping from the sky.

And below Wang Chong, blood and energy were bursting out of the bodies of the Arab cavalry and surging in a bloody mist into Wang Chong.

"Damn it!"

The Three Titans of Black Radiance grimaced at this sight. Boom! A black spear as thick as a child's arm smashed forward, unleashing a shockwave that swept through the surroundings and began to contend against Wang Chong's terrifying absorption powers.


As Fadi, the Head of Black Radiance, stabilized himself in the air, someone nearby called out anxiously to him. Fadi raised his head and was instantly alarmed. He could see that the young Tang commander had already recovered, but what shocked Fadi the most was that there were three identical Wang Chongs. Not even someone of Fadi's cultivation could determine which was the real one.

"This is impossible! What technique is this!"

Fadi's brows rose while his mind reeled in shock. Illusions were not some exceptionally high-class technique, but illusions that could fool Great Generals were incredibly rare. Never in all his years of campaigning had Fadi encountered a situation like this.

"Kill him!"

After their initial shock, the Three Titans quickly calmed down. Boom! Three spears shot out as one, and three torrents of destructive energy erupted from their bodies and stabbed into the air. At that moment, even the fabric of space itself seemed to have been pierced.

Bangbang! Two of the Wang Chongs immediately exploded into shards, but at this moment, a roar resounded through the air.

"Great Destruction Art!"

"Black Radiance's Corrosion!"

Two destructive and immense torrents of golden energy collided in the air. Boom! In a flash of light, Fadi yelled as he was forced back several hundred feet, traveling from the eastern shore all the way back to the western shore. There was a mighty shockwave as Fadi's warhorse stomped down. Neighing, it swayed several times before finally succeeding in stabilizing itself.

At this sight, half of the battlefield fell silent. On the western shore of the Tigris River, hundreds of thousands of soldiers stared in speechless shock at what they had just witnessed.

The Empire's White Corpse Hular was a powerful governor renowned throughout the empire, and the Three Titans of Black Radiance were even more renowned and powerful than Hular. Even Governor of the East Abu Muslim was a little lacking in comparison. No one had expected Fadi to be thrown back several hundred feet by a single move from Wang Chong. He was completely beneath the youthful Tang in terms of strength.

This group of Arab commanders truly is much more formidable!

In the air, Wang Chong stretched his hands and feet, not pursuing his foe. Ever since he had broken into the Great General level, his strength had soared like a rocket, and there were very experts now who could contend with him, much less defeat him. Even the Three Titans of Black Radiance were no match for him. However, they were still top-class governors of the Arabian Empire. Even Wang Chong would find it very difficult to quickly dispose of them.

"Bastard! Work together to kill him!"

As Wang Chong strode forward, the air droned, and he suddenly felt danger from behind him. At this moment, the Blood of Black Radiance and the Blade of Black Radiance, both gripping their mighty spears, charged at Wang Chong from two completely different directions.

"Hahaha, you want to gang up on him? Chong-er, I've come to help you!"

At this moment, a booming voice came from overhead, and then a prodigious and unstoppable energy poured down, shrouded in tens of thousands of wind streams.

"Who is this!"


Imron was visibly shocked by this dreadful energy. The young commander before him was already extremely formidable, but the martial artist overhead appeared to be even stronger. With no time to think, the two of them focused all their strength on the person above them.

With a heaven-shaking boom, three destructive energies clashed. But before the effects of this attack could settle, Wang Chong thrust his palm forward, unleashing his own mountain-toppling attack.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The air exploded, sending out bolts of energy flying for thousands of feet. On the ground, thousands of Arab cavalry were pulverized before they even had time to scream.

Two figures shot out like cannonballs amidst these destructive waves of energy.

"Damn it!"

Imron and Firas immediately unleashed their powerful war halos and managed to stabilize themselves, but they had both become ghastly pale. Although the two of them had succeeded in resisting the combined assault of Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man, they had suffered significant internal injuries.

"These bastards! It seems like the intelligence was correct. There are some extremely formidable experts in Khorasan. No wonder even someone as powerful as Qutaybah died to them. But no matter how strong they are, there's no chance of them leaving in one piece."

"Everyone, hear my order! Attack!"

The voices of the Three Titans of Black Radiance echoed across the Tigris River, and then the trio shot forward again.

Behind him, bangbangbang! One Arab governor after another flew across the Tigris River and toward Wang Chong. Six, seven, eight, nine… at least twenty Arab governors and many more generals were charging toward Khorasan.

When these top-class experts of the empire shot into the air to attack together, the momentum they produced could topple mountains and reverse the seas.