The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1185

Chapter 1185: Stratagems In The Snow Ii
Chapter 1185: Stratagems in the Snow (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The battle swiftly commenced, and one could see Arabs, Tang, Khorasani, and rebel soldiers fighting all over the mantle of snow. And in the rear, a young and slender figure slowly trotted forward on his horse, his cape flapping in the wind.

Wang Chong slowly scanned his surroundings, and as screams resounded in his ears, his eyes showed not even a flicker of emotion. This battle was playing out exactly as he had imagined. The more time passed, the worse the condition of the Arabs became. This level of battle no longer required his personal intervention.

"Get ready. The Three Titans of Black Radiance and Hular are right behind us. They will only need another five minutes to arrive. Quickly end this battle!" Wang Chong confidently said. Though his voice was not especially loud, everyone could clearly hear it.

"Milord, will those Arabs really arrive that quickly?" Xi Yuanqing asked from behind Wang Chong, his eyes brimming with respect.

For some reason, Wang Chong was able to accurately predict when the Arabs would arrive each time, rendering them incapable of catching them. This vast blizzard seemed to have no effect on Wang Chong whatsoever.

Xi Yuanqing had tried himself, but in the middle of this intense snowstorm, his senses couldn't extend for more than one thousand feet.

"There's nothing that can be done about that. Our battles produce a large ruckus each time, and the clashes of weapons and explosions of energies are always able to pierce through the storm. The Three Titans of Black Radiance can rush over because they can hear these sounds," Wang Chong calmly said.

There was nothing without its drawbacks, and not even Wang Chong could account for every detail. However, even if the Three Titans of Black Radiance and Hular rushed over upon hearing the sounds of battle, they would come too late. Wang Chong could sense all their movements.

"Gangke King, Li Siye, Cui Piaoqi, Kong Zi-an, all of you should go as well. Bring this battle to an end as quickly as possible."


The Gangke King, Li Siye, and the others immediately rode out, charging past Wang Chong and into the scattered Arab cavalry.

Screams filled the air as the battle was quickly wrapped up. Wang Chong remained seated on the White-hoofed Shadow, his eyes half-closed.

Bzzzz! Wang Chong immediately got into contact with the Stone of Destiny.

Unbeknownst to all, a miniature version of the continent appeared before Wang Chong's eyes. If one looked carefully, they would realize that this was a real-time model of the battlefield between Khorasan and Shandar. Every detail, big and small, was displayed on this projection.

Even the blizzard was displayed above this model of the continent, and Wang Chong was even able to make out the individual whorls of wind. But Wang Chong's gaze rested on the skies for only a few moments before quickly turning elsewhere.


In a flash of light, the model instantly enlarged, and many small points began to appear on its surface. Wang Chong could see that a mass of black dots was rapidly moving behind him, heading toward his men.

'Mind', 'Body', 'Energy', 'Techniques', 'Power'—these were the five reward categories within the Stone of Destiny. 'Power' was the final category of rewards, and only now did it display its true might.

This blizzard and the intense fluctuations of energy it brought with it could even confuse the perception of a Great General, but Wang Chong, through the abilities provided to him by 'Power', through this projection of the continent, had a complete grasp of the Arabs' movements. The number of soldiers, how they were distributed, what direction they were going, and when they would arrive—all of this information was available to Wang Chong and could be swiftly calculated.

His nearly twenty thousand elites combined with this projection of the continent made Wang Chong essentially unstoppable within this blizzard.

"Wang Chong, will we continue to pursue the other groups of Arab cavalry?"

The heavy thumping of horse hooves came out of the blizzard, and Wang Chong returned to his senses and raised his head to see that Gao Xianzhi was riding over on a snow-white warhorse. At his side was Bahram.

The battle had ended faster than Wang Chong had expected, and after only a few moments, not a single Arab horseman had been left standing on the battlefield. There were several wounded cavalry frantically fleeing into the distance, but from their tottering figures, they probably would not be able to last very long.

"There's no need!"

Wang Chong faintly smiled as he rejected Gao Xianzhi's proposal. They had already ambushed twenty to thirty groups of Arab cavalry, and there were very few left. Those remaining were small groups scattered across an extremely large range, and some of them were so lost that they were traveling in the completely opposite direction.

Using his twenty thousand men to chase after these scattered soldiers was extremely time-consuming and unwise. At this moment, their greatest foe in this region was the army led by the Three Titans of Black Radiance and Hular.

"Let's go! We'll fall back for now and wait for them to come!"

Wang Chong's men swiftly carried out his order. After taking a few moments to slightly clean up the battlefield, they rode back into the north, vanishing into the blizzard.

Not long after Wang Chong's men had departed, horses stampeded onto the scene, coming from the direction of Khorasan.


Tens of thousands of warhorses charged onto the battlefield like a lightning bolt out of the blue.

The Three Titans of Black Radiance had led their army over as soon as they heard the sounds of fighting. On the way, they had taken in any loose groups of Arab cavalry they had encountered, the result being that the number of soldiers at their side had actually increased like a snowball rolling downhill, eventually exceeding two hundred thousand.

Through this method, the Three Titans were able to gather manpower and prevent them from being attacked by Wang Chong.


The piles of corpses on the ground almost had Fadi's eyes bursting out of their sockets, and he let out an anguished howl.

"You damned cowardly bastards! There will come a day when I will tear your corpses to pieces!"

Even though they had rushed over as quickly as possible, they had still encountered the same result. This filled Fadi with despair.

An Arab general inspected the bloodstains and quickly raised his head. "Milord, calm your anger. The blood on the ground is still fresh. They probably haven't gotten very far!"

"The footprints on the ground lead west," another general added. "They must be pursuing other soldiers. No matter what, we can't let them succeed!"

It had not been long since the battle had concluded, and the footprints clearly indicated the direction the Tang and Khorasani had gone.

All the pains they had endured in pursuing the enemy were finally about to pay off!

"Let's go!"

The Head of Black Radiance, Fadi, immediately roared, his eyes shining with beast-like savagery as he looked to the west. Rumble! His horse cried out and charged forward, and behind him, all the soldiers set off like a mighty torrent.

Just as around half the army had begun to follow the Three Titans past this battlefield, there was suddenly a sharp neighing!

This neighing came from the north, and before the Arabs could react, a storm of energy exploded out of the blizzard and began to charge toward the battlefield.

At almost the same moment, the still north suddenly came alive with shouts and yells that not even the howling winds could drown out. In the blink of an eye, thousands of horsemen came pouring out of the north.

"Not good!"

The Three Titans of Black Radiance, who had already ridden far off into the distance, immediately trembled at these roars, their faces grimacing.

"Let's go! It's an ambush!"

All of them became ghastly pale as they turned their horses around and began to ride back toward the battlefield.

Fadi and his men moved very quickly, but they were still too slow. Wang Chong had been 'watching' their army of two hundred thousand, waiting with his twenty thousand men in the blizzard precisely for this moment.


Long before Fadi could arrive onto the battlefield, weapons and warhorses clashed, and after a few moments of fighting, Wang Chong's men had succeeded in dividing the Arab army.

"Cutting Formation!"

"Solar Impact!"

Roars resounded through the snowstorm as the Wushang Cavalry and Aswaran Cataphracts used their supreme techniques to further divide the already panicked Arab army.

Boomboomboom! The Wushang Cavalry and Aswaran Cataphracts used their own skills to charge repeatedly through the Arab ranks, crushing the Arab army on both sides. And the disorderly ranks of the army served as an invisible barrier that hindered the Three Titans of Black Radiance to the west and their soldiers to the east.


The Arab generals, including the Three Titans of Black Radiance, were infuriated by this sight. Wang Chong had only needed a few moments to turn this battlefield into a scene of complete mayhem. From the perspective of the Arabs, all they could see was snow and panicked Arab soldiers, and the sounds of battle could be heard all around them. They had no idea where the Tang were.

"Force an opening! Part the army at the center!"

Fadi's eyes reddened as he finally gave an order. His enemy had come prepared and delivered a lethal strike. If they could not harden their hearts and put a stop to this now, the entire army would be wiped out.


Following Fadi's order, the soldiers around the Three Titans immediately pulled out their weapons and began to kill their way through their own troops as they pushed toward where the fighting was fiercest.