The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1186

Chapter 1186: Stratagems In The Snow Iii
Chapter 1186: Stratagems in the Snow (III)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Get ready! The plan has succeeded! The Three Titans of Black Radiance have appeared! Everyone, get ready to battle!"

Wang Chong suddenly pulled on the reins of his horse, faintly smiling as he listened to the activity from the west. Each one of the Three Titans of Black Radiance was extremely powerful, on par with Abu Muslim, but in terms of military strategy, the Three Titans were greatly lacking compared to Wang Chong.


Wang Chong raised an arm, and all the soldiers around him immediately dispersed. An invisible killing intent began to seep through the air.


A sharp neigh cut through the storm, and a powerful energy suddenly swept out of the chaotic western part of the battlefield, fiercely tearing open a path. The Three Titans of Black Radiance and Hular rode out of the blizzard, leading a group of cavalry.

"Kill them!"

Fadi's reddened eyes immediately spotted Wang Chong and his White-hoofed Shadow in the center of the battlefield, and the morale of his troops was immediately revitalized. After so long, after being led around this blizzard by the Tang for so long, they had finally found the young Tang commander.

This was the ultimate archcriminal!

Rumble! All other noise in the world was drowned out as the Arab soldiers became a massive drill, piercing through their own disorderly soldiers to charge straight at Wang Chong.


As Wang Chong gripped the reins of his horse and stared at Hular and the Three Titans of Black Radiance, he smiled.

"You've taken the bait!"

'To shoot a man, first shoot his horse, and to capture the underlings, first take the king.' By following this principle, the Three Titans of Black Radiance had ultimately fallen into his trap.


The cry of a sword resounded over the battlefield. Wang Chong stood tall on his horse, pointing the golden sword that he had obtained from Bahram straight up to the sky.

"Not good!"

The sight of Wang Chong's confident expression that completely disregarded the tens of thousands of Arab soldiers around him suddenly made Fadi extremely uneasy. But before he had time to deeply think, he heard a heaven-shaking roar.

Hooves thundered from all around, sending up flurries of snow, as countless warhorses suddenly charged out of the blizzard, killing intent seething from their riders' bodies. The air immediately tensed.

"Careful! Enemy attack!"

The faces of the Three Titans of Black Radiance immediately twisted into nasty grimaces.

They had fallen for a trap!

The three reached this conclusion at the same time. No one had expected that while these Tang had been forcing their way into the Arab army, they even had time to set up a trap within their trap, laying an ambush to surround the Arab commanders.

The tactics of the three had been completely predicted by the Tang.

"Capture the king to capture the underlings! Kill that young Tang commander!"

Fadi's gaze chilled as he swiftly made up his mind. In the current situation, only killing this most troublesome and intractable Tang commander who had been responsible for all of this could resolve the situation. "Hyah!" Fadi charged ahead toward Wang Chong.

At almost the same moment, Firas, Imron, and Hular also galloped forward.

"Hahaha, Arabs, your opponent is here!"

Brash laughter rang out through the air, and then a man and horse suddenly descended from the skies like a god, from a position twenty to thirty meters in the air. Gao Xianzhi, his hair flying in the wind and Stellar Energy thrumming around him, had thrown out a spear while still in the air toward Fadi on the ground.

Following the spear were eight massive pillars brimming with dazzling and destructive energy.

"Strength of the Fire God!"

At almost the same moment, the Sassanid Great General Bahram collided with Firas.

Following Bahram overhead was a scarlet flame that now blossomed into a massive golden ball of fire. This ball of fire contained an endless destructive energy that could intimidate any expert.

The Fire God was one of the gods revered by the Sassanid people. In the Sassanid legends, the Fire God was also the Sun God, and as a Great General of the Sassanid Dynasty, Bahram had inherited one of the strongest Sassanid techniques, gifted to him by the imperial household.

Soon after, the Origin Energy in the sky began to pulse, and an invisible strength amidst the blizzard began to collect and condense this Origin Energy into massive fists of ice which punched at the other Arab governors. The Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief descended from the sky and began to attack the Arab governors.

"Raaaaa!" Cheng Qianli, Wang Yan, Banahan, the Gangke King, and the rebel leaders all emerged to converge on Fadi's group.

This fierce rain of attacks left all the Arab governors and generals dumbstruck, all of their complexions ashen. There was no question that this was a trap, a trap specifically meant for them.

"Fight to the death!"

"Don't fall back!"


With no time to think, these panicking Arab commanders used their own powerful techniques to battle with Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, the Wushang Village Chief, and the others.

Boomboomboom! The battlefield was engulfed with icy winds and fierce waves of energy, and the air resounded with explosions. But even though the Three Titans of Black Radiance, Hular, and the other Arab governors were all doing their best, they had been caught completely by surprise by the assault and were simply no match.

Squelch! The Demonic Emperor Old Man suddenly jabbed out with a finger, condensing thousands of bolts of energy into a single dazzling beam of Sword Qi that pierced right through an Arab governor. This Arab governor had been wearing a thick and gleaming suit of armor, which one could tell at a glance was no ordinary suit of armor. Yet it barely seemed to exist in front of the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and his attack was immediately able to strike the governor's vitals.

"Truly… truly I can't even dare to believe that I would die at the hands of these infidels. Just who are these people?"

The Arab governor's eyes went round, and his face was filled with unwillingness, but a moment later, he dropped to the ground.

The Myriad Spirit Sea Art could seek out the weak points of an opponent's body. The Demonic Emperor Old Man's Sword Qi had not just struck his vitals, but also had ended his life.

With the death of this Arab governor, the balance of this battle was broken.

The Wushang Village Chief thrust out with his white cane, which immediately shattered the barrier of Stellar Energy around the Arab governor in front of him and stabbed through his armor and straight into his heart. Both the Wushang Village Chief and the Demonic Emperor Old Man were supreme masters. Ordinary Arab governors were simply no match for them.

Thumpthumpthump! More and more people began to fall, and this was far from the extent of the Arabs' predicament. At the same time, cries of battle and the gleam of swords and sabers broke through the blizzard.

While the Great Generals were fiercely battling, the soldiers that the Three Titans of Black Radiance had brought were also facing an unimaginable storm of attacks.

The Aswaran Cataphracts and Wushang Cavalry working together had completely scattered them in the first charge, killing countless Arab horsemen.

"Kill them! Team seven, attack the left flank! Team eight, punch through the right! We can't let them reassemble!"

Su Hanshan, riding on a black horse, gave commands from the rear, his expression composed, his eyes bright, and his every movement exuding an intimidating aura. While Wang Chong was busy fighting, he had passed the authority to command entirely to Su Hanshan.

Only through honing could one sharpen a precious sword, and only through the bitter winter could peach blossoms be so fragrant. After being tempered through battle after battle, Su Hanshan was once more displaying his potential to be a Great General.

From Talas to Khorasan, there had been numerous battles of all sizes. Su Hanshan had displayed his formidable ability to learn, and Wang Chong could now rest easy in giving him command over many battles. And in this aspect, Su Hanshan had never let him down.

Bangbangbang! Surrounded by the Tang, Khorasani, and rebel soldiers, the Arabs swiftly crumbled, and their losses climbed at an astonishing speed. Seven thousand, nine thousand, thirteen thousand, sixteen thousand… in just a few seconds, the Three Titans of Black Radiance had lost more than twenty thousand soldiers, and they were continuing to lose more. The entire battlefield was covered in Arab corpses.

The fierce winds quickly spread the stench of blood, which was only continuing to thicken. Fadi and the others felt their hearts dripping blood as they saw their men being cut down like weeds. The Tang's organizational and offensive abilities were far above the tired, exhausted, alarmed, and panicked Arabs.

While Fadi and his men had been trudging through the snow, these Tang had traversed it like a fish in water. Not only was the fierce blizzard and extreme cold no impediment to them, but was also of great assistance in their assault.

"Retreat! Retreat!"

The sight of the corpses piling up on the ground filled Fadi's eyes with rage, reluctance, and despair.

The army was sustaining losses far faster than he had imagined. If he did not retreat now, all his soldiers would end up being wiped out.

Bang! Fadi was the first to turn his horse around and charge off into the distance. Seeing their own commander run, all the other Arab cavalry began to follow.

At this moment, the Arabs finally relinquished any thought of defeating the Great Tang in the middle of this blizzard, and they scattered like frightened birds.

"After them!"

Wang Chong immediately thrust his sword forward, leading his men in pursuing Fadi. In terms of both energy and willpower, the Arabs had been utterly vanquished, and even Fadi and the rest of the Three Titans had given up on resistance. Now was the perfect time to pursue and increase the harvest.