The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1203

Chapter 1203: The Fire Of Ju Bi

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Stellar Energy Piercer!

Wang Chong immediately used one of his most powerful abilities.

"Piercing through Stellar Energy isn't a skill that only you know!"

Wang Chong coldly laughed as he shattered that black-clothed assassin's heart.

The violet-black flames could ignore Stellar Energy defenses, an ability akin to Wang Chong's Stellar Energy Piercer. These black-clothed men were trying to use the violet-black flames to corrode Wang Chong's meridians, but Wang Chong didn't feel like going through all that trouble, instead killing an assassin with a single strike.

"This is impossible!"

The other three assassins were dumbfounded.

Wang Chong had moved too quickly, and the assassin had fallen even more quickly. This was completely different from what they had predicted.

"Kill him!"

Red emerged in their eyes as the trio lunged at Wang Chong.

At the same time, with a harsh shout, the two other black-clothed men wielding swords shouted as they shot like lightning bolts toward Wang Chong.


Meanwhile, overhead, a vague figure began to wave around a bag, and a thick green fog was carried along by the wind toward Wang Chong.

"Seeking death!"

Wang Chong's eyes flashed with cold light. Clang! Before anyone could react, a golden beam of light shot through the air and stabbed the black-clothed assassin spreading poison.


The man gurgled for a moment before dropping to the ground.

In another flash of light, Wang Chong was replaced by three identical versions of himself.

The three assassins shuddered. Despite their cultivation levels, they were completely incapable of telling which Wang Chong was real.

"Forget about it! Attack together!"

After a momentary daze, the three immediately attacked once more. The air once more hissed as three enormous gouts of violet-black flame shot forward. Each gout of flame was expanded to its largest extent so that all three of the Wang Chongs were in its range.

The three expected that this would allow them to instantly figure out which Wang Chong was the real one, but things did not go how they expected.


A scream tore through the air. The three illusions of Wang Chong were extinguished, but behind one of the three assassins, a slender figure emerged, its five fingers gripping the assassin's neck like a steel vise and raising him into the air.

"White Tiger!"

"It's that brat!"

The assassins immediately recognized that this person was none other than Wang Chong. Stellar Energy was surging off his body as he pushed the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art to its limit. Violet energy rushed out of the assassin's body and into Wang Chong's.

With the boost from this violet energy, Wang Chong's aura swelled, boundless vitality erupting from his body along with violet light.

"Not good!"

"This bastard is absorbing the Strength of Ju Bi!"

The remaining black-clothed men paled in fright. The intense violet-black flames of the Strength of Ju Bi were something that not even Great Generals could resist. If Wang Chong could grasp this strength, they would lose any hope of contending against him.

Although Wang Chong was strong, he was not terrifying, and his illusions were also nothing to fear. But if they allowed Wang Chong to absorb the Strength of Ju Bi and possess the same violet-black flames, they would be doomed.

Such was the power of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.


The air boomed as all the black-clothed men anxiously charged at Wang Chong, but it was already too late. The violet energy in the assassin's body was furiously surging into Wang Chong and fusing with his Strength of Lu Wu.

"Aaaaah!" With a wretched scream, the assassin began to deflate like a punctured leather bag as his blood and energy were absorbed. The other assassins had barely managed to make it a few steps before their comrade had been sucked completely dry of the Strength of Ju Bi.

What powerful energy!

Wang Chong threw aside the body of the assassin and half-closed his eyes, silently experiencing the new energy in his body.

Although the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art had absorbed many kinds of energy, he had never felt as fierce and tyrannical an energy before. It seemed like an unstoppable force that could burn away all, and yet it was also bursting with intense vitality. He had only just finished absorbing this energy, but it already felt like every cell of his body had received an enormous boost. This domineering energy filled Wang Chong's mind and made him want to roar in exultation.

At this moment, two destructive gouts of violet-black flame, two sharp swords, and surging torrents of Stellar Energy assailed Wang Chong's body, aiming to utterly annihilate him.

"Is he dead?"

The black-clothed men were all shocked and anxious. They had originally believed that they would need to fight a bitter battle, but success had come with surprising ease.

But a moment later, the violet-black flames scattered, revealing the figure of Wang Chong. His body was brimming with Stellar Energy, and in front of him, two peerlessly sharp swords hung in the air, several inches away from him but unable to advance any farther.

Wang Chong's expression was like a sheet of ice, and his hair flying in the wind made him seem like a demon god in the darkness.

"Not good!"


All the assassins immediately shivered in fear, the encroaching sense of danger exploding in their skulls and weighing on their chests.


The group immediately scattered. If even the Strength of Ju Bi was unable to deal with Wang Chong, they had lost all means of contending with him.

An icy voice rang out in their ears. "Hmph, think you can run?"

This group had reacted quickly, and when they fled, they had all run off in different directions, yet they were still too slow. Bangbangbang! In a cold flash of light, these black-clothed men dropped to the ground almost simultaneously. Two of them had been run through by swords, two of them had been burned to ash by violet-black flames, and the other had been sucked dry by the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

Wang Chong threw the shriveled corpse in his hand to the ground and turned his head to the final black-clothed man. This man trembled, a look of fear appearing on his face, but he quickly regained his composure and coldly sneered.

"There's no need to trouble yourself. You won't get anything from me."

The man clenched his jaw, and black flames almost instantly erupted from his body. In the blink of an eye, the man had been burned to ash.

As he watched this sight, Wang Chong unclenched his fingers, the coldness in his eyes receding.

Even though he had encountered this group several times now, he still had no way to deal with their suicide methods. When these men in black were in danger of being captured, they would almost immediately burn up their bodies and leave nothing for Wang Chong to find.

Wang Chong quickly turned around, and at this moment, the sounds of fighting filled his ears.


From the top of the mountains, he could see that the Hyderabad Mountains were awash in fiery light, thick plumes of smoke rising into the air. It was apparent that countless people had invaded the Hyderabad Mountains in the darkness and were wreaking havoc.

"Just what are these people trying to do…?"

Countless thoughts flitted through Wang Chong's mind. He simply didn't understand why the men in black had appeared here. They had pursued him all the way to Sindhu and killed so many people. Was it all for the sake of killing him?


As he was thinking, the earth suddenly swayed and enormous energy emerged from deep underground like an erupting volcano, causing the entirety of the Hyderabad Mountains to quake and shudder.

"This is…"

Wang Chong paled as he realized that the quaking was coming from the place where the High Priest resided.

For a moment, Wang Chong found it hard to keep his composure. This group of black-clothed men had attacked too abruptly, but Wang Chong had never expected that the Sindhu High Priest deep underground would also be a target of their attacks.

What made this even more absurd was that the High Priest's residence was extremely well-hidden and the terrain of the mountain range extremely complex. Even Wang Chong had only found the High Priest by sheer coincidence, and even then, he had required the High Priest's invitation. How had those people managed to find the High Priest, and this energy…

How could someone so powerful exist!


Just as Wang Chong was getting worried, a terrible scream exploded from out of the earth, tearing through the night sky. With this scream, the earth ceased to rumble, and serenity and silence were restored.

Wang Chong breathed a sigh of relief.

That scream clearly isn't the High Priest's. It's obvious that the High Priest won in this intense battle.

But other than a sense of relief, there was another indescribable feeling in Wang Chong's mind.

I didn't think that the High Priest had such a high cultivation level!

From the attack just now, he had sensed that the High Priest's cultivation level was far above that of a peak Great General.

As these thoughts flitted through his mind, Wang Chong quickly mastered his emotions and headed down the mountain. There were still many men in black wreaking havoc in the darkness. Even the Wushang Cavalry that Wang Chong had left at the base of the mountain were under attack.

Clang! More than twenty meters behind Wang Chong, the two swords used by the assassins suddenly flew into the air and accompanied him down the mountain.