The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 121

Chapter 121 Convincing King Song

Chapter 121: Convincing King Song!

King Song sighed deeply.

Spilled water couldnt be taken back. The current circumstances had already evolved beyond his means. The five imperial edicts of the Sage Emperor had already expelled him from the political scene.

On top of that, he was the leader behind the officials opposing to Consort Taizhen. His Majesty and Consort Taizhen would surely pin the blame on him.

Regardless of what he did, it was already impossible to reverse the situation.

The entire hall was silent, and the atmosphere was heavy. Everyone here knew very well what kind of plight King Song plight was in.

The emperor never speaks lightly, even if King Song were to change his attitude now, it would be extremely difficult for him to return back to where he used to be in the royal court.

King Qi and the Yao Clan had already won.

Right now, I fear for the other subordinates in the royal court. I just hope that His Majesty wont demote and exile them because of this matter.

King Songs tone was filled with worry.

Your Highness, do you have any way to meet the Sage Emperor? Given his trust in you, there might still be grounds for reconciliation.

The old butler, who had been silent all along, suddenly spoke up.

Its impossible. His Majesty is currently at the peak of his rage. We have all underestimated His Majestys determination on this matter. Right now, its impossible for me to meet His Majesty. Furthermore, King Qi and the Yao Clan would think of all kinds of means to deprive me of the opportunity as well.

King Song said.

Helplessness flashed across the depths of the old butlers eyes. Even though he possessed unparalleled cultivation, he was helpless in this kind of royal court politics.

Furthermore, if I were to suddenly change my attitude, how would the other officials view me? How would His Majesty view me? How would the entire royal court view me? Even if I were to support His Majesty now, the situation might not be as good as what you all think it out to be!

King Song sighed.

Lu Ting couldnt find any words to say as well. An arrow fired couldnt be taken back, this was the situation King Song was in. No matter what he did, he had no choice but to take responsibility for this entire matter.

Right now, even Lu Ting was at a loss.

Treading the royal court was similar to treading around quicksand; a single mistake would leave one sinking until one hit rock bottom! Even if King Song could see that half of the officials in the royal court would be implicated, and that King Qi and the Yao Clan would gain power in the royal court, there was nothing that he could do.

Is there really no solution to this matter?

Lu Ting spoke indignantly.

Actually, on this matter Your Highness doesnt necessarily have to express your approval for Consort Taizhen!

After a long moment of silence, just when everyone felt lost, Wang Chongs voice suddenly sounded. His voice was clear and confident, and it felt as though it was parting the gloomy clouds to bring them the sun.

The trios attention was piqued, and they immediately turned to look at Wang Chong.

Wang Chong, you have an idea in mind?

King Song asked.

Chong gongzi, theres no need to hold back before King Song. Feel free to speak your mind!

Lu Ting encouraged.

Hehe, Your Highness, not opposing is already equivalent to supporting.

Wang Chong said. It was often the bystanders who managed to assess the situation clearly. This world didnt just consist of two colors, black and white.

But even so, that is far from sufficient!

Lu Ting hesitated for a moment before replying.

Hehe, Lord Lu, are you still unable to understand? The reason why His Majesty is angry isnt because of King Songs opposition, but because King Songs opposition had put him in a difficult position by becoming the main force opposing to Consort Taizhens induction into the royal palace.

If Consort Taizhen is able to be successfully inducted into the palace, if the voices of opposition were to become softer Do you all think that His Majesty will still be bothered about those opposing voices?

Wang Chong smiled.

Everyones eyes abruptly lit up. King Song was also surprised by Wang Chongs words. He suddenly realized that his greatest mistake on the Consort Taizhen incident was to not summon Wang Chong in to discuss this matter with him earlier.

This childs insights seemed to be very different from the others. He was always able to notice things that others werent able to.

If it was just that, King Song wouldnt have valued him so highly. But the thing was that when he contemplated over the other partys words, he would find his words to be surprisingly logical and rational, and he often felt enlightened by them even.


King Song suddenly felt spirited, and he looked at Wang Chong expectantly. He was growing more and more curious about this offspring of the Wang Clan.

Yes, Your Highness!

Wang Chong bowed and continued. His composure seemed to be contagious, and the others couldnt help but flow along with his thoughts.

Your Highness possesses immense influence in the royal court, and a single word of yours was capable of rallying many officials. This is also the main reason why His Majesty is displeased with you. However, if Your Highness were to suddenly change your attitude and fall silent instead, the officials in the royal court would surely be bewildered. At that moment, Your Highness just has to say that theres a deeper story to the Consort Taizhen incident, and given Your Highnesss influence, it would surely cause a huge uproar in the royal court.

With hesitance, the opposition of the others wouldnt be able to be as intense and fervent as it was. As long as half of those opposing to Consort Taizhen hesitates, then Consort Taizhen would surely be able to be inducted into the palace.

As long as the voices of opposition in the royal court quietens, the obstruction His Majesty faced in the matter wouldnt be as great. If so, it is highly likely that he wouldnt pursue the matter anymore. Even if someone were to continue objecting to Consort Taizhen, he could just disregard it. In this way, the honor of the subordinates would be upheld, and at the same time, none of the officials in the royal court would be harmed as well.

Wang Chong said.

In the hall, King Song and the old butler glanced at one another, astonished by Wang Chongs words.

The matters of the royal court were complicated, and a single misstep could result in ones fall into the abyss. As such, King Song thought that Wang Chong would be foreign to the affairs of the royal court.

However, Wang Chongs words didnt seem like one that had come from a child, but from a veteran who had immersed himself in the royal court for dozens of years. Furthermore, Wang Chongs plan had taken all aspects into consideration. King Song couldnt help but admit that this was the best course of action at the moment.

This child is truly surprising!

If King Song hadnt heard Wang Chong say these words personally, he would have never believed that a fifteen-year-old child was capable of coming up with such a detailed plan.

In the past, when King Song heard from the Wang Clan that Yao Guang Yis setback was Wang Chongs merit, he thought that the Wang Clan was intentionally exaggerating the matter to promote their offspring.

But now, King Song could confidently declare that a true genius had appeared in the Wang Clan.

The impression that Wang Chong gave him was much deeper and striking than that of his elder brothers.

These thoughts flashed through King Songs mind. Swiftly recovering from his astonishment, King Song turned to Lu Ting.

Lord Lu, what do you think of this matter?

Your Highness, pardon my frankness, but I think that this is the best plan we can come up with at the moment.

After contemplating for a moment, Lu Ting continued with a grim tone.

However, its a pity that even if we manage to protect all of the officials, it will be difficult for Your Highness to make a comeback to the royal court. At the very least, it would be impossible within half a year, and by then, King Qi and the Yao Clan would already be done taking over the Bureau of Military Personnel and Bureau of Punishments.

The Bureau of Military Personnel and Bureau of Punishments were the two most important and powerful organizations in the royal court. Of the two, the importance of the Bureau of Military Personnel to King Song couldnt be emphasized any further. The reason why King Song possessed great say and influence in the royal court was due to his immense prestige in the military.

If the Bureau of Military Personnel were to fall into the hands of King Qi, King Song would have lost even if all of the officials in the royal court were protected. Furthermore, given King Qis personality, he wouldnt stop right after gaining authority over the military.

He would definitely try to replace all of King Songs men with those of his own in the shortest time possible.

Military, an important aspect of a nation, should be properly governed. Once the Bureau of Military Personnel falls into the hands of a person like King Qi, the empire would truly be in dire straits.

I am reluctant to give up as well but it is clear which consequences is lighter. We can only do it this way!

Facing the sky, King Song sighed deeply. In truth, he felt indignant to give up just like that.

Looking at the duo, Wang Chong fell silent. He had already done far beyond his responsibility for the Consort Taizhen incident, and there was no need for him to interfere any further. However, after a moment of hesitation, he still said it.

Your Highness, actually it isnt necessarily King Qis victory. King Qi might not necessarily gain authority over the Bureau of Military Personnel.

Wang Chongs words caused King Songs body to shudder violently.

He had been trying his hardest to maintain his composure, but Wang Chongs words broke his final line of defense.


King Song asked anxiously.

It isnt like there is no way to minimize the adverse consequences of this matter to the bare minimum. The key to this issue is a single person. As long as this person agrees to it, everything can be resolved easily.

Wang Chong said.

Who is it?

King Song, the old butler, and Lu Ting asked almost simultaneously. The five imperial edicts already showed a lot about the Sage Emperors determination on this matter. The trio found it hard to believe that Wang Chong had a solution to bring King Song back to his former prestige despite the overwhelming circumstances.

Consort Taizhen!

With a bright smile, Wang Chong uttered a name.

Everything depends on Consort Taizhen. The one who started it all should be the one to resolve it all. If Your Highness wishes to return to the royal court, Your Highness will have to gain Consort Taizhens help.

The entire room fell silent. The trios eyes slowly widened, and it seemed as though they were looking at a lunatic.


This was complete madness!

If not for Wang Chongs previous performance, the trio would have immediately shouted out those words! Consort Taizhens greatest opposition came from King Song, and the two of them were mortal enemies.

If she could, she would have killed King Song at this very moment. How could she possibly help her own enemy!

To think that Wang Chong wanted Consort Taizhen to speak up for King Song This was daydreaming! Even the most insane lunatic wouldnt dare to utter such words.


Seeing everyones gazes of disbelief, Wang Chong laughed heartily. He couldnt help but feel a sense of accomplishment.

At this very moment, in the entire Central Plains, there was only one person who could change Consort Taizhens attitude toward King Song.

And that person was him, Wang Chong!