The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 122

Chapter 122 Recruiting Experts

Chapter 122: Recruiting Experts!

Wang Chong, if you really are able to do what you just said, I will concede to you!

It would already a great blessing if Consort Taizhen doesnt hate us, how could she possibly help us?

Hehe, Wang Chong, if youre able to do it, I will promise you anything you want. Regardless of what it is, as long as it is within my means, I will definitely fulfill your wish!

The trio stared at Wang Chong in disbelief. It was clear to them that this matter was completely out of question. How could Wang Chong even think of getting ones enemy to speak up for one? King Song had seen all kinds of people in the royal court; there were many people who begged their enemies for forgiveness, but to beg ones enemy to help one on top of it He hadnt seen such a matter before.

Even the Yao Clan, which was famous for their ploys, wouldnt dare to say such words.

To say such immature words, Wang Chong was indeed still too young.


Wang Chong smiled. He could clearly see the expression of the trio, and without a doubt, they didnt think well of this matter. Even Lu Ting, who bore the most goodwill and trust toward him, thought that this matter was impossible to be realized.

Wang Chong didnt bother trying to change their mind. In the end, actions speak louder than words.

Hehe, Your Highness, theres nothing in the world that can be guaranteed so I cant assure you that I will succeed. However, if Your Highness doesnt mind, I can give it a try. Just that, I will require Your Highnesss full assistance for this matter.

Wang Chong said.

No problem! Feel free to do as you like. If you have anything you need, feel free to tell me or Lord Lu, I will devote all of my resources to assisting you!

King Song smiled casually. Clearly, he didnt believe Wang Chong would succeed, and that was also the reason why he didnt feel any burden allowing Wang Chong to do as he pleased on this matter.

Thank you, Your Highness.

Wang Chong bowed. He really couldnt hold back on this matter. If he wanted to achieve his goals, King Songs help was necessary.

Leaving King Songs residence, Wang Chong sat in his carriage, deep in contemplation. Even though he had confidently promised King Song on this matter, he knew that it would be, by no means, easy.

Spilled water couldnt be taken back, and words were the same. Given how intense King Songs opposition was from before, it was impossible to induce Consort Taizhen to feel any goodwill and change her attitude toward him all of the sudden!

But there was nothing that could be said for sure in this world.

Seated in the carriage, Wang Chongs thoughts flew around the place. He recalled several matters he heard on Consort Taizhen.

In this era, everyone was filled with contempt for Consort Taizhen. They slandered and insulted her, and as such, the understanding of the populace of her only stopped at a mere woman, a disaster to the country and populace, and such derogatory terms.

No one knew of the truth.

Only Wang Chong knew that this woman wasnt someone that descriptions like Princess Consort Shou or a mere woman could encompass.

Regardless of which time-space continuum it was, this woman was well-known for her beauty. Despite the several millennium of history of the Central Plains, she still managed to leave a mark in history through her beauty. This goes to show how breathtaking her appearance was!

However, at this moment, no one except Wang Chong knew of this matter.

Other than her beauty, Wang Chong also knew that Consort Taizhen fancied unique poems on romance and happiness, and this fancy had already far surpassed ordinary levels.

As such, Consort Taizhen held exceptional admiration for talented poets.

In the future, Consort Taizhen would often summon reputable poets, listen to their poem recitations and couplets, promote them, and bestow them great wealth.

And to poets who were living in difficulty, Consort Taizhen would often grant them a sizeable sum.

Thus, Consort Taizhens name had always been excellent among the poets in Great Tang.

Consort Taizhens love for poems and its verses had already far surpassed the understanding of others.

When she saw good poem verses, she would bring them everywhere she went, not wanting to part with it at any moment, even going to the extent of embracing them to her sleep.

What that filled the few most exquisitely ornated chests in her room was not gold or jewelry but the poem verses that she loved.

Just like any other ladies, Consort Taizhen also had her weak spot.

She loved talented poets, and if those talented poets were to praise her, she would immediately fly to cloud nine and reward them generously.

As this world focused more on the pursuit of martial arts, the poems in this world werent as advanced. In his previous life, when Wang Chong heard that Consort Taizhen favored poems, he came up with a few ideas but he wasnt able to find a chance to execute them.

If I can bring out that poem, there is a high chance that this matter may be settled!

A thought flashed through Wang Chongs mind as he recalled a poem.

This world differed from the Great Tang that Wang Chong knew of in many ways. For example, Li Bai and Du Fu didnt exist.
(Very famous poets)

There were still many well-acclaimed poem verses and famous poets in this world, but their standards were far below the level Wang Chong knew of.

At the very least, the poem verses that Wang Chong knew of was more than sufficient for him to stand above all of the poets in this world.

Alright, I will choose that poem! I will know whether itll work or not once I give it a try!

There was nothing such as a guaranteed affair in this world. However, Wang Chong thought that there was an extremely high possibility that this poem could change Consort Taizhens impression of King Song and alleviate their relationship.

Returning to the residence, he immediately lifted his brush and wrote the Song of Purity and Peace neatly down.

Wang Chong was able to come up with many wise strategies, but it had to be said that his words were truly subpar. Despite his effort, his words were squiggly and barely acceptable. On this aspect, Wang Chong did resemble his identity as a son of a general.

However, even though his words were subpar, there was nothing to criticize about the verses and content of the poem.

This is about it!

Looking at the content he had written on the xuan paper, Wang Chong heaved a huge sigh of relief. Just writing these few words were sufficient for him to break out in sweat. Using a brush and swinging a sword were truly two different notions.


Looking at his own creation, Wang Chong nodded. Then, he grabbed the seal by the side and stamped the Li Chenqi Seal grandly on it.

This was King Songs seal.

Wang Chong had asked Lu Ting for it before leaving King Song Residence, and King Song had generously passed it over to him.

Blowing on it, Wang Chong waited for the ink to dry before placing it in a large envelope. Then, after writing a few words on the envelope, he stamped King Songs seal on it once more.

Meng Long!

Your servant is here!

By the door, Meng Long answered before entering the room respectfully.

Deliver this envelope to the royal palace and have them hand it over to Consort Taizhen. As for this seal, return it to Lord Lu.

Wang Chong gestured to the envelope and seal on the table.

The Sage Emperor had built the Yuzhen Palace specially for Consort Taizhen to live in. It would be impossible for an ordinary person to send a letter over but Wang Chong knew that. given King Songs identity, the seal on the envelope should be sufficient to ensure that it would be delivered safely into Consort Taizhens hands.

This envelope will determine whether she will help King Song or not!

Wang Chong thought.

After handing the envelope and seal over, Wang Chong exhaled deeply. Now that he was done with King Songs matter, Wang Chong turned his attention back to his cultivation.

He had cultivated Might of the Barbaric God 1-dan to Origin Energy Might Sixth Layer, which corresponded to his cultivation realm. If Wang Chong wished to advance the technique any further, he would have to reach Origin Energy Tier 7 first.

In other words, it was impossible for him to train the Might of the Barbaric God any further at the moment.

However, the good thing was that the successful cultivation of the Might of the Barbaric God induced Origin Energy to flow into Wang Chongs body constantly, thus significantly increasing his rate of cultivation. 

If I wish to reach higher realms, I cant stay here!

Wang Chong thought as he looked out of the window. Beyond the capital, he could vaguely see a few mountains.

The density of Origin Energy was much greater in the mountain forests than in a city. If Wang Chong wanted to bring his cultivation to higher realms and bring out the full strength of Might of the Barbaric God, he had to leave the capital and enter the mountain forests.

However, I cant be too anxious about this matter. Ill have to make preparations first.

Wang Chong lightly tapped his right forefinger on the table. Subconsciously, he remembered that Eastern Islands assassin.

Spectre Steps accompanied with outstanding assassination techniques made that female assassin a difficult enemy to fend off. If not for Wang Chong holding her back with ploys, he would have died back then.

Given the tight security in the capital at the moment, it was natural that the lady wouldnt dare to assault him. However, if he were to leave the capital and enter the complicated terrains of the mountain forests, it would be an entirely different matter.

That terrain was highly advantageous to an assassin.

Shen Hai, Meng Long, Arloja, and Ablonodan might not necessarily be able to protect him, and they themselves might even die under her assault.

If so, Wang Chongs heart would ache.

Only by sharpening ones axe can one effectively cut down trees. To solve this matter, Ill have to look for a powerful bodyguard!

Grabbing his forehead, Wang Chong felt a pang of headache.

His mother and little sister were living in the Wang Family Residence so he couldnt bring the guards in the residence along with him. Thus, he could only try to find some way to hire some powerful experts outside.

Rummaging through his memories, Wang Chong tried to recall if there were any reliable experts around.

Got it!

Suddenly, a thought flashed through Wang Chongs mind and he recalled something. The most convenient way to find an expert bodyguard in the shortest time possible would be through hiring mercenaries.

Wang Chong knew of a mercenary who possessed incredible martial arts. However, he had an eccentric temper and his pricing was ridiculous. On top of that, he had an unkempt appearance and tattered clothes. Thus, no one bothered with him.

Only a few years later, due to a coincidence, did everyone find out that he was actually such a formidable expert.

But by then, he was already recruited by a king of the imperial family as a personal bodyguard.

However, at this timing, he had probably just appeared in the capital. Given his eccentric temper and ridiculous pricing, no one other than Wang Chong would notice him.

Hahaha This will be it!

Wang Chong made up his mind.

Li Bai and Du Fu are two greatest poets in the Tang Dynasty.
They are even dubbed as Saint Poets () for the beautiful and elegant poems they have come up with. It wouldnt be an exaggeration to say that almost all Mandarin speakers over the world would have heard at least a poem or two from them.

It is a song created by Li Bai, and surprisingly, it is used to describe Consort Taizhens beauty. The title is , and honestly, I really have no idea how the title should be interpreted, so Ill just use the translation of others.