The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1222

Chapter 1222: Officials Pack The Streets

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Old ancestor, wait a moment. Your body isn't like it used to be. Let us support you!"

The old man had just begun to move when two young men ran out, their faces caked with sweat. They wanted to support the old man, but they were quickly pushed away.

"Hahaha, who cares if my body isn't what it used to be? Today, the hero of my Great Tang is returning in victory! Even if this old man were crippled in both legs, I would still be waiting for his return!"

The old man heartily laughed like a child, his beard trembling.

Wang Chong's heart felt hot when he saw this figure, and the thick sheet of ice upon it immediately melted away. He hastily strode over to welcome the old man.

"Venerable Senior Duan, this junior does not deserve such words from you. Let me support Senior."

Wang Chong walked over and quickly took the hand of the old man. There were few of such an extremely old age that could garner such respect from Wang Chong, and this was none other than the passionate, impartial, and incorruptible Imperial Censor Duan Cao.

After Wang Chong returned victorious from the war of the southwest, many people sought to attack and denounce Wang Chong because he did not have any sort of official position in the military. The leader of this faction had been the Duan Clan's Duan Qian. At this time, no one had expected the Duan Clan's aged Imperial Censor Duan Cao to personally appear and place righteousness before family, giving Duan Qian a vicious slap. Thus, he smoothed Wang Chong's road to eventually gaining the title of Young Marquis.

Everyone had their opinions on right and wrong, straight and crooked. To the venerable Imperial Censor, right was right and wrong was wrong. Even if it was a member of his own clan who made a mistake, he would show no mercy. This was one of the reasons Wang Chong so deeply admired and respected him.

Wang Chong hadn't expected that Imperial Censor Duan Cao would come out to welcome him at the city gate.

"Hahaha, Wang Chong, child, this is discrimination. This old man has just as many years as Old Man Duan. Come, support me as well."

Another elderly voice came from the back, and Wang Chong turned his head to see that an elderly white-haired man was striding toward him.

"Venerable Senior Deng!"

Wang Chong bitterly smiled as he took another step forward to assist both Imperial Censor Duan Cao and Imperial Censor Deng Chang at the same time.

Deng Chang and Duan Cao were both extremely old, and they were both old officials who had served the previous Emperor. They had spent their entire lives being upright and outspoken, granting them incredible prestige in the court, and they had also been of great assistance to Wang Chong.

Wang Chong had nothing but deep respect for this pair.

As the two old imperial censors were forcing Wang Chong into a rather embarrassing situation, a voice came from the back.

"You two old men are both getting on in years, and yet you still make so much trouble for this young junior. On this western campaign, this child nearly died on the front lines. How can you still bear to make so much trouble for him?" The old Imperial Censor Lu Ji looked at the pair and shook his head.

In just a few moments, three illustrious and venerable imperial censors of the Great Tang Empire had gathered in this place. Only when they saw Imperial Censor Lu Ji did Duan Cao and Deng Chang put away their smiles and become serious.

"Wang Chong, we old men were just teasing you. In the Battle of Talas, you did not let down the daring and prestige of the Great Tang. No matter what others think of you, this old Duan Cao will remember you! For my Great Tang to have a child like you fills these old men with pride. If there is still any unfilial brat or junior who dares to provoke or oppose you, this Duan Cao will drive them away!" Duan Cao sternly said. Although he was speaking these words to Wang Chong, as he spoke, he shot a vicious glare to the crowd behind him.

"That's right!" Deng Chang vigorously nodded. "Merit will be rewarded and mistakes will be punished. The Great Tang will never forget those who have rendered service for the people and country. No matter what others think of you, I, Deng Chang, share the same view as Old Man Duan, and will forever support you. Young man, never be discouraged!"

As the old imperial censor spoke, he fiercely patted Wang Chong on the shoulder.

"Haha, you can count me in as well!"

Imperial Censor Lu Ji stroke his beard and smiled.

Wang Chong was deeply moved as he gazed at these white-haired elders. He now understood why these three had appeared here.

"Venerable Seniors, thank you!" Wang Chong said with heartfelt sincerity. "Wang Chong does not believe that he rendered any great service, but Wang Chong will forever remember the words said by Venerable Seniors today. No matter what, I will never be discouraged, never lose hope."

"Haha, good! These words from you are enough! It was worth it for us three old men to disgrace ourselves at the city gate by flaunting our age!"

The three imperial censors stroked their beards, relieved expressions on their faces.

In the reign of the previous Emperor, these three venerable imperial censors had been renowned throughout the empire for being upright, fearless, and righteous! In that tempestuous era, the three had remained unbowed, using their own bodies to prop up the sky and raise the spirits of the Great Tang. Their influence could be felt even now.

Almost nobody in the world could satisfy the harsh eyes of this trio, not in the last era or this one. At present… there was only Wang Chong!

It was precisely because of this that the trio could not permit anyone to disadvantage Wang Chong.

They had appeared here and played out this scene before the crowd despite their extreme age precisely so that they could protect Wang Chong.

The words of these three aged imperial censors caused many people to pale and grimace.

At this moment, a clear and bright voice captured everyone's attention.

"Venerable Imperial Censors, although I do not object to you taking up so much of the Young Marquis's time, please take a look behind you. The Young Marquis has finally returned victorious, and almost all the high officials and noble dignitaries have come out to welcome him. Will you not even let them convey their respects?"

Wang Chong looked over and saw that this was a scholarly and refined old man dressed in an azure robe. He gripped a brush in one hand and a sheet of paper in the other. As he walked out from the crowd, he used his thin brush to write on the paper.

This old man was not as old as Duan Cao, Deng Chang, or Lu Ji, but he was at least in his seventies. Wang Chong did not think that he had ever met him before, but his clothes, bearing, and the brush and paper he held made Wang Chong think of only one person.

Grand Scribe Yan Wenzhang!

The Yan Clan had been responsible for writing the history books for generations, and no matter how the era changed, they had kept the same position. The Yan Clan rarely produced any major officials, but there was rarely a more qualified candidate to be found for the post of the Grand Scribe than those of the Yan Clan. It was for this reason that after the establishment of a new dynasty, the new sovereign would seek out the Yan Clan and make them Grand Scribes.

"Little Yan, even if we take up his entire day, what will you do about it?"

The mighty Grand Scribe Yan Wenzhang wielded book and brush as his weapons, and all the officials viewed him with some apprehension. After all, a scholar did not need to use a sword to kill. However, to Duan Cao, Deng Chang, and Lu Ji, he was just 'Little Yan'. But despite what they said, the three of them still retreated to the side.

They had completed their mission, so there was no need to keep holding back the crowd.

"Young Marquis!"

Yan Wenzhang walked forward, his eyes gleaming as he stared at Wang Chong.

"Although this old man has always opposed war, you have truly rendered enormous service this time. Be at ease. I will record your deeds in the annals so that they might be passed on to future generations!"

Cries of surprise came from the crowd. To receive the Grand Scribe's praise and be recorded in the annals of history was something that countless ministers and generals dreamed of for their entire lives. These words alone meant that all Wang Chong had sacrificed on his western expedition had not been completely in vain.

"Sir Yan, there is one thing that you might have gotten wrong!"

Wang Chong gazed at Yan Wenzhang and said something completely unexpected.

"Wang Chong did not journey to the distant Talas, battle with the Arabs, advance to Khorasan, and threaten the Arabian capital of Baghdad just so that he could leave a good name on the history books, nor was it to leave a dazzling mark in history."


The Grand Scribe was stunned by these words, and everything became still. Even Duan Cao, Deng Chang, and Lu Ji were surprised. As for the vast crowd of officials, generals, and nobles, all of them were speechless.

Even the most formidable general could not oppose a scholar's brush and mouth. Other than glory and duty, a general fought with their life on the line in the hopes of leaving their name on the history books to be admired by generations to come. This exceeded any other merit they could possibly achieve.

The Grand Scribe had a unique status and was respected by both officials and generals precisely because of this. But in front of so many important subjects, Wang Chong had declared that he did not care, leaving everyone stunned.

"Young Marquis, forgive this old man for this question, but what is it that Young Marquis desires?" Yan Wenzhang sternly said, curiosity in his eyes.

"To make every effort, leave behind no regrets!"

Wang Chong said these eight words as though they weighed nothing.

Yan Wenzhang was dumbfounded, his brows slightly creasing, a thoughtful look in his eyes. Wang Chong's simple words had caused the crowd to think, and even Deng Chang and the other censors appeared pensive.

Wang Chong said nothing more. Only he knew of the aspirations he held, and neither a dazzling record in the history books nor high official positions were what he desired. He was well aware of what sort of danger this world was about to face. As someone who had been reborn, all Wang Chong needed was to do his utmost and never give up.

This was always the case, whether it was the War of Nanzhao or the Battle of Talas.

Wang Chong had no idea what the final result would be. He only knew that until the final moment, he would never give up, and he would never leave behind any regrets.