The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1225

Chapter 1225: The Furious Old Imperial Censor

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

There had been far too many changes in the Imperial Court recently, and all the members of the military were under immense pressure. Moreover, Wang Chong, as the newly-promoted Young Marquis and the victor of several major battles to the west of the Cong Mountains, was the number one target for suppression. The military faction was on the extreme decline, with the favored Son of Heaven's disciple even being stripped of his military authority.

The Confucian school now wanted to add an avalanche atop the blizzard, and disgrace and beat down Wang Chong. No member of the military faction could accept this.

With everyone watching, Zhou Taiqin and Zheng Chengli instantly turned red in the face, but they were unable to manage a response.

In this awkward atmosphere, the elderly voice of Grand Scribe Yan Wenzhang rang out, "Lord Zhou, Lord Zheng, the Young Marquis has just returned from a long journey. Let him rest!"

After all, as a fellow official and member of the civil faction, Yan Wenzhang could no longer watch as his two colleagues were left speechless by Wang Chong's arguments, and offered them a pretext to leave.

"Young Marquis, this old man is getting on in years and cannot compare to young men like you. Since we have already paid respects to the Young Marquis, this old man will go and rest. Many of the Young Marquis's ideas truly are rather interesting. In the future, this old man will certainly come to pay a visit."

"Let us escort Lord Yan."

Wang Chong did not care and bowed in return.

On the other side, Zhou Taiqin and Zheng Chengli felt like they had been granted an amnesty, and breathed sighs of relief. The capital was astir with Wang Chong's return from Khorasan, and Zhou Taiqin and Zheng Chengli had wanted to use this occasion to meet with Wang Chong and diminish his prestige, dull his sharpness. However…

Grand Scribe Yan Wenzhang quickly took his leave, with Zhou Taiqin and Zheng Chengli following him.

With the departure of this trio, the mood around the city gates returned to normal. The majority of the people who had come to the city gates had good intentions, and Wang Chong did not reject them. He had Zhang Que take down their names so that he could reciprocate their gifts in the future.

"Lord Wang!"

As Zhang Que was recording names, a young official he had never seen before appeared in front of Wang Chong and bowed. He appeared very courteous and respectful.

"Might I ask which clan you are from? So that I can note it down," Zhang Que said.

However, this young minor official pretended not to hear him, his eyes staring straight at Wang Chong. He slowly raised his head, an eerie smile on his face.

"This lowly person has been entrusted by another to convey a question to Milord. Milord, what does it feel like to kill more than ten thousand people?"


Wang Chong's eyes narrowed and his face was startled as he stared at this young official.

The buzzing crowd around him almost immediately fell silent. Hiss! They gasped as they stared at the pair.

Zhang Que had originally been planning to note down the young official's name, but these words instantly infuriated him, his eyes turning ice-cold.

"You're seeking death!"

Zhang Que's rage was on full display, and he raised his hand to give the official a vicious slap.

Wang Chong was a true god in the hearts of Zhang Que and all the soldiers of Qixi and Anxi. He had led them to glory after glory, and Zhang Que would not permit anyone to humiliate Wang Chong like this.

Even if he had to put his life on the line, Zhang Que would make them pay with their life.

Slap! The sound of palm against cheek was clear and crisp. The young official's cheek immediately began to swell.

"Venerable Imperial Censor!"

The young official covered his swollen cheek and stared in shock at the person who had slapped him.

The one who had slapped him was not Wang Chong's subordinate Zhang Que, but the aged Imperial Censor Deng Chang.

The imperial censor had been several steps away at the beginning, but when the young official had asked that question, he had immediately rushed over, moving with a speed at odds with his age, and slapped the official.

"Bastard—an insignificant official like you who has made no achievements whatsoever in the court dares to disgrace the benefactor of the Great Tang! Such audacity! Just who gave you this boldness! This old man will rip off your mouth today!"

Deng Chang's beard was trembling in rage, and his entire body seethed with anger.

There was a limit to everything. While he and the other censors had been watching from the back, they had immediately noticed something strange when this minor official appeared. They had spent many years in court, an entire lifetime observing people. They could pick out troublemakers at a glance.

Zhou Taiqin and Zheng Chengli were just vigorously arguing with Wang Chong, and whether or not they were right, they were at least being reasonable. But this young official's words were simply a challenge, a humiliation.

Wang Chong's return to the capital had attracted all sorts, and there were factions with their own motives mixed into this crowd. The three of them would not permit anyone to use this opportunity to make trouble.

The young official, gripping his swollen face, quickly came back to his senses. His bowed body slowly began to straighten until it was like a spear thrust into the ground. Even in front of the venerable imperial censor, he was fearless.

"Hah, Young Marquis, you have these three imperial censors to assist you, but even if you kill me, I'll still say the same thing: those who kill will be killed themselves! Lord Marquis, Young Marquis, your era is already over!"


Wang Chong's eyes narrowed and his expression turned ice-cold. As for the young official, after he said these words, he immediately turned around and began to leave.

"This bastard!"

Zhang Que furiously raised his clenched fist, but just when he was about to lash out at the official, Wang Chong reached out and pulled his hand back.

"Let him be!"

As Wang Chong gazed at the young official's back, countless thoughts flitted through his mind. At this moment, no one could tell what he was thinking.

Wang Chong watched as that young official who had been willing to die for his cause slowly vanished into the crowd. Finally, he turned to the three aged imperial censors.

"Venerable Seniors, my gratitude!"

"There's no need!"

The three waved their hands, a hint of exhaustion on their faces. They were all over eighty years old, and their extended presence and emotional agitation had made them rather tired.

"Young Marquis, remember what I said to you. We three old scoundrels will always be watching you. Do not disappoint us!"

The imperial censors quickly left, and once they had gone, a stalwart figure slowly walked over.

"Lord Zhangchou!"

Wang Chong's eyes widened at the sight of this muscular figure. The person who had appeared before him was none other than the Minister of War, Zhangchou Jianqiong.

He had been waiting for some time in the crowd. Finally, when a large part of the crowd had left, he stepped forward.

"Lord Wang, congratulations on your return!"

Zhangchou Jianqiong took two steps forward and gave Wang Chong a gratified look.

"There are many matters to deal with in the Bureau of Military Personnel, so I cannot stay here for long. Lord Wang, when you have the time, we can go to the restaurant from back then. I will personally hold a welcome feast for you!"

"Lord Zhangchou is too polite."

Wang Chong returned the courtesy.

The two of them exchanged only a few pleasantries before Zhangchou Jianqiong turned and left. No one noticed that when he turned around to leave, a slip of paper had appeared in Wang Chong's hand. Wang Chong slightly raised an eyebrow, and as he silently watched Zhangchou Jianqiong leave, he put away the paper.

One group after another came to take Zhangchou Jianqiong's place. A few moments later, a familiar carriage rolled up to the city gate, late to the scene.

Creeak! The door was pushed open, and a dignified figure wearing an azure set of casual clothes emerged.

"Big Uncle!"

Wang Chong's heart became warm when he saw this familiar figure, and he quickly led Zhang Que and the others over to welcome him.

At this moment, the surrounding dignitaries and nobles retreated to the sides, bowing respectfully to the person walking out from the carriage.

"Lord Wang!"

"Lord Wang!"

All of these people bowed and greeted the man. The Wang Clan's status was currently like the noon sun, and it wielded enormous influence. Wang Chong's big uncle Wang Gen, as a representative of the Wang Clan and a lower rank-one official in his own right, possessed an incredibly illustrious status.

"Chong-er, you must be tired from your long journey! Come! I will take you home!"

Wang Gen stopped in front of Wang Chong. Wang Chong had greatly matured since their last meeting; his face was somewhat more weathered, but the greatest increase of all had been in his aura of resolve and determination.

Wang Gen took all this in and mentally nodded. After a parting of three days, one had to look at a gentleman in a new light. After being honed through multiple battles, Wang Chong had gradually become more and more outstanding, and he was beginning to have the bearing of a Great General.

The Wang Clan has its successor!

Wang Gen's mind was filled with gratitude and relief.

After taking care of Zhang Que and the rest of his retinue, Wang Chong boarded Wang Gen's carriage as all the other officials and nobles watched.

"Hyah!" The uncle and nephew quickly set off for the eastern part of the city, after which the crowd began to gradually disperse.

The surroundings were much quieter without the clamor of the crowd, and even quieter within the carriage, as if it was a completely different world.

Wang Gen and Wang Chong sat side by side, and the mood in the carriage slowly began to turn strange.

"Is everything well in the clan?" Wang Chong solemnly asked, breaking the silence.

"Everything is fine. The Old Master is still there. Those people aren't so bold as to directly move against us!" Wang Gen sternly said.

With no outsiders around, the uncle and nephew could speak directly.

A single falling leaf heralded the coming of autumn. Khorasan, Longxi, Beiting, Youzhou… all of the Great Tang army seemed to be experiencing an earthquake, and much information could be gleaned from the events that had taken place.

The army's withdrawal from Khorasan, the reduction of the border armies, the news he had heard from Big Dipper Great General Geshu Han, and the other information he had learned from the court were all extremely unsettling.

The people Wang Chong was worried about the most at this time were his grandfather, big uncle, big aunt, third uncle… and all the other members of the Wang Clan. Wang Gen's words were of great comfort to Wang Chong.

"There's still been no message from King Song?" Wang Chong said.