The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1242

Chapter 1242: Brush Away The Clouds To See The Sun

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The First Prince…

Wang Chong mentally muttered to himself as he thought about how he had encountered the First Prince on the way to his audience with the Sage Emperor. It was no wonder the First Prince had appeared there that day, and it was no wonder those proposals back then had passed.

If the Fifth Prince was correct, everything could be explained.

"I have been informed of this matter. For the time being, don't tell anyone else. In addition, be careful about the people at your side," Wang Chong said.


Wang Chong's final words left Li Heng dumbstruck.


Wang Chong sighed and told him what the First Prince had said to him on that day. When he heard that the First Prince knew of his relationship with Wang Chong, Li Heng seemed like he had been struck by a lightning bolt.

"How could this be?"

Li Heng's face paled. He had always believed that he had kept his relationship with Wang Chong extremely well-hidden, never imagining that it had long ago been exposed to the First Prince. More importantly, he understood what Wang Chong meant. The First Prince had undoubtedly placed spies at his side.

"There are no airtight walls in the world, and the First Prince has spent a long time in the Imperial Palace and possesses brilliant abilities. For our relationship to remain a secret from him for this long is already quite decent. And for it to be exposed now is not necessarily a bad thing," Wang Chong said.

"But I don't know who the spies he's placed at my side are. And I've only just recently recruited a few men. If I suddenly start acting paranoid and randomly accusing others, I'll cause a panic and everyone will leave. In the end, I'll still have fallen into Big Brother's trap," Li Heng uneasily said.

Even Wang Chong couldn't help but be startled by these words.

"Your Highness, that was then and this is now. You truly have matured!"

Wang Chong sighed.

A normal person upon learning the truth would panic and want to find the spy, but the Fifth Prince had gone as far as to consider the effects of this action. From this alone, one could tell just how much the Fifth Prince had changed.

"As for the spies the First Prince has placed at your side, leave that matter to Li Jingzhong. As long as you tell this matter to him, I'm confident that he has the abilities to drag those people out."

No one understood more than Wang Chong the abilities of this treacherous eunuch. There was probably no one more skilled than him when it came to guessing at the thoughts of others and differentiating between friend and foe. This was one of the reasons Wang Chong had not immediately killed him and had allowed him to remain at the Fifth Prince's side.

As long as he was used well, Li Jingzhong was even more capable than ten-some Imperial Martial experts.

"Understood! When I get back, I will have Uncle Jing handle this matter!" Li Heng sternly said.

After some thought, Wang Chong exclaimed,"That's right, there's still another matter!

"In the Imperial Palace, there is a eunuch official called Niu Xiantong, one of the Palace Stewards at His Majesty's side. With my status, it is very hard for me to get in touch with him. When you go back, have Li Jingzhong arrange an appointment for me with him. I have a matter for which I would like to seek him out."

"Okay!" Li Heng somewhat absentmindedly said.

Anyone who had just found out that someone had placed spies at their side would not be able to remain calm. Wang Chong knew that Li Heng's mind was no longer here, and a few moments later, he personally sent Li Heng off from the back gate.

Once the Fifth Prince was gone, Wang Chong began to think and quickly went to his study. The moment he closed his study door, the place immediately fell quiet. Wang Chong leaned against his sandalwood armchair, his hands clasped together and his eyes half-closed as a pensive look appeared on his face.

As he encountered major event after major event, Wang Chong found himself more and more preferring to find some quiet place to be with his thoughts.

The First Prince, Li Linfu, King Qi, the Grand Preceptor… Just who is the true schemer behind the curtain? The First Prince? Li Linfu? Or is it all of them?

Wang Chong's mind was in turmoil. After two days, he had gradually begun to see the truth of the Imperial Court and slowly develop the shape of his opponent.

There were some things that could not be changed once they had occurred, but he could at least prevent them from getting worse.

As the room grew quieter, Wang Chong's mind began to spin faster and faster. Wang Chong had spent these last few days watching, listening, and thinking, and as he gathered more and more information, the fogs of confusion had slowly begun to thin.

It's not the Grand Preceptor!

Wang Chong suddenly thought back to King Song's words, and his eyes turned sharp.

The Grand Preceptor is getting on in years and has always placed his safety above all else. No matter how capable he is, he would at most be able to mobilize the forces within the Imperial Court, but not collude with the First Prince. And it can't be King Qi. He doesn't have the daring, and he also has quite a few generals under him. This way of doing things doesn't pose that much of an advantage to him.

At some point, Wang Chong had unclasped his hands. His right hand now rested on the table, unconsciously tapping a finger on its surface. With each clear tap, Wang Chong's mind became even clearer.

Li Linfu is extremely shrewd, and his way of doing things is always smooth and inconspicuous. Such a bombastic way of doing things doesn't suit his personality. As for the First Prince… although he's the Sage Emperor's eldest son and first in line for the throne, until he's actually inherited the throne, he doesn't have the ability to simultaneously mobilize King Qi, the Grand Preceptor, and Li Linfu. But if it's not them, just who would be so capable that they could simultaneously mobilize four elite figures like this!

Wang Chong slightly raised his head and stared at the ceiling, his right index finger tapping on the table more and more frequently. Bangbangbang! The dense noise was like that of a furious storm.

Now that Wang Chong was King of Foreign Lands, he was a person with extremely high status, but not even he could simultaneously order around such illustrious figures as Li Linfu, the Grand Preceptor, and King Qi.

"But no matter who you are, you can't hide for long! No matter what, I'll make you reveal your true self, and even come looking for me!"

Wang Chong's pupils constricted. The tapping of his finger began to slow down, but it became increasingly forceful. In the end, it managed to tap a fingernail-sized hole in the tough sandalwood table.

Time seemed to stop for a moment, and then Wang Chong straightened his back, his eyes as sharp as swords.

The attacks aimed at the militarists this time were like a torrential downpour, too fierce and too sharp. Wang Chong had barely left Khorasan when the protectorate armies were being reduced and the Confucians had installed themselves into every hierarchy of the military to restrain the armies. All of this had happened far too quickly. It was simply impossible for there to not be someone orchestrating all this from behind the scenes. And Wang Chong's objective was to find this person.

Wang Chong had been acting rather casually in these last two or three days, occupied with his audience with the Sage Emperor and his participation in the court session. He did not appear to have taken any particular actions, but in reality, Wang Chong had been using his own method to observe and gather information.

It had never been his style to wait around for death. Khorasan had been too far from the capital, so Wang Chong had been helpless to change that situation, but now, it was his turn to move.

It's about time…

After some time, Wang Chong lightly tapped his finger on the table and turned his head to the open window. As if in response to his thoughts, two figures flew in through the window and appeared in Wang Chong's study.

"Paying respects to His Highness!"

A deep voice resounded through the study. Old Eagle, wearing a black robe, and another figure were kneeling on the ground, their faces suffused with respect.

He did not recognize the second man, but from his bearing, he clearly regarded Old Eagle with great respect and would follow his orders. This was clearly one of the subordinates Old Eagle had recruited.

In the more than half a year available to him, Old Eagle had used his own method to construct a secret intelligence network. Not even Wang Chong could estimate just how many people had been recruited.

"How was it?" Wang Chong said, not even raising his head.

"Your Highness, we have prepared everything according to your orders. Everything you asked for is here."

While still half-kneeling, Old Eagle took out a thick stack of papers and offered it with both hands.

"I understand. Place it on the table. Nothing can be leaked about today's matter, understood?" Wang Chong sternly said.

"Yes! Your Highness!"

Old Eagle and his subordinate quickly left the study, and everything regained its calm. However, a strange ripple was now spreading through the capital.

Time slowly passed, and night soon fell. Even late into the night, Wang Chong did not leave the Wang Family Residence.

"Let's go! It seems like he's already accepted his fate."


A hundred-some feet from the Wang Family Residence, two figures slowly emerged on a roof and then leaped into the darkness.


The moon set and the sun rose, heralding a new day.

When Wang Chong arrived at the Imperial Court and took his place at the back, he could clearly sense the change in atmosphere. The occasional pairs of eyes glancing in Wang Chong's direction were tinged with fear.

The civil officials were also no longer as overbearing, and even Li Linfu and King Qi were much more restrained. As they stood at their respective positions, they did their utmost to avoid looking in Wang Chong's direction. As for the Grand Preceptor, who had a habit of arriving early, he came extremely late, only arriving when the court session was about to begin. Moreover, his face was dark and gloomy.

After being so thoroughly scolded by Wang Chong in front of the gathered officials, the Grand Preceptor had been left completely embarrassed. Anyone else would have needed several days until they could attend court again, but the Grand Preceptor could never do such a thing. Even if he had to die, he would never admit that he had lost to some immature brat.

While the civil officials had an oppressive air hanging over them, the generals were joyful and smug, much more relaxed than before. Wang Chong's appearance had taken a great load off their shoulders, and they no longer had to be beaten down by the joint efforts of the Prime Minister, King Qi, the Grand Preceptor, and the civil officials.

From a certain perspective, the generals found it rather fortunate that Wang Chong had been so promptly recalled from Khorasan to the Imperial Court. Altering the factional balance of power in the court could be considered an unexpected harvest.