The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268: Wang Chong Battles King Qi

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Lord Zhao, I truly underestimated you! It seems like you've got quite a few secrets around you!"

Wang Chong stared at the empty twenty-second cell, a smile slowly creeping onto his lips.

"Zhang Que, Old Eagle, there's no need to search. Let's go!" Wang Chong suddenly said, upon which he turned and began to make his way out of the Penal Court.


This abrupt order caused Zhang Que and Old Eagle to glance at each other in dismay, but there was no time to think, and they ran to catch up.

Moments after stepping out of the gloomy underground prison of the Penal Court, they immediately heard a voice suffused with rage roaring out from the distance.

"Wang Chong! You've lost all respect for laws and morals, daring to force your way into the Penal Court to take away a prisoner! Do you really think this king can't deal with you!?"

Wang Chong raised his head and saw a sea of people outside the Penal Court, countless experts surrounding the place. And in the center of these people was King Qi in his imperial robe, a dour look on his face, charging forward and seething with killing intent. King Qi's face was twisted in rage, and if looks could kill, Wang Chong would be dead a thousand times over.

Wang Chong scanned the surroundings and saw that many more experts and soldiers were still gathering, all of them experts that King Qi had brought with him.


Wang Chong only coldly snorted at this sight. With a sweep of his sleeve, he began to stride forward as if no one was there.

On the battlefield, he would face thousands of soldiers. He truly cared little for the experts King Qi had brought.

"Who cares if I take away prisoners? When did it become your responsibility to arrest instructors of Kunwu Training Camp!?"

Wang Chong coldly stared at King Qi as he fearlessly walked over.


King Qi's face was ashen and he was almost about to explode from rage. The Penal Court was his personal territory, and Wang Chong's actions were clearly a naked challenge.

"Bastard thing! You're only a King by a different surname without even a drop of imperial blood in your veins! Do you really think that you can sit on the same level as me? Since you've come to this Penal Court, don't think about leaving so easily!"

King Qi, a gloomy look on his face, waved his hand, and immediately, the experts behind him shot forward, energy erupting from their bodies like lava from a volcano, all of them locking onto Wang Chong.

"If you want to deal with me, you need to know your own strength!"

Wang Chong's body exploded with boundless waves of energy, and in a chorus of grunts, all the experts behind King Qi staggered backward.

"You're seeking death!"

King Qi clenched his teeth in rage. He stomped forward, sending out a grandiose wave of azure energy shooting into the sky. His aura began to rapidly climb, swiftly ascending into the Saint Martial realm and then to the peak. After reaching the Great General level, it continued to rise, immediately taking him to the level of a peak Great General, and this was still not the end.

The strength King Qi displayed at this moment was enough to place him on par with Abu Muslim.


Old Eagle and Zhang Que were both stunned by this sight. Everyone knew that King Qi was arrogant and tyrannical, flaunting his high status, but both of them had never known King Qi to have such a high cultivation level. The cultivation level he revealed here was enough to place him amongst the best experts in the world.

Bzzz! Everything for several li around the Penal Court began to shake, and a moment later, bang! King Qi stepped forward, and then he was shooting toward Wang Chong like a roaring dragon, leaving countless afterimages behind him.

"Ignorant thing, this king will tear you to pieces!"

King Qi's bellows resounded throughout the Penal Court. Raaaa! An ancient howl that desired blood and destruction suddenly exploded in everyone's ears, and a moment later, a giant beast the size of a mountain with blue-black fur and savage fangs appeared behind King Qi, its eyes hungering for destruction. All this filled everyone with deep dread.

A Chaosbeast!

This was a legendary creature that had lived in the Central Plains in the long-distant past. The Imperial Palace had countless secret martial arts manuals, and King Qi, as a member of the imperial household, had access to eighty percent of these ancient books.

This supreme art which had extracted the essence of the ancient Chaosbeast was clearly an ancient and formidable technique that King Qi cultivated.

"Not knowing your own strength!"

The sight of King Qi charging forward like a comet, shrouded in astonishing power, only elicited a sneer from Wang Chong.

King Qi truly was one of the top-class experts of the era. Not only did he have high status and great ambitions, he also possessed incredible strength and cultivation. Alas… although King Qi was powerful, he was only increasing his strength. He had yet to touch upon the Subtle realm.


Wang Chong stepped forward, and the earth quaked as he shot forward like a cannonball. In a thunderous collision, he crashed into King Qi at the point where the energy around King Qi was the weakest.

"Great Yin Yang Art!"

A voice resounded through the Penal Court like a peal of thunder. As everyone looked up to the sky, they all felt like they were seeing things. A sun and moon had seemingly appeared in the sky.


After what seemed like a second and like countless eons, an enormous explosion swept through the world. "Aaaaah!" A moment later, a figure crashed down like a meteor into the grounds of the Penal Court.

The ground instantly gave way into a giant crater, while tens of thousands of bits of rock sprayed into the air along with clouds of roiling dust.

"King Qi!"

"Your Highness!"

"Your Highness!"

King Qi's impact threw the crowd of experts in front of the Penal Court into complete disarray, and countless people cried out in shock as they rushed toward the sight of the impact, their faces stricken with panic.

This contest of strength had begun quickly and ended even more quickly. In just one round, King Qi had been utterly defeated.


Floating in the air, Wang Chong slowly spiraled to the ground like a drifting leaf. King Qi had not yet reached the Subtle realm, and he probably hadn't even heard the term 'Subtle realm' before. If he thought to overcome Wang Chong with pure strength, then he was simply dreaming.


Wang Chong gracefully landed on the ground. He didn't even seem to be breathing very hard. It was obvious that he had not used his full strength.

"Let's go!"

Not even glancing at where King Qi had fallen, Wang Chong led Old Eagle and Zhang Que out, his eyes suffused with cold light.


Old Eagle and Zhang Que followed behind, elated by what had just occurred. King Qi had opposed Wang Chong in every corner, and now that he had been defeated and stripped of all his dignity, they were finally able to achieve a sort of catharsis.

"Wang Chong! This king will kill you!"

Wang Chong had barely walked two steps when a heaven-shaking roar suffused with endless killing intent erupted in his ears. Boooom! In an explosion of dust, a figure shot forward and barred Wang Chong's path, wave after wave of killing intent rising from it.

King Qi's body was covered in wounds and his face was battered and bruised, but his eyes were fixed on Wang Chong and contained a killing intent that was almost tangible.

"Everyone, get up there! Kill this brat!"

King Qi had a ruthless expression. As a member of the imperial household, King Qi had always possessed a noble and revered status. He couldn't remember a time in his life when people did not treat him with the utmost respect, all except for Wang Chong and the Wang Clan, who continuously ruined his plans and made an enemy of him. And there was certainly no one like Wang Chong, who dared to openly challenge him, forcing his way into the Penal Court and even attacking him in full view of the public.

This was an unprecedented humiliation, and King Qi felt like he was about to explode from rage!

"Wang Chong, I'll have you killed today!!"

Loathing exploded out of King Qi's eyes. Following his order, the experts of the Penal Court joined together with the experts King Qi had brought with him and swept toward Wang Chong like a storm.


At this moment, a furious roar exploded through the air. The earth rumbled and dust roiled as countless soldiers converged on the Penal Court. King Qi was left dazed by this sight, and he subconsciously turned around to see what was happening. Meanwhile, Wang Chong squinted as he glanced over in surprise, upon which he immediately spotted a familiar figure.

"It's him?"

Even Wang Chong couldn't help but be startled by this person's appearance. He had never imagined that the leader of the officials, the ever-busy Prime Minister, Li Linfu, would suddenly appear here with all the officials, along with the soldiers of the Bureau of Revenue, Bureau of Military Personnel, and the City Guard.

"King Qi, King of Foreign Lands, both of you are noble Kings of the Great Tang, meant to shine brilliantly over the empire like suns, yet you brawl in the Penal Court! What nonsense is this!"

Li Linfu was wearing the scarlet robe of a rank-one official and riding a black stallion. Even as he was riding over, his mouth was already spitting rebukes, a look of embarrassed resentment on his face. Twenty-some officials behind him were constantly looking back and forth between Wang Chong and King Qi, strange looks on their faces. It was truly a first for two Kings of the Great Tang to engage in open hostilities in the capital.

"If I didn't promptly come over with the officials, who knows how much more trouble you would have caused! Bastard things, why haven't you dispersed yet!"

Surprisingly, these final words were aimed at the experts of the Penal Court and the reinforcements King Qi had brought.

King Qi hatefully glared at Wang Chong, his face alternating between green and white in his fury. But no matter how unwilling he was, with the Prime Minister and so many officials watching, he was forced to drop this quarrel.