The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 128

Chapter 128 The Truth Exposed

Chapter 128: The Truth Exposed!

However, what does King Song mean by this? The handwritings of the two letters he sent are completely different!

Instead of pursuing this matter, Yang Zhao suddenly recalled the previous letter. Back then, he didnt notice anything peculiar, but taking a look at this letter now, it was clear that the handwritings of the two letters were completely different.

The handwriting of the previous letter was squiggly and awful, to the point that Yang Zhao thought that he could write better than the other party, while this one was forceful, strong, and elegant. It was clear that both letters were written by different people.

Furthermore, why would the letter with the poem have King Songs seal? What in the world is King Song up to? On top of that, the poem is extremely inappropriate. Isnt he afraid that His Majesty might misunderstand him?

Yang Zhao was unable to comprehend the matter.

Well have to ask him to know.

Even though Consort Taizhen spoke calmly, the slight quiver in her tone revealed her true emotions. In truth, King Songs reply wasnt important to her at all.

There was only one thing she was concerned with. Who was the one who wrote the Song of Purity and Peace? And was there a second and third poem to it?

The second letter Consort Taizhen sent managed to reach King Song this time around. King Song, Lu Ting, and the old butler circled around a golden-plated wooden table, on which, Consort Taizhens letter was placed.

What that came along with this letter was the Song of Purity and Peace that Wang Chong wrote with squiggly handwriting..

Consort Taizhens reply and Wang Chongs Song of Purity and Peace had been placed on the table for more than two hours, during which, the trio had read through them over and over again, but even so, they couldnt help but feel amazed each time.

Good poem, this is indeed a good poem! To think that Wang Yan, despite being a border general, is able to bring up a son with such flair in poetry. This is truly an eye-opener!

Lu Ting was the first to break the silence. Staring at the poem on the table, he offered his generous praise. This poem was simple and carefree, beautiful but not excessive. If disseminated in the Central Plains, it would be a masterpiece that everyone was filled with praises for.

Even Lu Ting couldnt help but admit that this poem could leave most of the talented academics in the royal court kneeling in defeat. At the very least, he, Lu Ting, was incapable matching such flair.

But for some reason, when Lu Ting said those words, there was an interesting look on his face.

Its indeed a good poem!

Beside him, King Song nodded as well. There was also an equally interesting look on his face.

He didnt know that Wang Chong had used his name to write Consort Taizhen a nostalgic, complimentary, and even slightly flirtatious poem.

Embarrassed, he didnt know he should react to this matter before Lu Ting and the old butler.

King Song had always operated upright and openly. He had never done such a matter before.

Even though this poem praising Consort Taizhen wasnt written by him but by Wang Chong, his seal was clearly imprinted on it. As such, he couldnt claim to be completely unaware of the matter.

It is fortunate that Chong gongzi is wise enough to write this letter with a squiggly handwriting, making it clear that it isnt Your Highnesss handwriting with a single glance. This way, it will clear you of all suspicion and prevent misunderstandings.

Eventually, it was Lu Ting who managed to see through Wang Chongs thoughts.

This letter must never come from Your Highnesss hand. If it falls into the wrong hands, countless rumors will fly about. However, Chong gongzi is different. He is only fifteen and he is much younger than Consort Taizhen. It is normal and understandable for him to harbor crushes at such an age. Even if something were to happen in the future, no one would be able to say anything about it. At most, they could only attribute it to the passion of youth!

Chong gongzi had truly considered all aspects of the matter well!

Eventually, Lu Ting couldnt help but comment in amazement. There were some things that one wouldnt understand until the very end.

Wang Chong had borrowed King Songs seal and written a letter to Consort Taizhen on King Songs behalf. Back then, they were curious about what he was up to.

But looking at it at this moment, that youngster was indeed bright and meticulous. Everything he did, he took King Songs welfare into consideration.

It could be said that this child had already done his all for the friendship between the Song and Wang Clan!

This child has truly worked hard. Your Highness, I think that of the two generations of offsprings in the Wang Clan, this child is worth grooming!

The old butler also spoke up.

The old butler rarely spoke for anyone, but when he did, his words carried a lot of weight. Hearing the old butlers words, even King Song was slightly taken aback.

Most of the time, the old butler was warning him to be careful or dont trust this person easily.

This was the first time he was hearing the old butler recommending someone to him. Not to mention, the person he was recommending was only a fifteen-year-old child.

Clearly, the old butler had an extremely favorable impression of the Wang Clans third son.

Theres no hurry for this matter. Isnt the royal court discussing the matter regarding the Three Great Training Camps? I heard that there is intense competition for the slots of the first batch. When the time comes, take my token and slot that child into the namelist.

King Song smiled.


The old butler nodded in acknowledgement.

The Three Great Training Camps was a matter initiated by His Majesty, and it was unprecedented project in the empire. It had attracted the attention of nearly all young scions and nobles in the empire.

However, due to the limited slots, the competition over it wasnt as simple as King Song described it as. However, with King Songs token, it wasnt difficult to accomplish this matter.

Academic Lu, what do you think that we should do regarding the matter of Consort Taizhen?

King Song turned his head to look at Lu Ting.

Hehe, Your Highness, theres no need for you to feel conflicted over this matter. Since Wang Chong didnt attempt to hide this letter from Your Highness, he surely has a plan for it. Your Highness should just tell Consort Taizhen the truth. This way, you can cleanse yourself of suspicion and prevent scandals from arising.

Lu Ting said.

It was fine for Wang Chong to write the Song of Purity and Peace, but it would be a huge problem if King Song was thought to be the one writing it.

Wang Chong was still young, and no one would blame him for admiring beauties. But if it was King Song, the censors of the royal court would surely bombard with impeachments. Thus, he had to tear off the bud of this potential problem before it bloomed.

This was clearly Wang Chongs intentions as well.

Then Lets do as youve said then.

King Song nodded. He was impressed over this matter.

Consort Taizhen had sent a total of two letters, the first one was blatant mockery toward him while the second was a question. The blame in her tone had reduced significantly. Without a doubt, Wang Chongs strategy was working!

As long as Consort Taizhens rage wasnt directed toward him and the other officials in the royal court, King Qi and the Yao Clan wouldnt be able to use Consort Taizhen to dominate the royal court.

The impact of this matter would be minimized then.

King Songs reply soon reached Yuzhen Palace, and Consort Taizhen finally found out who the author of the Song of Purity and Peace was.

Wang Chong?

Inside the tent, Consort Taizhen frowned deeply as she saw the name on the letter. She had never seen this name before.

She muttered those words unintentionally, but it caused unintended consequences.

Actually, Yang Zhao wasnt curious to know who the author of the Song of Purity and Peace was at all. His only interest laid in the dices of the gambling den, and he was only humoring this cousin of his.

However, upon hearing the name Wang Chong, Yang Zhaos heart beat furiously.

Little sister, what did you just say?

Yang Zhaos body shuddered upon hearing that name, and he anxiously asked.

Wang Chong!

Which Wang Chong?

According to the letter, he is an offspring of the Wang Clan, the son of Border General Wang Yan.


Yang Zhaos heart jolted, and he widened his eyes in shock. He truly didnt expect to hear this name all of the sudden, and it had caught him completely off guard.

Why, you know him?

Sensing something, Consort Taizhen immediately asked.

If youre talking about the youngest son of the famous general, Wang Yan, then I really do know him!

Yang Zhao nodded seriously. This matter felt indescribably bizarre to him. Somehow, he remembered the youngster who sold his sword at Bluebottle Pavilion, the youngster whom he stopped in the middle of the road, and the youngster who gave him a thousand gold taels without hesitation.

Yang Zhao didnt expect that he would hear his name here..

How is that possible?

Yang Zhao abruptly widened his eyes. This matter had truly shocked him. That child was only fourteen to fifteen-year-old, and on top of forging the worlds number one sword, he was still capable of coming up with such an incredible poem?

More importantly, why would he be writing for King Song?

Could he be highly regarded by King Song?

For an instant, Yang Zhao found himself bewildered by many questions, and the entire matter suddenly felt eerie to him.

What in the world is going on?

Consort Taizhen was even more surprised than Yang Zhao.

Since her cousin didnt deny it, this meant that he knew him. But how was that possible? Her cousin hadnt been in the capital for a long time, so it was much too coincidental for him to know the person who had written the poem to her.

Little sister, do you remember the fool who lent me a thousand gold taels that I told you about previously?

Yang Zhao dived straight into the point.

I remember, what about it?

That fools name is Wang Chong!

Yang Zhao said.


Consort Taizhen was dumbstruck.

You mean to say that the person who wrote me that poem is only a fifteen-year-old child?

Un, that is if he is indeed the offspring of the Wang Clan.

With a lowered head, Yang Zhao answered seriously.

How is that possible?!!

Consort Taizhen was utterly shocked.

She found it unbelievable that the person who wrote the exceptionally beautiful Song of Purity and Peace, praised her as though she was a deity while vaguely revealed his admiration for her would just be a fifteen-year-old youngster.

But recalling the squiggly handwriting and the nostalgia hidden within the words, in the depths of Consort Taizhens heart, she started to believe that it was the truth.

If the person who had written the Song of Peace and Purity was only a fifteen-year-old child, then surely his squiggly handwriting would be understandable?

More importantly, if that poem was written by King Song, it would be a huge scandal for both her and King Song. However, if it was written by a fifteen-year-old child who had managed to catch a glimpse of her, then this matter would be nothing much.

But there was one thing that Consort Taizhen couldnt understand. She had been living in the depths of Yuzhen Palace all this while, how could that child possibly know of her appearance?

All kinds of thoughts flashed through her head, and for the first time, Consort Taizhen felt extremely interested in this enigmatic Wang Chong.

What kind of youngster was he to willingly throw away a thousand gold taels casually?

What kind of youngster was he to be capable of writing such a straightforward poem to express his admiration?

More importantly, he was only a fifteen-year-old child!

Consort Taizhen suddenly felt a strong desire to meet this child!