The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1296

Chapter 1296: Wang Chongs Counterattack

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The capital of the Great Tang.

Flap flap! Countless messenger birds flew over the high walls of the Wang Family Residence and into its courtyard. Thump! A few moments later, Su Shixuan and Xu Keyi ran into Wang Chong's study as if they were on fire.

"Milord, it's bad!"

"The situation has worsened! Li Junxian of the Confucian Sect has written two books, one 'Benevolence and Righteousness' and one 'Doctrine of Birds and Beasts', both of them targeted at us. The entire capital is agitated, and all the Confucians have joined together to oppose us."

Xu Keyi and Su Shixuan panted for breath, their faces red and uneasy.

Wang Chong's book 'Might Makes Right' had created a far greater stir in the capital than they had imagined. The tens of thousands of words within it had stimulated all the illustrious Confucians of the capital into fierce opposition.

Countless Confucians had joined together to rebuke Wang Chong, and many of them had imitated Li Junxian by writing their own tracts critical of his ideas. Wang Chong was now the target of the entire capital, and countless storms and gales were making their way to the Wang Clan and Wang Chong, making the two of them extremely worried.

Public opinion was powerful enough to melt metal, and accumulated slander could wear away at the bones. There had never been a militarist who had offended the entire Confucian school like Wang Chong. The sheer power of their verbal and written rebukes could make anyone tremble in fear. Su Shixuan and Xu Keyi couldn't help but be worried about this!

"I understand!"

Wang Chong's indifferent voice rang out in their ears as he sat behind his desk, his expression calm. This voice was infused with some inexplicable power that immediately caused Su Shixuan and Xu Keyi to calm. Both of them stared in a daze at the seated Wang Chong.

"I expected the Confucian school to respond sooner or later. There's no need to worry about it!" Wang Chong nonchalantly said as he moved his brush across the paper on his desk. A few moments later, he had finished writing the last words and placed the brush back on the rack.

"Since I've written 'Might Makes Right', I might as well publish this 'Doctrine of War' as well. Make arrangements to have this book sent to print as quickly as possible!"

Ten-some papers were stacked together on the desk. It was not as thick as 'Might Makes Right', but it wasn't a thin book either.

The two of them lowered their heads and respectfully replied, "Yes, Your Highness!"


Wang Chong nodded. This 'Doctrine of War' was an elaboration of the 'intercountry relations' discussed in 'Might Makes Right' and extended the discussion to 'methods of war', and 'the purpose of war'. The one billion taels of gold Wang Chong had demanded from the Arabs in the Battle of Khorasan had caused a stir throughout the empire.

This was a brand-new method that was unprecedented in history. Even Gao Xianzhi had been greatly shocked by it.

There was no need to occupy enemy territory or kill even more enemy soldiers. By relying on negotiation and threats, one could reap enormous rewards and enrich the country. This was a breath of fresh air to all the generals!

Wars were fought in service to the empire. This was a simple principle. But in this era, in this world, not many people understood. Wang Chong had already had the idea of writing a book so that he could try and alter how the people of this era thought about war.

Given the stir he had already created, he decided that there was no better time than now to write it.

"…In addition, Su Shixuan, Xu Keyi, have you prepared the things I asked you about?"

Wang Chong stood up, placing his hands behind his back.

Su Shixuan bowed and said, "Your Highness, although it took some time, everything Your Highness requested has been found! In this task, Chen Burang played a major role!"

"Mm. Reality is superior to any fierce argument! Remember, our opponent is not the Confucian school, but the hearts of the people. Whether it’s a thousand words or ten thousand arguments, none of them can compare to one's own eyes! Begin the operation!"

Wang Chong looked through the door toward the endless sky, his eyes shining with wise and profound light.


After handling all these matters, Wang Chong waved his sleeve and went to another room. This room was pitch-black, its doors and windows sealed so that no light could get in. A black-clothed Old Eagle was standing within, silently waiting.

"How was it?" Wang Chong asked.

"Your Highness, General Bahram was able to successfully escape. In addition, according to Your Highness's orders, we have already sent a threat to the Arabs: if the Arabs continue to pursue, the Second Battle of Khorasan will soon take place.

"The Arabs are still extremely apprehensive about Your Highness. Although the pursuers were incredibly unwilling, they still decided to retreat. In addition, the ballistae that General Su Hanshan had waiting in ambush for them also made them much more obedient!" Old Eagle said.

He had just returned from Ü-Tsang and the Western Regions. The gravity of the matter at hand meant that Old Eagle had to personally go and deliver the orders.

"Very good!"

Wang Chong breathed a sigh of relief.

"This can be considered a blessing in the middle of a disaster!"

The distance between the capital and Khorasan was vast, but even so, he had been constantly paying attention to the events around it. Cheng Qianli, Su Hanshan, and Li Siye had marched across vast distances, and though they had failed to prevent the Sassanid Dynasty from falling once more, they had managed to save Bahram and the Aswaran Cataphracts, persuading the agitated Bahram to preserve his life and conduct a strategic withdrawal.

Moreover, the terrifying reputation of Wang Chong and the Great Tang army in the Arabian Empire had also played a major role. The six thousand Wushang Cavalry, all of them armed to the teeth, eyeing the Arab army like tigers, compelled the Arabs to give up on their pursuit of Bahram.

"…Have Bahram and his men sent to the northern region of the Tibetan Plateau. Put them in the steel fortress at the triangular gap for now. Ü-Tsang's northern region is basically devoid of troops, and even if they do send soldiers, we can use the steel fortress to hold out. In addition, inform Gao Xianzhi and the Anxi Protectorate that if they notice a large-scale mobilization from Ü-Tsang, they should immediately dispatch reinforcements," Wang Chong said.

In the aftermath of this war, the entire region west of the Cong Mountains had become unsafe for Bahram and his men. And within the Great Tang, those people in the Imperial Court could intervene at any moment. But there was no problem with the triangular gap of the Tibetan Plateau serving as a temporary haven.

"But what if the Confucian Sect interferes?" Old Eagle worriedly said after some thought. "Li Junxian has mentioned many times that he wants to return the triangular gap on the northeast corner of the plateau back to Ü-Tsang!"

"Heh, that's beyond his control! He's already returned seven hundred million of the one billion taels of gold to Arabia. Does he also plan to return the triangular gap to Ü-Tsang? In the end, he wasn't so stupid as to return all the gold to Arabia. Moreover, the triangular gap has already became a vital area where the Imperial Court raises horses, so I'm confident that the court will not agree so easily. In addition, I've already requested the Bureau of Military Personnel to delay any possible attempts," Wang Chong calmly replied.

The Confucian Sect was increasing the range of its activities. In order to maintain peaceful relations with Ü-Tsang and prevent any dangers lurking beneath the surface, they had set their eyes on the steel fortresses around the triangular gap. However, the triangular gap was not a part of the Great Tang's interior, and the Secretariat had even now not confirmed if they would include it within the territory of the Great Tang or drawn any maps that indicated this.

Simply put, the triangular gap was a 'no man's land'. And this special situation was something that Wang Chong could exploit.

Li Junxian had brought up the issue several times of returning the triangular gap to Ü-Tsang, but Wang Chong had been able to use the Bureau of Military Personnel to delay and stall the matter each time.

"Your subordinate understands!" Old Eagle respectfully said.

"There's another matter…" Wang Chong suddenly said, his eyes flashing in the dark and quiet room.

"Go to Sindhu with some people and escort the first batch of two hundred thousand Sindhi through the triangular gap, Qixi, Longxi, and to the southwest. I've already made arrangements, and Su Hanshan, Great General Geshu, and Protector-General Xianyu have all agreed. From the southwest, take boats and take the first batch of Sindhi overseas!"


Old Eagle was stunned by these words.

His Highness plans to send this first batch to the 'promised land'!

Although Wang Chong had not said anything specific, Old Eagle instinctively thought of the 'promised land'. Old Eagle had only happened to learn of it by chance, but Wang Chong had never written or said anything about it. The one who probably knew the most in Wang Chong's faction about it was probably his older cousin, Wang Liang. Even Old Eagle only knew that this 'promised land' was a mysterious continent across the vast ocean, isolated from the world. The land there was abundant and fertile, the climate suitable. It was almost the size of the Great Tang's interior.

But since ancient times, this continent had actually remained completely ownerless!

This was simply inconceivable!

One had to realize that around the Great Tang, any piece of land, no matter how small or trivial, was occupied by some tribe or people. For such a large piece of land to have no humans was simply a fairytale, and anyone else would treat it as such.

But Old Eagle knew that not long ago, Wang Chong's older cousin Wang Liang had followed Wang Chong's instructions and had discovered this 'promised land'!

As this thought flitted through his mind, Old Eagle lowered his head and bowed. "This subordinate will deliver this order!"



As Old Eagle was leaving the Wang Family Residence, a messenger bird flew into the Secretariat Advisor Residence. A Confucian Sect disciple quickly received it. After glancing at the letter, he hastily made his way to Li Junxian's room.

"Young Master, the spy team has sent a message."

The Confucian Sect disciple bowed and offered the letter with both hands.

"Read it!"

Li Junxian was seated cross-legged on the floor, his right hand swiftly moving across a low table.