The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1297

Chapter 1297: All Sides Watching

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


The Confucian Sect disciple obeyed the order, opening the letter and beginning to read.

"The spy team's message is that they've discovered that the men of the King of Foreign Lands have found a hunter and bought a wolf from him! And this matter was personally overseen by Wang Chong's subordinate Su Shixuan."


Li Junxian's brush paused, his brow creasing.

"When did this happen?"

"Three days ago! That wolf was put in a cage and sent to the capital under the personal guard of Su Shixuan and his men," the Confucian Sect disciple said with a bow.

Li Junxian put down his brush, a solemn look in his eyes. The conflict between the militarists and Confucians was at its most intense, and Wang Chong was at the very heart of the storm. His every movement was being closely watched by the Confucian Sect, as were his close subordinates. Su Shixuan, Xu Keyi, Xue Qianjun… the Confucian Sect had obtained detailed reports on all these people. Wang Chong would not normally mobilize them, but when he did, it was not for any trivial task.

"Bamboo Mirror of the spy team says that this matter is extremely suspicious. Merely buying a wolf or tiger doesn't require Su Shixuan to be personally sent. Thus, he reported this matter to request Young Master's guidance!" the Confucian Sect disciple sternly said.

Li Junxian said nothing, his head slightly raising as he began to think.

"So… is it the law of the jungle?" Li Junxian muttered, a profound light in his eyes.

Wang Chong's 'Might Makes Right' had caused a great clamor within the capital, and in order to deal with it, Li Junxian had bought many copies of the book. Thus, he knew the theories Wang Chong had espoused in this book like the back of his hand, and the 'law of the jungle' was one of the most famous of these ideas.

Tigers ate wolves, wolves ate sheep; this was the law of the animal kingdom, the principle of the world. If Wang Chong was buying a wolf at this time, his goal was obvious.

"Pass on my order. Search the Western Regions for the most formidable beast tamers. Have them capture several tigers, wolves, and sheep. Whether it's tigers or sheep, all these creatures should be kept in the same place and made to live in harmony. Remember, if the King of Foreign Lands shows off that wolf, you should have the beast tamers show off the tigers and wolves being kept in the same cage. I'd like to see what else he has to say when the tiger doesn't eat the wolf and the wolf doesn't eat the sheep," Li Junxian sternly said.

Unlike the Central Plains, the land of the Western Regions, Arabia, Charax Spasinu, and all the other western lands were home to extremely skilled beast tamers. They could train fierce beasts like tigers and wolves so well that even when dogs or sheep were placed in front of their mouths, they would not eat them.

Wang Chong said in his book that the law of the jungle was the law of nature. When the time came, he would have no retort.

"Yes! Your subordinate will go!"

The Confucian Sect disciple turned and left with this order.

Soon after, the entire Wang Family and all of Wang Chong's subordinates fell under the tight observation of the Confucian Sect. The conflict between militarists and Confucians was a vital affair that had entered a critical juncture. The Confucian Sect did not dare to be careless.


Half a day later, in Azure Dragon Street, one of the busiest streets of the capital.


With the thump of a heavy pillar, several dozen workmen appeared and began to set up a stage. Even before the stage had been completed, a massive banner was thrust next to it. On it were written the words 'King of Foreign Lands'. Another banner soon followed, but this was a white banner upon which the words 'Might Makes Right' were written in a bold and vigorous style.


The moment these words appeared, a crowd began to gather around and chatter.

"Stand aside! Let me see! Hurry up!"

The crowd was in a clamor. By now, the entire capital and all the realm knew of the words 'might makes right'. And after Li Junxian published his 'Benevolence and Righteousness' and 'Doctrine of Birds and Beasts', even more people had begun to pay attention to this storm.

And though they did not publicly make their stances known, even the great clans and nobles of the capital were keeping a close watch to see how this matter developed.


"The King of Foreign Lands has begun moving out!"

The first beam had just been thrust into the earth of Azure Dragon Street when a Confucian Sect disciple mounted a horse and galloped in the direction of the Secretariat Advisor Residence.

"Has it finally begun?"

Li Junxian narrowed his eyes as he suddenly stood up. In a sensitive time period like this, anything with the words 'might makes right' on it was no trifling affair.

"Are you already so brazen now? Hmph, prepare! I'd like to see what he's trying to do!"

With a wave of his robe, Li Junxian stepped over the threshold and vanished into the hall.


Azure Dragon Street, as one of the busiest streets in the capital, was lined by an uncountable number of restaurants, tea houses, and taverns, all of them magnificently decorated and adorned. The renowned Vast Crane Pavilion was also on this street.


An ornate boot stepped over the threshold and into Vast Crane Pavilion. The moment this person appeared, a waiter came over to welcome them.

"Honored guest, this is truly embarrassing! There are no more seats available!"

The man, who was wearing a wide-sleeved robe, suddenly said, "There's not even a spot for me?"

"My apologies, truly…"

The waiter was just about to say more when he raised his head and saw who this person was. He instantly paled and was struck speechless. This person was none other than the owner of Vast Crane Pavilion, the patriarch of the Yao Clan, Yao Guangyi.


The waiter trembled in fear. He had truly gotten into trouble this time. Who would have imagined that the boss would personally make an appearance?

Yao Guangyi waved his sleeve and indifferently said, "Just go!"

"Yes, Master. This lowly one will prepare a room for you!"

The waiter left in a panic.

Yao Guangyi waved his hand and did not continue to make an issue. After stepping through the door, he began to ascend the stairs to the second floor.

"I've finally returned!"

As he gazed at the familiar scenes, a hint of emotion appeared on Yao Guangyi's calm face. The conflict between militarists and Confucians was one that surpassed all other factional wars. Yao Guangyi had originally planned to remain in the capital to assist King Qi. After all, King Qi was incredibly concerned about this matter.

But the Yao Old Master in Four Quarters Embassy had sent an order decreeing that Yao Guangyi should be sent out of the capital to the distant border. The Old Master had said that this conflict between militarists and Confucians was a perilous one in which the slightest lack of caution would end with one being caught in the crossfire and being targeted by all. It would have been fine if the Yao Clan had been a purely scholarly clan, but all the great clans were involved in both civil and martial affairs.

To assist the Confucians and cut off the militarists was cutting off one's own arm, which was tantamount to suicide. It was far better to just leave.

But this was now the most critical moment in the conflict between the Confucians and militarists, with the books espousing the theories of both sides pushing the effects of the conflict to their maximum. Moreover, King Qi had been defeated by Wang Chong in the Penal Court, a matter which King Qi regarded as an utmost disgrace. Thus, he had forcefully called Yao Guangyi back from the border so that he could gather all his strength and suppress Wang Chong.

However, even though Yao Guangyi had returned to the capital, Yao Guangyi had done his utmost to heed the Old Master's words: "Don't speak if there's no need to, and give King Qi your full support for minor and irrelevant matters'. This had allowed him to remain uninvolved so far.


The moment he stepped onto the second floor, Yao Guangyi was greeted by a massive clamor, as if he had stepped out of one world and into another. Looking around, he saw that the second floor was packed with the great clans and nobles of the capital. With a cursory glance, he had already spotted several officials of the court.

"Lord Yao!"

"Lord Yao!"

The moment Yao Guangyi appeared, everyone on the second floor inwardly trembled and called out in greeting. An emaciated camel was still larger than a horse, and the Yao Clan was a tree that had stood for one hundred years. Although each generation was inferior to the one before and it was not as flourishing as the Wang Clan, as long as the Yao Old Master existed, the Yao Clan would still wield unprecedented influence.


Yao Guangyi nodded and greeted the guests one by one, not putting on any airs. The manager of Vast Crane Pavilion had already stepped forward, bowing and scraping as he led Yao Guangyi toward a room with a balcony that had a clear view of that stage. As Yao Guangyi walked up to the balcony, he was immediately frozen in shock.

Across the street, in another restaurant, was another familiar figure.

"Grand Tutor!"

Yao Guangyi's heart thumped in alarm at this sight. Even though Grand Tutor Chen Yong's figure was obscured by a black curtain, Yao Guangyi had recognized him at a glance.

Grand Tutor Chen Yong was the imperial teacher and mostly resided deep within the palace, rarely leaving its confines. The Sage Emperor had even constructed a residence in the Imperial Palace for his personal use. And Chen Yong had little interest in other matters besides the education of the princes and princesses.

Yao Guangyi had not imagined that the ideological conflict between the militarists and Confucians would draw the Grand Tutor out of the palace.

And this was only the beginning. Yao Guangyi shifted his gaze and immediately spotted another figure, straight and motionless like a spear thrust into the earth.

Crown Prince's Junior Guardian, Wang Zhongsi!

Yao Guangyi was becoming more and more alarmed, and there were few people that could alarm someone with as high a status as Yao Guangyi. But the Grand Tutor and Crown Prince's Junior Guardian were definitely in this exclusive group. The former had a revered status equal to the Grand Preceptor's, and as the Emperor's teacher, his status could even be considered to be a little higher.

As for the Crown Prince's Junior Guardian, Wang Zhongsi…!

This was a true War God of the Great Tang. If he had not decided to retire at the height of his career, his status would have by now been comparable to the War God of Taizong's era, Su Zhengchen. This was an uncrowned King of the Great Tang who had accomplished countless astonishing feats. Even the reputation of the King of Foreign Lands, who was currently one of the most renowned figures in the empire, could not compare to the prestige Wang Zhongsi had wielded back then.