The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 130

Chapter 130 Origin Energy Tier 7

Chapter 130: Origin Energy Tier 7!

Shen Hai swiftly left.

In the distance, towering mountains veiled with a mysterious mist could be seen, and the area was extremely tranquil.

Wang Chong took a very brief glance before closing his eyes. Seated on the top of the tallest mountain peak in the region, he started cultivating Might of the Barbaric God.

Given the high concentration of Origin Energy here as compared to anywhere else in the forest, Wang Chong knew that he would be able to reach Origin Energy Tier 7 swiftly.

Time slowly passed. Wang Chong swiftly pushed aside the affairs of the royal court to the back of his mind and focused on his cultivation. Meditating motionlessly in the depths of the forest, with each passing day, his cultivation would advance and his strength would reach greater heights.

The degree of strength growth for Might of the Barbaric God was much greater than the other martial arts. On top of that, the rate which it allowed martial artists to absorb Origin Energy from the surroundings at was something that even top-notch techniques such as Ferocious Elephant Technique couldnt compare up to.

Might of the Barbaric God wasnt proclaimed as the number one fundamental martial art during the catastrophe back in his previous life for no reason. The effects of Might of the Barbaric God grew exponentially stronger the further one advanced in the technique.

Meng Long stood guard in the area to protect Wang Chong from any possible assailants. Out of boredom, he would often turn his attention to Wang Chong, and the latters progress shocked him. The cultivation of a martial artist should be gradual and slow, but Wang Chongs improvement was visible to the eye! This was something completely inconceivable!

Despite his years of being in the military, Meng Long had never seen such a sight!

What kind of martial art is the young master cultivating? Its incredibly powerful!

Meng Long muttered in shock.

He could feel Wang Chong growing visibly stronger every single day. Despite being a veteran martial artist, he had never seen such a formidable martial art before.

Despite his shock, Meng Long didnt raise his doubts. He had already seen too many inconceivable things while accompanying Wang Chong.

He believed that there was an explanation for everything, and he thought that this martial art was likely to be a bestowment from Duke Jiu.

Only a figure like Duke Jiu would possess this kind of incredible martial art.

Oblivious to Meng Longs thoughts, Wang Chong was completely immersed into his training. The effectiveness of the spirit vein was far greater than he had expected.

He was able to gather Origin Energy three times faster on top of this spirit vein than his usual training. Bit by bit, Origin Energy accumulated within his body. Through his painstaking effort, it had already gathered to around the size of a pinky finger.

Wang Chong could sense that he was approaching Origin Energy Tier 7. 

Once he reached that level, Origin Energy would spill out from his core into his bones, meridians, skin, blood, and flesh. His muscles would grow stronger, tougher, and gain explosive strength. At the same time, his body would become more slender and proportionate.

The Origin Energy within ones body would also grow denser!

Unknowingly, several more days had passed.


Suddenly, Wang Chongs body jolted and along with kachacha crisp sounds, Wang Chongs Origin Energy finally reached Tier 7.

At the same time, a seemingly impossible sight appeared. Along with Wang Chongs breakthrough in his cultivation, his body, reminiscent of spring bamboo shoots after a rain, grew taller by several centimeters.

From the very start, Wang Chongs physique belonged to the tall and thin type, and after the rise in his height, his figure grew even more slender and proportionate.

Origin Energy Tier 7! Young master, you have reached Origin Energy Tier 7!

A delighted voice sounded beside him. Upon seeing Wang Chongs sudden growth spurt, Meng Long yelled excitedly.

Opening his eyes, the first thing Wang Chong saw was Meng Longs thrilled face.

Upon reaching Origin Energy Tier 7, one would experience and obvious growth in height. This was the most visible sign of reaching this cultivation realm, and as someone who had undergone the same process as well, Meng Long couldnt be any more familiar with it.


With a smile, Wang Chong nodded and stood up. In an instant, the difference in his physique became even more apparent.

Initially, Wang Chong physique looked no different than those of his age. However, after the sudden surge in his height, he seemed more like a sixteen to seventeen-year-old youngster, alike to the person he played off in the Bluebottle Pavilion.

Not bad, not bad!

Meng Long measured Wang Chong from head to toe with interest. The current Wang Chong felt significantly stronger than before, and the gap between the two of them was no longer as great as before.

Young master, if the old master were to know that you have such incredible progress, he will surely be delighted.

As Meng Long said so, he suddenly sent a punch toward Wang Chong.


In a flash, Wang Chong lifted his right fist to receive Meng Longs attack. The two forces collided, and an incredible strength surged from Meng Longs arms.

The immense force knocked Wang Chong back, but Wang Chong simply did a flip in the air and landed straight downward.

Thousand Jin Descension! Young master, looks like you have really reached Origin Energy Tier 7!

Meng Longs eyes flashed in astonishment.

Thousand Jin Descension was a technique that martial artists would learn upon reaching Origin Energy Tier 7. At this level, a martial artist would have opened up many meridians in his body, allowing him to easily channel his Origin Energy at his legs, thus adjusting his center of gravity, allowing him to vertically down from the sky at rapid speed.

This Thousand Jin Descension may seem like nothing much, but in an actual battle, it enabled one to change the trajectory of ones movement swiftly, allowing one to dodge lethal attacks.

It wasnt a big deal to be capable of executing Thousand Jin Descension. What was surprising was Wang Chongs proficiency in using the Thousand Jin Descension despite having just reached Origin Energy Tier 7.

Even old veterans wouldnt be able to utilize it as skillfully as he did.

Young master, catch another one of my blows!

Meng Long was getting more and more surprised by Wang Chongs feats. Without any hesitation, he pushed against the ground and dashed forward toward Wang Chong, as though a cannonball. At the same time, he gathered his strength in his right fist in preparation to execute the standard military fist technique, Destructive Wolf.

Meng Long, I wont go easy on you if you continue on like this!

Wang Chong chuckled.

Wang Chong knew that Meng Long was trying him out, but he chose not to back down at all. His dantian jolted, and waves of strength gushed toward his arm.


The collision of their fists generated a powerful wind, which ravaged the surroundings. While Wang Chong was knocked back by Meng Longs immense strength, Meng Long was also forced to stagger backward. A numbing sensation slowly crept into Meng Longs arm, and he was alarmed.

Wang Chongs fist also wielded unimaginable force beyond the means of an average Origin Energy Tier 7 martial artist.

Too powerful! If he were to continue progressing at such a rate, young masters future would surely be unlimited!

Even though Meng Longs arm was aching from the clash with Wang Chong, he was still delighted by the results. The higher the cultivation of the young master, the brighter the future of the Wang Clan.

If the old master learned of this, he would surely be overjoyed.
(This old master refers to Wang Yan)

The young master was no longer the rebellious and profligate scion he was!

Lets stop here Youre too powerful, it doesnt seem like youre a Origin Energy Tier 7 martial artist at all!

Meng Long shook his head as he surrendered.

He was only testing out Wang Chongs skills. If they were to continue on, they would truly be facing each other at full strength. Given his cultivation as an Origin Energy Tier 9 pinnacle expert, there was no point even if he were to win against Wang Chong.

Hehe, this is good as well. It just happens that I dont have any strength left as well.

Leaning against a towering tree, Wang Chong chuckled. The technique he cultivated, Might of the Barbaric God, had granted him strength far surpassing that of an Origin Energy Tier 7 expert.

If Meng Long thought that his strength was still lacking because he had just achieved a breakthrough, and that he could subdue him easily, he couldnt be any more wrong.

However, it is a pity that Herculean Punch saps too much of my stamina!

Wang Chong lamented.

Herculean Punch was powerful. With it, Wang Chong could even withstand several blows from an Origin Energy Tier 9 expert like Meng Long face on. However, he had to pay an equivalent price for it as wellhis energy.

Leaning against a tree, Wang Chong rested for a moment before he recovered a little bit of energy.

Right after reaching Origin Energy Tier 7, Wang Chongs first thought was how he could further augment his strength.

Since Ive reached Origin Energy Tier 7, maybe I will be able to cultivate that sword art now!

Wang Chong suddenly remembered a sword art.

Ones cultivation was always the core of all martial arts. Only when ones cultivation was raised could one pursue techniques of a higher level.

The first thing that popped into Wang Chongs mind was a sword art.

Wielding a sword was an advantage in itself. On top of that, after obtaining Hyderabad ores and  forging Wootz steel swords, sword arts had become one of the top choices for Wang Chong.

More importantly, different from Herculean Punch, despite being powerful, destructive, and sharp, sword arts didnt consume as much stamina as Herculean Punch.

A sword art subconsciously appeared in Wang Chongs mind.

Single Character Consecutive Slash!

After his reincarnation, Wang Chong had organized his path of development, and based on what he had evaluated, the best technique for him to learn after learning Herculean Punch was the Single Character Consecutive Slash.

This technique was simple, efficient, destructive, and highly offensive! It was the technique which could bring out the greatest of Wang Chongs current strength.

This powerful sword art was centered around relentless, swift, and precise attacks to force ones opponent up a corner.

As long as one managed to gain the initiative, one would be able to suppress ones opponent through unceasing offensive attacks until one subdued and killed him.

However, its overwhelming power also made it a difficult technique to cultivate. The Single Character Consecutive Slash had a high prerequisite on ones strength.

At the minimum, one had to be at Origin Energy Tier 7 to cultivate this technique.

This sword art will be it!

Wang Chong swiftly made up his mind.

Different from the Herculean Punch, the Single Character Consecutive Slash was a technique that Wang Chong comprehended and created after undergoing innumerable bloodshed and war in the latter part of his life.

This Single Character Consecutive Slash was the compilation of the strengths of innumerable sword arts, the product of Wang Chongs immense effort in the pursuit of perfection!

Wang Chong didnt create many martial arts, and Single Character Consecutive Slash was one of them. Traces of the techniques in Wang Chongs previous world could be seen in the Single Character Consecutive Slash.

Back when Wang Chong was in the military, he ordered all commanders, from the section commanders to the platoon commanders, all the way up to the officers, to learn this technique.

The moment the Single Character Consecutive Slash was activated, all targets within a straight line would be destroyed by its might. Attacks would come raining down on all opponents until every single one of them fell.

During the catastrophe, uncountable enemies had died under the Single Character Consecutive Slash, and it eventually went on to become the feared ultimate art of the battlefield.