The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1324

Chapter 1324: Conspiracy In The Darkness

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Seeking death!"

Wang Chong exploded in rage. He had finally begun to understand what was going on. All of this had been part of the man in black's plan. He had intentionally been captured so that Wang Chong would absorb the black Fire of Mara.

"Hmph, I certainly have no time to fight with you. Just patiently wait until your cultivation falls into disarray and your body explodes!"

The black-clothed man sneered, and before Wang Chong could come over, his body swayed and vanished.

"It's just up ahead! Hurry!"

"Don't let them run!"

Wang Chong had barely taken two steps when he heard turmoil from the distance, the crying of men and horses. A significant number of soldiers was heading this way. Moreover, the clash had created such massive shockwaves that it had alarmed many experts of the City Guard and Imperial Army as well. Wang Chong could see soldiers converging on this location from all sides.

"I'll spare your life for now!"

Crack! Wang Chong clenched his fists, his gaze wavering for a few moments before he finally restrained his impulses. His status right now was too unique. If the City Guard and Imperial Army discovered him here, he would be a subject of a fierce court debate by tomorrow morning. To be caught in the midst of this fierce ideological clash was in no way a wise decision.


Wang Chong immediately shot off in the direction of the Wang Family Residence. The man in black had been correct. The three flames were constantly in conflict and unable to tolerate each other. At this very moment, they were fiercely battering against each other.

"There's no time. I have to get back as quickly as possible."

Wang Chong pushed his energy to the limits and vanished from the area before the City Guard and Imperial Army could gather.

As Wang Chong vanished, the man in black emerged from the shadows of a nearby home like a ghost. But his face was pale, his forehead drenched in cold sweat. It was apparent that he had not actually been as calm and composed as he had let on.

"This kid is truly more difficult to deal with than rumored! It's one thing for my movement technique to not work against him, but I almost died at his hand!"

The man in black clenched his teeth as he stared in the direction Wang Chong had gone.

When he had first received this order, he had been somewhat unwilling to take it. In his view, there was no need to go through such trouble to deal with an ordinary King of the human world, and he was even told to have him absorb the Fire of Mara to induce a cultivation defect. This was also why he had struck first, even using his 'Black Flame Asura'. But he had never imagined that not even the Black Flame Asura would be a match for Wang Chong.

Even worse was that the plan said that Wang Chong would only need to absorb forty percent of his Fire of Mara. In the end, however, Wang Chong had managed to absorb seventy percent. His strength had plunged down, and if he hadn't left when he did, he would have died before Wang Chong's cultivation fell into disarray.

"Bastard! Not even half a year will be enough to recover my lost cultivation."

The black-clothed man's eyes burned with hatred. But the soldiers were getting closer, and the man in black did not dare to remain any longer. He swiftly leapt away from the house and vanished into the dark night.


Meanwhile, Wang Chong was flying through the darkness like a bolt of lightning, but a few moments later, his Stellar Energy immediately fell into chaos as it clashed within his body.

Three extremely pure flames of different natures rammed against each other like dragons and tigers, the effects of these clashes soon affecting all the other Stellar Energy in Wang Chong's body. Like a powder keg with a spark cast into it, Wang Chong's body began to violently rupture.

From the True Martial realm to the peak of the Saint Martial realm, Wang Chong had absorbed countless different kinds of energy. All of these energies had been gathering up in Wang Chong's body, and while this hadn't been important at the start, once it reached a certain level, a qualitative transformation occurred, creating a bomb buried inside Wang Chong's body. The Fire of Mara held by the man in black had completely and thoroughly triggered this bomb.


A large drop of sweat slid down his face, onto his palm, and then onto the ground. A second followed, and a third… More and more cold sweat seeped out of Wang Chong's forehead. And even without a mirror, Wang Chong knew that his face was undoubtedly a ghastly white.

The black flame had prompted the nearly one thousand different kinds of Stellar Energy within him to start tearing and battering at his meridians, sending a terrible pain throughout his body.

Wang Chong was doing his best to suppress it, and with his supreme understanding of the origin of energy and its manipulation, he was trying his best to guide this energy toward his dantian. But he could sense that he was reaching his limits.

"I have to get back soon!"

He could already see the walls of the estate up ahead. Wang Chong took a flying leap, surmounting the walls and then swiftly entering his study while alarming no one.


Wang Chong had barely managed to seat himself cross-legged on the floor when an immense power erupted from his body. Bzzzz! A violet flame, a violet-black flame, and a black flame spewed out, engulfing Wang Chong's body in a whirlwind of fire.

Fwoosh! The desk, chair, shelves, pots, brushes, inkstones… all of them were instantly burned to ash. Even the stone bricks beneath Wang Chong were pulverized and charred black.

Wang Chong clenched his teeth, his face growing paler and paler. As soon as he got back to his study, his chaotic Stellar Energy had finally broken free of his control and exploded outward.

At Qixi, when Wang Chong learned of the army's withdrawal and was so overcome by emotion that he vomited blood and fell unconscious, his Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was already showing signs of cultivation defect. He had been able to suppress it at the time, and the situation had not been serious. But over the course of the Confucian-militarist conflict, his condition had only worsened. Those men in black had clearly noticed this, so they had thought of this plan to intentionally get close to Wang Chong and detonate the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art.

This method of killing the enemy was like sacrificing eight hundred to kill one thousand, but it was the best method to counter Wang Chong.


Wang Chong grew paler and paler, and more cold sweat poured out of his forehead, soaking the floor beneath him. As these hundreds of kinds of energies clashed in his body, he felt like his body was being torn apart and all his skin being flayed off.


When the chaos in his body was at its greatest, Wang Chong opened his mouth and vomited crimson blood.

After vomiting this blood, Wang Chong finally sighed in relief, a sliver of color returning to his pale face and his breathing stabilizing.

"It's temporarily suppressed for now!"

Wang Chong opened his eyes, revealing a hint of concern. His vomiting of blood seemed serious, but it was actually a way to expel some of the most intolerable Stellar Energies from his body. If he couldn't neutralize them, then his best method to deal with them was to force them out. But this method only treated the symptoms. Until he finally resolved the conflicting energies absorbed by the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, this situation would crop up again and again.

I have to find a solution to this problem! Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was the number one evil art, the strongest art of the evil path. The only art capable of suppressing it was the legendary Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art.

But while the power of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was obvious, so was its flaw: the incompatibility of all the different energies. Thus, when his master, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, had been disturbed, his cultivation had been crippled, his dantian shattered, and he had been pursued by his traitorous disciple.

After only two years of cultivating this technique, Wang Chong had already begun to confront the same problem. Moreover, in certain aspects, it was even worse.

After all, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had never slaughtered countless foes on the battlefield like Wang Chong, absorbing the energy of so many top-class generals, Brigadier Generals, and peak Saint Martial Great Generals, even comprehending the origin of energy. These factors all increased the severity of his problem.


As he was thinking, he heard a rapid knocking on his door and the worried voices of Su Shixuan and the others.

"Milord, how are you?"

"Milord, are you okay?"

The two of them had apparently heard the ruckus within and rushed over to see what was going on.

"I'm fine!"

Wang Chong's eyes flashed. Coming back to his senses, he wiped away the blood on his mouth, stood up, and made his way to the door.


Time slowly passed, and the two months of house arrest were finally over. Wang Chong was a free man once more. But when they should have been celebrating, Su Shixuan and Xu Keyi sensed that something was wrong.

For some reason, Wang Chong's aura was getting weaker, his face paler, and he presented a completely different person from the Wang Chong they knew in the past. Not only that, Wang Chong was spending more and more time in his study, and these periods of time were accompanied by unusual phenomena. Su Shixuan and Xu Keyi had both paid visits to Wang Chong's study and seen how the insides had been completely charred. But since Wang Chong said nothing about it, they didn't dare to ask and could only privately worry about what was going on.


One early morning, as Wang Chong was strolling through the garden, a sharp awl wreathed in a powerful gale shot toward Wang Chong like a lightning bolt. Although this awl seemed unremarkable, it was suffused with vast amounts of destructive energy.


While it was still dozens of feet from Wang Chong, an enormous energy emerged and formed a steely barrier that blocked the awl. Ding! The awl dropped to the ground, but nothing else happened after that.

This was already the fourth time!

A cold light flashed through Wang Chong's eyes, but he did not pursue. Ever since he had fallen into the trap of that man in black and the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art had thrown his cultivation into disarray, he had run into assassination attempts and sneak attacks almost every day. But his opponents did not show their faces and only made probing strikes. It was as if they were using this method to verify the state of Wang Chong's cultivation defect.