The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1329

Chapter 1329: Ambush The Black Clothed Men Strike

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

It was worth it to pay an enormous price to get some Celestial Powder to deal with the three of you. You were actually rather cautious, even using a silver needle to test for poison, but that's too naive! This Celestial Powder is something that not even celestials can sense, let alone some silver needle! You've already eaten so much that I'd like to see if you're more capable than celestials! Fall, fall, fall!

The black silhouette silently repeated the word 'fall', and then, as if this was some sort of spell, the expressions of Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief went stiff and they collapsed onto the table.

The room was silent. After some time, a stream of air surged through the room, and then the man in black emerged like a ghost. He took two steps forward and stopped to carefully examine the three of them.

Although the three of them had collapsed, he had a policy to always be cautious. Until he was sure that his target had actually been struck, he would not act recklessly.

A few moments later, the man in black chuckled and relaxed. "Haha, there's no food on the floor. They really did eat it."


The man quickly flicked out three fingernail-sized stones which each struck a critical acupuncture point on the backs of Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief. After doing this, the man in black clapped his hands and strode forward.

"Kid, it's not your fate to die yet. If the venerable senior didn't want to ask you something, I would have killed the three of you right here."

The man in black's eyes looked past Wang Chong and settled on the Demonic Emperor Old Man. Of the trio, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had the highest cultivation level and posed the greatest threat.


He walked up to the Demonic Emperor Old Man and thrust out his hand to seize him. But in a flash, a forceful palm suddenly reached out of the Demonic Emperor Old Man's sleeve and seized the vital acupuncture point on the man's wrist.

The man in black paled in fright, Stellar Energy erupting from his body as he tried to escape. But though his reaction was fast, the Demonic Emperor Old Man was faster. Before the man could make a break for it, the Demonic Emperor Old Man's fingers had already clenched around the man's right hand. At the same moment, immense power began to flow through the channels of the palm and into the man's body, allowing the Demonic Emperor Old Man to completely take control.

"This is impossible!" the man shouted in alarm, his eyes going wide and his face turning as white as paper. He stared at the old man before him like he was staring at a ghost.

"Impossible! No one can resist the poison of the Celestial Powder!"

The black-clothed man's face was stricken with fear.

"Heh, you still need to eat a poison for it to take effect. If you don't eat, it doesn't matter how poisonous it is."

Wang Chong and the Demonic Emperor Old Man raised their heads from the table and smirked at the man in black.

Using a silver needle to determine if there was poison? How could he be that naive? All this was just a play being played out by the three of them for the man in black to see.

"Impossible! I watched you eat it! As long as you ate that food, you can't possibly be okay!"

The man in black ground his teeth, unable to accept this fact.

He was no boorish and sloppy man. He had only moved out after confirming that Wang Chong and the others had eaten everything.

"Are you talking about this plate of salted beef?"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man was unperturbed as he spoke, pointing with two fingers at the plate.

The man in black looked over and immediately grimaced. He saw that the pieces of salted beef had been distributed from one plate to seven. He was only paying attention to how much food was left on the original plate, not where the food was actually going.


The Demonic Emperor Old Man flicked out a bolt of energy, and a moment later, a piece of salted beef that was glistening with fat immediately began to shrivel up, upon which a white powder appeared on its surface.

The sight of this white powder made the man in black turn ghastly pale.

"Impossible… Celestial Powder is tasteless, colorless, and odorless. No method should be able to discover it."

The man in black felt like his mind had been dealt a heavy blow that was overturning everything he knew about the world.

Wang Chong only smiled at these words.

His master's Myriad Spirit Sea Art had already reached an unimaginable level. This powder might have been tasteless, odorless, and colorless, but in the world of energy, this was not the case at all. The slightest impurity would be as obvious as a black dot on a sheet of white paper.

"You definitely can't be the only one on this mission. Call out your companions," Wang Chong bluntly said.


The panicked man in black suddenly began to laugh, putting on a completely different face.

"You scoundrels really are like our superiors said, truly difficult to deal with! You clearly noticed us long beforehand, but you were still patient enough to play with me. One last question…

"You ordered fourteen dishes, and I only placed the Celestial Powder in the salted beef. But even if you were cautious and noticed beforehand, since you still picked up the salted beef, your chopsticks and cups would still have the Celestial Powder, meaning that you should have still consumed some. Why are you still fine? This is my final question. If you answer it, I will answer your question."

Wang Chong only smiled and raised his chopsticks for him to see.

When he saw those clean and stainless chopsticks that appeared like they had never been used, the man in black's face twisted in a nasty grimace. Although Wang Chong had not explained, he already understood. It was clear that while Wang Chong and the others had appeared to be normally eating, they had actually covered their chopsticks with a thin layer of Stellar Energy. In this way, their chopsticks never came into contact with the poison.

"You bastards!"

The man in black ground his teeth. Although he was known as sly and crafty, these three bastards were far craftier.

"You're smart, I'll give you that, but even if you've seen through it, you're still doomed!"


Before anyone could react, energy erupted from his body like lava from a volcano. At that moment, the man's body went limp, and he slid out of the Demonic Emperor Old Man's grasp.

Based purely on the fact that he was able to escape the grip of the Demonic Emperor Old Man, one could see that this man was an extremely capable expert.

"Kill them!"

The man in black roared in an icy voice that seethed with killing intent. Whoosh! Without the slightest hesitation, the man in black took off like an arrow loosed from a bow, stirring up a gale in his wake as he shot out of the tavern.


Wang Chong coldly sneered at this sight. This mysterious organization of black-clothed men truly was rather formidable, and it possessed all sorts of mysterious techniques that even allowed this man to break free of his master's grasp. But breaking free was one thing and escaping was another.

With three peerless experts like them here, all of them near the Subtle realm, if he was really able to escape, then he could truly call himself a transcendent expert!

But if he had truly been that formidable, why would he run?


The Demonic Emperor Old Man, Wang Chong, and the Wushang Village Chief struck simultaneously. Wang Chong stretched out his five fingers, immediately exerting a powerful absorption force. This caused the wall across from him to immediately crumble and the fleeing man in black to come to a sudden halt.

After a period of rest and recovery, Wang Chong's body was much more stable and many of the disorderly energies had been expelled. Although Wang Chong could no longer so recklessly absorb the Stellar Energy of others, it was enough for him to use the power to hold his foes.

"Not good!"

As the fleeing man in black felt his body go stiff, he paled. At any other time, this absorption power would have had very little effect on him, but at this moment, it was lethal. The smallest delay would cast him from the heavens and plunge him into hell.


An immense energy hurtled with mountain-toppling force toward his back.

Raaa! The black-clothed man roared as he turned around and unleashed all the Stellar Energy in his body to stop the Wushang Village Chief's attack. Bang! There was a massive explosion that threw the roof of the tavern into the air, sending stones and tiles flying several dozen meters into the sky.

Boom! A split-second later, the third energy arrived, a milky-white 'energy arrow' that was more than ten feet long, formed from thousands of bolts of energy. It pierced through the man's back, causing him to immediately drop to the ground.

Wang Chong's Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art had held him down, the Wushang Village Chief had directly clashed with him and made him reveal a weakness, and then the Demonic Emperor Old Man had delivered the fatal blow that killed him. The three of them worked with sublime teamwork, giving the enemy not even one chance to catch his breath before killing him.

The number of people that could block the coordinated strike of Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief was probably extremely small. That man in black had been a powerful expert, but alas, his abilities had not been enough to save his life.