The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1330

Chapter 1330: Confidently Countered

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


"Don't let them run! Kill them!"

The moment the man in black fell, cries came from all around. From the shattered roof, the main entrance, behind the walls, by the windows… numerous men in black, their bodies seething with killing intent, charged at the trio from all sides.

"Hand over your life!"

There was a mighty roar and an explosion of golden light, and then a massive arm shot out from the tattered roof and toward the trio.

At this moment, one could clearly see that this massive arm was covered in golden scales, making it appear like the claw of a Qilin. Raaa! There was a bestial roar, cruel and dreadful, and then a moment later, a blazing black flame shot forward. Meanwhile, the Qilin claw continued to descend upon the three.

Bang! Just when the entire room together with Wang Chong's group was about to be crushed, a white cane, tiny in comparison to the beast claw, shot upward and slammed against the enormous claw.

Bzzz! The impact created an enormous shockwave, and then that enormous golden claw infused with destructive energy came to a sudden halt some twenty feet from the ground. It was unable to advance a single inch, as if it had run into some indestructible fortress.

The Wushang Village Chief had finally taken action.

"Village Chief, I will leave Chong-er to you. He has still not recovered from his wounds and can't fight for very long. It's best if he doesn't need to fight."

The deep and elderly voice of the Demonic Emperor Old Man resounded in everyone's ears as he opened his hands, unleashing countless dazzling bolts of energy. These bolts of energy were only about as thick as a finger, but they were all incredibly condensed and as sharp as swords.


With only a thought from the Demonic Emperor Old Man, those milky-white bolts of energy immediately spread apart like a blooming flower, shooting off in all directions and attacking every possible angle.


Miserable screams came from all around as the men in black were struck by the energy bolts of the Demonic Emperor Old Man and their bodies dropped, trembling, to the ground.

Although the Myriad Spirit Sea Art had not entered the ranks of the top ten arts, this was merely because no one had ever successfully cultivated it, meaning that no one could experience its might. But in the hands of the Demonic Emperor Old Man, this supreme art could finally show its true power. No matter how many enemies there were, the Myriad Spirit Sea Art was capable of allowing a single person to kill all enemies. One had to be at the same level as the Demonic Emperor Old Man to be capable of blocking the peerlessly sharp energy bolts of the Myriad Spirit Sea Art.

"Kill them!"

There was a furious bellow as the men in black launched their own attacks.


At a window ten-some paces away from Wang Chong's group, a man in black, wearing a black scarf across his face and a glove of deerskin, began to sprinkle something. A moment later, roiling black fog and dust began to spread outward, creeping toward Wang Chong, the Wushang Village Chief, and the Demonic Emperor Old Man.


Wang Chong instantly paled. With only a glance, he could tell that this mist of black powder contained extremely powerful poison.


With no time to think, Wang Chong immediately sealed off all the pores in his body. At the same time, a radiance emerged from his body while images of the sun and moon appeared on his left and right shoulders. With Wang Chong as the center, the air in the room began to spin into a giant vortex that rapidly swept up the black powder and flung it outward.

Aaaah! More screams could be heard as men in black were caught in the vortex and hurled around the tavern along with the black powder and rubble. This single move from Wang Chong immediately caused him to pale. His cultivation defect had only been temporarily suppressed. Carelessly using Stellar Energy or fighting for too long would cause his injuries to flare up and the state of energy in his body to once more fall into chaos.

"Forget about those two old men! Deal with the kid first!"

The leader of the men in black immediately noticed the strangeness of Wang Chong's body and led his remaining men in charging at Wang Chong.


A bestial roar, brimming with savagery and cruelty, resounded through the sky. A moment later, one of the men in black suddenly began to swell, swiftly turning into a monster that was half-man and half-beast. Surprisingly, it was extremely similar to the Lu Wu that had once appeared in the Wang Family Residence.

Whoosh! The man in black had barely finished its transformation when its entire body began to blaze with violet flames. It howled, turned its fierce eyes on Wang Chong, and exploded toward him with astonishing speed.

Roars could be heard from other directions as four or five more people transformed into these half-beast Lu Wu monsters.

"This is the place where you will be buried! Cease your struggle and obediently accept death!" the leader of the black-clothed men commanded in his deep voice as his arms exploded with immense waves of vitality.

This energy was different from the energy of Lu Wu. While it contained formidable vitality, it also contained a dark, wicked, and destructive power. Energies of life and death, two entirely opposite energies, actually existed in complete harmony within the leader of the men in black.


There was a long howl, and then the leader's feet began to spread apart while his entire body began to grow visibly larger. Black veins emerged from the back of his ear and quickly crawled along the entirety of his body. This black pattern was like a totem, ancient, mysterious, and infused with an unknown power.

Clackclack! Noises could be heard from within the leader's body. As the black pattern completed covering his body, his hair burst free of its bindings and his height soared once more, going from seven feet to nine feet. His limbs were incredibly thick and sturdy, and merely by standing there, he seemed like a giant from an ancient era.


Now that the leader of the men in black had finished his transformation into a human-shaped beast, his energy had more than doubled. Boom! In an explosion of Stellar Energy, the leader vanished like a ghost.

"Guardian God: Black Flame Asura!"

More roars could be heard as other men in black harnessed all their energy and transformed into savage black Asuras.

Bang! The moment they had summoned the Black Flame Asuras, these people shot forward to join their leader in attacking Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief.

The air was fraught with danger, and even Wang Chong couldn't help but grimace. Given that they had mobilized so many top-class experts at once, it was obvious that these people wanted to deal with him and his master in one fell swoop. But a few moments later, Wang Chong calmed back down.

"Hmph! I only need to fall into a moat once to learn from my mistakes. Do you really think that the same trick will work on me twice?!"

Wang Chong coldly sneered.

The Fire of Lu Wu, the Fire of Ju Bi, and the Fire of Mara were each incredibly tyrannical flames, and they did not tolerate each other. Wang Chong had greatly suffered because of these flames, but this also allowed him to understand these flames like the back of his hand. To try and use these three flames against him again was simply delusional. Not even these men in black understood these flames more than he did.

"Master, Village Chief, leave those ones who cultivate the Fire of Lu Wu to me!" Wang Chong said.

In his current condition, each additional kind of Stellar Energy he absorbed would increase his danger of cultivation defect and worsen his injuries. But the Fire of Lu Wu was different. Although this flame was incredibly tyrannical and brimming with destructive energy, it also possessed astonishing vitality. This powerful vitality was precisely what Wang Chong needed. With this power of Lu Wu, Wang Chong could strengthen his body and alleviate the pain brought about by the cultivation defect.


In a shockwave of energy, Wang Chong vanished. This was the first he had chosen to go on the offensive in this battle.

Bzzz! Wang Chong appeared several paces from his original position, his foot pressed onto the head of one of the half–Lu Wu monsters. In a flash, the bottom of Wang Chong's foot seemed to turn into a vortex, erupting with fierce absorptive force. The seething violet flames on the man in black's body immediately began to flow into Wang Chong.


The half–Lu Wu man in black widened his eyes, which were filled with disbelief. Boom! He raised his arms and tried to attack Wang Chong. In this half–Lu Wu form, his fingernails had become bestial claws that were even sharper than swords.


An icy voice came from overhead.

Wang Chong poured energy into his right foot, unleashing a force as heavy as mountains. Owwwooo! With a wretched howl, the half–Lu Wu man in black was slammed into the ground, his head shattering the floorboards and digging into the earth.

Although these men in black were powerful and cultivated mysterious techniques, a starving camel was still larger than a horse. Although Wang Chong was suffering from cultivation defect, he was still an expert who had nearly reached the Subtle realm. Only those who had reached a similar level would be able to threaten him.

If that Lu Wu from before appeared again, it would be no match for him, let alone these half–Lu Wu men in black.