The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1331

Chapter 1331: Yang Ren God Art

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

After heavily injuring one half–Lu Wu man in black with his foot, Wang Chong lunged toward the next one. As he lunged forward, he could feel a powerful vitality flowing through and healing his body.

In that single brief clash, Wang Chong had barely even moved and still managed to absorb nearly seventy percent of that black-clothed man's Lu Wu energy.

"As expected…"

The refreshing energy flowing through his body like a clear stream energized Wang Chong into picking up the pace of his attacks.

"Seize him!"

A voice resounded through the air, and then the leader of the men in black, who was over nine feet tall and clearly stronger than an Imperial Great General, lunged forward. Of the group of three, Wang Chong was their true target.

"Junior, who said that you could speak before this old man!?" said an elderly voice, as cold as ice.

Before the leader could react, a surging energy came from overhead. The black-clothed men's leader glanced up and immediately paled. What he saw was a massive azure hand, as large and as heavy as a mountain, hurtling down from the heavens.

"Not good!"

The leader immediately summoned all his strength and sent a stream of black Fire of Mara into the sky. But the leader had clearly underestimated the power of the Demonic Emperor Old Man's palm.

Boom! The earth quaked and dust plumed into the air. As the other men in black watched, the strongest of them, their leader, managed to only hold on for a few moments before his formidable flame collapsed. With a scream, the leader was slammed into the ground.


The surrounding men in black, who had been brimming with vigor and killing intent just moments before, immediately paled. Their leader was the strongest of their group and their trump card against Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief.

His strength had already reached the apex, and even the powerful Great Generals of the secular world were nothing in his eyes. With the strange energy in his body, he could easily defeat any Great General. The black Flame of Mara could burn all things and could severely counter Stellar Energy. In this world, there was practically no one who could deal with him.

None of them had expected him to be pressed into the earth in just a single clash, screaming as he was. This was simply unimaginable given the pain tolerance the members of their organization had developed.

The mood on the battlefield subtly changed as everyone looked in apprehension at the black-robed elder.

"Even a pile of ants dares to act impudently in front of this old man!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's hair was blowing in the wind, his robes flapping around him, his face twisted in wrath. At this moment, an immense energy that inspired dread in all who sensed it was rising from his body.

At this moment, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had reverted to that supreme master of the evil path whose very name caused all the people of the sects and the martial art world to pale. These men in black had come after his disciple again and again, utterly and completely enraging the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

Although he had been betrayed by his disciple, everyone in the martial arts world knew that, before this betrayal, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had always tried to defend his disciple's shortcomings.

"Save the leader and kill them!" an expert suddenly shouted, pointing the sword in his hand at the Demonic Emperor Old Man. This man was the second strongest of this group of black-clothed men. For this operation, this group had come with three leaders in total.

The second-ranking leader had immediately taken command now that the first leader was suppressed.

Bangbangbang! Without the slightest hesitation, the surrounding men in black shot toward the trio, with Wang Chong in particular being their primary target.

Swish! A pitch-black sword slashed down at Wang Chong's shoulder while a second man in black appeared behind Wang Chong and threw a fist covered in the violet-black Fire of Ju Bi at his back.


With a savage roar, a Black Flame Asura used a movement technique to appear right behind the Demonic Emperor Old Man. The six arms of the Black Flame Asura wielded spears, sabers, and halberds made of Stellar Energy and wreathed in black flames, thrusting them with lightning-fast speed at the Demonic Emperor Old Man's back.

The others all attacked the Wushang Village Chief.

"Why are you all so stubborn?"

The Wushang Village Chief sighed, a hint of helplessness on his face.

"This old man is not someone who delights in killing, but you've forced my hand, so I can't be blamed."


In a burst of wind, a beam of light descended from the heavens and engulfed the Wushang Village Chief. As the Wushang Village Chief blazed with light, a three-eyed god appeared behind him.

This three-eyed god was wrapped in bronze armor, its divine and imposing expression looking down on the world, exuding a peerless aura.

A moment later, the three-eyed god opened two of its eyes, but the eye sockets were empty. Instead, two small hands bizarrely extended out from the sockets. When the hands opened, they revealed two deep eyes.

"Yang Ren1!!" someone shouted, immediately identifying this three-eyed god as the legendary Yang Ren, the executioner of all evils.

When the Wushang Village Chief summoned Yang Ren, his entire body began to exude a dreadful and somber aura.

"Executioner of All Evils!"

With a stern gaze, the Wushang Village Chief thrust forward his cane. A moment later, the white cane transformed into a black halberd, and the Wushang Village Chief vanished. The moment the Wushang Village Chief vanished, the bodies of the men in black froze in the air. As they felt themselves lose control of their bodies, their eyes began to brim with extreme fear.

Boomboomboom! With a series of explosions, the Wushang Village Chief appeared once more at the entrance to the tavern. Behind him, bloody holes appeared in the bodies of the men in black. No matter how thick and powerful their Stellar Energies had been, none of them had been able to stop the attacks of the Wushang Village Chief.

A moment later, they all exploded into black dust. Whether they had been half–Lu Wus or Black Flame Asuras, their remains were now scattered by the wind.

The Yang Ren God Art!

This was the strongest art of Wushang Village. No one knew where this art came from, and even the Wushang Village Chief only knew that this art had been with the village since its founding. But this art had extremely strict requirements that made it very difficult to cultivate.

The Wushang Village Chief himself had only comprehended it after the Battle of Talas. Before that battle, the Wushang Village Chief and the Demonic Emperor Old Man had already managed to comprehend a few things about the Subtle realm, but it was only during that momentous battle that the pair saw someone actually reach that realm, and they were even able to see the 'breakthrough process'.

When they came back from that battle, the Wushang Village Chief and the Demonic Emperor Old Man came to comprehend many things.

The Wushang Village Chief had comprehended the Yang Ren God Art at this time. The 'Executioner of All Evils' was one of the three great techniques of this art. When using this technique, one could easily break through an opponent's defenses, no matter how impressive their technique was or how sturdy their armor.

More importantly, the Wushang Village Chief could also use the Yang Ren God Art to influence the Stellar Energy in the bodies of his foes and make them unable to move. This was the reason those men in black froze mid-charge.

With just one move, more than half of the enemies in the ruined tavern had been cleared away. Let alone the men in black, even Wang Chong was surprised by this power.

"What a powerful art!"

He had heard the Wushang Village Chief mention this art on the road, but mentioning was completely different from actually executing the art. These men in black had powerful techniques and formidable vitalities, and even Wang Chong would have found it difficult to kill those men in black who cultivated the Black Flame Asura in a single blow. But in the face of the Wushang Village Chief, those men in black hadn't even been able to last through a single exchange.

"How is this possible?! Quickly, flee!"

The deputy leader of the men in black was stunned by this sight. He had never imagined that these three would be so hard to deal with. The group he had brought was strong enough to exterminate an entire sect, but in this battle, not only had they not even tired out their foes, more than half of his men had been massacred. Even their leader had been heavily injured. There was no hope of victory if they continued to fight.


Without the slightest hesitation, one of the men in black swung his hand, sprinkling a large amount of poisonous powder at Wang Chong's group. The men in black then scattered like frightened beasts in every direction.


Wang Chong coldly sneered as he once more used the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art and began to create a vortex.

"Forget it! Let them be!"

Just as Wang Chong was prepared to strike, the Demonic Emperor Old Man's voice rang out in his ear. Wang Chong hesitated for a moment, and the energy that had been circling toward his body reversed course and exploded outward, pushing away the poisonous powder and the surrounding debris.

As the dust settled, the only people left in the tavern were Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, the Wushang Village Chief, and the leader of the black-clothed men. Now that they had caught this big fish, they naturally didn't have to worry about the small ones.

"Speak! Just who are you? Why do you keep pursuing my disciple?"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man's foot pressed down on the body of the leader like a nail, firmly fixing him to the ground.

1. Yang Ren is a god mentioned in the Chinese novel 'Investiture of the Gods'. As a mortal, he was a Grand Counselor of the Shang Dynasty, serving the last King of Shang, King Zhou. When Yang Ren was discussing the construction of King Zhou's opulent palace, the Deer Terrace Pavilion, with King Zhou, King Zhou became enraged and pulled out his eyes before having him executed. He was revived by another god, who implanted two 'golden dan' in his eyes which grew into hands, and the hands grew eyes.