The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1334

Chapter 1334: The Frightened Carriage Driver

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Wang Chong stopped and walked over.

He extended a hand and murmured to himself, "How close! But it seems like it's not his destiny to die here. It almost pierced through his heart."

Thrusting out his finger several times, he sealed critical points on the man's body and stopped the blood loss. He then sent over a stream of Stellar Energy to protect the man's heart before picking him up and returning to the carriage.

"To think that he would survive! Encountering us is also his good fortune!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief were quietly astonished at this sight. The Wushang Village Chief quickly took out a pill and had the man swallow it. Then, the Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief took up positions on the man's left and right, each placing a hand on his shoulder and sending in Stellar Energy to begin treating his wounds.

So capable were these two that there was no person they could not save as long as they drew breath. As expected, just a few moments later, the chest of that sect martial artist called Du Wucheng began to rise and fall once more, his complexion greatly improving.


With a long breath, that man finally opened his eyes.

"Who are you?!"

To the trio's surprise, the moment the man opened his eyes and saw them, he became startled, pushed his right hand against the floor, and jumped away to make some distance.

The three of them instantly frowned at this sight. Someone who woke up and saw their three saviors would usually at least say 'thank you', but this reaction was completely unexpected.

"Young man, your wounds aren't healed. Don't move around recklessly!" the Wushang Village Chief said.

The man was pale and his breathing ragged. That simple act of jumping backward had caused cold sweat to cake his forehead.

"I don't need your concern! And I don't need your help! You think I don't know? You greedy scoundrels are all coming for the Origin Immortal Mountain!"

The man held a hand to his chest, his expression stubborn and the look in his eyes becoming even warier.

"The Origin Immortal Mountain?"

Wang Chong looked at this person and creased his brow. Thump! The door was pushed open, and that person gave the trio one last resentful glare before rushing out of the carriage, suppressing his injuries as he flew into the distance.

"Still forcibly circulating his energy while in such a state! How reckless!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man coldly snorted as he looked at the man, showing no intent of chasing him down. Despite the fact that they had saved his life, their kindness had been returned with hatred. If not for Wang Chong's influence, he would have long ago killed someone like this.

"Forget it. Let him go," Wang Chong said, glancing at that person's back. For some reason, he had a strange feeling in his heart.

"This is the world of sects! The minds of people are treacherous, sinister, and difficult to fathom. Even if you save their lives, they might not thank you and could even blame you for saving them. In a place like this, if your heart is not a little harder, your hand not a little more vicious, you will find it very difficult to survive. This is also why I never mentioned having you enter the world of sects," the Demonic Emperor Old Man coldly said.

Wang Chong said nothing as he thought back to what that man had said before leaving.

The Origin Immortal Mountain, the Origin Immortal Mountain…

Wang Chong pensively muttered to himself. For some reason, he sensed that this journey to the northwest had already changed in a way that neither he nor his master understood.

That person quickly vanished, and for Wang Chong's group, this was merely a small interlude. The carriage quickly drove past the hill and onward into the distance.


Not long after they left, a black eagle took off into the sky from a nearby forest.

One hour later, ten-some men in black converged on the area, all of them with bizarre auras. Their leaders were none other than the three men wearing bamboo hats.

"They can't get far! No matter where they go, they will eventually fall into our hands!" the leading bamboo hat man said.

"After them!"

With this order, ten-some men in black followed the three men in bamboo hats in the direction Wang Chong's group had gone.


As the carriage rolled forward, the Demonic Emperor Old Man suddenly spoke.

"For this journey to the northwest, we still have to meet one more person, someone we got to know when the Village Chief and I last went exploring. We will probably need his help this time."


Wang Chong was flabbergasted. He had never heard his master say that someone else would be coming, and given the strength of his master and the Wushang Village Chief, Wang Chong really couldn't think of anyone that deserved so much attention from them. They were almost at their destination, but they were going to meet him first instead of searching for the treasure.

"But you will have to prepare yourself. That person has a rather strange personality," the old Village Chief said, cracking a rare smile.

Wang Chong became even more curious.

"Haha, you will find out when you meet him!"

The Demonic Emperor Old Man laughed as he took a rare chance to play up the suspense.

As the carriage was passing through a forest, a thunderous voice came from within the carriage.


The carriage came to a sudden halt. Wang Chong, the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and the Wushang Village Chief opened the door and exited.

"Old Sirs, is this your stop?"

A head peered out from the front. This was a man of thirty-some years with half his face covered in pockmarks. He gazed at Wang Chong's group with a face stricken with fear and dread.

"Yes, we've reached a stop, but it's your stop!"

Wang Chong turned to the carriage driver and smiled.

"Yo-young Master, what do you mean?"

The carriage driver fearfully looked at Wang Chong and then warily looked around him.

"Enough; there's no need to keep pretending. Let's end it here!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man coldly said.

"O-old Sir, I-I don't know what you're talking about."

The driver shrank back, becoming even more anxious.

But the three of them were utterly unmoved.

"You don't know? Hmph, you'll be finding out very soon!"

Wang Chong smiled, then he brought his middle and index finger together and fired off a bolt of Sword Qi. Swish! It pierced through the carriage compartment as it shot straight toward the driver.


The driver yelped as he lunged to the side in a 'panic'. A moment later, after barely managing to dodge Wang Chong's attack, he staggered backward and fell to the ground.

"You still want to keep pretending?"

Wang Chong looked at this clumsy acting and sneered.

His attack had seemed casual, but it was not that easy to dodge, at least not when one was in a 'panic'.

"I-I don't understand what you're saying! While driving carriages for others, I occasionally had some more generous patrons from the martial arts world, and I learned a few martial arts from them to protect myself. You can't suspect me because of something like this.

"And I worked hard to bring all of you here. It's one thing if you don't give me money, but you're even treating me like this!"

The carriage driver was both shocked and furious.

"Heh, your people from the Eyes of God should probably be here soon!"

Wang Chong acted like he hadn't heard what the carriage driver said as he smirked.


The driver continued to maintain his furious and shocked expression, but deep within his eyes, he revealed a hint of surprise.

"Heh, it's fine if you don't understand. In any case, all of you men in black have twelve golden locks in your minds. I just need to check to see if I was wrong."

As Wang Chong spoke, he strode toward the driver, an enormous Psychic Energy gathering at his brow and then shooting forward like a lightning bolt.

The carriage driver who had been acting like he had been unjustly accused instantly paled.


A moment later, the vast Psychic Energy struck his mind, upon which a powerful psychic seal emerged, the twelve golden locks.

"Damn it!"

The driver was bowled over by Wang Chong's Psychic Energy, but he immediately shot back up and glared at Wang Chong, no longer keeping up his pretenses.

"You bastards, I thought myself to be cautious and conscientious the entire way, not revealing a single flaw. Just when did you find me out?"

Everything had happened too suddenly. He would have never imagined that in this calmest moment when the three of them were traveling through an ordinary forest, they would suddenly stop so that they could kill him.

The Wushang Village Chief sighed.

"The battle at Liuyao City was so fierce, but you were too composed. Those men in black are also incredibly vicious, killing ordinary people like the owner and waiter of that tavern. They could have just tied them up, but they decided to kill them all. You entered the tavern with us, but despite being in the hands of the men in black for so long, you were completely unharmed. It's not normal at all for only you to survive the vicious hand of those men in black…"

"You're one of their comrades!" Wang Chong smiled and finished the Wushang Village Chief's words.


The driver was dumbstruck, his face fraught with disbelief.

"You began to suspect all the way back then?!"

Wang Chong smiled in reply. This scoundrel wouldn't be able to escape.

"Since that's the case, why didn't you kill me then instead of waiting until now?"

The carriage driver gnashed his teeth.

"Because we lacked a driver!"

Wang Chong finished with a winsome smile.


The carriage driver could no longer suppress his rage. Bang! He waved his palm, immediately spreading a black powder that was turned into a black smoke through his Stellar Energy, then it swept toward Wang Chong's group as if it had a life of its own.

At the same time, countless flying needles, like the hairs of a bull, whistled through the air.