The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1337

Chapter 1337: Diagram Of The Universe

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Zhang Wenfu, old scoundrel, hurry and put on your clothes. You wait here while I go deal with those people. Not many people know about the sect I've put you under. If we're careful, we should be able to deceive them!"

The Formation Elder was somewhat uneasy, but without much hesitation, he strode toward the Righteous Alliance disciples.


A cold and aloof voice came from behind, imbued with a heart-chilling majesty. The Formation Elder stopped and turned in surprise. The Demonic Emperor Old Man suddenly stepped forward, passing the Formation Elder, and as he looked at the Righteous Alliance disciples heading toward him, his eyes exuded a dreadful aura.

"It's just a few insignificant disciples. There's no need to go through all that trouble. When this old man was inspiring dread in all the sects, not even the sect masters dared to speak too loudly before this old man. After just a few years, does this old man now have to hide in front of a few nameless juniors?!"


A moment later, the Demonic Emperor Old Man stopped, brought the index and middle fingers of his right hand together like a sword, and fired off a vast wave of energy into the sky. Bzzzz! A vast shockwave rippled out, sweeping in all directions.

"Zhang Wenfu, you're crazy!"

The Formation Elder was both shocked and infuriated. He had originally intended for the Demonic Emperor Old Man to hide his identity and not draw the attention of the Righteous Alliance, but the Demonic Emperor Old Man's actions were doing the exact opposite. Once the experts of the Righteous Alliance converged on this place, they would have a major problem on their hands.

"Hold your anger for a moment. Look!" the Demonic Emperor Old Man nonchalantly said.

The Formation Elder subconsciously turned to look, and what he saw made his eyes go slack. The Righteous Alliance disciples who had been heading this way came to a sudden stop, all of them startled by that wave of energy arising from the Demonic Emperor Old Man's location.


Just when the Formation Elder thought that they would charge over, these people paled and fled into the distance faster than they had come, not even turning their heads to look back.


The Formation Elder was left wide-eyed and slack-jawed.

"In the world of sects, the strong eat the weak. These so-called righteous disciples are also inclined to only pick the soft persimmons from the tree. Relax. When they get back, they won't even dare to mention what happened today," the Demonic Emperor Old Man lightly said, and before anyone could react, he turned around and began to walk away.

"Hey! Wait a moment!"

The Formation Elder shouted and hurried to follow. Only Wang Chong remained staring at the direction those Righteous Alliance disciples had left, his brow slightly creased in thought.

Wang Chong had only ever interacted with the court and the battlefield. He was completely unaware of the world of sects and its rules of conduct. There was no question that in just a few moments, the Demonic Emperor Old Man had given him an extremely long-lasting lesson.


With a shake of his robes, Wang Chong went to catch up.


The group stopped at the summit of the mountain.

Gentle breezes blew patches of fog across the summit, creating a cool and refreshing air.

"Old rascal, it seems like you picked out a good place this time."

The Demonic Emperor Old Man and Wushang Village Chief exchanged a glance and nodded.

"This place really is pretty good."

Wang Chong also walked forward, his eyes gazing into the distance. After traveling for so long, he was getting a clear view of the area for the first time. The region indicated by the treasure map was to the north of Qixi, between the Western Regions and the Western Turkic Khaganate. The eastern part of this region was lush with trees and green mountains, but when standing on this mountain and looking to the west, one could see a vast desert on the horizon, radiating waves of heat that were visible to the naked eye.

That was the northern edge of the Moheyan Desert. The Moheyan Desert was purported to extend eight hundred li, but the Moheyan Desert of this world was much larger than the one Wang Chong remembered. This place was uninhabited, and even the tribes of the Western Turkic Khaganate and the Western Regions rarely wandered over to this place.

But while standing on the summit, Wang Chong could see numerous figures moving around in the region between the green hills and desert. At a glance, Wang Chong could see thirty to forty banners flying in the wind, indicating the identities of these people. Of these, the banner of the Righteous Alliance, the Yin Yang symbol topped by a white crane, was the most obvious. A rough estimate put the Righteous Alliance's numbers at around one thousand, and Wang Chong could also sense that the Righteous Alliance was a gathering of many experts. There were ten-some auras within their ranks that even Wang Chong would have to treat cautiously.

"Hehe, some lone martial artists, sect disciples, and a random mishmash of factions; they look all peaceful and harmonious now, but in a few days, who knows how many people will have died here?"

The Formation Elder walked forward from the rear and chuckled. As a spectator, the Formation Elder had a desire to fuel the flames, as the Formation Elder considered himself to only half-belong to the world of sects. This was also why he could travel together with that great demon of the martial arts world who made countless people pale in fear.

"Old rascal, let's not talk about that. There are more important matters to discuss," the Demonic Emperor Old Man suddenly said.


The Formation Elder chuckled and did not argue. He walked forward, picked up a nearby rock, and thrust it into the ground. Rumble! The world began to quake and the air began to ripple as a stone formation even larger than the one from before appeared. This stone formation was like a medium-sized stone house, and the Formation Elder had even laid out a blanket on the ground and furnished it with several tables and chairs. Most importantly, the Formation Elder had also prepared large quantities of food. There were various kinds of dry cereals, meat, fruit, and even wine. This was essentially a very comfortable base.

"Old rascal, you've put in quite the effort."

Even the Demonic Emperor Old Man's eyes flashed with surprise. With the ample preparations and supplies of the Formation Elder, the group could stay here for two to three months.

The group quickly set about tidying the place up.

Feeling a little hungry after their journey, they also took some dry rations and fruit to replenish themselves.

After eating their fill, they finally began to discuss their main objective.

Wang Chong took a drink from a water bag before finally voicing his doubts. "Master, is this Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art treasure map real? So many people have found this treasure map over the years, but none of them have ever been able to find the treasure. Are you sure that this is really the place?"

Although Wang Chong believed that the map he had given to his master was the real deal, having the map was entirely different from exposing its secrets. Even now, Wang Chong wasn't sure if this place was the one indicated by the treasure map.

"Hah, kid, you don't get it. What does the 'infinite' of the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art mean? 'Infinite' means the universe!"

The Formation Elder stroked his wine-stained beard and began to pontificate.

"Look carefully at this region. Over to the west is the Moheyan Desert, covered in sand, wind, and waves of heat. Its attribute is Yang. Here, in the east, we have green hills and cool weather. In terms of Fengshui, it is considered Yin. These qualities precisely match the 'Infinite' of the Origin Immortal Sect. This kind of geography can be considered the lesser Yin Yang diagram. As for the greater Yin Yang diagram, the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, which are associated with Yin and Yang respectively.

"When the lesser Yin Yang and greater Yin Yang are reversed yet resonate with the Yin Yang of the natural terrain, we have the true diagram of the universe. More importantly, if you look carefully, if you examine the intersection of the desert and the green hills, you will find that it is exactly the boundary line of Yin and Yang!"

As the Formation Elder spoke, he drew out an 'S' on the ground.

"This sort of universe diagram is not something the Origin Immortal Sect could ignore, and the treasure map also seems to indicate that this is the region. Thus, the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art is definitely buried here. It's just that this is a dangerous region and we don't know where exactly it is buried."

Wang Chong was startled. It was apparent that the Formation Elder wasn't just skilled in formations, but also in understanding of Fengshui and the terrain. 'Lesser Yin Yang', 'greater Yin Yang', 'diagram of the universe'—upon careful inspection, this region truly did match up with what the Formation Elder had said.

"This natural universe diagram should logically be a place rich with spiritual energy. If you cultivate in this place, you should be able to achieve double the progress with half the effort. But if you sense for yourself, you'll notice that there's not much energy in the air at all. If my guess is correct, someone has used a special method to draw in this energy for another use, which I suspect to be some incredibly powerful concealment array. Thus, the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art must be here!" the Formation Elder firmly declared.

Wang Chong fell silent. He had been forced to come along on this trip to the northwest by his master, but he had always been dubious about whether the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art was actually here. However, after hearing the Formation Elder's explanation, he was now much more convinced.

The Formation Elder might not have been as powerful a martial artist, and he might not have been able to comprehend everything on that treasure map, but his analysis of formations and the terrain were far more convincing.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man suddenly said, "Chong-er, I've already talked things over with the Village Chief. On our last visit, there was still one place that we weren't able to scout. There was a strange array there that only Senior Zhou knows the secrets to. We will only be able to understand how to proceed once we can investigate this array. In a little while, I will act as Senior Zhou's protector and take him to investigate the array. After that, we'll meet back up and discuss what to do next."