The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1338

Chapter 1338: Pursued By A Sect

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Your disciple understands. Let us do as Master says," Wang Chong said, not caring very much.

He had never been to this region before, so he was naturally not familiar with it. In contrast, his master and the Wushang Village Chief had been here many times and were extremely familiar with the area. And now that so many different factions were present, it was not good to act recklessly.


The Demonic Emperor Old Man nodded and then turned to the Wushang Village Chief.

"Village Chief, Chong-er's injuries are still not healed, and there will be a flare-up around every twenty hours. In a little while, you will remain in the formation to look after him. When there's a flare-up, assist him in pacifying his disorderly Stellar Energies."

The Wushang Village Chief said nothing, only slightly nodded.

Only now did the Demonic Emperor Old Man sigh in relief. There were many reasons that he was going alone with the Formation Elder, and the most important was that he could not let his final disciple be.

Wang Chong's injuries were much more stable, and he could even fight for an hour without any major problems. But the 'cultivation defect' of the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art had never been easy to deal with. Even if Wang Chong was even more careful and did not recklessly use his Stellar Energy, he would still suffer a flare-up every twenty hours, each time suffering a pain that cut to the bone. If he were to meet a powerful foe, this flaw would become even more likely to be fatal.

This was why the Demonic Emperor Old Man had asked the Wushang Village Chief to remain.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

A few moments later, the Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Formation Elder left, their robes flapping in the wind as they departed the formation and vanished from the mountaintop. Wang Chong watched them leave before thrusting a piece of stone into the ground.

With a rumble, the stone formation was activated once more, quickly causing Wang Chong and everything else within it to vanish.


Once he was hidden within the stone formation, Wang Chong sat cross-legged on the ground and began to meditate. Those different kinds of Stellar Energy in his body began to slowly flow through his body and out through various acupuncture points.

For Wang Chong, what was truly important was suppressing the injuries caused by the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art and sorting out the nearly one thousand kinds of Stellar Energy in his body!

Time slowly passed, and all remained still within the stone formation. Wang Chong continued to cultivate cross-legged on the ground while the Wushang Village Chief sat on the side and protected him. Around four hours later…

The Wushang Village Chief glanced up at the sky and said to himself, It's about time! A split-second later, he heard a grunt.

Turning his head, he saw that the face of the motionless Wang Chong had grimaced in pain and his complexion was paling. Moreover, cold beads of sweat were beginning to seep out of his forehead.


At this moment, there was a soft sound as one of the veins on Wang Chong's exposed neck suddenly bulged and began to twist as if it was alive. And this bulging continued to spread across Wang Chong's body, producing an extremely bizarre scene.

"It's a flare-up!"

The Wushang Village Chief was keenly aware that this was caused by the chaotic state of Wang Chong's Stellar Energy. At certain intervals, the various kinds of Stellar Energy that Wang Chong had suppressed would gather in one place and flare up. This experience would be exceedingly painful, and in this period, Wang Chong had very little ability to resist.


The Wushang Village Chief immediately pressed a palm onto Wang Chong's back, sending a surge of mellow and steady Stellar Energy surging into his body. This vast energy coursed along a set path to swiftly pacify Wang Chong's rampant Stellar Energy.


Wang Chong turned paler and paler, and his breathing became increasingly ragged. It was clear that this Stellar Energy flare-up had reached a critical juncture. The Wushang Village Chief frowned and poured in even more Stellar Energy. White curls of energy began to steam off the top of his head.

As time passed, sweat began to appear on the Wushang Village Chief's face. The Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art was one of the ten great arts, and its flare-ups were incredibly fierce. Even the Wushang Village Chief had to consume a significant amount of energy.

Around fifteen minutes later, Wang Chong's breathing finally began to steady. The Wushang Village Chief exhaled and slowly drew back his palm. He had helped Wushang endure the most vicious part, and Wang Chong could handle the rest himself.

The stone formation finally returned to normal, and after some time…

"Village Chief, many thanks!" Wang Chong said, slowly opening his eyes.

The Wushang Village Chief merely smiled and shook his head.

"It's enough that you managed to get through it. This technique is far too dangerous. It's best if you avoid fighting with others. In addition, there's something else I wish to say to you…"

As the Wushang Village Chief spoke, he glanced upward, a hint of concern in his eyes.

"Something is wrong. Your master and the Formation Elder said to me before they left that they would only need six hours in total for their trip, but your master is now late by four hours. Your master has always been a punctual person and so would never be this late. Thus, I am prepared to go and investigate!"

"I'll go with you! You'll have someone to coordinate with this way!"

Wang Chong immediately stood up. Wang Chong also found it rather strange for his master to be so late.

"There's no need." The Wushang Village Chief shook his head. "You still haven't recovered from your injuries, and your Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art just had a flare-up. You're in no shape for a battle. And besides, if I go alone, if something really has happened, I can act more flexibly."

There was also something else that he had left unspoken. The people that he and the Demonic Emperor Old Man were worried about the most at this time were those mysterious and seemingly omnipresent men in black. Every minute that Wang Chong spent outside was another minute where he might come under attack. But within the formation, his aura was concealed, and there was ample food and water, making this place much safer for him.


After some hesitation, Wang Chong finally nodded.

"Then we will do as Senior says."

Wang Chong also understood that he was in no condition to fight with others.

"You just wait here. I'll bring back your master soon!"

After saying this, the Wushang Village Chief opened up the formation and departed the mountain.

Since he had to stay, he might as well make himself comfortable. After thinking for a few moments, Wang Chong sat back down and quietly cultivated to recover his strength as quickly as possible.

As the sky darkened and there was still no sign of the Wushang Village Chief or his master, Wang Chong began to worry.

"Just where did they go? There's still been no news from them. What a pity that I'm not familiar with this area…"


Just when Wang Chong was preparing to head out, he heard the sharp shout of a woman. Wang Chong turned to look and saw a young woman of eighteen or nineteen clothed in white, her hand gripping a sword and her hair hanging loose, making her way toward the summit. She was being pursued by several men with sinister complexions.

"Song Youran, you can't escape!"

The sinister men seemed to move as swiftly as flowing water. Wang Chong had once been one of the top experts of the world and had learned all manner of martial arts. He naturally possessed an extremely keen eye. There were body-lightening techniques like this in the army, but no soldiers could use them as exquisitely as these people.

And for some reason, when these people attacked, they gave off a sinister and crooked aura.

Members of the evil path!

Wang Chong suddenly understood.

"You guys go to the left and you guys go to the right. Spread out! No matter what, we can't let this scoundrel escape!"

As the beautiful young woman fled toward the summit, a youth of apparently rather high status and cold eyes immediately changed up his tactics, spreading out his five men into a large net to catch the girl.

Clingcling! Clangclang!

A few moments later, the girl was caught. The evil path disciples had silently coordinated together in swiftly cutting off her paths of retreat and forcing her to the summit.

The white-clothed girl wielded her three-foot sword with incredible expertise, barely blocking the attacks of her numerous foes time and again. But she was still beset by perils on all sides, her body drenched in sweat and her breathing ragged. Her defeat was only a matter of time.

"Wei Changting, you won't have a good death! For the sake of one treasure map, your Black Yin Sect killed four of our disciples! Are you not afraid of our Righteous Alliance's revenge?!"

"Hmph, others might be scared of your Righteous Alliance, but not us! If you have a problem, just bring it up with the Five Ancestors! Song Youran, no one the old ancestor wants has ever managed to escape. Just obediently put down your arms and let yourself be captured!" Wei Changting coldly said.