The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 134

Chapter 134 Miyasame Ayakas Submission

Chapter 134: Miyasame Ayakas Submission!

Do you think that youll still be able to make a move?

Misunderstanding the meaning of the female assassins words, Meng Long snapped.

His sudden outburst caused the atmosphere which had just barely alleviated to grow heavy once more.

At this moment, the Eastern Islands female assassin suddenly noticed that everyones gazes were on here, and of which, there was one that felt exceptionally piercing.

Glancing in the direction from where the piercing gaze came from, the Eastern Islands female assassin saw a gray-robed man leaning against a tree with his arms crossed before him.

The depths of the Eastern Islands female assassins eyes suddenly darkened. She finally knew why Wang Chong wasnt worried about letting her free. Given her present state, before this powerful man, she didnt stand a chance at all.

Hurry up and leave, they wont be so kind to you every time. I believe that you can tell that many of us here are actually very willing to have you stay.

Li Zhuxin spoke calmly as he gazed deeply at the Eastern Islands female assassin. There seemed to be some bizarre glint in his eyes.

After struggling inwardly for a few moments, the Eastern Islands female assassin finally pushed herself up. Glancing at Li Zhuxin doubtfully, she felt a little anxious yet expectant With a step after another, as though treading on thin ice, she slowly walked away.

Until she disappeared amidst the trees, no one had moved at all, and no one had laid their hands on her.


The Eastern Islands female assassin heaved a huge sigh of relief. A kind of indescribable emotion that wasnt entirely relief nor frustration grasped her heart. Flinging her sleeves, she soon disappeared in the direction toward the bottom of the mountain.


I didnt think that youll let her go!

When the Eastern Islands female assassin disappeared in the distance, Li Zhuxin suddenly turned to look at Wang Chong. The female assassin seemed to have thought that it was Li Zhuxin who saved her and let her go, but that wasnt the case.

When Wang Chong gathered all of the herbs on the floor, honestly speaking, he was shocked as well.

Hehe! I have my own considerations for choosing not to kill her.

Rather than explaining the matter, Wang Chong simply chuckled mysteriously.

Naturally, it wasnt because he felt sorry for her and his compassion suddenly worked up. Rather, he had other plans in mind. His true goal was the Ten Eastern Islands, as well as the ten female empresses on them.

Even though Wang Chong had heard of the ten empresses in his previous life, he didnt have any interactions with them.

Back then, when the foreign cavalries invaded, the Ten Eastern Islands suffered the least damage.

According to the rumors Wang Chong heard, some unique events had occurred on those islands.

Thus, Wang Chong needed someone to serve as a bridge between him and the Ten Eastern Islands. In any case, just like what Li Zhuxin said before, even if he were to kill her, the mastermind behind her would just send another assassin. Moreover Wang Chong was confident that she would come to look for him.

Wang Chong had expected the Eastern Islands female assassin to return for him, but never in his wildest dreams did he expect that she would return so quickly!

Almost as soon as she disappeared into the forest, the Eastern Islands female assassin suddenly staggered and appeared at the edge of the forest once more, into everyones sight.

Dont you feel repentant? Weve already spared your life, how dare you return!

Upon seeing the female assassin once more, Shen Hai and Meng Long flew into a rage. Along with the Wang Family Residence guards, they drew their swords and stood in front of Wang Chong, protecting him from the other party.


Wang Chong waved casually as he stopped the crowd. Somehow, Wang Chong didnt feel any killing intent from the other party.

She isnt here to kill me.

Speak, what do you want?

Walking out of the group, Wang Chong questioned. Her body was still feeble, and given that he had the Single Character Consecutive Slash and that Li Zhuxin was around, Wang Chong didnt fear her making a move.

I cant return!

The Eastern Islands female assassins face paled.

When I returned from your Wang Family Residence, the Pavilion Master struck me heavily to punish me for my failure. Now that Ive failed once more, I can no longer return. Theres no third chance for an assassin! Furthermore, given my Spectre Steps its just a matter of time before I die!

Youve asked your Pavilion Master on the Spectre Steps?

Wang Chong suddenly asked with a bizarre expression. Surely this female assassin couldnt possibly be so naive as to ask such a question straightforwardly?

Thats right!

Under the black veil, the Eastern Islands female assassin lowered her head as she bit on her lips.

This time, Wang Chong was truly impressed. He knew that the people from the Eastern Islands were different from that of the main continent, but Wang Chong didnt think that she would be so frank about the matter.

However, it did sound like them to do so.

Ill be dead if I return, and if I dont, the Pavilion Master would surely send men to assassinate me. I wont survive out of the capital. Besides the Spectre Steps has a fatal flaw. Right now, only gongzi can save me!

The Eastern Islands female assassin seemed to be struggling internally, and finally, her knees caved in. Putong, she kneeled onto the floor and lowered her prideful head.

Regardless of the means, gongzi, please save me!

Then, she placed her hands on the floor and kneeled motionlessly, as though she had given up on all resistance.

At that instant, everyone was dumbstruck. Even Li Zhuxin was stunned as well!

It wasnt too long ago that this female assassin was attacking them viciously. Yet, in the blink of an eye, she was kneeling on the floor, begging Wang Chong to save her.

This change in attitude was truly astounding!

To think that this woman would actually kneel before the young master!

Shen Hai and Meng Long found themselves at a loss for words. They turned to look at the young master beside them in admiration. Despite have lived more than thirty years, they had only seen such a spectacle from their young master.

If it was anyone else, they would have probably died ten times over, needless to say, have this assassin kneel before them, begging for help.

But Shen Hai and Meng Long didnt know that the thoughts Wang Chong harbored were completely different from theirs.

This woman is sure is decisive and practical!

Wang Chong thought.

Spectre Steps had a fatal flaw. On this aspect, Wang Chong didnt lie to her. The more advanced ones mastery of the technique, the greater the harm it dealt.

If she wanted to live, she would have to stop cultivating and stop pursuing greater strength. But even so, given her enemies in the capital, it would be difficult for her to survive their wrath. She could escape for a moment, but she couldnt hide for an eternity

Wang Chong didnt know what happened to the Eastern Islands female assassin after she returned to her assassin organization, but from the looks of it, the side effect of her Spectre Steps had worsened.

Others might not be aware of this, but she should be clear of it. This was probably the reason why she decided to give in and kneel before him.

What do I stand to earn from helping you?

Wang Chong asked impassively.

I have nothing to offer you. However, if you teach me how to solve the weakness in the Spectre Steps, I am willing to pledge my eternal loyalty to you!

Kneeling on the floor, the Eastern Islands female assassin gritted her teeth, whipped out a short dagger, and with a chi sound, sliced the edge of her index finger. Crimson blood flowed out from the wounded tip.

In the name of the Black Dragon, I, Miyasame Ayaka, am willing to pledge eternal loyalty to gongzi! Ill serve as gongzis limbs and strike down any enemies that stand in gongzis way!

The Eastern Islands female assassin used her fresh blood to draw a talisman before eventually pointing her finger straight at the purple dot at her glabella.


The surroundings were obviously calm, but a bizarre wind suddenly whipped up within dozens of zhang around them. It flew from the direction of the Eastern Islands female assassin, Miyasame Ayaka, to Wang Chong.

Then, in the next instant, the bizarre wind disappeared without a trace. The crowd buzzed into commotion, unable to comprehend what had just occurred before them.

Wang Chong also couldnt really explain the sensation he was feeling now. It felt as though something had appeared in him, yet at the same time, nothing seemed to have changed. Just that, when he looked at Miyasame Ayaka, he felt as though there was a bizarre connection between the two of them.

Its a spirit-type secret art!

A thought suddenly flashed across Wang Chongs mind. As his soul had yet to fully recover, he couldnt sense it clearly.

Even so, he was certain that it was some kind of spirit-type secret art.

What in the world are you up to? What black dragon or white dragon! Hurry up and leave!

Shen Hai couldnt stand it anymore. After looking at the situation for so long, he wasnt able to comprehend anything. In the end, he could only attribute it to the other party trying to bewilder them with a bunch of nonsensical stuff.

Wait a moment! Miyasame Ayaka, right? Stand up! Ill help you!


Shen Hai and Meng Long were horrified.

Dont worry, theres no problem here.

Shaking his hands casually, Wang Chong walked over to Miyasame Ayaka, stretched out his hand, and said:

Ill accept your request. Stand up and rest over there. Youll realize that your rate of recovery is much faster there than anywhere else.

Miyasame Ayaka subconsciously stretched out her hand to grab Wang Chongs hand, but at the next moment, she suddenly jolted and pulled back her hand, as though escaping from something frightening. It was an extremely unnatural reaction, and it seemed as though she wasnt used to having physical contact with anyone.

Yes, gong Yes, master!

Miyasame Ayaka lowered her head and replied respectfully. It was completely different from her arrogant and disdainful self from before.

Despite his initial surprise, Wang Chong soon nodded in comprehension. As an assassin, it wasnt too surprising that she wouldnt be used to physical touch. Most likely, she was brought up in such a way.

Theres no need to be so formal. You should go on ahead.

Wang Chong waved his hands and said.

Without saying anything else, Miyasame Ayaka stood up, walked up over to the tree which she was tied at previously, sat down cross-legged, and started cultivating.

Looking at Miyasame Ayakas back, Shen Hai and Meng Long shook their heads. The feeling that this female assassin gave them was extremely bizarre, very different from anyone they had encountered before.

It was a moment ago that she was acting so domineering, but at this moment, she was able to utter the word master so naturally. Not many in Great Tang were able to do so.

In the Central Plains, there were people who called the one whom they were serving old master, gongzi, and young master, but very few would use master.

The stronger a person is, the more arrogant he is, the less likely he will call anyone master. Yet, such logic didnt seem to apply to this female assassin.

Wang Chong noticed the confusion of the duo, but he didnt explain the matter to them.

The culture on the Eastern Islands was very different from Great Tang. Miyasame Ayakas actions may be considered as bizarre here in Great Tang, but from her homeland, according to Wang Chongs knowledge, it was normal.

Meng Long, theres no need thinking about such matters. I still have a matter I want to entrust you with.

Wang Chong suddenly said.

After solving the huge threat, Miyasame Ayaka, and obtaining this spirit vein, Wang Chong suddenly remembered another matter.

Most of the locations where spirit veins were located had extraordinary geographical terrain.

Wang Chong seemed to recall a huge deposit of superior metal ores in a location not too far away from this spirit vein.

However, while Wang Chong knew of its existence, he didnt know the exact location of it.

That would require Meng Long to lead a team to search, check, and dig up the potential spots!

The reason why Wang Chong recalled this was because the metal ores in the deposit around this area had extremely high quality, as though they were nourished by the spirit vein, thus making them the ideal material for forging weapons of war.

If he could find this mine, it would be greatly useful to his future goals!