The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1341

Chapter 1341: Treacherous Disciple Ji Andu

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

On the journey, Wang Chong learned a great deal about the world of sects from Song Youran. The more he interacted with her, the more Wang Chong realized that while Song Youran had her bouts of 'craftiness', she was a good-hearted person who was very honest and straightforward.

"Hasn't there been no news of the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art for several hundred years? It's even been publicly acknowledged in the world of sects that this art has already been lost. Why has it suddenly been found? And even the Origin Immortal Mountain has been discovered as well? And why have so many experts been drawn in?" Wang Chong asked Song Youran as they journeyed.

"This… In truth, we also found it strange. For such an amazing treasure, the fewer people that know, the better, but so many people have gathered here. But I've also learned lately that someone has apparently found the real treasure map to the Origin Immortal Palace and followed the map to this place. But this person wasn't careful enough and was spotted by someone else or discovered by an enemy, and these people intentionally leaked this news to remove their enemy. In the world of sects, this sort of thing is far too common."

Seeing that Young Master Qingyang had little understanding of the world of sects, Song Youran patiently explained.

"But unlike the other factions, our Righteous Alliance didn't come here only for the Origin Immortal Palace."


Wang Chong feigned surprise as he glanced at Song Youran.

"Heh, does Young Master know of that number one man of the evil path whose very name made people tremble in fear, the Demonic Emperor?" Song Youran asked.

"Of course I know."

Wang Chong faintly chuckled.

"Mm, that's good. The Demonic Emperor back then was unbridled and unstoppable, his personality cruel and tyrannical, and everyone in the world of sects feared him. Later on, due to a momentary intersection of fates, the experts of all the major sects joined together and killed this demon of the evil path. But not long ago, someone saw him with their own eyes. This demon of the evil path is still alive, and he appeared in this region.

"Our Righteous Alliance is tasked with leading the people and serving as a model. No matter what, we must exterminate this demon so that the people no longer have to be tormented by it," Song Youran sternly said, her face radiating righteousness. Although she was prone to the occasional trickery, in the face of great injustice, Song Youran always understood where she stood.

Wang Chong said nothing, but he was inwardly contemplative.

Back then, his master truly had been a ruthless killer, and Song Youran was not making unjust accusations. However, his master had greatly changed and was no longer that cruel man. Moreover, a teacher for a day was a father for a lifetime. Wang Chong would never agree to someone striking at his master.

"It's just up ahead!"

Song Youran looked up to a nearby mountain. Wang Chong followed her gaze and saw a mountain that rose some sixty to seventy meters above the ground. There were banners fluttering all over the mountain, all of them depicting the same symbol of the white crane and Yin Yang symbol. At the summit was the largest banner of all, standing more than twenty meters tall as it flapped in the wind.

At intervals of every five or six meters, there was a sentry post, and countless disciples of the Righteous Alliance warily surveyed their surroundings, hands pressed to their swords and ready to strike. As Wang Chong and Song Youran were observing the mountain, the Righteous Alliance disciples on the mountain had also noticed them.

"Senior Sister!"

With a loud shout, a youth of seventeen or eighteen, an excited look on his face, left his sentry post and rushed to the pair.

"Little Ye!"

Song Youran hastened her pace as she spotted this disciple.


Wang Chong faintly smiled at this sight, but he did not follow.

This Righteous Alliance truly lives up to its reputation as the number one alliance of the realm! It really is a powerful force!

Wang Chong carefully inspected the place. This temporary base of the Righteous Alliance had at least five hundred Righteous Alliance disciples. Wang Chong roughly estimated that more than three hundred were at the Profound Martial realm or above, forty to fifty were at the Imperial Martial realm, and as for Saint Martial realm… there were seventeen or eighteen such experts. And it was obvious that this was not the entirety of the Righteous Alliance's strength.

In the military, Profound Martial realm was enough for one to be an ordinary general, or Imperial Martial realm for the incredibly outstanding generals. At the Saint Martial realm, one could be a commander on the level of Xi Yuanqing. Even Wang Chong couldn't help but be startled at the number of experts gathered on this small mountain in the northwest.

Everyone says that the world of sects is a place of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. This Righteous Alliance is merely a miniature version of the world of sects, and it has already managed to gather so many experts in the northwest. One can only imagine how many martial artists there are in the entirety of the world of sects.

Wang Chong was overcome with emotion. He couldn't help but feel some pity over the fact that sect martial artists were solitary characters that occupied a completely different world from the Imperial Court. One dynasty after another had tried to recruit the martial artists of the sects, but all of them had failed. Otherwise, the situation would be entirely different.

"Who's that?"

A voice suddenly interrupted Wang Chong's train of thought. Wang Chong raised his head and saw that Song Youran and that Righteous Alliance disciple were looking at him from the mountain.

"Young Master Qingyang, here, hurry!"

Song Youran waved at Wang Chong.

"What? He's Young Master Qingyang?!" the Righteous Alliance disciple next to her called in alarm, disbelief on his face.

Wang Chong faintly smiled and hurried up the mountain.

"Young Master Qingyang? You're Young Master Qingyang?!"

The youth ran around Wang Chong, his face still in disbelief.

"You can't believe it, right? I also didn't dare to believe it when I first met him. Young Master Qingyang's guard got lost, so I invited him to stay with our Righteous Alliance for now. It's fine if you're the only one who knows about this. Don't let anyone else know."

Song Youran giggled. She had also been surprised and shocked when she first learned this news.

"Right, Young Master, this is my younger brother, Song Jue. He's one of your admirers and is always yelling at me about how he wants to meet you."

Song Youran giggled.

Wang Chong silently smiled at this pair of siblings.

"Junior Sister, has a guest come to our Righteous Alliance?"

As the three of them were chatting, a cold and aloof voice came from above like a peal of thunder.

A few moments later, swish! A figure leaped down from the summit, flying through the sky like a bird before turning in midair and making a graceful arc in the sky. Boom! In a flash of light, the figure descended at a place some fifty to sixty meters from Wang Chong.

The mountain quaked and dust roiled. Immense energy radiated from that snow-white figure, stirring up a vast gale.

Cough, cough!

The oncoming dust immediately caused that youth called Song Jue to start coughing, his face turning red. Meanwhile, Song Youran backed up several steps and warily stared at the man who had just appeared.

"Ji Andu, what are you doing?!"

Song Youran clenched her fists and spread her feet apart, one in front and one behind. She seemed to become a taut bow, ready to be loosed at any moment.

A voice came out of the churning dust. "Junior Sister, where did you go? The northwest is a dangerous region at this time. I sent people to escort you, but you refused them. What if something happens to you? And who is this brother? How come I've never seen him before?"

As the man who had descended from the sky spoke, he suddenly turned to Wang Chong, his thin and narrow eyes exploding with killing intent.

Wang Chong was rather taken aback by this killing intent, but then he understood and inwardly chuckled. This person had inexplicably begun to regard him as a rival in love.

Wang Chong subtly took two steps back. He had only followed Song Youran to the Righteous Alliance to see what it was about and see if he could glean any news on the location of his master or the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art. As for anything else, he did not want to get too involved.

But a moment later, Wang Chong felt something strange from the man and grimaced.

"Ji Andu, who needs your protection!? I can bring back and be friends with whoever I want! I don't need your concern!"

Song Youran was clearly enraged by this man called Ji Andu.

"Junior Sister, don't say such angry words. I am a Protector of the Righteous Alliance and a disciple of the Alliance Lord. If a suspicious person enters the alliance, I have the authority to investigate them. Moreover, the elders have already given the approval for our relationship. What reason do you have to refuse me!?"

The man placed his hands behind his back and held his head high. He spoke with a domineering and arrogant tone.

"Don't talk nonsense! This isn't anyone suspicious, but one of the Four Young Masters, Young Master Qingyang!" A shrill voice came from next to Wang Chong. Song Jue, his fists clenched, had spoken up in protest.

"Young Master Qingyang?!"

Ji Andu's eyes flashed and he grimaced. He fiercely glared at Wang Chong.

"What Young Master Qingyang? Who in the world of sects has actually met Young Master Qingyang? Until his identity is verified, who would dare to say that he is actually Young Master Qingyang? In my view, he is extremely suspicious." Ji Andu waved his hand and firmly ordered, "Someone, bring this Young Master Qingyang up to the summit! I want to have a good, long chat with him!"

"Yes, Protector!"

Several Righteous Alliance disciples bowed and strode forward.

"Ji Andu, you dare!"

A figure stepped in front of Wang Chong and glared back at Ji Andu. Song Youran was red from rage, her body trembling. This was not the first time this bastard had done something like this. By relying on his status as Protector and the favor of the Alliance Lord, he had mercilessly suppressed anyone who was closely associated with her.

"I don't need you to concern yourself with my affairs! Just who do you think you are!? What does it matter that you killed the Demonic Emperor!? I want nothing to do with a traitorous disciple like you! The Demonic Emperor Old Man committed many evils, but a hypocritical and treacherous disciple like you is little better!"