The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1342

Chapter 1342: The Black Yin Ancestor

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Song Youran's words set off shockwaves in Wang Chong's mind.

It's him!

Peals of thunder exploded in Wang Chong's heart. The familiar aura he had sensed from the man across from him had given Wang Chong his suspicions, and now, Song Youran's words had confirmed the identity of this man.

Wang Chong had never imagined that he would meet his mysterious senior martial brother here!

Truly enemies meeting on a narrow road! I didn't think it would be him!

Wang Chong raised his head. A cold light subtly flashed in the depths of his eyes, and his attitude became entirely different.

He had previously been treating this man as one of Song Youran's suitors, but things were different now.

Wang Chong had imagined countless times what his first meeting with this martial brother of his would be like, but he had never imagined it like this.

He began to carefully inspect his senior brother. His narrow eyes were cold and harsh. His brows were sharp and stern, giving off the sense of someone who would make trouble at any moment. He had a nose with a high bridge and a handsome face. In every individual aspect, this was a handsome and elegant man, but the overall feeling he gave was one of indescribable delicateness, or some bizarre snake or worm crawling along the ground.


Within his sleeves, Wang Chong's fist clenched as killing intent welled up. It would seem that regardless of how today ended up, he would have to clean house for his master.


Wang Chong had just gotten this idea when, on the other side, Ji Andu's expression shifted and he turned his head to glance at Wang Chong.

"Protector Ji!"

At this moment, a shout came from the summit. At that moment, six or seven Righteous Alliance experts of the Saint Martial realm used their movement techniques to approach Ji Andu's location.

"We've just received word from Elder Ouyang. The Black Yin Ancestor of the Five Ancestor Alliance is using the absence of the alliance lord to attack us!"

These people had panicked and worried expressions.


Ji Andu and Song Youran both paled at this news.

"The Black Yin Ancestor possesses astonishing strength, and though he might not have been comparable to the Demonic Emperor back then, he was still in the top five. Our group is simply no match for him. We'll have to create a formation and combine all our strengths in order to fight with him! Pass on my order! Tell everyone to prepare for battle!"

As Ji Andu spoke, he rushed back up the mountain, followed by the other experts of the Righteous Alliance.

Song Youran turned to Wang Chong and worriedly said, "Young Master Qingyang, you should leave first. Although Ji Andu is treacherous and cunning, he knows the power of all the experts of the evil path like the back of his hand, as he was also once a disciple of the evil path. If he says that our strength is not sufficient, then that must be the case. I originally wanted to have you enter the alliance and assist you in finding your guard, but that doesn't seem possible now. The Black Yin Ancestor is an extremely powerful figure, and I don't want to drag you down. You should hurry and go!"

After all, Young Master Qingyang had saved her, and Song Youran did not want to drag him into her affairs.

The worried look on Song Youran's face immediately improved Wang Chong's impression of her. He had actually never planned to stay for very long in this place, but this new development actually made him unwilling to leave. At the very least, Wang Chong had to ensure Song Youran's safety.

Wang Chong glanced in the direction Ji Andu had left and said to himself, Alas, I'll have to let him go for now! As a betrayer of his master, Ji Andu had to be killed, but there would be plenty of time for that in the future, at least before the Origin Immortal Mountain was found.


At this moment, the dark clouds to the east began to roil and rumble with thunder. This sudden development drew everyone's attention. Raaaa! A bestial roar resounded through the sky, and then a monster the size of a small mountain broke out of the clouds and began to head toward the mountain upon which the alliance had set up its base.


Wang Chong glanced over and immediately paled, his eyes going wide.

This monster that had appeared out of the clouds, more than ten meters tall, was clearly a dreadful black Qilin. Its body was muscular and densely covered in black scales, and its tail was constantly swinging in the air, seemingly imbued with infinite power. It seemed like even this mountain could be battered to pieces by this tail.

Wang Chong had a great deal of experience and had fought against many experts, even a Subtle realm expert like Qutaybah, but this was the first time he had ever seen a technique that would allow one to transform into a black Qilin. Although he could not see the true body of the person within this Qilin, Wang Chong could tell that this technique was immensely powerful.

And putting aside its power for a moment, the martial arts of the world of sects were truly far more exquisite than those used on the battlefield.

"It's Elder Ouyang!"

Cries of shock came from the mountain.

"Take up formation!"

With this order, the five to six hundred experts of the Righteous Alliance ringed the mountain and quickly completed a gigantic formation. The air suddenly became tense as countless swords were aimed toward the sky, gleaming with cold light.

This was the first time Wang Chong had ever seen a battle of the world of sects.


Suddenly, Wang Chong shifted his gaze and saw Song Youran and Song Jue heading up the mountain. Smiling, he swiftly followed.


At almost the same moment, the giant black Qilin crashed into the summit like a meteor, unleashing an explosion of dust and gravel.

"Assume the formation! Prepare for battle!" A stentorian voice came from the black Qilin, brimming with deep concern.

A few moments later, a flood of vicious energy swept toward the mountain. A massive claw covered in black scales probed out of the dark clouds to the east.

The five claws were like hooks, all of them extremely sharp and infused with indescribable evil.


A massive roar resounded through the world. A massive beast head emerged, but after only a few moments, it disappeared back into the clouds.

But this brief glimpse was enough to strike fear into everyone's hearts.


Cries of alarm rang out as countless people on the mountain backed up, some people even losing their footing and falling over. The orderly formation on the mountain immediately fell into disorder.

"The Black Yin Ancestor! It's the Black Yin Ancestor!"

Righteous Alliance disciples wailed, their faces pale and frightened.

"It's a dragon head!"

Wang Chong, standing not far behind Song Youran, suddenly turned solemn.

He had clearly seen what had happened.

The beast head that had peered out of the clouds was that of a savage black dragon. The Black Yin Ancestor that the Righteous Alliance spoke of was apparently much stronger than Elder Ouyang. That black dragon avatar was enormous beyond belief.

At this moment, a sinister voice resounded over the sky like a peal of thunder. "Haha, Ouyang Changheng, you think you can run?! This ancestor will deal with all the disciples of your Righteous Alliance today."

Rumble! In a burst of light, the clouds burst open, and then a black dragon more than fifty meters long and ten-some meters tall shot out of the clouds in a streak of black light.


"Watch out! The Black Yin Sect's men are on the ground!"

Sharp cries of warning came from the summit.

Beneath the Black Yin Ancestor's dragon form were nearly one hundred black-robed experts of the Black Yin Sect, all of them shooting like lightning bolts toward the Righteous Alliance base.

The Black Yin Ancestor was anything but alone on this assault.

"Haha, Ouyang Changheng, all of your Righteous Alliance disciples will die today!" the Black Yin Ancestor loudly proclaimed.

"You dare!"

On the summit, Ouyang Changheng was infuriated. A moment later, the giant black Qilin shot into the air at the black dragon.

"You were already defeated once! Even if you come again, you're still no match for this ancestor!"

The entire length of the black dragon was spewing black clouds, making it seem like a being of absolute evil. It waved its tail, and then two figures exuding boundless energy shot toward the summit like comets.

"It's the Protectors of the Black Yin Sect! Stop them!"

Anxious voices came from the mountain. Wind shrieked through the base as seven or eight of the Righteous Alliance's top-class experts flew through the air toward the Black Yin Sect Protectors.


A few moments later, the black Qilin clashed with the black dragon in the air.

Bangbangbang! Claws tore and jaws snapped. Powerful Stellar Energy collided in the air, creating vast and powerful shockwaves.

For several thousand feet around the two, the air was compressed into fierce waves that surged and howled. Those disciples on the mountain below with somewhat weaker cultivations or foundations were simply swept off their feet.

And even more of the Righteous Alliance experts were forced back by the waves of energy.


At almost the same moment, the clashing of weapons rang out from the middle part of the mountain.

The two Black Yin Sect experts that the Black Yin Ancestor had thrown down from the sky were slaughtering their way through the mountain like tigers amongst sheep. Using their movement techniques, they lunged left and right, leaving a series of afterimages behind them. They had no intention of facing the Righteous Alliance experts.


The eyes of the Saint Martial experts of the Righteous Alliance turned red with rage at this sight. The packed disciples on the mountain had now become their greatest barrier. As for the Black Yin Sect, its smaller numbers allowed them to be more flexible and freer, and they ran unbridled amongst the Righteous Alliance disciples.

These evil path disciples are truly formidable. Purely in terms of tactics, these people are extremely sharp and penetrating, choosing the best method to maximize their damaging power.