The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1343

Chapter 1343: Black General Impermanence

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Wang Chong acted as a spectator to the battle of evil and righteous, and his mind was abuzz.

By sending only two experts, the Black Yin sect had thrown the Righteous Alliance forces on the mountain into disarray.

And they did not linger in battle, allowing them to maximize the amount of damage they could inflict.


At this moment, the Righteous Alliance disciples on the mountain finally responded. As Wang Chong coldly observed, they began to gather into formations on the mountain slope.

In a flash of light, Stellar Energy surged out of one Righteous Alliance disciple and disappeared into the body of a second Righteous Alliance disciple, and then Stellar Energy erupted out of this second disciple and rushed toward a third…

In the blink of an eye, the Stellar Energies of ten-some Righteous Alliance disciples had fused together, and a small sword formation took shape.

The target of this sword formation was the Black Yin Ancestor in the sky and the two Black Yin Sect experts on the ground.


One sword formation after another was activated on the mountain, each of them independent yet connected.


A moment later, the earth began to crack and groan as the several dozen sword formations fired off several hundred sharp swords that turned into pillars of light that soared at the Black Yin Ancestor in the air.

For a moment, the entire world was quiet and time seemed to stop. Even Wang Chong had lost his faint smile, his expression turning grave and solemn.

This was the first time he was seeing the mass attack methods of sect disciples, and all of this was new and fresh, completely unlike the battlefield tactics he was familiar with.

The connections between the sect disciples were simple, nimble, and effective, allowing each person to use the most power possible. In the face of this attack, even the Black Yin Ancestor couldn't help but show a hint of dread. The dragon shifted left and right, its tail swinging here and there. Bangbangbang! The numerous swords were almost all knocked away, barely any of them able to actually strike the Black Yin Ancestor.

And the Black Yin Ancestor's Stellar Energy was so powerful that some of those flying swords were obliterated on impact.

Although the Black Yin Ancestor seemed unrestrained, Wang Chong could tell that he was doing his utmost to avoid the full power of those several dozen sword formations. Despite this, however, the Righteous Alliance was still not faring well.


"Kill the people of the Righteous Alliance!"

Battle cries rang out from the base of the mountain.

In these few moments, the Black Yin Sect experts had reached the foot of the mountain.

"Watch out! Have twenty sword formations stop the Black Yin Sect disciples at the foot of the mountain!"

A sharp cry rang out, and Wang Chong was shocked to see Song Youran taking command over the Righteous Alliance disciples.

Boomboom! Furious roars could be heard as the Righteous Alliance disciples hastily turned to battle with the Black Yin Sect disciples at the foot of the mountain.

With a heaven-shaking boom, floods of white and black collided. As the two forces met, the battle immediately reached a white-hot intensity.

Plushplushplush! Blades plunged into flesh, and before some of the Righteous Alliance disciples could even react, they dropped to the ground, their bodies run through.

Upon seeing this, the people on the mountain instantly paled.

"Hurry and inform the alliance lord and our martial uncles! Only if they come back can we possibly deal with the Black Yin Ancestor."

Song Youran's lips were trembling, but she remained calm. The current situation was extremely unfavorable to the Righteous Alliance.

The alliance lord was absent, as well as eighty percent of the alliance's forces. They had gone in search of the Origin Immortal Palace and the Demonic Emperor Old Man.

The Black Yin Ancestor had chosen to attack at a moment when the Righteous Alliance was at its weakest, and the Black Yin Ancestor was a major figurehead of the evil path, so powerful that no one present was capable of stopping him.

When it rained, it poured, and there would soon be something that made Song Youran even more worried. Boom! The massive black Qilin suddenly plummeted from the sky and smashed into the summit in a cloud of dust.

"Martial Uncle!"

Song Youran paled, but this was still not the end. With a dreadful roar, the black dragon plunged down and slammed into the Righteous Alliance sword formations. Aaaaah! Screams tore through the air as the sword formations began to collapse.


With sharp cries, the Righteous Alliance experts got into sword formations and began to attack the Black Yin Ancestor on the summit.

Song Youran discovered that Wang Chong was behind her and anxiously called out, "Young Master Qingyang, get back!"

Rumble! As explosions rang out in the air, shockwaves of energy swept out ten-some meters. Song Youran and the others were too weak to stand against these shockwaves, so they immediately fell back, Wang Chong going with them.

The Black Yin Ancestor's strength was not to be underestimated, and Wang Chong felt as if his Stellar Energy was as sturdy as steel. One who was capable of refining their energy to this level had to be at a simply absurd level of power. In terms of opponents, the Black Yin Ancestor undoubtedly belonged to the most troublesome and vexatious sort.


The Black Yin Sect experts roared as they worked together with the Black Yin Ancestor and the two Black Yin Sect Protectors to press their advantage against the Righteous Alliance.

Screams rang out as one Righteous Alliance disciple after another fell into pools of blood.

The Black Yin Sect had come well-prepared, and the Righteous Alliance was suffering massive losses.

As the numerous Righteous Alliance disciples were caught off guard and cut down like weeds, their gurgling blood flowed down the slopes and dyed the entire world red.

"No matter what, we have to stop them!"

As one Righteous Alliance disciple fell after another, Song Youran's pale face slowly became more determined.

"Song Jue, hurry and take Young Master Qingyang away from here!" Song Youran suddenly said. The blustery winds caused her black hair to dance in the wind.

"But what about you, Senior Sister?" Song Jue asked.

Clang! The cry of a sword came in response, and then Song Youran activated her movement technique and rushed toward where the battle was fiercest.

Halfway up the mountain, the two Black Yin Sect Protectors were continuing to kill their way through the Righteous Alliance, destroying one sword formation after another. They had already succeeded in breaking thirty percent of the Righteous Alliance's sword formations while also preventing the Righteous Alliance from committing its full attention to the main battle. The threat they posed was far greater than that of the Black Yin Sect experts at the base of the mountain.

"Senior Sister, that's too dangerous!"

Song Jue had never expected Song Youran to attack the two powerful and dangerous Black Yin Sect Protectors.

The difference in strength was far too vast. Song Youran's attack was utterly suicidal!

"There's no time! Who knows when our martial uncles will return? If we don't stop them now, all the members of the Righteous Alliance will be killed."

Song Youran clenched her teeth and plunged into the battle, joining the other Righteous Alliance experts in attacking the two Black Yin Sect Protectors.

Swish! Wicked bolts of Sword Qi cut through the air.

The same Demon Ghost Art was many times stronger in the hands of the two Black Yin Sect Protectors.

Bang! A Righteous Alliance expert, unable to dodge in time, was struck by one of the sinister claws. His clothes were torn to shreds, his chest caved in, and his body was sent flying like a ragdoll.

Plush! Song Youran had barely entered the battle when a bolt of energy flitted past her, tearing open a large and bloody wound on her left shoulder. Blood flowed, but Song Youran only clenched her teeth, refusing to back down.

"Crane Flight!"

Song Youran raised her sword and immediately used the renowned 'Crane Flight' of the martial arts world.

This art was made specifically for women, and it required a sword to be used. Using it, the cultivator would become much faster and her body would become as light as a crane's. Moreover, the sword would begin to spin at high speeds, imbuing it with incredible damaging power that could easily tear through the Stellar Energy of a martial artist.

Song Youran was not strong enough to use this art as she pleased, but she could no longer care about such things.

In the distance, a Black Yin Sect Protector had transformed into a demon more than twenty feet tall, his entire body cloaked in black energy as he fought and killed the Righteous Alliance experts who were attacking him from all angles.


Song Youran thrust her sword at the giant Black Yin Sect Protector. Boomboomboom! One wave of destructive and sinister energy after another rumbled toward the surrounding Righteous Alliance experts, including Song Youran.

The air shrieked as Song Youran felt an intense sense of danger well up in her heart.

Black General Impermanence!

A hint of despair appeared in Song Youran's mind. The Black Yin Sect had two powerful experts, Black General Impermanence and White General Impermanence, together known as the Twin Evils of Impermanence. The two of them had killed countless martial artists of the righteous path, and their cultivation levels were far too high. She was simply no match for them.

"Step on the Qian position!"

Song Youran clenched her teeth and stepped forward.

"To the Li position!"

A moment later, Song Youran lunged diagonally forward, dodging a lethal blow from Black General Impermanence by a hair.

"Dancing Willow Catkin!"

Song Youran thrust her sword forward, almost instinctively using the move Wang Chong had instructed her to use against Wei Changting.

Swish! A beam of Sword Qi shot forward, followed by a ripping sound. Song Youran's attack had not struck Black General Impermanence, but it had managed to make a tear in his robes.

This attack had come so suddenly that even Black General Impermanence was startled.

"Repulsive girl, you're seeking death!"

With a stern shout, two sharp and furious eyes within the roiling black cloud suddenly locked onto Song Youran.

Song Youran panicked, her composed demeanor finally collapsing.