The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1344

Chapter 1344: Surprise

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Foolish girl—are techniques supposed to be used this way?

In the back, seeing Song Youran completely copying his instructions from before, Wang Chong didn't know if he should laugh or cry. Not even he had expected that Song Youran would use the technique he had taught her against the Black Yin Sect Protector, who was many times stronger than Wei Changting.

As Song Youran was about to die to Black General Impermanence, Wang Chong suddenly called out, "Step on the Kun position and go to the Zhen position!"

Bzzz! While Song Youran's mind was still thinking, her body was already moving. Song Youran suddenly stepped back, slightly off to the side. Boom! There was a heaven-shaking explosion as destructive black Stellar Energy hurtled through the air and landed only a few inches in front of Song Youran. Kacrack! A rock that was half the size of an adult man was obliterated.

All this happened so suddenly that, let alone Song Youran, even Black General Impermanence was shocked and dumbfounded.

"How could a little girl like this be so powerful!"

Black General Impermanence was both shocked and infuriated, his eyes brimming with disbelief. Without the slightest hesitation, he had his dantian explode with Stellar Energy, sending a surge of evil energy shrieking into his right arm which he thrust at Song Youran.

Wang Chong spoke again. "Profound Sun Seals the Heavens!"

Song Youran raised her sword and somersaulted through the air, once more narrowly dodging the attack. Not only that, as Song Youran's sword swept out, it almost cut off the arm of Black General Impermanence. He immediately paled and shot backward, at the same time punching forward, sending a powerful wave of energy at Song Youran.

"Crane Form!"

Wang Chong mentioned the name of a technique that he had not previously mentioned.

The Stellar Energy in Song Youran's body erupted, and a crane sharply cried out. The surrounding spiritual energy converged, transforming into a lifelike and enormous red-crowned crane which descended and fused with Song Youran. A moment later, with another sharp crane cry, Song Youran's sword seemed to come alive, turning into a thick beam of Sword Qi that shot at Black General Impermanence.


As the sword flew forward, the air resounded with the cries of cranes, and countless small cranes manifested in the air.


Black General Impermanence had no time to think, only hastily fire off another punch. Roiling black energy collided with dazzling white light. When the light faded and the Stellar Energy calmed down, all the shocked Righteous Alliance disciples could see that the sword had pinned itself downward through Black General Impermanence's left shoulder. The tip of the sword emerged out of Black General Impermanence's back, as the sword was so deeply immersed that only the hilt had been left protruding on the other side.

Although this attack had not killed Black General Impermanence, it had heavily wounded him.

"This is impossible!" The first to cry out was not the wide-eyed Black General Impermanence, but the doer of this deed, Song Youran.

The Crane Form was one of the strongest techniques of the Crane Flight Art. The most unique trait of this technique was its ability to gather the spiritual energy from one's surroundings and fuse it with one's Stellar Energy to create a strike that was far above one's own level. But Song Youran was well aware that this attack was only possible when the concentration of spiritual energy in the area had reached a certain level, and this requirement was extremely strict. She had practiced this art for a long time, but she had never once succeeded in using this technique.

"Foul girl, I'll kill you!"

Black General Impermanence's eyes were wide in shock, but he quickly came back to his senses and lunged at Song Youran. As a famed individual of the world of sects, and one of the two Protectors of the Black Yin Sect, he could never tolerate a loss to a girl who was weaker than him.

"Stop him!"

The Righteous Alliance experts were also stunned, but they also came back to their senses and lunged at Black General Impermanence.


At this moment, Song Youran chose to retreat back to Wang Chong's side.

"Young Master Qingyang, how did you know the techniques of our Crane Flight Art?" Song Youran asked in disbelief to Wang Chong, who seemed so relaxed that it felt like he was just taking a stroll through this chaotic battlefield. The Crane Flight Art was a top-class secret, but it seemed like Wang Chong understood the Crane Flight Art more than she did. This was simply unbelievable.

"Haha, did you forget? I'm Young Master Qingyang!" Wang Chong faintly smiled as he voiced an unimpeachable excuse.


At this moment, a massive explosion came from the summit, followed by a heaven-shaking roar. Countless experts of the Righteous Alliance were thrown from the summit like ragdolls. At this moment, an extremely old and panicked voice resounded in everyone's ears.

"All disciples, hear my order! Retreat!"

It was the voice of Elder Ouyang!

After fiercely battling with the Black Yin Ancestor for so long, Ouyang Changheng was finally unable to go on. On the summit, the black Qilin's luster had faded and it seemed in terrible shape. Song Youran instantly paled, her breathing almost stopping.

Ouyang Changheng was the strongest expert left behind at the Righteous Alliance base and was one of the alliance's top-class experts. Most importantly, the Black Yin Ancestor was extremely bloodthirsty and cruel. Once he settled on a goal, he would endlessly pursue it, even chasing it down for a thousand li to succeed. If they retreated, the several hundred Righteous Alliance disciples currently at the base would immediately suffer gruesome losses.

Elder Ouyang naturally understood this. It was obvious that this battle with the Black Yin Ancestor was going so poorly that he now felt compelled to retreat.

As Song Youran was still trying to digest this order, it was having a domino effect on the Righteous Alliance disciples and panic was rapidly spreading through the ranks.

They were already barely managing against the Black Yin Sect experts, and now that they were panicking because of Elder Ouyang's order, they were suffering defeat after defeat.

"Kekeke, the old ancestor is mighty and strong! That old man Ouyang is about to break!"

"Everyone, redouble your efforts! Leave not one member of the Righteous Alliance alive!"


The Black Yin Sect experts at the foot of the mountain were greatly encouraged by this sight and struck while the iron was hot, charging at the Righteous Alliance disciples. Aaaaah! Sharp screams rang out through the air as more and more Righteous Alliance experts were cut down like weeds. If one looked down from the summit, one would see a land covered in corpses.


In the chaos of this battle, no one noticed someone making their way through the crowd. When this person was only seven or eight paces from Wang Chong, a bolt of black energy suddenly erupted toward Wang Chong. Everyone was completely caught by surprise, except for Wang Chong.

"Heh, Wei Changting!"

Wang Chong stood with his hands behind his back, a look of derision on his face. Although his strength had dropped, he could still easily deal with one Wei Changting. Bzzz! Summoning his Stellar Energy, Wang Chong brought his middle and index finger up and prepared to fire.

"A clown's tricks!"

He truly had little regard for such petty tricks.

But a moment later, Wang Chong was left dumbfounded.


A figure suddenly shot in front of him. Plush! Song Youran was pierced through the shoulder by Wei Changting's Sword Qi, and dropped to the ground, blood gushing from the wound.

"Song Youran!"

In the crowd, Wei Changting had also not expected his attack to be blocked by Song Youran.

"Young Lady!"


The surrounding Righteous Alliance experts saw what was going on and madly charged at Wei Changting.

Even though Wei Changting was astoundingly talented and hailed as one of the rising stars of the evil path, he was still caught off guard and pushed back.

This idiot girl…

Wang Chong stared in a daze at Song Youran, a complicated mixture of emotions in his eyes. With his strength, he had been completely capable of stopping Wei Changting's attack, so he had never once harbored the notion that Song Youran would be willing to block the attack for him.

Wang Chong felt an indescribable feeling in his heart, some strange mixture of surprise and affection.

He had originally intended to just play around in the Righteous Alliance for a while, but Wang Chong now sensed that he could no longer remain so aloof.

"Miss Song, there was really no need for you to save me."

Wang Chong helped Song Youran up and fed her a wound-healing pill.

Cough. "Young Master, what are you saying? I was the one who got you caught up in this battle, so it's my duty to take care of you. Moreover, Young Master already saved my life once. How could I let you be injured?"

Song Youran softly coughed, her aura somewhat weak.

"Young Master, you should hurry and leave. If you don't go soon, you might never be able to leave!"

Song Youran's voice was tinged with concern. All the martial arts world knew that Young Master Qingyang was not a powerful martial artist. Given the way the Black Yin Ancestor usually did things, if Young Master Qingyang remained here, his fate was sealed.

Wang Chong fell silent. Song Youran clearly still regarded him as some Young Master Qingyang.

Just treat this as me returning a favor!

Wang Chong took in a deep breath and turned to the chaotic battlefield, where the Righteous Alliance disciples were being constantly slain and pushed back.

"Miss Song, rest here for a while! I'll be back in a bit!"

Wang Chong scanned the area and then, putting down Song Youran, he strode in the direction of Wei Changting. Over there, ten-some Righteous Alliance disciples had surrounded Wei Changting, but with his mysterious Demon Ghost Art, he had been able to hold fast.

Not only that, Wei Changting had even managed to kill two Righteous Alliance experts.

Hmph, meeting me can be considered quite unfortunate!

As Wang Chong made his way to Wei Changting, his robes began to snap in the wind. He flipped over his palm, revealing a small pebble grasped between his middle and index fingers. With so many Righteous Alliance experts present, Wang Chong was not prepared to reveal his identity, but this wasn't even necessary to deal with Wei Changting.


In the space of three seconds, as Wei Changting fought more and more fiercely, Wang Chong flicked his fingers. Pa! The pebble shot forward. The pebble was neither strong nor fast. An ordinary person who was slightly stronger than normal could probably achieve the same effect with a vigorous throw.

But this ordinary pebble somehow managed to dodge the streams of Stellar Energy and the ten-some martial artists, pass through Wei Changting's Stellar Energy barrier through a small gap, and then, when Wei Changting was about to use a technique, struck the 'Shenzhong' point on his lower abdomen.

The pebble did not have much force, but this was a crucial moment where Wei Changting was switching out old Stellar Energy for new, and that point was precisely where this exchange was taking place. This single strike immediately threw Wei Changting's Stellar Energy into disarray.