The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1345

Chapter 1345: Wang Chong Makes His Move

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Not good!"

Wei Changting paled in shock. He had never imagined that he would be struck by a pebble, and that this minor act would cause him to lose control over all his Stellar Energy. Even more frightening was that even though he had tried to stop the pebble, he had inexplicably failed.


As Wei Changting's Stellar Energy fell into disarray and he was full of openings, a sword shot forward like a snake and stabbed into his body. Then there was another flash of cold light as a sword swung through the air. Aaah! With a miserable scream and a splash of blood, Wei Changting's left arm dropped to the ground.

"Repulsive girl! Kid! I won't let you go!"

After leaving behind these furious words, Wei Changting transformed into a bloody streak of light and fled into the distance.

"Just who is this bastard!?"

Wei Changting was ghastly pale, his face drenched in cold sweat. Fleeing during a battle would result in heavy punishment, even for a favored disciple of the Black Yin Ancestor, but Wei Changting was worried that if he did not flee then, he would have died on that mountain.

If you help someone, help them to the end, Wang Chong mused as he turned his gaze away from the fleeing Wei Changting to Black General Impermanence and White General Impermanence. These two were using hit-and-run tactics, constantly changing up their positions and ruining the sword formations of the Righteous Alliance, posing far more of a threat than the Black Yin Sect experts at the foot of the mountain. Clap! Wang Chong immediately stepped forward, making his way toward the other side of the battlefield.

The speed and agility of Black General Impermanence and White General Impermanence were some of the best in the current era, and they were extremely proficient in their application of these traits. This undoubtedly made them extremely difficult to deal with.

Moreover, their hit-and-run tactics made it very difficult for the sword formations of the Righteous Alliance to actually hit them.

But Wang Chong quickly turned his eyes on these sword formations. These formations were exquisite creations, fusing the strength of ten-some people into one and maximizing their strengths.

Wang Chong stood motionless in the blustery winds as his eyes scanned the sword formations. Gradually, Wang Chong began to notice a few things.

Although these formations seemed complicated and the positions of the ten-some people were constantly changing without any apparent rhyme or reason, Wang Chong sensed that the sword formations used by the Righteous Alliance were actually strictly following a cycle of the eight positions of Qian, Kun, Kan, Li, Zhen, Xun, Gen, and Dui1. Wang Chong was also beginning to get a grasp of the rules they followed when they attacked.

"Qian position! Attack the left-side Shenshu point!" Wang Chong calmly called out.

But the battlefield at the middle of the mountain was in chaos, and no one paid attention to Wang Chong.


A moment later, amidst roiling black energy and wailing ghosts, Black General Impermanence's demonic claw swept up black energy and smashed into the sword formation at the Qian position.


Seven Righteous Alliance disciples immediately paled and vomited blood while the rest grimaced. Although the sword formation could maximize their power, the power of any attacks they received would also be distributed amongst all members of the formation.

"Kun position! Attack the right-side Gongyu point!" Wang Chong called out once more.


As if in response to his call, there was a furious explosion as the Kun position was similarly attacked. Six Righteous Alliance disciples were sent flying through the air, their chests caved in and their bones broken. The sword formation immediately collapsed.

"He's talking to us!"

"Listen to him! Do what he says!"

At this point, someone finally realized what was going on. Wang Chong was instructing them on how to attack Black General Impermanence while also avoiding his frontal assaults.

"Who's there?"

Black General Impermanence also noticed Wang Chong standing nearby, and a hint of sharpness flickered through his eyes. Without the slightest hesitation, Black General Impermanence shot toward Wang Chong, attacking him with the technique known as 'Ghosts and Demons Prostrate'.

But Wang Chong had apparently predicted this move. Before Black General Impermanence even attacked, Wang Chong had already moved positions, causing that powerful bolt of energy to brush past him and hit nothing but air.

"Gen position! The Shenchang point on the back!" Unperturbed, Wang Chong called out again, acting as if nothing had happened.

This time, as Black General Impermanence charged forward, the sword formation at the Gen position behind him immediately mobilized and attacked the Shenchang point on his back. And at this time, Black General Impermanence's Stellar Energy happened to be passing through this point. Sensing the sharp Sword Qi behind him, Black General Impermanence grimaced and finally stopped and turned around to face this attack.

"Kan position! Qifu point!"

The Righteous Alliance experts at the Kan position immediately struck, sending boundless Sword Qi to work with the sword formation at the Gen position and causing Black General Impermanence to stagger back, his aura in disarray and his face paling. The surrounding Righteous Alliance disciples were further encouraged by this sight and immediately put aside all their doubts.

Although they didn't know how this azure-robed youth had managed to do it, it was clear that he knew the sword formations of the Righteous Alliance like the back of his hand and was also able to calculate all the movements of Black General Impermanence.

"Li position! Yuzhong point!"

"Xun position! Mingmen point!"

"Zhen position! Xuanguan point!"

Wang Chong's profound gaze could see through all of Black General Impermanence's movements. Whether Black General Impermanence rushed right or lunged left, he could not escape Wang Chong's tactics. In the back, Song Youran and Song Jue looked at all this in complete shock.

They knew that Wang Chong's gaze was sharp enough to see the flaws in an opponent's techniques, but they had never imagined that Wang Chong could even see through a major individual of the evil path like Black General Impermanence. Moreover, from Wang Chong's expression, he also appeared to thoroughly understand the sword formations of the Righteous Alliance.

This left their minds reeling as their views of the world were overturned.


Song Youran clenched her fists in excitement.

Meanwhile, the battle against Black General Impermanence had reached a critical juncture. Swish! A sword cut through Black General Impermanence's Sword Qi and left a deep wound on his body. A second sword soon followed, plunging into his belly, and then a third left a deep wound on his back, cutting so deep that the bone was exposed.


Black General Impermanence finally began to panic. His strongest aspects were his strength and movement techniques. In the face of these massed attacks, he had lost the advantage in strength, so all he could rely on was his unpredictable movement techniques. But that mysterious azure-robed brat was clearly able to see through his movement techniques, predicting all his break-out attempts and sealing off his paths.

"Just who are you?"

Black General Impermanence panicked more and more, unable to believe that a youth of seventeen or eighteen was capable of seeing through his techniques and movements. Such people were few and far between in the world of sects.

"Zhen position! Shanzhong point!" Wang Chong suddenly said.

At a moment when Black General Impermanence was too tired to respond, a sword plunged toward his Shanzhong point. At any other time, Black General Impermanence would have been able to block it, but the rotation of attacks from the sword formations under Wang Chong's command had thrown Black General Impermanence's mind into disarray.

Plush! A moment later, there was a miserable scream as the sword went straight through the Shanzhong point and out his back.


Black General Impermanence screamed. The Shanzhong point was at the center of the chest, a vital point of the body. After taking this strike, Black General Impermanence felt his energy immediately scatter.

"An excellent chance!"

Upon seeing this, the surrounding disciples were invigorated, and swords came down on Black General Impermanence's body from all sides. Clang! A cold light swept across Black General Impermanence's neck, and then blood gushed as his head went spinning through the air.

What a fast sword! I don't want to go!

Black General Impermanence had one last sight of the spinning sky before his vision went dark and he knew nothing.

"Black General!"

The distant White General Impermanence's eyes went red.

With Wang Chong commanding the Righteous Alliance sword formations to surround and attack Black General Impermanence, all the experts who had been chasing the two of them could now focus only on White General Impermanence, and he was tired out from dealing with their attacks. He had never expected that Black General Impermanence would be killed in only a few moments.

"Only White General Impermanence is left!"

"Kill him!"

Seeing Black General Impermanence's fallen body, the Righteous Alliance disciples raised their swords and joined the fight against White General Impermanence.

With so many people dealing with White General Impermanence, Wang Chong's intervention was no longer needed. Moreover, without the interference of these two, the Righteous Alliance was in much better shape to deal with the other enemies.

"Young Master Qingyang, you're truly too formidable!"

Song Jue rushed to Wang Chong's side and inspected him as if he was seeing Wang Chong for the first time. Coughing slightly, the pale-faced Song Youran also went up to Wang Chong.

"Young Master Qingyang, thank you!" Song Youran said with heartfelt gratitude.

"It was nothing!"

Wang Chong smiled.


At this moment, a heaven-shaking boom accompanied by a chorus of screams resounded through the air. Several dozen top-class Righteous Alliance experts were thrown from the summit along with a shower of sand and gravel.

"What Righteous Alliance? All of you, die for me!"

The Black Yin Ancestor's brash and savage laughter echoed across the heavens. Boom! Boom! Boom! The Black Yin Ancestor flailed his black dragon tail, casting aside another batch of Righteous Alliance experts.

In a flash, everyone turned ghastly pale.

"Hurry and go!"

A shout that was both furious and shocked came from the summit. A top-class expert of the Righteous Alliance anxiously yelled down the mountain before rushing back into the fray. These top-class experts were fighting to the death in their attempt to stop the Black Yin Ancestor and bring an end to this tragedy.

1. These positions have been mentioned before. These are essentially the directions of the compass and are usually associated with the Bagua, the Eight Trigrams. There are actually three variations of the Bagua, and I am not very sure which one the author is using. Given the primacy of Qian and Kun, I will assume that this is the 'Fuxi' version, which has Qian = South, Kun = North, Kan = West, Li = East, Zhen = Northeast, Xun = Southwest, Gen = Northwest, Dui = Southeast.