The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1346

Chapter 1346: Penetrating Gaze

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"What do we do, what do we do… We just can't stop them! We're all finished!"

On the summit, a top-class expert of the Righteous Alliance raised his head toward the hellish black dragon above, his heart aflame. The current situation was one of extreme emergency. In just a few short moments, five or six of the Righteous Alliance's top-class experts had been killed by the Black Yin Ancestor.

Even Elder Ouyang had been injured, much less the others.

This was the Black Yin Ancestor! A man who pulled up problems by the roots and was willing to commit all manner of evils!

In the time of the Demonic Emperor, it would have still been possible to hold him down, but now, few people besides the alliance lord were capable of this feat.

The Righteous Alliance expert subconsciously turned to Elder Ouyang Changheng, and at this moment, he realized that Ouyang Changheng's face was even paler and even uglier to look out. It seemed like he could fall at any moment! Ouyang Changheng had already done his utmost by lasting until now!

"Young Master Qingyang, could I trouble you to help out the elder's group?"

Wang Chong heard a voice at his ear and turned to see Song Youran at his side, her eyes brimming with concern, her voice tinged with the hope of a drowning person who had just spotted something to grab onto.

"The Black Yin Ancestor is willing to commit all kinds of evils, and the Five Ancestor Alliance gets along with our faction like fire and water. He won't let us escape!"

On this entire battlefield, the only person able to intervene in the battle on the summit was this 'Young Master Qingyang'. He was everyone's only hope!


As the winds howled around him and the sounds of fighting filled his ears, Wang Chong stood with his hands held behind his back, his azure robes snapping in the air. As he gazed at that fierce battle between the Black Yin Ancestor and Righteous Alliance experts, his eyes flashed.

Wang Chong had no desire to meddle in the Righteous Alliance too much, and if he wanted to extract himself, now was the best time. Moreover, the Righteous Alliance had come for his master, and the Righteous Alliance Lord and the Demonic Emperor Old Man apparently had some enmity between them. Having this faction lose some more people would be fine. However…

Wang Chong turned his eyes onto the Black Yin Ancestor's black dragon form. On the surface, the Black Yin Ancestor's dragon was incredibly lifelike, almost indistinguishable from an actual black dragon. Wang Chong could even see its rustling scales and its dragon whiskers dancing in the wind…

But this Black Yin Ancestor isn't some good thing either! Wang Chong reminded himself.

It hadn't just been the sect martial artists of the so-called righteous path that had entrapped his master, but also many influential and powerful martial artists of the evil path, and this Black Yin Ancestor happened to be one of them. He had played a significant role in the conspiracy against his master!


As this thought passed through his mind, Wang Chong quickly agreed. With a sweep of his sleeve, he began to head toward the dust-shrouded summit, where the fiercest and most dangerous fighting was taking place.

Behind him, Song Youran suppressed her injuries and followed together with Song Jue. Wang Chong had stopped some one hundred paces from the summit and was quietly observing the battle. The name of Young Master Qingyang resonated throughout the world, but not even Song Youran was sure if he could assist the elder's group.

As Wang Chong watched the black dragon push back the Righteous Alliance experts again and again, many thoughts flitted through his mind.

This fellow might even be comparable to me!

The Black Yin Ancestor was different from Black General Impermanence. His martial arts had truly reached a profound and formidable level. Finding the flaws in experts of this level was excruciatingly difficult.

Moreover, the Black Yin Ancestor had taken the form of a black dragon, and this form further minimized his weaknesses. Wang Chong would find it very hard to threaten the Black Yin Ancestor unless he revealed his true identity and entered the fray.

But Wang Chong had another method which he could use against the Black Yin Ancestor: the world of energy.


Wang Chong's eyes flashed, and then the scene before his eye changed to the perspective of another world. All objects in the world vanished, leaving behind endless energies surging across the world.

The Black Yin Ancestor also ceased to exist in Wang Chong's eyes. Amidst the vast and surging tides of energy was now a massive black mass that spanned the heavens.

This energy mass was violent and wicked. It was like a black hole, absorbing all the surrounding energy.

This was what the Black Yin Ancestor seemed in Wang Chong's eyes: an endless black hole that devoured all.

There were numerous powerful tides of energy around him that were constantly colliding with the Black Yin Ancestor's energy mass, but in these clashes, they were the ones who flickered like candles in the wind.

If this continued, the Righteous Alliance members would face complete defeat soon.

It's still not enough! Wang Chong said to himself. He blinked, causing the world before his eyes to become even clearer.

This was a development that had taken place after Wang Chong's return from the Battle of Talas. The Demonic Emperor Old Man and the Wushang Village Chief had reaped a significant harvest from witnessing Qutaybah break into the Subtle realm, and Wang Chong had also gained much. The greatest harvest was his greater sensitivity and perception toward the various kinds of energy.

As everything became much clearer and more detailed in Wang Chong's eyes, so did that black mass of energy on the summit.

The black mass of energy had condensed into the shape of a dragon, and Wang Chong could make out thousands of streams of energy cycling and flowing within it.

The complexity of the Black Yin Ancestor's dragon form made even Wang Chong sigh in praise. The head, whiskers, tail, and scales were all composed of Stellar Energy, and only a supreme master of controlling Stellar Energy was capable of such a feat.

In this aspect, one could see that the Black Yin Ancestor's cultivation had far surpassed the vast majority of martial artists.

Even so, Wang Chong remained calm and unperturbed.

Every martial artist has a weakness. This Black Yin Ancestor is no exception! Wang Chong said to himself. His sharp gaze quickly focused on the energy flows on the Black Yin Ancestor's exterior.

The Black Yin Ancestor's energy was like a storm, violent yet orderly. Even in the world of energy, Wang Chong could not see any obvious flaw.

Wang Chong was well aware that this hegemon of the martial arts world was inconceivably skilled and powerful. There was no simple way to deal with him.

"Young Master Qingyang, how is it?"

The worried voice of Song Youran came from next to him.

Wang Chong said nothing and continued to stare at the summit.

The battle was still ongoing, and as the Black Yin Ancestor's brash laughter echoed through the world, more and more Righteous Alliance disciples were falling. The Black Yin Ancestor alone was enough to suppress the vast majority of the Righteous Alliance's forces.

As fierce gusts swept down from the mountain, Wang Chong's eyes remained fixed on the Black Yin Ancestor, every shift in Stellar Energy reflected in Wang Chong's mind.

"Found it!"

After some time, Wang Chong's eyes flashed as he locked onto a certain point on the Black Yin Ancestor's body.

This was a black dot the size of a fingernail, well-concealed by the Black Yin Ancestor's evil energy. Wang Chong had needed a great deal of time to notice it.

The fingernail-sized black dot had originally been concealed deep within the Black Yin Ancestor's body, but as the battle continued and Stellar Energy flowed, the dot had slowly made its way to the surface. Ordinary martial artists would have never been able to sense such a minor shift, but in Wang Chong's eyes, this dot blazed as brightly as a torch.

This is a hidden infirmity that comes with old age. The Black Yin Ancestor became famous many years ago, and it seems like he suffered significant wounds in his youth. Those injuries have built up in his body, and though the vast majority of them were resolved with his immense cultivation, there are simply too many of these injuries. Not even someone of the Black Yin Ancestor's cultivation level can resolve all of them.

These hidden injuries rarely showed themselves and would have little effect. But when one encountered some powerful foe or participated in a fierce battle that caused one to push their Stellar Energy to the limit, these injuries would immediately show themselves and begin to affect the flow of Stellar Energy.

However, the Black Yin Ancestor's cultivation level was so high that even noticing this sort of weakness would be useless for an ordinary martial artist. But the same could not be said for Wang Chong.

"Song Youran, listen to me. Bring over sixteen sword formations!" Wang Chong said as he stared at the summit.

"Song Jue, pass on the order! Have those sword formations come over!" Song Youran immediately said.

Once the summit fell, the only thing awaiting everyone else was death and defeat. The nature of the Black Yin Ancestor meant that probably ninety percent of the disciples here would be massacred.

The fighting at the foot of the mountain was intense, but the sixteen sword formations Wang Chong wanted were still quickly sent over. The mood was fraught with tension as everyone awaited Wang Chong's order.

"Everyone, heed my orders! The battle on the summit is of utmost importance, but we can only offer supporting attacks. Without my order, no one is to directly attack the Black Yin Ancestor," Wang Chong sternly said.


Another bestial shout came from the summit as one of the Black Yin Ancestor's massive claws slammed down. The mountain shook and dust and gravel flew into the air.


Wang Chong's eyes gleamed as he gave the order.

The sixteen sword formations began to follow the orders Wang Chong had previously given. Spacing themselves at ten paces from each other, they charged up the mountain in the shape of a 'Z'.


One sword formation was slow to react and was struck by one of the bolts of energy from the Black Yin Ancestor, causing it to break apart. But the majority of the Righteous Alliance disciples succeeded in reaching the summit.


With heaven-shaking shouts, the sword formations approached the Black Yin Ancestor.

"A clown's tricks!"

The Black Yin Ancestor barely even glanced at these Righteous Alliance disciples, his eyes brimming with disdain. The light of fireflies dared to vie against the radiance of the moon? Without a second thought, the Black Yin Ancestor sent an explosion of energy at them.