The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1347

Chapter 1347: Many Ants Gnawing At The Dragon

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Cries of alarm came from the people on the summit, and some disciples began to retreat. Only Wang Chong remained unperturbed.

"Kan position, the dragon body, ten inches!" Wang Chong suddenly said.


There was a thunderous boom as at least three of the sword formations struck the dragon's body.

The Black Yin Ancestor had been completely focused on battling Ouyang Changheng, but at this moment, he paled.

"Li position, dragon body, four inches!"

Four sword formations quickly fired off milky-white bolts of Sword Qi toward another place on the black dragon's body.

"Zhen position, dragon body, nine inches!

"Duan position, dragon body, two inches!

"Qian position, dragon body, six inches!"

As the wind gusted around him, Wang Chong remained focused on that fingernail-sized black dot on the black dragon's body.

Wherever the black dot moved, Wang Chong would have the sixteen sword formations attack it.

The Black Yin Ancestor originally paid this little mind, but gradually, his complexion soured.

These Righteous Alliance disciples that were nothing more than fleas to him were constantly attacking the places where his Stellar Energy was weakest. In normal circumstances, the Black Yin Ancestor would have hardly cared, but the constant attacks on his weakest spots were constantly draining away his Stellar Energy. More importantly, these attacks were beginning to affect the flow of energy in his body.

And the effects were only getting more obvious as time went on.

How could this be?!

As he sensed those constant attacks of the Righteous Alliance disciples constantly wearing away at his Stellar Energy, the Black Yin Ancestor clenched his teeth, a look of disbelief on his face.

This was not his first clash with the Righteous Alliance. In the past, even when there were even more disciples than now, they had never been able to pose a threat to him.

But this time, these Righteous Alliance disciples seemed to have undergone a complete transformation. There were fewer of them and fewer of their sword formations, but their effectiveness far surpassed that of any other battle.

"Foul brat!"

The Black Yin Ancestor's dragon eyes scanned the battlefield and quickly locked onto Wang Chong.

"You're seeking death!"

Bzzz! Immense Psychic Energy, almost tangible, surged through the air and locked onto Wang Chong.

"An excellent chance!"

It was impossible for Ouyang Changheng to not sense what was happening to the Black Yin Ancestor. He had already prepared himself for defeat, but now, the sixteen sword formations had drawn away at least forty percent of the Black Yin Ancestor's attention and focus.

And their attacks had also affected the Black Yin Ancestor's Stellar Energy, causing it to flow unevenly. In a battle at this level, these things were fatal.

"Everyone, listen up! Surround the Black Yin Ancestor! He can't be allowed to leave!" Ouyang Changheng roared, once more summoning his energy and taking the form of the large black Qilin, its energy righteous and vast. Boom! The Qilin soared into the air, lunging at the Black Yin Ancestor.

"Black Qilin Heaven's Descent!"

The air rippled like waves as a surging mass of energy transformed into a massive Qilin claw that slammed at the Black Yin Ancestor.

Boom! Boom!

The summit was once more engulfed in dust, the air ringing with the clashes of Stellar Energy and the cries of battle. The battle became even more intense than it had been before.

The gusts of wind stirred up by the battle blew down the slopes, causing Wang Chong's black hair to dance in the wind.

"Song Youran, tell me all the techniques the sword formations of your Righteous Alliance can use! Hurry!"

Wang Chong continued to stare at the summit as he spoke.

Song Youran nodded and immediately began to list the techniques the sword formations could use.

"Sword Charges at Bull and Dipper, Peerless Sword Qi, Blazing Sun's Zenith, Bright Moon Rises from the East, Dazzling Sun and Moon…"

Song Youran had no idea why Wang Chong was asking about this, as unless one cultivated these techniques, one would find it very hard to understand the crucial points of these techniques. However, as the situation was urgent, Song Youran instinctively followed Wang Chong's orders.

"The Black Yin Ancestor will soon begin his counterattack. Song Youran, Song Jue, have everyone get back two hundred feet and keep their distance from the battlefield."

Wang Chong's voice was one that brooked no objection.

Song Youran's heart trembled. For some reason, the Young Master Qingyang at this moment exuded an aura of supreme majesty that made it impossible to refuse his orders.

Song Youran and Song Jue both fell back, leaving a large empty space around Wang Chong.

Meanwhile, on the summit, with the entry of those Righteous Alliance disciples under Wang Chong's command, the situation was slowly changing. At the start, the Black Yin Ancestor had been unbridled and unstoppable. But now, he was slowly losing his edge, and besides that, the Black Yin Ancestor was beginning to struggle. He not only needed to deal with Ouyang Changheng from the front, but also the sixteen sword formations.

Even the other Saint Martial experts were beginning to catch a few clues and were following the sword formations in attacking the weakest parts of the Black Yin Ancestor's Stellar Energy.

This caused the Black Yin Ancestor's situation to get worse and worse. Let alone killing Ouyang Changheng, he was now being suppressed by the Righteous Alliance.

"How could this be!? When did another individual of this level appear in the world of sects?"

The Black Yin Ancestor's mind was in turmoil, and his face looked like he had seen a ghost. As one of the luminaries of the evil path, the Black Yin Ancestor knew the established figures and rising stars of the world of sects like the back of his hand, but he had never before seen that youth on the mountain.

Moreover, the Black Yin Ancestor was slowly beginning to realize that this boy had somehow managed to see through his flow of Stellar Energy and notice its flaw. One had to realize that this weak spot was constantly changing, moving with the flow of his Stellar Energy.

But Wang Chong was somehow able to predict where this spot would appear, and even account for the speed with which those Righteous Alliance disciples could attack, allowing them to hit his weak point every time. This was what truly alarmed him the most.

"Daring to make an enemy of this ancestor is seeking death! This ancestor will kill you first, and then kill that old scoundrel Ouyang Changheng and the Righteous Alliance disciples!"

The Black Yin Ancestor instantly felt an intense desire to kill that azure-robed youth down below.


The mountain began to quake as the black dragon began to seethe with black Stellar Energy which surged down the mountain in waves.

This black energy began to take up the fallen swords of the Righteous Alliance and send them plunging down at Wang Chong in a rain of swords.


A sword shrieked as it transformed into a black bolt of Sword Qi that shot toward Wang Chong with stunning speed. But Wang Chong remained calm and emotionless. As if he had already predicted this, he had taken half a step to the side, causing the sword to brush past his left cheek.

Boom! The sword landed seven or eight paces behind Wang Chong in an explosion, the sword plunging up to its hilt into the ground and unleashing a shower of stone.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Ten-some swords swiftly followed, but Wang Chong continued to look up at the sky as he confidently stepped here and there, easily avoiding this first wave of swords.

"Protect the young master!"

The Righteous Alliance experts immediately responded, flying over to fend off the subsequent rain of swords. Even the experts on the summit took note of the handsome youth down below and intervened to protect him.

Wang Chong mentally nodded. Although he was strong enough to deal with these attacks, with the assistance of the Righteous Alliance experts, he would not need to expose himself too much.

"Gen position, dragon body, six inches!

"Xun position, dragon body, eight inches!

"Li position, dragon body, one inch!"

The Black Yin Ancestor's attacks were sharp and penetrating, but Wang Chong's counterattack came with incredible swiftness. In choosing to attack Wang Chong in the middle of a fierce battle, the Black Yin Ancestor had inevitably revealed even more weaknesses which Wang Chong now commanded the Righteous Alliance disciples to attack.

The black dragon was both shocked and infuriated as it was pushed back under this wave of attacks.

"Impossible! How could this brat dodge the attacks of this ancestor!?"

He was an authority of the evil path, and even a righteous path expert like Ouyang Changheng found it difficult to dodge his attacks. At the very least, Ouyang Changheng could not have dodged his attacks with a few confident and leisurely steps as that youth had done.

For someone like the Black Yin Ancestor to be so off the mark when trying to kill a single person was simply inconceivable. The only explanation was that this youth was pretending to be a pig so that he could eat a tiger, and had already predicted all the attacks he would make. Just the thought of this kind of individual greatly alarmed the Black Yin Ancestor.

No background, no name, no origin… yet they possessed such insight and experience. The Black Yin Ancestor found this youth to be increasingly enigmatic.

"An excellent chance!"

Wang Chong was ever-perceptive of the battlefield situation. At this moment, the Black Yin Ancestor's mind was in disarray from his repeated setbacks. This was the perfect chance for an all-out assault.

"Kan position, Dazzling Sun and Moon!

"Li Position, Blazing Sun's Zenith!

"Gen position, Sword Charges at Bull and Dipper!

"Xun position, Peerless Sword Qi!

"Qian position, Bright Moon Rises from the East!"

Availing himself of the Black Yin Ancestor's lack of focus, Wang Chong called six orders in a row. This time, however, at six positions around the black dragon, the sixteen sword formations of the Righteous Alliance simultaneously attacked with a heaven-shaking momentum.