The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1348

Chapter 1348: The Lord Of The Righteous Alliance

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

The salvo of attacks came so suddenly that even the Black Yin Ancestor was caught off guard. But the true blow came from Ouyang Changheng.

"Darkness Qilin!"

The howl of a Qilin resounded through the air, and Ouyang Changheng's beard suddenly began to dance while his eyes exploded with dazzling light. An enormous black Qilin pushed through a gap in the Black Yin Ancestor's defenses and slammed like a comet of destruction into the chest of the black dragon, striking with thunderous momentum.


The Black Yin Ancestor cried out as he was thrown out of the dragon's body by this dreadful strike. This was the first time the Black Yin Ancestor had suffered such a blow in his battle with Ouyang Changheng.


The Black Yin Ancestor vomited blood, his entire body trembling in shock and fury.

Ouyang Changheng's attack had made him angry, but the archcriminal behind all this was that azure-robed youth down below.

If not for him, Ouyang Changheng would have never been able to injure him.

"You useless pieces of trash! Kill him already!"

The Black Yin Ancestor's roars echoed across the Righteous Alliance's base. But no one could have imagined that the target of his rage was not Ouyang Changheng, but someone who had not even fought in the battle, Wang Chong. And as the Black Yin Ancestor roared, the experts fighting with the Righteous Alliance began to notice that youth midway up the mountain.

At that moment, Wang Chong became the undisputed center of the battlefield, countless people focusing their attention on him.

Wang Chong was at first taken aback by this strange mood, but he quickly smiled.

Although everyone had now taken notice of him, this was perfect for Wang Chong if he wanted an identity that would let him infiltrate the world of sects.

At the very least, he had made a reputation through this battle.


"Kill that kid!"

Countless Black Yin Sect disciples bellowed as they began to charge toward Wang Chong's position.

If King Yama said that one needed to die by the third watch, no one would dare to tarry until the fifth watch!

For the disciples of the Black Yin Sect, as long as the Black Yin Ancestor wanted someone dead, they would pay any price to kill that person.

The mountain resounded with cries of battle as the Black Yin Sect disciples surged toward Wang Chong.

At this moment, Song Youran's voice resounded in everyone's ears. "All Righteous Alliance disciples, hear my order! Protect Young Master Qingyang!"

The Righteous Alliance disciples responded, taking up their swords to hinder the Black Yin Sect disciples while also forming a protective circle around Wang Chong.

"Protect Young Master Qingyang!"

"Protect Young Master Qingyang!"

"Protect Young Master Qingyang!"

More cries could be heard as other Righteous Alliance disciples noticed what was going on and rushed toward Wang Chong. Clangclangclang! The clashing of weapons and Stellar Energy rang out as the battle intensified like never before.

For the first time, the Righteous Alliance and Black Yin Sect, two major factions of the world of sects, were fighting over a young man that belonged to neither faction.

At some point, Wang Chong had become the point of contention for the entire battlefield, the crux which would decide the final outcome.

Not even Song Youran, who had brought Wang Chong to the base in the first place, had ever expected this outcome!


Wang Chong mentally smiled at this sight. In his weakened state, everyone had now taken him to be the innately weak and powerless 'Young Master Qingyang'. It seemed like not even the Black Yin Ancestor suspected his identity.

The world had conspired to create a disguise for him.

"Kan position, Li position! Blazing Sun's Zenith!

"Qian position, Xun position! Bright Moon Rises from the East!"

Wang Chong was unperturbed, and continued to gaze at the summit and command the Righteous Alliance experts in their battle against the Black Yin Ancestor. Many ants could gnaw an elephant to death, and though the Black Yin Ancestor was powerful, in the face of the many attacks from the sword formations and Ouyang Changheng, he immediately found himself hard-pressed.

Under the command of Wang Chong, these ordinary experts of the Righteous Alliance that the Black Yin Ancestor would normally be hardly bothered about were like iron bars, trapping him within an invisible cage that was slowly contracting around him.

The Black Yin Ancestor was astonished and enraged. This was an exceedingly rare opportunity, with the majority of the Righteous Alliance's forces away to search for the Origin Immortal Mountain and the Demonic Emperor Old Man—one that he had used to strike at the Righteous Alliance's rear so that he could exterminate its base in one fell swoop.

Never had he imagined that even though he had succeeded in ambushing that old man Ouyang Changheng, he would eventually fail due to the efforts of some mysterious boy. All his plans had been completely overturned.

The Black Yin Ancestor had dominated the world of sects for more than half his life, and no one had ever dared to oppose him like this.

"Reckless thing, I'll put the Righteous Alliance to the side for now! Even if this ancestor can't kill Ouyang Changheng today, I'll kill you first to serve as a warning to others!"

The Black Yin Ancestor's fury brought forth courage, and his desire to kill Wang Chong instantly exceeded his desire to kill Ouyang Changheng. Boom! Evil and sinister energy, so thick that it seemed like black liquid, erupted from the Black Yin Ancestor's dantian.

Just when the Black Yin Ancestor was prepared to use a secret art that did almost as much damage to him as it did to his foe…

"Luo Qiyin, when this one isn't here, is this all you're capable of? Only focusing on attacking juniors!"

At this moment, the air rumbled with a voice suffused with boundless dignity.

As this voice spoke, a golden light burst out of the clouds and illuminated the heavens, dyeing the sky in the hue of sunset. And deep within the clouds was a destructive energy that burned the heavens as it rapidly approached the summit.

"Not good! Song Yuanyi!"

That blazing golden light and the black silhouette within it that was rapidly approaching caused the Black Yin Ancestor who had been rampaging unbridled through the Righteous Alliance disciples to become like a mouse seeing a cat. His face paled and deep dread appeared in his eyes.

"Retreat! Everyone, retreat! Song Yuanyi has returned! Everyone, leave now!" the Black Yin Ancestor called out anxiously.

Taking on the blows from Ouyang Changheng and several Righteous Alliance disciples, the writhing dragon erupted with Stellar Energy and soared into the sky in an explosion of dust.

But even though the Black Yin Ancestor had reacted quickly, that figure that was descending from the heavens reacted even more quickly. The Black Yin Ancestor had barely fled several thousand feet when that figure caught up and collided with him.


A heaven-shaking explosion appeared in the sky, stirring up fierce gales. Kacrack! Eight of the Righteous Alliance's banners on the mountain snapped while numerous Righteous Alliance disciples cried out in alarm as they were caught up in the gale and sent bowling over.

"Song Yuanyi! Just you wait! This is only the beginning!"

The Black Yin Ancestor's furious voice resounded through the air, but the man himself had already shot off into the distance as a black streak. The other figure did not continue to pursue, instead gently drifting down to the summit like a spiraling feather. Thump!

But when that person landed, he seemed to weigh ten thousand jun, the entire mountain trembling under his weight.

"It's the Righteous Alliance Lord!"


The Black Yin Sect disciples paled in fear at the sight of the figure on the summit. All of them immediately turned around and scattered like frightened beasts.


Meanwhile, the Righteous Alliance disciples were invigorated and chased after the fleeing Black Yin Sect disciples.

At almost the same moment, ringing war cries came from the west as hundreds of Righteous Alliance disciples charged forward.

Every one of these Righteous Alliance experts was incredibly powerful, and at a rough glance, there were six or seven who were on par with Ouyang Changheng. The situation was instantly reversed, and the Black Yin Sect was soon routed completely.

While everyone else was chasing after the Black Yin Sect, Wang Chong remained standing at his position midway up the mountain. His gaze quickly turned to that white-robed figure who had descended from the heavens.

This person… is the Righteous Alliance Lord?

Wang Chong silently inspected this person.

This man seemed around forty or fifty, and he was wearing the snow-white robe emblematic of the Righteous Alliance, but he exuded an indescribable dignity. His face was stern and inflexible, and he seemed like one of those grim and taciturn types. His eyes exuded a sharp light that infused him with a sharp and fierce aura.

What left the deepest impression was the boundless energy raging within him, seemingly capable of sundering apart the world.

Anyone who experienced this vast sea of dreadful energy would instinctively feel awe and respect.

What a powerful expert!

With only a glance, Wang Chong immediately felt his heart chill. At the same time, he buried his cultivation even deeper within him. Although this was his first time seeing him, Wang Chong sensed that this Righteous Alliance Lord was extremely dangerous, even more dangerous than the Black Yin Ancestor. And Wang Chong sensed that if his Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art were discovered, he would immediately be thrown into a fierce battle.

"A clown's tricks!"

At this moment, Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi stood on the summit, his robes snapping in the wind, his body suffused with a divine energy. At this time, he had not even noticed Wang Chong. His sharp and cold eyes were fixed on the fleeing Black Yin Sect experts.


Song Yuanyi flicked his right hand several times, instantly firing off ten-some dense bolts of energy in various directions. When these bolts of energy had traveled some three hundred feet, they divided into two, then into three, and struck the fleeing Black Yin Sect experts.


Explosions and screams rang through the air as the bolts of energy made large holes in the bodies of the fleeing Black Yin Sect disciples, who trembled before dropping to the ground, some of them rolling along for as much as one hundred feet.

The world suddenly fell silent. With just a single move, the Righteous Alliance Lord had killed at least fifty Black Yin Sect experts.