The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1349

Chapter 1349: The Infinity Token

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Alliance Lord!"

"Alliance Lord!"

"Alliance Lord!"

Countless Righteous Alliance disciples shook themselves from their stupor and began to loudly cheer. As they gazed at that white-robed figure on the summit, their eyes exuded extreme passion and adoration. It was as if the man on the summit was no human, but a god.

Wang Chong's expression immediately turned extremely grave. He sensed that this person was undoubtedly a major foe of his master, the Demonic Emperor Old Man.


At this moment, a graceful figure brushed past Wang Chong toward the man on the mountain, rushing into the embrace of the Righteous Alliance Lord.


Wang Chong was somewhat startled by this scene, his mind in turmoil. When Song Youran had begun to command the Righteous Alliance disciples, Wang Chong had already been able to tell that she held an unusual status. But not even Wang Chong had imagined that Song Youran would be the daughter of Song Yuanyi, the Righteous Alliance Lord.

The Demonic Emperor Old Man was mortal foes with the Righteous Alliance Lord, and in the conspiracy back then, Song Yuanyi had played a part. Wang Chong had never imagined that he would have saved Song Yuanyi's daughter, and for a moment, a complicated expression appeared in his eyes.

It's about enough. I should quit while I'm ahead! This Righteous Alliance Lord is no mediocre individual, and as one of the schemers against my master, he's definitely an extremely shrewd man. I still haven't recovered from my injuries, so if I remain here, there's an eight- or nine-out-of-ten chance that I'll be exposed!

With this thought, Wang Chong swiftly weighed the pros and cons and decided to use this chance to leave.

"Haha, Young Master Qingyang, just where do you plan on going?"

Wang Chong had barely retreated a few steps when a sinister voice rang out in his ear. A figure exuding an icy aura suddenly rushed forward and blocked his path.

"Ji Andu!"

Wang Chong narrowed his eyes, instantly recognizing the man.

During the fierce battle on the summit with the Black Yin Ancestor, Wang Chong had seen no sign of Ji Andu, but now, he had appeared out of nowhere to block Wang Chong's path.

"Young Master Qingyang, you played a major role in dealing with the Black Yin Ancestor. With the alliance lord here now, how can you just leave?"

Ji Andu had a beaming smile and seemed to have good intentions, but his eyes were ice-cold and emotionless. After speaking, he immediately looked around him and at Song Youran at the summit.

"Everyone, this one is the illustrious Young Master Qingyang of the world of sects! Junior Sister, Young Master Qingyang seems ready to leave. Are you not going to stop him?"

With his last words, he looked at Song Youran and spoke at a higher volume.


Wang Chong's heart chilled as he glanced at Ji Andu, but he soon composed himself. No matter what sort of scheme Ji Andu had in mind, he would fail.

"Right, Father, that person is the illustrious Young Master Qingyang. He and his guard got separated, and your daughter happened to run into him and brought him back. Without his help, we would have been broken long ago."

Ji Andu's reminder caused Song Youran to remember this matter. Now that her father was here and the situation was settled, she could now relax and introduce this Young Master Qingyang. Young Master Qingyang was renowned for knowing all kinds of martial arts, and innumerable factions had tried to recruit him. She couldn't deny that she had also been somewhat thinking of this when she brought Wang Chong back to the mountain.


Song Yuanyi turned, his eyes as sharp as blades as they fell upon Wang Chong. At that moment, Wang Chong felt like every inch of his body was being thoroughly inspected.

"Alliance Lord Song, my respects."

Since he had already made up his mind, Wang Chong calmed down and proceeded toward the summit. He stopped several steps away from Song Yuanyi, his expression neither meek nor proud.

At that moment, Wang Chong became the center of attention, countless eyes upon him.

"Sir is Young Master Qingyang?"

A voice came from the side, and then several powerful Righteous Alliance elders walked out of the crowd, appreciatively inspecting Wang Chong.

Young Master Qingyang's reputation in the world of sects could not compare to martial luminaries like Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi or Elder Ouyang Changheng, but he was the number one individual of the younger generation. Thus, Young Master Qingyang was still closely watched by countless people.

Most importantly, Young Master Qingyang was far too mysterious. No one had ever seen him before.

"Young Master, my utmost gratitude for your assistance. This Song represents the entire Righteous Alliance in thanking Young Master!"

Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi finally spoke, his voice flat and emotionless.

"Right, the northwest is remote and very sparsely inhabited. For what reason has Young Master Qingyang come here? In addition, Young Master's guard has always been inseparable from Young Master. How did Young Master become separated from him? Our Righteous Alliance has many disciples and is well-informed. Perhaps we can ask around for you."

Song Yuanyi glanced at Wang Chong, a profound light in his eyes.

"Heheh, this one happened to hear several martial artists discussing how many people from the sects had appeared in the northwest, even the alliance lord. This one became curious and came to take a look. But there was a mishap on the way, and my guard and I were ambushed, and the two of us ended up separated. I have still not heard any news of him. I presume that Ji Wu is recovering from his wounds at some place. Once he has recovered, he will naturally come to find me. Ji Wu is a powerful martial artist with deep reserves, so he should not have any problems. Thank you, Alliance Lord, for your concern."

Wang Chong smiled, speaking leisurely. He then bowed, his expression and demeanor earning the admiration of the crowd.

Song Youran immediately sensed something and immediately spoke up in hopes of helping Wang Chong. "Father, Young Master Qingyang truly possesses astonishing talent. Although he's lacking in strength, just a few words of instruction were enough for him to command our Righteous Alliance disciples into working together to kill the Black Yin Sect's Black General Impermanence. In addition, with his prompt assistance, your daughter was able to escape the hands of Wei Changting!"


Song Youran's last words caused a ripple in Song Yuanyi's eyes, and his expression became much gentler.

A daughter knew her father the best, and Young Master Qingyang had so greatly aided the Righteous Alliance that Song Youran had no desire to have him be in an awkward situation.

Song Yuanyi turned and said, "Since that is the case, this Song is even more grateful to Young Master. Since Young Master is here, why not spend a few days with our Righteous Alliance?

"Elder Ouyang, take one of the Infinity Tokens of our Righteous Alliance and give it to Young Master Qingyang. Young Master Qingyang, with this token, whether you are in the northwest or anywhere else, you can mobilize the experts of our Righteous Alliance. In this way, you will be more able to protect yourself."

The eyes of all the Righteous Alliance disciples, including Ouyang Changheng, brightened. Young Master Qingyang's unique insight and profound understanding of martial arts had caused many factions to fight over him, but because his meridians were damaged, gold, silver, jewels, or even secret martial arts manuals were of little interest to him. By gifting him an Infinity Token, the alliance lord could mitigate Young Master Qingyang's flaw, return a favor to him, and also invisibly pull him closer to the sect, adding another outstanding retainer to the ranks of the alliance. This was truly a most exquisite move.

"Since that is the case, this one will take the offer."

Wang Chong smiled and clasped his hands as he took the token which signified an individual of extremely high status in the Righteous Alliance. The token was heavy in his hand, and as Wang Chong glanced down to look at it, he saw that the image of a crane and cloud was on one side while the word 'infinity' was written on the other, wrought in silver and exuding power.

Now that the matter was settled and Wang Chong had taken the token of the Righteous Alliance, Ouyang Changheng stepped forward and waved his hand. "Don't just stand around. Hurry and clean up the mountain!" A few moments later, the crowd had dispersed.

The mountain was in tatters, its slopes covered with snapped banners, fallen corpses, pools of blood, and mottled swords. All these things needed time to clean up.

Although the Righteous Alliance had suffered no small loss, judging by the bodies on the mountain, the Black Yin Sect had also come away with severe losses. This was particularly because Song Yuanyi had appeared at the last moment and killed many Black Yin Sect experts.

"Right, Father, did you get anything on this excursion? Did you find the Demonic Emperor or the Origin Immortal Mountain?" Song Youran suddenly asked. Her question instantly attracted the attention of others, and all of them looked over curiously.

Wang Chong's heart thumped as he looked over as well. His master and Song Yuanyi were mortal foes, and his master had been gone for so long at the same time that Song Yuanyi had gone out. This inevitably made Wang Chong feel a little worried.

His greatest concern at the moment was his master's current location.

Song Yuanyi fell silent, a look of recollection in his eyes.

"There's been no progress on the Origin Immortal Mountain, and whether it's really here is still a matter for debate. This immortal mountain appeared far too easily. I'm afraid the matter might not be as simple as we think it is," Song Yuanyi lightly said.

"What about the Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu then? Has there been any news of him?" Righteous Alliance Elder Ouyang Changheng suddenly spoke, his eyes gleaming with anticipation.

Demonic Emperor Zhang Wenfu was infamous for his many evil acts. He had raised countless bloody storms in the world of sects, and a large part of the reason the Righteous Alliance had come was for him.

Before Song Yuanyi could speak, a muscular man around two meters high stepped forward. "We ran into him, but he managed to escape. He even managed to injure a few of our men."

There was a bloody wound on his face that stretched from his cheek bone to his temple, and one could even spot a hint of bone. It appeared that he had been injured not too long go.

Sikong Yuanjia!

This was another elder of the Righteous Alliance, and in terms of status, he was above Ouyang Changheng.

Sikong Yuanjia's face was pale and his breathing ragged. These details along with the wound on his face indicated that he had suffered a significant loss in that battle he spoke of.