The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Descending From The Mountains

Chapter 135: Descending From the Mountains!

Meng Long quickly scaled down the mountain along with a few guards of the Wang Family Residence. On the other hand, Shen Hai had returned back to the Wang Family Residence to call a few more men over.

Even though his two capable aides had left, leaving him with just a bunch of workers, Wang Chong wasnt worried in the least. With Li Zhuxin and the newly accepted assassin, Miyasame Ayaka, beside him, there was no need for Wang Chong to worry about any danger.

Regarding Miyasame Ayaka, Wang Chong hadnt fully trusted her yet, and thus, he only told her a portion of the sutra for resolving the flaws of Spectre Steps.

This incomplete sutra couldnt make up for the weakness of the Spectre Steps, but it could lighten the damage it had already caused on Miyasame Ayakas physical body.

The latter should notice it as soon as she starts cultivating it.

Wang Chong continued to train on his Single Character Consecutive Slash until he had mastered the technique. After which, he started working on Dragon Bone Art once more.

Under the nourishment of the spirit vein, Wang Chongs progress in the Dragon Bone Art increased swiftly.

Under the effects of the Dragon Bone Art, the bones across Wang Chongs entire body grew smoother, more durable, compact, and resilient.

This was the effect of the Tiger Bone.

The more powerful ones bones were, the greater ones stamina!

The cheetah might run out of strength in just hundred meters, but a tiger could continue pursuing its target ceaselessly.

This was what Wang Chong felt now. The growth of his strength wasnt apparent cultivating the Dragon Bone Artit was far from matching up to Might of the Barbaric Godbut Wang Chong could sense that something deeper, his stamina and endurance, were gradually improving!

Around half a month later.


A mysterious sensation suddenly diffused from the depths of Wang Chongs body and he jolted. Under the nourishment of the spirit vein, he finally broke through his limit and reached Tiger Bone 2-dan.

A new surge of strength sprouted in his body, and he could feel the bones throughout his body forming one compact and powerful system. It felt as though he could wield explosive strength from any single part of his body anytime he wished.

So this is Tiger Bone 2-dan!

Wang Chong opened his eyes and he felt as though his vision had grown much sharper. In the past, he could only see two to three peaks in the distance, but now, five to six peaks appeared in sharp clarity before him.

Furthermore, by focusing, Wang Chong could hear many sounds he had missed out in the past. The effective radius of his hearing had also expanded.

In the distance, a deer atop a boulder pricked its ears as it listened warily to the surroundings. A few birds chirping merrily took off from their nest.

All of these, Wang Chong could hear clearly.

Upon reaching a certain level of mastery in the Tiger Bone, a martial artists sight, hearing, smell, and the other various senses would indeed be heightened!

Seated on the empty ground, a thought flashed across Wang Chongs head.

The benefit of this breakthrough wasnt just limited to his strength. He felt revitalized, as though he had reborn.

But of course, this was a just a feeling. It was impossible to tell from the outside.


Suddenly, a voice sounded. Wang Chong turned around and saw Miyasame Ayaka looking at him with bright eyes. She was still dressed in a tight black suit, and her face was veiled with a black cloth. It seemed like she was already used to this getup.

Whats wrong?

Wang Chong asked.

Master, Ive some things that I need to tell you.

Miyasame Ayaka looked troubled, as though there were many worries plaguing her mind.


Wang Chongs interest was piqued. It had been many days since the other party had submitted to him, but it was her first time taking the initiative to talk to him.

Do you remember me telling you that we, assassins, have an organization?

Un, whats wrong?

Wang Chong asked curiously.

This organization is known as Assassin Pavilion. Spectre Steps was taught to me by the Pavilion Master of the Assassin Pavilion. Given that I have betrayed him, he would definitely utilize all means to kill me. On top of that, since the mission isnt accomplished yet, hell definitely find more people to hunt you down. In fact, he might even make a move himself.

The Assassin Pavilion doesnt allow any failures.

Miyasame Ayaka said worriedly.

Oh, is he formidable?

Wang Chong smiled casually.

Very formidable!

Miyasame Ayaka answered seriously.

Even more so than Mister Li?

Wang Chong gestured to Li Zhuxin, who was standing in the distance.

Mister Li is not bad, but Im afraid he isnt a match for our Pavilion Master.

Miyasame Ayakas answer took Wang Chong by surprise. In an instant, Wang Chongs smile disappeared, replaced by grimness.

Even Li Zhuxin also couldnt help but turn over.

Wang Chong knew how powerful Li Zhuxin was, and Miyasame Ayaka had experienced his strength for herself as well. Yet, she said that the Pavilion Master was stronger than him.

Wang Chong finally felt the severity of the matter

If that Pavilion Master was that strong, then he must be at the pinnacle of True Martial realm, perhaps even reaching Profound Martial Realm.

If that was the case, then this matter had to be dealt with carefully.

However, even though the Pavilion Master is powerful, he rarely makes a move himself. Besides, the rules of the Assassin Pavilion is very much different from other places. Before confirming my whereabouts and my present condition, they wont abruptly send anyone after you. Thus, I will try my best to stay hidden during this period of time. However, master, you must remain careful as well! The Pavilion Master of the Assassin Pavilion is truly fearsome!

Miyasame Ayaka spoke with an extremely grim tone, as though Wang Chong life was like a candle flame which could be possibly extinguished at any moment. Wang Chong couldnt help but chuckle.

Master, what are you laughing for?!

Miyasame Ayaka suddenly felt a little infuriated, I am being serious here!

I know.

Even so, Wang Chong still couldnt help but smile.

You said that before they confirm your present condition, they wont make a move easily, right?

Thats right!

Miyasame Ayaka replied seriously.

Then, how confident are you in staying hidden from them?

Wang Chong asked once more.

Three months No, if I try my best, probably three and a half month. Thats my limit.

Miyasame Ayaka pondered seriously before replying.

Hehe, theres no need to go through so much trouble! Three months? This problem can be solved in a month!

Wang Chong spoke confidently.


Miyasame Ayaka stared at the youngster before her with eyes widened in shock.


Miyasame Ayakas first reaction was to think that it was impossible. It was already difficult for Wang Chong to even deal with her, needless to say, the fearsome Pavilion Master of the Assassin Pavilion.

Haha, surely you dont think that Im alone? Since your Pavilion Master has a bunch of underlings, do you think that I will be so rash as to charge in and fight with him singlehandedly?

Wang Chong smiled.

The Pavilion Master Miyasame Ayaka spoke of did seem like an impressive person. If it was anyone else, he would surely be helpless against him, doomed to live every single day in fear.

However, Wang Chong wasnt anyone else.

Miyasame Ayaka was right. One had to be careful while dealing with top-notch experts. However, Wang Chong didnt have the habit of handing the initiative to others.

You wish to mobilize the guards in the Wang Family Residence? Its useless. The guards in masters residence, even when including the two monks, the archer, me, and Mister Li, wont be a match for the assassins of the Assassin Pavilion!

Understanding the meaning behind Wang Chongs words, Miyasame Ayaka shook her head.

While it was true that Wang Chong possessed incredible backing as a son of a general clan, this advantage didnt mean much to those assassins.

Wang Chongs thinking was dangerous, and this made her worried.

Haha, youve misunderstood my intentions!

Wang Chong shook his hands and quickly refuted the other partys inference.

Why would I use the guards in the residence to deal with those assassins? Those guards are hand picked by my father off the battlefield, and the death of any single of them would cause my heart to ache. To deal with those assassins, theres no better candidate than the Imperial Army!

Hong long!

Suddenly, all sound vanished from the vast mountain forest. The workers who were secretly eavesdropping on their conversation froze and astonishment marked their faces. Even Li Zhuxin, who was usually composed, couldnt help but feel shocked by Wang Chongs words.

The Imperial Army was the guards of the Son of Heaven, and only the Sage Emperor wielded the authority to move them. Yet, this youngster claimed that he was capable of mobilizing them.

This was a huge taboo!

You can mobilize the Imperial Army?

Unknowingly, Li Zhuxin had walked over to Wang Chong and started assessing the youngster before him from head to toe. More than shock, what he felt was disbelief.

Wang Chong was only a teenage child. Even though he was the descendant of a prestigious clan, it should be far beyond his means to mobilize the Imperial Army.

Wang Chong simply smiled without explaining the matter. Zhao Fengchens silhouette appeared in his mind. At present, the other party was already a marshal of the Imperial Army.

The Pavilion Master of the Assassin Pavilion might be formidable, but it was impossible for him to compare up to this future Grand Marshal of the Imperial Army.

As for mobilizing the Imperial Army

A bunch of assassins appearing in the capital was a huge affair, and it wouldnt be out of place for the Imperial Army to move to eradicate them. No matter how capable the assassins were, it was impossible for them to stand against an entire army, needless to say, the most elite Imperial Army.

Do you know the location of the Assassin Pavilion?

Wang Chong suddenly asked.


Miysame Ayaka nodded blankly.

Even though they dont have a fixed base of operations, they would gather at a specific location every month.

Thats enough!

Wang Chong nodded. He decided to inform Uncle Li Lin of the matter after he returns and leave the matter to him.

Miyasaka Ayaka didnt know that the fate of the organization she was in had been sealed with this single decision of Wang Chongs.

After cultivating for a few more days at the mountain peak, Shen Hai finally returned with a few guards from the Wang Family Residence.

Gongzi, Mister Tuoba asked me to invite you back! He said that he had completed the crafting of the saber and that the rest is up to gongzi. Also, Madam has sent word that something has happened and gongzi should quickly return to the residence!

A Wang Family Residence guard dressed fully for battle kneeled with a single knee respectfully before Wang Chong.


Hearing those words, Wang Chongs eyes suddenly turned slightly absentminded. He hadnt been keeping track of the days since coming to the mountains, and unknowingly a long period of time had passed. Tuoba Guiyuans slender-blade thick-blunt saber had already been forged.
(Blunt -> Blunt edge of the sword)

Thinking about it now, it should have been done long ago. The experts from the Imperial Army were probably walking to and fro the entrance of the Wang Family Residence impatiently for the completion of the sword.

As for his mother

It was indeed long since he had last returned. As a son, while it was important for him to become stronger, he mustnt neglect his family in the midst of doing so.

Mister Li, prepare yourself. Well be descending from the mountains soon.

Wang Chong suddenly said.

It was time for them to scale down the mountain.

Leaving the matter regarding the spirit vein to Miyasame Ayaka, Wang Chong, along with Li Zhuxin, scaled down the mountain the very next day.

The saber is similar to a single-edged katana
What he means is that the blade is somewhat like a triangle; the sharp edge formed the tip, while the blunt edge is quite wide. I presume that this helps add force to the slashes, though it makes it much harder to use as well.
By slender, it means that in proportion to the length, the width of the blade is rather thin. (Similar to a tall and skinny person)