The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1351

Chapter 1351: Hidden Danger

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Thwish! The moment the eagle spotted Wang Chong, its bloody eyes rippled. With a flap of its steely wings, it kicked up a gust and shot off like a comet toward the green hills to the east.

After traveling several dozen li, that bizarre eagle with blood-colored eyes descended onto the outstretched arm of a man standing under a massive ginkgo tree.

"Haha, Little Guaiguai has found the target!"

The black-clothed man beneath the ginkgo tree bizarrely chuckled. He drew back his extended arm and used his other to stroke the eagle's back while he locked eyes with the blood-colored eyes of the eagle.


A moment later, the black-clothed man breathed in, and a bloody mist immediately arose from the eagle's body. This bloody mist moved and shifted as if it had a life of its own. Rather than scattering, it condensed into two streams of mist that surged into the man's eyes. A moment later, red images appeared in the man's mind.

These images were almost all of what the eagle had previously seen, though everything was now dyed blood-red.

"Blood Eye! How is it? Where is the target?" A cold and aloof voice came from behind him.

The three men wearing bamboo hats were standing nearby. Their hats were slightly tilted so that the majority of their face was hidden, and they had cloaks wrapped around their bodies. They were like bats that had fallen to earth, bizarre and mysterious, their appearances concealed.

"Haha, I've already seen him. He's on a mountain twenty-five li to our west. There are many banners on that mountain, so we can't miss it. Moreover it seems like the King of Foreign Lands has once more found many allies!"

The man in black wickedly chuckled. After being pursued for so many days and killing a good number of their men, in the end, he had still failed to escape their eyes.


One of the men in bamboo hats slightly raised his head, glancing at Blood Eye in surprise.


Blood Eye sternly nodded.

"Their banners on the mountain have the words 'Righteous Alliance' on them, probably some sect from the Central Plains, and it seems like it has many powerful fighters," Blood Eye said.

"Nothing but clowns! There's no need to worry about them. Kill anyone who dares to oppose us!" another man in a bamboo hat said, his voice as cold as that of a demon god from the netherworld.

The other two men in bamboo hats nodded. As the gods of this world, they regarded all mortal factions, no matter how powerful, as nothing more than ants, hardly worth their attention.

At best, that Righteous Alliance was nothing more than a somewhat larger ant.

"Get ready! We'll move out at the Zi Period. Kill everyone!" one of the men in bamboo hats firmly ordered.

Meanwhile, at the Righteous Alliance base, Wang Chong was seated cross-legged on a rock, looking down below. The marks left by the battle during the day had been cleaned away, and it appeared to Wang Chong as if nothing had occurred at all.

Wang Chong slowly scanned the area and saw the disciples of the Righteous Alliance resting or meditating, their expressions extremely calm.

The fierce battle during the day seemed like a part of the everyday routine to them, and Wang Chong couldn't see even the slightest ripple of emotion in their eyes.

Killing is rampant in the world of sects. Even the fiercest battle might be like eating or drinking to them.

As his gaze move farther down the mountain, Wang Chong saw at least five elders of the Righteous Alliance stationed at the base of the mountain, storms of energy rising from their bodies as they stood guard over different directions.

Each of these Righteous Alliance elders had reached the peak of the Saint Martial realm, and some of them were even at Gao Xianzhi's level.

These five elders sat motionless at their assigned positions, and though the explanation was that there had just been a major battle and the Black Yin Sect and the Five Ancestor Alliance might choose to attack in the middle of the night, Wang Chong sensed that the Righteous Alliance was actually targeting him. These five elders in their five positions formed a cage that trapped him within.

No matter where he went, he would not be able to escape the eyes of those five elders.

"Miss Song, during the day, I heard your father, Alliance Lord Song, saying that your Righteous Alliance was apparently chasing after the Demonic Emperor Old Man, and that your senior brother Ji Andu apparently had some relationship with the Demonic Emperor Old Man. What is all this about?"

Drawing back his gaze, Wang Chong quickly turned to Song Youran, who was seated next to him. Wang Chong only knew Song Youran on this mountain, so Song Yuanyi had decided to have Song Youran take care of him.

"Does Young Master Qingyang not know?"

A look of surprise appeared in Song Youran's eyes.

"Heh, you know that I didn't pay much attention to this sort of thing in the past."

Wang Chong found a random excuse to cover for himself. Fortunately, Song Youran did not press any further.

"So that's how it was."

Song Youran quickly began to explain.

"Around two years ago, before the establishment of the Righteous Alliance, there was a top-class expert in the world of sects called Zhang Wenfu. He was the number one man of the evil path, known in the world of sects as the Demonic Emperor. He was incredibly powerful and evil. He had become famous many years ago and had used an evil art called the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art to reach a level that very few people could ever reach. From the moment he became famous, he gathered many experts under his banner and become a great demon of the world of sects.

"He had a ruthless personality and massacred his way across almost every part of the martial arts world. He made everyone pale in fear, and there were some who didn't even dare to mention his name. Only my father was not afraid of him!"

When it came to her father, Song Youran appeared proud.

"But there is a saying that goes, 'Good and evil will each have their own rewards, and if they do not come now, they will come in the future.' Zhang Wenfu's evil art was able to absorb the energies of others and turn them into shriveled corpses, stirring up extreme fury in the martial arts world. Although no one dared to oppose him for a long time, in the end, all the different kinds of Stellar Energy he absorbed caused him to suffer a cultivation defect.

"At the beginning, he tried to hide it and resolve the problem on his own, but in the end, his disciple discovered it and leaked the news. Zhang Wenfu's actions had infuriated the entire world of sects, so the evil and righteous sects joined together. With the assistance of the Demonic Emperor Old Man's disciple working from the inside, they succeeded in heavily injuring the Demonic Emperor Old Man and shattering his dantian, freeing the martial arts world from his reign of terror.

"That was the biggest incident in the entire world of sects, and completely altered the power balance. It was also at that time that the Righteous Alliance and Five Ancestor Alliance were established. And the disciple of the Demonic Emperor Old Man who had participated in that incident was recruited by my father into the Righteous Alliance, and he is none other than my senior brother, Ji Andu.

"My father says that he's already turned his back on evil and returned to the righteous path, and that I should give him a chance, but I know that he's never changed. From the moment he entered the Righteous Alliance, he's thought of every way to pursue me, and he's even tried to get my father to agree to the marriage. His goal is none other than to inherit my father's position and become the Lord of the Righteous Alliance. I've already refused him many times, but though he has ulterior motives, Father and the elders say that the pros outweigh the cons, and that he rendered great service back then. But nobody had ever imagined that the Demonic Emperor Old Man managed to survive in the end, leading to today's incident."

When discussing her own marriage, Song Youran showed a hint of sorrow and loneliness on her white and tender face.

Wang Chong looked thoughtful, then smiled and said, "Be at ease. No matter what he's planning, he'll never succeed!"


Song Youran was startled and immediately shot Wang Chong a confused glance.

"Heh, if I say it won't happen, it won't happen. You'll understand in the future."

Wang Chong did not explain any further.

Song Youran became more and more astonished. Although Young Master Qingyang was very famous, he was lacking in strength, and even if he were a powerful martial artist, he would not be able to intervene in the matters of the Righteous Alliance. In the Righteous Alliance, there was only one person who could decide her fate: her father, Song Yuanyi.

"Young Master"

Song Youran was about to ask more questions when the sound of footsteps came from behind them, and then a voice.

"Junior Sister, the alliance lord is asking for you. You need to go over now."

A Righteous Alliance disciple appeared behind the pair.

"Ah? I'll head over now."

Surprised, Song Youran quickly stood up.

"Young Master, I'll take my leave. If you have a problem, please feel free to inform me."

With these words, Song Youran left.

All fell quiet, and Wang Chong turned his gaze once more down the mountain.

After some time, rustling footsteps and a cold and sinister voice came from behind him. "Young Master Qingyang is truly in high spirits!" A figure was soon making their way over to Wang Chong.

"Hah, Senior Brother Ji has truly taken great pains. For the sake of meeting me alone, you even found a way to have Miss Song leave."

Wang Chong smiled, not even turning his head as he spoke.

Bzzzz! The footsteps came to a sudden halt, and Ji Andu narrowed his eyes as he stared at Wang Chong's back, as a venomous snake would stare at its prey.

"Hmph, you're quite bold. You actually dare to pretend to be Young Master Qingyang in front of so many people!"

Ji Andu coldly snorted, his words capable of freezing one down to the bones.


Time seemed to stop for a moment. Wang Chong's face was emotionless, but his heart was shaken. In the end, Wang Chong had failed to deceive his senior brother.

The air instantly became fraught with tension.

"Heh, Sir Protector, what are you saying?"

Wang Chong chuckled, his face unperturbed.

"Ha! Everyone in the world of sects knows that Young Master Qingyang is lacking martial arts, so that guard at his side is incredibly powerful and was completely trained up by Young Master Qingyang. The two of them are completely inseparable, and there has never been a case where Young Master Qingyang journeys alone without his guard. Junior Sister might have been convinced by just a few words from you, but do you really think that the rest of us are so blind?"

Ji Andu approached Wang Chong, sinisterly inspecting him.

Stellar Energy had gathered on his right wrist, prepared at any moment to strike Wang Chong.