The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1353

Chapter 1353: Night Raid Of The Men In Black Ii
Chapter 1353: Night Raid of the Men in Black (II)

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

If not for a freak combination of factors allowing him to infiltrate the Righteous Alliance, Wang Chong would have to face the men in black alone, and in his current state, it would truly be a large problem.

But now, he had the mortal foes of his master on one side and a force that would go to any lengths to kill him on the other. This was a perfect time to have them bite at each other, exhausting their strengths.

Since you're here, I can't let you leave without paying a price!

Wang Chong smiled as he vanished from the summit.

"Just who are you all?"

At the foot of the mountain, the muscular Sikong Yuanjia stepped forward, his eyes stern and cold as he glared at the eastern winds. But what came in reply to Sikong Yuanjia was a shrieking whistle.

A boulder weighing several thousand jin hurtled through the sky like a cannonball, shooting toward Sikong Yuanjia.

"Seeking death!"

Sikong Yuanjia's face turned cold. Clang! There was a metal clattering as a golden halo erupted from his feet. A moment later, Sikong Yuanjia was gone, leaving an afterimage in his place, and then he slammed into that massive boulder.

Kaboom! Sikong Yuanjia's fist instantly obliterated the boulder, sending debris flying in every direction.


Just when Sikong Yuanjia was ready to charge out, a burst of screams from other areas resounded in his ear, and the screams of the dying immediately caused Sikong Yuanjia to pale. Just when he was about to go to their aid, he felt an intense danger.

"Seeking death!"

With no time to think, Sikong Yuanjia gathered all his Stellar Energy. His right arm rapidly swelled, transforming into a Qilin which surged forward.


As the palms clashed, there was a tremendous explosion, and then two flames, one violet and one black, wrapped around Sikong Yuanjia's fist as if they had lives of their own and began to rapidly encroach on the rest of his body.

"Not good!"

Sikong Yuanjia grimaced and immediately erupted with even greater Stellar Energy to push back the man in black. He rapidly retreated, creating a distance of ten-some paces with his adversary.

"How could this be? What art is this?!"

Sikong Yuanjia had a nasty grimace as he inspected the still-burning flames of violet and black on his arm.

While Sikong Yuanjia was kept busy, after the Celestial Powder had been spread across more than half of the Righteous Alliance disciples, fifty to sixty men in black appeared and began to charge toward the mountain.

These people were cold and silent. Upon reaching the mountain, they gathered together and swiftly charged in one direction, not even trying to start a large-scale battle with the Righteous Alliance.

These men in black had only one goal.

As the clashing of weapons rang out in the surroundings, a voice spoke softly to avoid attention. "Blood Eye, have you found the target?"

A man in black with red eyes nodded. "I'll use the soul eagle to guide us!" He stopped, his right foot propping up against a rock, and raised his head to the sky. A moment later, a blazing light flashed from his eyes.


The sharp cry of an eagle came from overhead, and then the eagle with blood-colored eyes broke out of the clouds, its wings pulled back so that it descended like an arrow to a certain part of the mountain.

"Over there!'

Blood Eye's eyes flashed with cold light, and then the group immediately began to make their way toward the location indicated by the soul eagle.

"Enemy!" a Righteous Alliance expert called out from the darkness as he led the charge against the men in black.

Behind him, more Righteous Alliance experts were converging, and they were rapidly assuming sword formations to attack the men in black.

"Hahaha, these ants of the mortal world are truly suicidal!"

A man in black with cruel eyes swayed, and then he vanished using his spatial movement technique.

Swishswishswish! Six Righteous Alliance disciples who were charging over suddenly had bloody lines across their necks. Before they even understood what was going on, blood gushed out and they dropped to the ground, their eyes lifeless.


Furious bellows rang out, and the bodies of some of the men in black began to crackle and pop as their bodies enlarged. A few moments later, they had taken on their halfLu Wu forms. With a flash, they charged at the Righteous Alliance disciples.


Swords swung down from all directions at one of these halfLu Wus, but in a shower of sparks, they were all repelled.

"What kind of monster is this?!"

A Righteous Alliance disciple reeled back in fear, his body trembling.

There were many kinds of martial arts in the world of sects, many of them bizarre and evil, but none of them allowed the user to transform into such half-man half-monster beings.

The appearance of these men in black had completely overturned their understanding of the martial arts world.

However, the disciple was only able to retreat a few steps

Boom! A beast twice the size of an ordinary man slammed a claw into the chest of this disciple.

"Aaah!" With a scream, the Righteous Alliance disciple was sent flying twenty-some meters into the air. Blood gushed out of his body, and he was dead before he hit the ground.

"Hurry and stop them!"

Furious and frantic roars could be heard. These black-clothed men who had come from nowhere were not numerous, but they were inconceivably powerful and had all kinds of bizarre techniques. The Righteous Alliance was the number one sect of the martial arts world, and it knew of all the various sect alliances of this world. But it had never heard about this faction of men in black.


More and more Righteous Alliance disciples entered the fray, but they were incapable of stopping the men in black.


There was a flash of light.

Black and violet flames shot forward, and these Fires of Ju Bi and Mara burned away the Stellar Energies within the Righteous Alliance experts. The character of their Stellar Energies was completely incapable of stopping these despotic flames.

The Celestial Powder, the Fire of Ju Bi, the Fire of Mara, and this large group of men in blackthis was undoubtedly the most terrifying, most bizarre, and most unexplainable night the Righteous Alliance had ever experienced.

They had never even heard about any of these techniques the men in black had used.

As these several dozen men in black were killing their way through the mountain, a roar resounded through the sky. "Evil toads and demons, you dare act so unbridled before the Righteous Alliance?!"

The man in black closest to the source of this roar immediately trembled and sent a raging sea of Fire of Mara at the place where the voice had come from.

But a moment later, the man in black looked up and paled.

"Not good!"

The black-clothed man tried to retreat, but it was too late.

The sky went dark as an enormous black silhouette slammed down.

Booom! The explosion of Stellar Energy caused dust to rise more than one hundred feet into the air. A gigantic black Qilin had descended from the heavens, one of its claws pulverizing the man in black who had used the Fire of Mara just now.

The man in black fired off one more Fire of Mara before he died, and those flames began to burn across the black Qilin's body. But with a burst of Stellar Energy, the Fire of Mara was forcefully extinguished.

The grandiose number one faction of the martial arts world had actually been poisoned and ambushed by some mysterious men in black and suffered grievous losses. Ouyang Changheng was utterly enraged by this sight.

Although these men in black were powerful and their black flames bizarre, Ouyang Changheng was a peak Saint Martial expert. The threat these inextinguishable flames posed to him was much less than it was for others.

Without the slightest hesitation, Ouyang Changheng in his black Qilin form moved to attack the other black-clothed experts. Boomboomboom! These powerful men in black were all sent flying by the black Qilin. Plush! A halfLu Wu man in black charged at the black Qilin, but a single stomp from the Qilin was enough to pulp his organs.

"Leave this person to me! The rest of you continue advancing!"

The apparent leader of this group gave a bestial roar.

This man was instantly engulfed in darkness, vanishing from sight. Raaaa! A moment later, a giant Black Flame Asura rose from the earth, but unlike other Black Flame Asuras, this one was fifteen to sixteen meters tall, and it did not have six arms, but eight. The Stellar Energy making up its body was so concentrated and dense that it seemed to be made of steel.


The eight-armed Asura stomped forward and slammed into Ouyang Changheng's black Qilin. At the moment of collision, time seemed to stop, but a moment later, a dreadful shockwave of energy burst out from the point of impact.

"Let's go!"

As the two experts fiercely battled, Blood Eye flew forward with incredible speed toward the area indicated by the soul eagle.


Battle cries rang out over the mountain as the Righteous Alliance experts heedlessly threw themselves at these mysterious men in black.

Fwoosh! At some point, a fire was ignited on the mountain, but this was a bonfire lit by a Righteous Alliance expert. As this bonfire banished some of the darkness, a second bonfire was lit, then a third, a fourth The scattered bonfires soon created a region of fiery light on the mountain, and with this light, the members of the Righteous Alliance were finally able to somewhat keep track of the men in black.

But the Righteous Alliance had still underestimated these ghostly and wicked men in black. They did not seem to care that they had been discovered, and in their halfLu Wu or Black Flame Asura forms, they charged up the mountain in a black torrent.