The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1355

Chapter 1355: Song Yuanyi Strikes

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Ji Andu vomited blood as his chest caved in. He felt as if all the blood in his chest was being propelled into his limbs and head, like all his blood and organs were being squeezed out.

Ji Andu couldn't even tell how many of his ribs had been broken.

Even worse was that a black flame also penetrated into his body, boring into his limbs and bones. Plip plip. Black blood began to trickle from his nose. An intense dread took hold of Ji Andu's mind.

This was the first time he had ever felt so close to death.

It was that bastard! It has to be him!

Ji Andu clenched his teeth and mentally cursed. He knew that he had fallen into someone's scheme, and there was only one person who had the means and desire to scheme against him only one!

"Everyone, hear my order! Kill them!" Ji Andu's shrill cry cut through the heavens.

Bang! A moment later, a bloody mist exploded outward. This was the first time since Ji Andu had entered the Righteous Alliance that he had used the Blood Escape Art of the evil path. His speed soared, and he fled into the distance as a black and blood-spattered streak. His speed was several times faster than before, and the halfLu Wu man in black was too surprised to catch him.

"Attack! Kill them all!"

Battle cries came from all around as the Righteous Alliance experts converged, assuming sword formations and heedlessly attacking the men in black.

Though these men in black were powerful, the Righteous Alliance was the number one faction of the martial arts world and had its own dignity to preserve. No matter what sort of opponent it faced, it would never shrink back.


Weapons clashed and energy shockwaves rumbled. It took only a moment for the Righteous Alliance experts to arrive, robbing the men in black of their best chance to chase down Ji Andu.

"Wait! It seems like it's not him!"

The leader of this group of men in black seemed to sense something, his eyes flashing. For a moment, he truly had sensed the target's aura on that fellow's body, almost taking him for the real target, but when that person used that secret art to flee for his life, the aura of the target utterly vanished.

There was now no question that this was not their real target.

"Forget about that guy who ran off! We need to find the actual target. As for these fools, kill them all!"

The black-clothed captain's eyes flashed. Bang! Raising his right hand, he unleashed a viscous black flame that struck a Righteous Alliance expert, instantly wreathing him in flames.


A wretched scream tore through the air, as the Righteous Alliance disciple's Stellar Energy burned. A few moments later, a blackened corpse fell to the ground.

More explosions rang out through the air. Other groups of men in black had also detected Wang Chong's energy, but in the chorus of explosions, those energy signals had disappeared. It was exactly the same as the situation they had encountered in the southeast. In a few moments, rather than finding their target, the men in black had intensified their conflict with the Righteous Alliance.

It's about time

At a distant part of the battlefield, a figure rose from a pile of Righteous Alliance disciples who had collapsed from poison. As Wang Chong scanned the countless people battling it out in the fiery light, his lips curled into a smile.

The men in black were inexorable, while Song Yuanyi was constantly pursuing his master. The Formation Elder's leaky mouth had also caused suspicion to be cast on his identity, leading five powerful elders of the Righteous Alliance to be positioned at five different points to prevent Wang Chong from quietly leaving. Besides that, Wang Chong also sensed that there were three even more formidable scoundrels keeping watch at the base of the mountain.

In these current circumstances, Wang Chong could neither advance nor withdraw, and he also could not personally intervene. He could only think strategically. The organization of men in black were able to lock onto his energy, but Wang Chong had succeeded in using his Stellar Energy to make clones that were able to easily resolve this problem.

Although the clones couldn't last for very long and couldn't fight, they were more than enough to mislead the men in black.

"But these people from the Righteous Alliance aren't enough!"

Wang Chong scanned the battlefield and frowned. The men in black had mysterious origins and inconceivable strength. Although experts of the Righteous Alliance like Ouyang Changheng could stand against them, the Righteous Alliance was still reeling from the surprise attack.

Wang Chong subconsciously turned his eyes to the summit, where a white tent had been set up. This was where the Lord of the Righteous Alliance, Song Yuanyi, resided. If there was one person that could alter the course of this battle, it was the Righteous Alliance Lord. But for some reason, the tent had remained utterly silent.

Suddenly, Wang Chong had a thought. Smiling, he began to make his way toward the summit.

Although fierce fighting was taking place on the mountain, outside the mountain, all was quiet. If one looked carefully, one might notice that all the leaves of a grove of trees two-hundred-some paces from the mountain were swaying in the wind. Above these trees, three men in bamboo hats stood in a row, hovering motionlessly in the air.

The battle had been going on for some time, but these three men seemed to have no intention of intervening. It was as if the battle had nothing to do with them.

The leftmost man looked up at the mountain and suddenly said, "It seems like there's been a small problem on the mountain."

"Haha, that little mouse has started with his schemes again."

The rightmost man wickedly chuckled, his voice cold and murderous.

"Leader, should we intervene?"

A moment later, the two of them turned to the man in the center, who was the largest of the trio. Although this man was also wearing a bamboo hat, he had a much heavier aura of energy about him and was significantly stronger than the other two. He was clearly the true leader of this operation.

The man in the center said nothing and did nothing. His two subordinates found it impossible to tell what he was thinking.

After a long while, the man in the center said, "There's no need!

"That one has still not moved."

As he spoke, he slowly raised his eyes to that white tent on the summit.

Amidst the chaos of battle and the loss of numerous lives, that white tent seemed to exist in another world and remained utterly unaffected. Although very few people took note of it in the heat of battle, the man in the bamboo hat sensed that there was an extremely powerful storm within that tent.

On the mountain, the battle was intensifying. As the number one faction of the martial arts world, the Righteous Alliance had gathered together many top-class experts, and these experts managed to inflict significant losses on the men in black.

"Damn it! Why is there still no sign of that brat? Did he sprout wings and fly off?!"

Blood Eye gnashed his teeth in rage.


At this moment, a sharp cry came from the summit. Blood Eye looked up and saw that the soul eagle had once more shot into the sky to search for the target. This time, however, it was indicating that the target was on the summit.

"Let's go!"

Blood Eye's eyes gleamed with cold light as he shot toward the summit, his mouth making a sharp whistle. At this moment, all the men in black on the mountain cast aside their previous targets and began to make their way toward the white tent on the summit.

Although numerous Righteous Alliance disciples tried to stop them, they were incapable of doing so. Two hundred feet, one hundred feet, eighty feet they were getting closer and closer to the summit.

At a distance of around sixty feet, Blood Eye stopped, suddenly sensing danger. To Blood Eye, that unremarkable white tent oozed danger from its every thread.


Although Blood Eye stopped after sensing danger, the men in black around him were completely unaware, charging with ghostly speed toward the tent.

One man in black in halfLu Wu form was now less than twenty feet from the tent.


With a shake of his wrist, he sent a bolt of destructive energy at the white tent, not even intending to see what was inside.

As that bolt of energy was about to strike the tent, an enraged voice bellowed from within.


This voice was suffused with a divine majesty, inspiring instinctive dread in all who heard it.


Time seemed to stop for a moment as a dreadful wave of energy exploded out of the tent. It swept forward like a hurricane, blasting apart the attack fired off by the man in black and then striking him head-on.


The halfLu Wu man in black's chest immediately caved in and his bones snapped. Vomiting blood, he was thrown into the air.

That white wave of energy continued unabated, quickly sweeping up the men in black in the back.


The seven black-clothed men following behind felt like they had run into a steel wall, and they screamed as that white wave of energy threw them into the air. Some of them had taken the forms of the tenacious halfLu Wus while others were in the forms of the mighty Black Flame Asuras, and some of them were at the Saint Martial realm but these people might as well have been made of paper in front of that white wave of energy, and all of them screamed as they were sent flying.