The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1356

Chapter 1356: A Man In A Bamboo Hat Intervenes

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

"Not good!"

Blood Eye paled and immediately began to retreat. But even when someone of Blood Eye's cultivation level used the void movement technique, he still could not outrun the white wave. Bang! In the blink of an eye, the wave of energy had caught up. Blood Eye only had time to put all his strength into sending off a gout of Fire of Mara, and then he was impacted by the wave.


The black Fire of Mara that could burn away all was able to blaze on the wave of energy for only a few moments before it was forcefully extinguished by that tyrannical wave of energy. Blood Eye was thrown into the air like a ragdoll, his face paling as he vomited blood.

With a single strike, Blood Eye, the strongest of the men in black, had been heavily injured, many of his bones broken.

Hwooo! Thick clouds of dust floated around the summit, while bloodstains and debris littered the ground for a hundred feet around the white tent. There was one corpse of a black-clothed man on the ground, and the other men in black were heavily injured, one hand pressed against their chests as they stared fearfully at that white tent on the summit.

For a moment, the entire world was devoid of sound.

Even the architect behind all this, Wang Chong, hidden in the back of the mountain, was shocked.

Swish! The tent flap was raised, allowing a white-robed figure with a scornful gaze to slowly and confidently walk out. An aura as vast as the mountains and seas erupted from his body, causing the space around him to distort.

Song Yuanyi, his expression cold and his body brimming with boundless energy, was like a mountain soaring into the heavens, the undisputed center of the world.

How could this be? To think that he would be this powerful! Wang Chong muttered to himself. As he looked at the back of that man on the summit, for the first time, he felt a deep dread.

In Liuyao City, Wang Chong had fought against these halfLu Wus and Black Flame Asuras, so he knew exactly how strong they were. Wang Chong had believed that even if Song Yuanyi was powerful, it would only be at the peak Saint Martial level, an Imperial Great General.

But now, Wang Chong realized how mistaken he was. This person was probably not much weaker than his master when it came to fighting power.

Over the last two years, his master had been resting and recovering, gaining back his old cultivation level and even discovering the existence of the Subtle realm. But the Demonic Emperor Old Man's foes had also not spent the last two years idling around. These were people who had managed to successfully entrap someone as paranoid as his master, so there was no way any of them could be easy to deal with. And these people had had an extra year and a half to improve their cultivation levels compared to his master.

When his master was comprehending the Subtle realm, his master's enemies had probably made their own significant progress in their martial arts.

This person was extremely dangerous!

When he thought about how Song Yuanyi was beginning to doubt his identity and had even placed five elders at the base of the mountain to guard against him, Wang Chong felt an intense danger. Song Yuanyi was an extremely shrewd person, and probably not even Song Youran's help was enough to deceive him.

I can't stay here any longer! Wang Chong quietly said to himself.

But despite the chaos on the mountain, Wang Chong did not immediately leave. He sensed from the very start that the three terrifying energies lurking at the base of the mountain had yet to move. Carelessly moving at a time like this would earn him the attention of both this trio and Song Yuanyi.

I still have to wait.

Wang Chong restrained himself and decided to stand back for now.

"Just who are you all?"

Song Yuanyi confidently strode toward the men in black.

Song Yuanyi was one of the strongest men in the world of sects and one of its guiding lights. Thus, he possessed a divine majesty that inspired terror in the hearts of others.

But when confronted by Song Yuanyi's domineering aura, not a single man in black replied.

Bang! With a heavy stomp of his right foot, a man in black lunged forward with murder in his eyes and a sword in his hand. He was soon followed by all the others, none of them speaking as they rushed at Song Yuanyi.

In this world, there was no faction worthy of their attention. No matter how powerful Song Yuanyi was, he was just an ordinary mortal in their eyes, though perhaps one that was a little stronger than usual.

"Hmph, seeking death!"

Song Yuanyi's gaze chilled. He only stared at these charging men in black, and he did not appear to take any sort of special action.

He held one hand behind his back while lightly flicking the other. Suddenly, six or seven bolts of energy as dazzling as the sun shot forward and struck those men in black.

Boom! Boom! Neither the tenacious halfLu Wus nor powerful Black Flame Asuras were capable of stopping those thunderously exploding bolts of energy.

Plushplushplush! There was a dazzling flash of light, and then large and bloody holes appeared on the chests of the men in black where their hearts had been. One could see right through these holes to the other side, and even clearly make out the organs in their chests.

"How could this be?"

The men in black came to a stop and stared incredulously at the bloody holes in their chests.

With their strength, not even divine weapons would be able to do much damage to them. But a single human had managed to end their lives with a flick of his finger. They found this impossible to accept.

Thumpthumpthump! A few thoughts flitted through their minds before all went black and they dropped to the ground.

Silence, absolute silence!

Those men in black who had been charging up the mountain immediately stopped, their faces paling in fear.

After a short period of silence, all the Righteous Alliance disciples began to loudly cheer.

"Alliance Lord!"

"Alliance Lord!"

"Alliance Lord!"

These men wearing dark clothes and black scarves around their faces had come out of nowhere and were extremely mysterious, and each one of them was inconceivably powerful.

Moreover, they worked with incredible cohesion and assaulted the mountain without saying a word, forming a stark contrast with the disciples of the Five Ancestor Alliance. It was like they were ghosts from the underworld.

In a single encounter, numerous Righteous Alliance disciples had been slain at their hands, and not even the elders were a match for these fearsome foes. Yet in the end, these people had still fallen to the alliance lord. No matter how powerful these men in black were, they were naught but clay dogs in front of the alliance lord.


Gusts of wind came from the forest at the foot of the mountain. Those three men floating in the air had finally begun to move.

"They can't hold!" the leftmost man in the bamboo hat suddenly said. "I didn't think that such a powerful individual could be found not just in the Imperial Court of the Central Plains, but the martial arts world as well!"

"A very powerful foe!" the rightmost man agreed. "It seems like we need to intervene!"

Seeing as he had killed so many of their subordinates with only two strikes, this hegemon of the martial arts world was worth fighting personally.

The man in the center gave a slight nod.

"The two of you go!"


The sounds of fighting could be heard in the distance. Song Yuanyi's display of strength had energized the Righteous Alliance disciples, and all of them were raising their weapons high into the air and charging at the men in black.


Upon seeing this sight, the leftmost man suddenly chuckled and cruelly smiled. His right hand gripped the hilt of his saber, and with a light tug, he half-pulled out a pitch-black scimitar.


The scimitar clanged, and then the man vanished in a puff of smoke.

At the base of the mountain, the battle was still underway. The Righteous Alliance disciples had managed to partition off some of the men in black.


A Righteous Alliance disciple charged out from the outermost encirclement toward a man in black.

But a moment later, this Righteous Alliance disciple suddenly turned around, sensing intense danger. However, there was only empty darkness behind him. Suddenly, the faint gleam of a saber burst out in front of his eyes.

Swish! Before the Righteous Alliance disciple could react, he was cut in two by that gleaming saber. As the halves of his body separated, they turned into fierce balls of black flame. And as these flames burned, they overflowed, burning everything within ten paces.


The Righteous Alliance disciple's body almost instantly exploded. A moment later, a nearby Righteous Alliance disciple was also struck by a gleaming saber and exploded into flame.

A second, then a third, a fourth In the blink of an eye, ten Righteous Alliance disciples howled and erupted in fire.

Black flames swept across the foot of the mountain like water.


Another saber light flashed through the air, but this time, it was not targeted at a single Righteous Alliance disciple. The thin light of the saber extended for more than three hundred feet, and then, boom! It sounded as if the entire mountain had been cut open.

Whether or not those twenty to thirty Righteous Alliance disciples had realized, they were nothing more than lambs to the slaughter to that saber energy, all of them cleaved apart. Their severed bodies immediately began to seethe with black flames.


Even though the Righteous Alliance experts had been cleaved apart, their heads still wailed in misery, their faces twisting in agony as the black flames consumed them.


Upon seeing this, all the Righteous Alliance disciples who had been excitedly charging at the men in black pulled back in terror.

In the face of that saber light, all of them were nothing but ants. No matter how they tried to fight back, they would be killed all the same.

Most importantly, even though so many Righteous Alliance experts had been almost instantaneously killed, they hadn't even seen who had done the deed, as if it was all the work of a ghost. This sort of sensation was simply maddening.