The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1357

Chapter 1357: The Eternal Spring Mantra

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Swish! There was another saber glow, and then twenty-some Righteous Alliance experts were cut down like stalks of wheat.

No one of the Righteous Alliance could stand before that ghostly and razor-thin streak of saber energy. This saber energy quickly drew out a 'Z' in the air as it traveled up the mountain.

"Demon of the evil path, die for me!"

A thunderous roar came from overhead, and when that almost invisible saber gleam appeared once more, a vast ball of flame charged out like a comet toward it.

In those flames, one could vaguely make out a large and muscular man, his body like that of a bronze giant that was encased in fiery red armor formed from Stellar Energy. This suit of armor was exquisitely constructed, seven to eight inches thick, and gave off an aura of invincibility.

"Stellar Fire Sea!"

Sikong Yuanjia roared as he set all the energy in his body howling at that faint saber energy.

Boomboomboom! As one wave of energy after another came smashing down, that saber energy finally crumbled. And finally, the man wearing the bamboo hat was revealed, floating seven or eight feet off the ground.

His eyes were cold, his muscles tense, and he wielded a pitch-black scimitar in his hand while a cape snapped behind him in the wind. His body exuded the aura of a lunging leopard.

Meanwhile, Sikong Yuanjia, after finally forcing the man in the bamboo hat to reveal himself, landed on the ground and staggered backward.

His face also paled. It was clear that he had fared poorly in the clash just now. After all, he had still not recovered from his battle with the Demonic Emperor Old Man, so fighting another powerful foe in the bamboo hat man had caused him to suffer significant injuries.


The bamboo hat man locked his eyes on Sikong Yuanjia, the pitch-black scimitar seemed to give a bloodthirsty cry, and then he once more vanished like a ghost.

Greater Void Step!

This was the upgraded version of the void movement technique, and it was much faster and more formidable. Once the technique was used, one's aura would completely vanish and one could move with incredible speed, making it extremely difficult for one's actual position to be discovered. Even a Righteous Alliance Elder as powerful as Sikong Yuanjia would find this a difficult feat.


Another saber energy emerged, moving with even greater speed. By the time it appeared, it was already extremely close to Sikong Yuanjia, and the target was Sikong Yuanjia's back!


Sikong Yuanjia grimaced, and in the short time available, he gathered eighty percent of his Stellar Energy and expelled it from his back. But this saber energy was far sharper than Sikong Yuanjia had imagined. It sliced through Sikong Yuanjia's Stellar Energy and hacked into his back.


In the air, the bamboo hat man cruelly smiled. He cultivated one of the top-class saber arts of their organization, known as the 'Myriad Cycle Slash'!

At the start, this saber art required one to slash with a saber ten times in one second, then one hundred, one thousand, and then even more. At the highest level, all the saber energies would fuse together into one, hair-thin gleam of light that was more than two hundred feet long.

It was simple and plain, but the power was incredible.

It could even cut through the Stellar Energy of peak Imperial Great Generals like it was made of paper.

Boom! The sharp saber energy struck Sikong Yuanjia's body, but a moment later, it scattered as if it had struck a fortress. Sikong Yuanjia's thick Stellar Energy armor had succeeded in stopping the blow.

Sikong Yuanjia hurtled through the air, sent flying twenty-some meters by the blade energy, and his face turned even more pale. But in the end, he had still managed to block the blow.

Zhurong1 Divine Armor!

This was a supreme art that Sikong Yuanjia alone cultivated. He had spent twenty years cultivating this technique, finally succeeding in achieving a state of complete fusion with it.

It was precisely this art that allowed Sikong Yuanjia to be one of the strongest elders of the Righteous Alliance. Even the strongest techniques would find it very hard to harm Sikong Yuanjia through his Zhurong Divine Armor.

But a moment later, crack! Without any warning, thin cracks appeared on the Zhurong Divine Armor near Sikong Yuanjia's chest, and these cracks instantly caused Sikong Yuanjia to lose his composure.

"How could this be?"

Sikong Yuanjia immediately felt a deep dread. This suit of armor was truly tougher than steel. If his foe was able to crack it with just a single saber strike, then this saber energy was many times stronger than he had imagined.


The bamboo hat man in the air had clearly noticed this. His eyes chilled as he raised his scimitar and prepared another attack.

"Elder Sikong, we've come to help you!"

In a flash of light, several other elders stationed at the base of the mountain arrived.

Meanwhile, in a gust of wind, the rightmost bamboo hat man coldly smiled. He took two steps, each one covering more than one hundred feet, and vanished.

Without alarming a single person, the second bamboo hat man brushed past Sikong Yuanjia and the others and headed toward the summit.

Possessing the Greater Void Step made one essentially undefeatable, so the first bamboo hat man did not require his assistance. In contrast, the existence of Song Yuanyi on the summit posed an enormous threat to all the men in black. Blood Eye and the others were simply no match for him.

"Finally moving out?"

The enormous Righteous Alliance banner snapped in the wind. Song Yuanyi stood in front of the white tent, his profound gaze peering through the void. He had long ago grasped all the movements taking place around this mountain.

Whether it was the bamboo hat man fighting with Sikong Yuanjia at the base of the mountain, that second bamboo hat man advancing with lightning-fast speed, or that leader who was still floating above the distant trees, none of them could escape Song Yuanyi's gaze.

He had noticed their existence from the moment the battle had begun. To shoot a man, shoot his horse, and to capture the subordinates, capture the king. Song Yuanyi was well aware that those three bamboo hat men who had yet to move were the greatest threat to the Righteous Alliance.

As long as he could defeat them, he could utterly resolve this crisis.

This was also why he had not moved out, as he had been looking to conserve his Stellar Energy.


The sounds of fighting continued to ring out over the mountain, as Song Yuanyi routed the men in black. Seeing Song Yuanyi massacre his way through their forces, even Blood Eye felt deep dread, let alone the other men in black. All of them fell back, instinctively trying to avoid Song Yuanyi.

This Righteous Alliance Lord was unfathomably powerful in their eyes.

"Retreat! This fellow is too powerful. Let the leader deal with him!" Blood Eye called out from the crowd.

At least eighty percent of their losses up until now had been inflicted by Song Yuanyi, and he was now regarded as a god of slaughter by the men in black. At a time like this, Blood Eye could only hope that the three leaders would intervene.

Hwooo! Song Yuanyi's robes flapped in the wind as he left the summit and ventured deeper into the battlefield.

As one who possessed the strength to dominate the battlefield, Song Yuanyi was being watched by countless eyes, his every movement causing others to break out in cold sweat.

Many men in black paled and unconsciously retreated.


His expression indifferent, Song Yuanyi flicked his finger, a bolt of energy instantly striking the nearest man in black and dropping him to the ground.

Song Yuanyi was utterly unperturbed as he stepped onto the air and proceeded onward.

After taking six steps, Song Yuanyi opened a hand. A cry of alarm could be heard as a man in black was seemingly bound up by invisible chains and drawn into Song Yuanyi's grip, where he was held up in the air like a duck.

"Talk! Just who are you? Why have you attacked our Righteous Alliance?!" Song Yuanyi coldly said in a terrifying tone.


But the man in black only sneered. Before Song Yuanyi could do anything, the man bit down. As black blood dribbled out of his mouth, the man went limp and lifeless.

Song Yuanyi finally creased his brow.

"A suicide soldier!"

In the martial arts world, revenge killings were commonplace, but rarely were there people like these men in black who hid poison in their teeth that they used to commit suicide the moment they were captured. No one in the world of sects did such a thing, not even evil path disciples. The only exceptions were suicide soldiers.

At this moment, Song Yuanyi spotted two Righteous Alliance Elders in fierce combat and called out, "Elder Liu, Elder Kang!"

These two had disorderly auras, and it was evident that they had been wounded in battle.

"Alliance Lord!"

Upon hearing Song Yuanyi's voice, the two of them immediately retreated and flew to Song Yuanyi's side. Both of them had pale and unhealthy complexions.

Their cultivation levels were somewhat weaker than the other elders of the Righteous Alliance, and they were less able to resist the Fire of Mara and Fire of Ju Bi. Every two out of three of these men in black possessed such flames, causing the battle to be extremely taxing on the Stellar Energy reserves of these two elders.

"I leave these people to you!" Song Yuanyi said. He flicked his finger twice, and a moment later, two bolts of energy shrieked through the air and into the bodies of the two elders.

The energy in their bodies instantly began to swell while their wounds rapidly recovered. Elder Liu had a large saber wound on his body that stretched from left breast to right abdomen, but now, this wound began to close, new flesh growing in its place.

Swish! Swish! Song Yuanyi flicked out several more bolts of energy. Several Righteous Alliance experts who were heavily injured and just barely managing to hold on instantly began to recover. In the blink of an eye, their complexions turned ruddy, and they energetically lunged back into the fray like tigers or dragons.


On the summit, Wang Chong saw all this as he stood on a large rock, and his eyes twitched. Every martial artist was capable of treating another person's injuries and restoring energy, but no one was like Song Yuanyi, casually and rapidly healing wounds over long distances.

Probably less than ten percent of martial artists were capable of such a feat. Techniques like this were no longer within the bounds of ordinary martial arts.

The Eternal Spring Mantra!

A thought suddenly occurred to Wang Chong, but before he could fully digest it, a massive shift took place on the battlefield.

1. Zhurong is the god of fire in Chinese mythology.