The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1358

Chapter 1358: Not Even A Grain Of Dust Disturbed

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr


Suddenly, in a flash of light, a whip more than twenty meters long viciously snapped at Song Yuanyi. The black Fire of Mara fiercely burned on the whip, writhing and shrieking as if it had a life of its own.

As the whip flew through the air, it seemed as sharp as a blade. The air whistled as the black whip cut through it like paper.

This whip was so sharp that even a piece of steel would be cut in two.


But a moment later, a white and slender palm reached out and vigorously grabbed onto the whip. The black flames quickly encroached on the hand, but when they reached the fist, they could not continue any further. It was like they had run into some invisible wall.


The moment Song Yuanyi took action, a dim figure emerged from another direction. At first, this figure was more than one hundred feet away, but in the blink of an eye, this figure was right in front of Song Yuanyi.

A hand wearing a spiked gauntlet hurtled with terrifying speed toward Song Yuanyi.


As the fist exploded forward, it was like a bomb had been set off, countless waves of energy shrieking outward.

This fist alone already surpassed any attack of the first bamboo hat man. Not even experts on the level of Sikong Yuanjia or the Black Yin Ancestor could fend off this strike.

But a pure white palm shot forward and caught the metal gauntlet of the second bamboo hat man.

A heaven-shaking boom rang out as the fists collided.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

At that moment, it was like several dozen experts were fighting with all their power. Waves of boundless Stellar Energy centered on Song Yuanyi and the second bamboo hat man's clash swept through the area, rising several thousand feet into the air, causing the darkness to boom and rumble as if a thunderstorm was going on.


Amidst the explosions and roiling dust, it was the second bamboo hat man who was forced back ten-some paces. Song Yuanyi, in contrast, was like a stalwart pillar, remaining motionless in the air.

That heaven-shaking clash hadn't caused him to move even half a step.

For a moment, the world was silent.

Everyone on the battlefield paled, and the second bamboo hat man was stunned.

He knew that Song Yuanyi was very powerful, but he had never expected an expert of the martial arts world to be this powerful. Not even someone of his strength was able to move Song Yuanyi.


Someone similarly shocked by this sight was Wang Chong on the summit.

Wang Chong had always believed that no matter how strong Song Yuanyi was, it would not be too absurd, and that he himself would be able to fight a battle with him. But when he saw this sight, he understood that he had deeply underestimated the Lord of the Righteous Alliance.

Wang Chong finally understood how Song Yuanyi had managed to become a powerful foe of someone as strong as his status.

Judging only by how he had pushed back the second bamboo hat man with a single palm, Song Yuanyi could already rank as one of the strongest experts of the present age!

It's not right!

Wang Chong blinked and noticed a few peculiarities on the mountain. Wherever Song Yuanyi's Stellar Energy had passed over, barren rock had suddenly begun to sprout verdant grass.

Around twenty-some steps from Song Yuanyi, upon a tree branch that had been used to fuel a bonfire, a yellow flower had even bloomed.

The Immortal Universe Eternal Spring Mantra!

A thought flashed through Wang Chong's mind, sending it into turmoil. Wang Chong could only speculate at first, but now, Wang Chong was sure that the Lord of the Righteous Alliance cultivated one of the supreme arts of the Central Plains, one of the ten great arts, the Immortal Universe Eternal Spring Mantra.

In his last life, Wang Chong had only heard of this supreme art; this was the first time he was seeing it with his own eyes. Amongst the supreme arts of the righteous path, this art was only inferior to the Supreme and Infinite Origin Immortal Art and the Art of God and Demon Obliteration, ranked third.

In his last life, Wang Chong had fallen from the highest levels of society to being homeless and miserable, from living in a clan of ministers and generals to wandering the wilderness, but in this process, he had never been able to develop a great understanding of the world of sects. Wang Chong had never expected that the Immortal Universe Eternal Spring Mantra, which was so difficult to cultivate that it was said that even gods and ghosts found it unfathomable, would appear here.

This art had extremely rigorous requirements when it came to one's talent and comprehension ability. Although it was ranked amongst the ten great arts and was incredibly powerful, there was no shortcut in cultivating this art. One needed to progress step by step along a set path, one that required incredible amounts of time to finally reach the end.

Thus, after his reincarnation, Wang Chong had never even thought about trying to get the Immortal Universe Eternal Spring Mantra, as he simply did not have the twenty years needed to cultivate it.

But now, it had appeared before him!

Anyone who could spend twenty years refining their temperament and unhurriedly cultivating this art could only be someone of tenacious will and iron resolve, and someone who was definitely not easy to deal with. As Wang Chong gazed at Song Yuanyi's back, he felt an intense fear.

This technique alone, let alone his other traits, made Song Yuanyi an extremely frightening foe.

"Hmph, I didn't think that the martial arts world would have someone like you!"

The second bamboo hat man stood in the air, his head lowered and his cape snapping in the wind. As one of the leaders of the men in black, he very rarely spoke to his targets, let alone outsiders.

But this Righteous Alliance Lord had used his own strength to win his respect, causing him to break with precedent and speak.

"But you will die all the same!"

A chilling light flashed through his eyes, and then a moment later, the man's body darkened and he vanished. At the same time, that black whip made from the Fire of Mara, twenty-some meters long, once more shrieked through the air. As if someone was controlling it, it twisted and writhed like a python, attempting to constrict Song Yuanyi.

There was no doubt that Song Yuanyi had become the number one enemy in this man's eyes.

Song Yuanyi had to be killed so that they could kill the target and also prevent Song Yuanyi from killing off all the other men in black.


Stellar Energy exploded in black energy waves that flooded the area for more than a hundred feet around Song Yuanyi. The Greater Void Step of the second bamboo hat man made him faster and more unpredictable than almost anyone else. His attacks could appear from any angle, catching his opponents off guard.

Song Yuanyi was the center of all these attacks. Explosions rang out through the mountain, gouging out countless holes on the slope and snapping banner after banner. Before these banners could fall, they were blown to bits along with the hardy mountain rock, their remnants showering the area.

Clang! Seven or eight swords that had been thrust in the ground were also pulverized by the waves of energy. The shockwaves created by the clash of these two was something that not even these swords forged from the finest steel could endure!

Such was the power of these two experts that even Blood Eye couldn't help but back away in fear.

Only Wang Chong continued to stand at the edge of the battle, restraining his aura to the utmost as he observed.

These were two extremely powerful opponents, and if a strange confluence of factors had not allowed him to take on the identity of Young Master Qingyang and infiltrate the Righteous Alliance, he would be the one facing all these men in black. He would not have cared at any other time, but now that he could not lightly use the Great Yinyang Heaven Creation Art, he would truly be in dire peril if he ran into these men on his own.

It seems like I truly have to thank Song Youran!

Wang Chong glanced into the distance, where an anxious Song Youran was in the middle of treating Righteous Alliance disciples.

The two bamboo hat men who had appeared just now were stronger than any other man in black he had ever faced before, and they had come with a large force this time. Besides that, Wang Chong could still sense that an opponent with even more powerful energy had yet to move out.

If not for Song Youran, he would have to rely on his own strength, and though he did not dare say that he could not escape, he would most likely be in terrible danger.

As for Song Yuanyi, this was also a formidable opponent, and he had brought so many people with him to capture his master, and perhaps even him. Now, he could use the men in black to grind away at their strength, which could be considered as weakening a future threat to his master.

The Eternal Spring Mantra is truly profound! In a direct confrontation, these two bamboo hat men are simply no match for him!

Wang Chong's eyes suddenly gleamed with cold light.

Dust and chaotic Stellar Energy pervaded the battlefield, and the bamboo hat man in particular was incredibly powerful and fast, moving far faster than the naked eye could see. For many people, this battle was already far beyond their ability to observe.

But Wang Chong was completely unaffected.

The bamboo hat man had pushed his speed to the limit, and his every punch was imbued with immense strength, manifesting the principle of 'A strong enough man can subdue ten martial artists'. When one reached a certain level of strength, one did not need to use any sort of skills and could simply rely on brute strength to take care of one's foes. Moreover, the man could even set aside a part of his mind to control the twenty-some-meter Fire of Mara whip, which attacked from various angles in concert with his own attacks.