The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1359

Chapter 1359: The Last Bamboo Hat Man

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Amidst the fierce gales and waves of energy, Song Yuanyi stood in the air like a rock in the ocean, his expression confident and unperturbed. No matter which angle an attack came from, the raise of a hand or the flick of a finger easily dealt with it.

In the middle of this intense battle, Song Yuanyi seemed like he was casually strolling through a garden.

Even Wang Chong couldn't help but feel affected by this sight.

In a clash between experts, particularly those of the same level, no one could be like Song Yuanyi and seem like their feet were rooted in place. Purely the impact of Stellar Energy on the organs would place a great burden on Imperial Great Generals, but Song Yuanyi seemed entirely unaffected.

The Eternal Spring Mantra is truly formidable. Its energy permeates through all the organs, supporting them like wooden fibers and healing any internal injury Song Yuanyi suffers as quickly as possible. Moreover, the amount of Stellar Energy he consumes is practically negligible! This alone makes Song Yuanyi unique, allowing him to fight for so long with that man. In terms of endurance, no art can surpass the Immortal Universe Eternal Spring Mantra!

Wang Chong's eyes flashed as various thoughts flitted through his mind.

This was the first time he was seeing the Eternal Spring Mantra used in battle. Each of the ten great arts of the Central Plains had a different power, and it was difficult for others to witness them being used. Wang Chong was reaping a great harvest from this battle, comprehending quite a few things.

These people of the sects placed all their emphasis on individual duels, and through their deep research, they were able to refine their techniques from the complex to the simple. This was completely different from the battlefield, where tens of thousands of soldiers fought against each other.

Not only that, Wang Chong could see the battle through the world of energy, obtaining a completely different perspective. The smoke and dust had no effect on his vision, and not even the Greater Void Step could allow anyone to escape his eyes.

More importantly, through the world of energy, Wang Chong could clearly make out the thousands of threads of energy weaving their way through Song Yuanyi's body, and he could see the exquisite trajectory of the bamboo hat man's 'Greater Void Step'. Wang Chong would have never been able to see such things if he had been the one in that battle.

Their clashes, exchanges, attacks and counterattacks Wang Chong could see them all. No one else on the mountain was capable of seeing what he was seeing.


As he was watching the battle, Wang Chong suddenly sensed something and turned his head, looking down the mountain. A moment later, he grimaced and shot away into the darkness.

A moment after Wang Chong had vanished, the earth began to rumble while immense energy erupted into the air like lava from a volcano. Kacrack! The summit split apart, and before anyone could react, a massive hand formed from stone, each finger like a stone pillar, reached out from the depths of the earth.

First came the crude and mottled hand, and then came the gigantic arm, and finally a titanic giant appeared, blocking out the sky. With lightning-fast speed, it thrust out an arm to grab Song Yuanyi.

Sensing something coming from above, Song Yuanyi looked up and grimaced. But before he could dodge


The titan's hand descended and seized Song Yuanyi.

"Alliance Lord!"

All the Righteous Alliance disciples paled and called out in fright. The men in black, on the other hand, were all elated.

"Leader finally took action!"

The eyes of the men in black began to shine. This Righteous Alliance was harder to deal with than they had imagined, particularly its lord. But everything was different once their leader intervened.

"Kill them! Leave not one alive!" Blood Eye howled out. He had lost many of his men in this battle, and the thought filled him with rage.

No one had ever caused such large losses to them before, not even that Young Marquis of the Great Tang. The Righteous Alliance had successfully stimulated their murderous intent!

The conflict instantly intensified. Bangbangbang! More and more Righteous Alliance members and men in black collapsed in pools of blood.

"In the end, it's still up to me!"

In the darkness, the last and most eminent of the bamboo hat men suddenly stepped forward. He did not care about the losses of his subordinates, as it did not matter how many of these low-level 'servants' they lost. What he truly cared about was that all these people had still not found their target.

"Nothing but a pile of trash!"

A cold light flashed through the man's eyes. But despite what he said, the Righteous Alliance Lord on the mountain had still succeeded in drawing his attention.

Even though this wasn't their target, no person or faction in the world was allowed to defy them. Regardless of what their original intentions were, the moment they mixed together with their target, their fates were sealed.


At this moment, a massive explosion came from the summit.

The right arm of the rock titan was suddenly blasted apart from within, and in a flash of light, Song Yuanyi appeared once more. His robes remained snow-white, his bearing confident, and there was not a single wound to be seen on his body.

That vigorous strike had apparently done no damage to him.

Even the second bamboo hat man couldn't help but grimace at this sight. It wasn't impossible to block that strike, but no one could be like Song Yuanyi and emerge utterly unharmed.

"You finally couldn't restrain yourself!"

Song Yuanyi ignored the gaze of that bamboo hat man, turning his sharp and bright eyes toward that final bamboo hat man in the distance.

The first two bamboo hat men were hardly worth his attention. That final man was the only person he truly cared about.


The bamboo hat leader hovering over the trees seemed to sense Song Yuanyi's gaze and disdainfully laughed. That attack of his had only been the appetizer, a warm-up before he actually got to work.


There was a sound of ripping fabric as the back of the bamboo hat leader's robes tore apart and fell to the sides. Meanwhile, the man stomped forward, upon which all the air for tens of thousands of feet around him began to ripple. Dreadful energy erupted from the bamboo hat leader's body, causing the surrounding space to twist and distort.

Not just the air, but the earth quivered as well, seemingly unable to endure the power in this single stomp.


A bestial roar resounded over the trees. The bamboo hat leader's body began to soar and swell while a golden luster began to seep out of his skin.

In the blink of an eye, amid the sound of cracking bones, the man in black had risen to a height of ten-some feet, and he was only continuing to get taller, thicker, and more muscular. The black robe concealing his body had long ago exploded into threads, and the bamboo hat concealing his face had been sent flying into the sky in pieces. The third bamboo hat man was no more, replaced by a dazzling golden man.

As the golden man floated in the sky, he reached ten feet, twenty feet, thirty feet Soon, this golden man had become a giant of thirty-some feet, and the process was still not over.

As his body transformed, an even more terrifying and destructive energy erupted from the man's body. Even sensing this energy from a distance was enough to make one tremble in fear.


The first to see this sight were the Righteous Alliance disciples fiercely battling at the base of the mountain.

"What is that!?"

"Everyone, be careful!"

The Righteous Alliance disciples widened their eyes in fear.

Above the mountain, Song Yuanyi gazed at the golden giant, showing a hint of apprehension on his face for the first time.

Only now had the battle reached its main event. Although the last foe had still not attacked, that vast and primordial energy far exceeded that of the other two bamboo hat men. Even Song Yuanyi couldn't help but feel an intense sense of danger.

"Hmph! Now is the time to end this battle. And you, little ant, no matter where you hide, you cannot escape!"

The third bamboo hat man had long ago vanished, replaced by a furious golden giant twenty to thirty meters in height. His body was as tough as steel and his bulging muscles were bursting with destructive power.


As countless people watched, the golden giant strode forward, covering seven or eight meters with every stride. The earth quaked as he made his way toward the Righteous Alliance base. The air instantly tensed, and everyone felt a suffocating feeling as that imposing golden giant approached. The Righteous Alliance disciples began to retreat with terror on their faces.