The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1360

Chapter 1360: Golden Giant

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Thwish! The golden giant moved with deceptive speed, reaching the base of the mountain in mere moments.

As his right foot strode forward, it no longer stepped on air, but for the first time stepped on the mountain slope. As those five golden toes touched the surface, the earth began to crazily tremble as if it was about to split apart. Such force made it seem like a god of the nine heavens was descending upon the mortal world.

"For daring to oppose us Gods, all of you must die!"

The golden giant looked down upon the world, his bronze eyes sweeping over the ant-like Righteous Alliance disciples on the mountain.

This divine giant caused all the Righteous Alliance disciples to pale in fear.

No one had ever seen a martial art like this. This was completely different from the dragon avatar of the Black Yin Ancestor or the Qilin avatar of Ouyang Changheng. This was no manifestation of Stellar Energy, but a true transformation of bone and flesh. A man of seven or eight feet had transformed right before their eyes into a golden giant of twenty to thirty meters. This had truly surpassed anything they could imagine.

"Evil art! This is an evil art!" a Righteous Alliance expert fearfully shouted.

"Hmph, evil art? Ignorant ants, this is the work of a God," the golden giant scoffed, a smile of disdain and derision on his lips.

"Don't be afraid of him! He only has brute strength! Everyone, work together and kill him!" someone suddenly shouted. When stimulated by immense pressure and fear, humans would either run or fight even more ferociously.


In a flash of light, a Righteous Alliance disciple charged at the giant, and others began to follow, converging on the golden giant.

"Everyone, don't be afraid! The vastness of his body is our greatest advantage!"

"Attack him from all directions! Everyone, kill him together!"

The Righteous Alliance disciples came in from all sides, the fear triggering their latent potential. Consecutive explosions could be heard as Stellar Energy surged. These Righteous Alliance disciples were erupting with a strength even greater and more boundless than in the previous battle.


At almost the same time, the Righteous Alliance Elders also took part in the assault. They had much higher cultivation levels than these ordinary disciples and were much stronger. In just a few moments, the air was rumbling as all kinds of powerful attacks hurtled through the air at the golden giant.

The golden giant was soon completely surrounded by a dense barrage of attacks.


The golden giant only disdainfully smiled, and then he fiercely punched.


Golden light instantly exploded from his right fist, so dense and powerful that it appeared to the Righteous Alliance disciples like a golden wave had appeared in the air and was howling toward them.

There was a massive boom, and then time seemed to stop. As countless others looked on in fear, the golden wave surged past, and wherever it went, the Stellar Energy unleashed by the Righteous Alliance Elders and disciples seemed to freeze, solidifying into brown stones that dropped to the ground.

Rumble! After a momentary pause, the golden wave began to radiate outward, striking all the surrounding Righteous Alliance Elders and disciples. As a ray of golden light swept past a Righteous Alliance disciple, he paused, then his hair stiffened, followed by his clothes, skin, nails, and finally, his entire body.


With a boom, the lifelike statue which this Righteous Alliance disciple had been turned to dropped to the ground and smashed into countless pieces.

Boom! A second later, another petrified Righteous Alliance disciple smashed into the ground, then a third, a fourth, a fifth In the blink of an eye, the golden light had turned all the Righteous Alliance disciples and Elders within a fifty-meter radius of the golden giant into stone.

With one punch, the golden giant had ended all their lives. There were no more bodies of flesh and blood, only stone statues.


A wind howled across the summit, which had fallen into absolute silence. Countless pairs of eyes stared at this sight, their hair standing on end, their hearts cold, and their faces pale.

"How could this be? What evil art is this!?" the Righteous Alliance expert higher up on the mountain muttered, his lips trembling.

These words voiced the fear in the minds of countless others. No one had ever seen a martial art like this. He had actually turned bodies of flesh and blood into tough stone, and had even turned intangible Stellar Energy into stone. This could no longer be considered a martial art. No words could explain this golden giant's abilities.

As that Righteous Alliance expert had said, this was an evil art!

Righteous Alliance Lord Song Yuanyi and Wang Chong were similarly stunned.

Even someone as experienced as Song Yuanyi couldn't help but turn solemn.

"Just who are these people?"

Song Yuanyi's eyes exploded with cold light. Even now, he did not know the reason for this attack from the men in black, and their martial arts were unlike any found in the world of sects. However, the sight of so many disciples being killed caused anger to emerge in Song Yuanyi's mind.

"I'll kill you first! Then I'll deal with that giant!"

Song Yuanyi turned his cold eyes on the nearby second bamboo hat man.


Song Yuanyi flicked his finger, firing off dazzling bolts of energy that shot like lightning toward the man. At the same time, Song Yuanyi's body swayed and he disappeared.

This was the first time he had taken the initiative to attack.


There was a thunderous boom as Song Yuanyi swiftly collided with the second bamboo hat man. The bamboo hat man had already used the Greater Void Step to try and get away, but Song Yuanyi had managed to accurately calculate his movements and force him into a melee.


In the face of Song Yuanyi's first proactive assault, the second bamboo hat man trembled and vomited blood. When Song Yuanyi used all his strength, not even he was any match.

"After killing so many of my disciples, do you really think this one can't do anything to you?!"

Song Yuanyi's icy voice resounded over the mountain, and the air shrieked as sixty to seventy bolts of energy erupted from Song Yuanyi's body, engulfing the second bamboo hat man. When Song Yuanyi finally went on the offensive, even the second bamboo hat man found it difficult to hold on.

Meanwhile, no one was more shocked than Wang Chong, because only he understood the most about both the men in black and Song Yuanyi.

Just what supreme art is this? They seem to have an endless variety of techniques, all of them completely unknown. Just where do these people come from?

Wang Chong's mind was whirring, his emotions raging.

This was not the first time he had interacted with these men in black, and the more he interacted with them, the more confused Wang Chong became. These people were like a cloud of fog, visible yet unable to be grasped. Even for a mysterious faction like the Confucian Sect, Wang Chong could find records on them in the history books to understand their origins, but with these men in black, the more he understood them, the less he understood.

Up to now, the only book Wang Chong had read that recorded information on them was the Book of Paimon.

But not even the mythical Paimon of the Seventy-Two Demon Gods of the Sassanid Dynasty and the Arabian Empire had been able to find out their origins, much less their goal.

They were like ghosts, vague phantoms appearing on the long river of history, but upon closer inspection, there was nothing there. And even now, Wang Chong did not know how these people came to learn of him.

From the southwest to the northwest, these people were dogged in their pursuit of him, but Wang Chong had never been able to figure out the true reason for their pursuit.

Song Yuanyi is in danger!

As these thoughts flitted through his mind, Wang Chong quickly noticed that the golden giant was striding up toward the summit.

While his pace seemed to be slow, he was actually moving with incredible speed. Waves of golden energy were surging off his body, turning all the Righteous Alliance disciples they struck into stone statues that thudded to the ground. Meanwhile, the Stellar Energy surging through the air was also turned into gray and brown stone that landed on the slope and marked out the golden giant's path to the summit.

Everyone felt fear upon witnessing this giant's dreadful strength, and all of them began to back away.

On the summit, Song Yuanyi's expression gradually turned grave.

"Stand aside!"

A thunderous roar came from the lips of the golden giant. The golden giant's pride did not permit him to work with anyone else when dealing with an opponent of Song Yuanyi's level.

Swish! The second bamboo hat man, who had already been at his breaking point, immediately used his Greater Void Step, taking a blow from one of Song Yuanyi's finger bolts so that he could escape. And the moment the second bamboo hat man withdrew


Song Yuanyi and the golden giant clashed in the air. One fist was the size of a regular fist while the other seemed like a mountain, but when they impacted, they unleashed similar levels of power.

No one could describe the energy unleashed by this clash. All that could be said was that when these two battled, the entire mountain was like a piece of rock being gripped in the hand of a giant. It groaned and shuddered as if on the verge of collapsing.