The Records Of The Human Emperor Chapter 1361

Chapter 1361: Thoughts Of Retreat

Translated by: Hypersheep325

Edited by: Michyrr

Swish! Countless small stones fell from the sky like rain, and a moment later, the two adversaries clashed again. Rumble! Massive booms like peals of thunder resounded through the air, and it seemed like the sky was about to tear itself apart.

Once, twice, thrice Song Yuanyi and the golden giant punched at each other again and again, neither yielding ground. One vast golden wave after another surged out from the leader of the men in black, attempting to turn Song Yuanyi to stone.

But even someone as strong as the golden giant had encountered a tough foe this time. Those petrifying golden waves were constantly converting Song Yuanyi's Stellar Energy to stone, but they could never even touch the lightning-fast Song Yuanyi and his profound cultivation level. Even the golden giant found him incredibly difficult to defeat.

Song Yuanyi's strength is a little less than the golden giant's, but

From his hiding place, Wang Chong began to slowly observe what was going on at the other parts of the mountain. The first and second bamboo hat men had begun to move, inflicting a great slaughter. Even though the elders and experts were putting up a vigorous resistance, they were still no match.

The Fire of Mara that burned away Stellar Energy was something that many of the Righteous Alliance Elders and experts could not resist.

Wang Chong swept his eyes over the chaotic mountain and said to himself, It's about time for me to leave!

The Righteous Alliance base had now become extremely dangerous for him. Song Yuanyi was in the middle of searching for him, and while the two bamboo hat men were wreaking havoc and killing wherever they went, they were actually also looking for him.

If he were to reveal his identity, the two forces battling with each other would immediately attack him. He had already seen Song Yuanyi's Eternal Spring Mantra and developed a deeper understanding of the black-clothed mens strength. Now was the ideal time to leave.

I should go and look for Master! Wang Chong said to himself. It was best to quit while one was ahead and not play with fire. Spending one day on the mountain was enough.

As these thoughts flashed through Wang Chong's mind, he began to head toward the back of the mountain, where the number of people was smallest.

"What's going on? These men in black are too formidable. Why haven't the vice alliance lord and the others gotten here yet?"

Wang Chong had barely walked a few steps when he heard a voice in the darkness. The words immediately caused him to stop and frown.

Vice alliance lord?

A hint of surprise flashed through Wang Chong's eyes, and he headed in the direction of that voice. There, two wounded Righteous Alliance experts were talking with each other.

During his stay with the Righteous Alliance, Wang Chong had seen quite a few elders and experts, but he had never heard of there being any vice alliance lord.

The two experts continued to talk.

"Previously, the vice alliance lord said that once he had finished settling the affairs on that side, he would hurry to the northwest to join us in dealing with the Demonic Emperor Old Man. But the vice alliance lord wrapped up that matter ten-some days ago, and there was already a messenger bird with a letter saying that the vice alliance lord was already on his way. There's no reason for him not to have shown up by now!"

The second Righteous Alliance expert's words caused Wang Chong's heart to tremble.

Someone who was Vice Lord of the Righteous Alliance was undoubtedly stronger than Ouyang Changheng and Sikong Yuanjia. One Song Yuanyi was hard enough to deal with. If he were joined by the formidable vice alliance lord, this northwest adventure would become extremely dangerous for Wang Chong's group.

It seems like the Righteous Alliance is fully mobilizing its forces. Master's appearance this time has garnered a great deal of their attention. Perhaps even Master underestimated the danger of the trip this time, Wang Chong noted, his mind a little uneasy.

The two experts had still not noticed Wang Chong.

"The alliance lord also said that the vice alliance lord and the others would arrive over the next two days. They should be here soon. The situation is dire, so we have to at least try and have the vice alliance lord get here as quickly as possible. No one except the vice alliance lord can deal with those other two men in black," one of the injured Righteous Alliance experts said.

"There's nothing to be done except try! Send the signal! We have to get the vice alliance lord to arrive as soon as possible!"

With their minds made up, the two experts left. A few seconds later, a messenger bird took off and also


There was a piercing whistle as a dazzling firework soared into the sky. After rising several hundred meters, it exploded, lighting up the night with the dazzling image of a Yin Yang symbol and a white crane, the symbol of the Righteous Alliance.

For a moment, the entire mountain was as bright as day, and the exploding firework was visible from several dozen li away.

Wang Chong was already halfway down the mountain, and when he saw that massive firework in the sky, he couldn't help but shiver in fear. There was a reason the Righteous Alliance was known as the number one faction of the martial arts world. With this kind of firework, they could quickly send out a plea for help and receive reinforcements.

At this moment, Wang Chong heard the raspy and deep voice of a man in black coming from twenty to thirty meters away, its owner moving past him.

"Hurry and find him! I don't believe that he could have flown away! With the three commanders standing guard down below, there was no way he could have left the mountain! Find him! No matter what, we can't let him escape!"

Wang Chong immediately slowed down and hid himself behind an extinguished bonfire, at the same time minimizing his aura as much as possible.

That person clearly did not notice Wang Chong and swiftly vanished toward another part of the mountain.

They truly are difficult to deal with, Wang Chong quietly remarked.

He had believed that Song Yuanyi and the Righteous Alliance had drawn all the attention of the men in black so that they didn't have any time to worry about him, but it was now apparent that they had taken precautions against his escape. Escaping would not be as easy as he first imagined it to be.


As he was thinking, a figure crashed into the ground near him.

"You wicked devils, all of you deserve to be punished! Today, this old man will carry out the will of the heavens and exterminate all you devils!" A Righteous Alliance Elder, his robes flapping in the wind and drenched in blood, arrived in pursuit.

"Hmph, laughable! You can't even take care of yourself, and you want to kill me!" mocked a sinister voice from the ground. The man in black who had been knocked down slapped his right hand against the ground and got back up. Using his void movement technique, he swiftly charged forward to meet the assault of the Righteous Alliance Elder.

At this moment, Blood Eye's heart was brimming with rage. This operation against the target had gone badly from the start. Putting aside the men who had been killed in Liuyao City, they had lost a large number of men on this mountain. What they had taken to be some minor faction had been a most troublesome force. Even after their three leaders had taken action, they were still finding it difficult to exterminate their foe.

"Lowly ant, anyone who dares to oppose us only has death to look forward to!"

Blood Eye's expression was savage as he pushed his void movement technique to its limits, turning into an indistinct and ever-shifting blur as he rushed at the Righteous Alliance Elder. Every one of his attacks was aimed at a lethal point, and surging black flames were constantly howling toward the elder.

It's him!

Meanwhile, Wang Chong had also taken note of the nearby Blood Eye. This was not his first time exchanging blows with this man in black, and Wang Chong had been able to determine at a glance that this man was a person of some status in the organization of men in black.

Not only that, Wang Chong vaguely recalled that when that eagle flew down from the sky, this man had been the one leading the way.

More importantly, this person was far too close to him. If Wang Chong made even the slightest move, he would be almost immediately discovered.

As these thoughts ran through his mind, Wang Chong suddenly had an idea. But he did not act immediately, instead choosing to silently wait.

Nearby, Blood Eye was completely focused on the Righteous Alliance Elder, failing to notice the motionless figure of Wang Chong on the ground. He was moving faster and faster and getting more and more excited. He could sense that this Righteous Alliance Elder was reaching his breaking point. In these short moments, he was now sporting five or six new wounds, each one so deep that one could see the bone.

It wouldn't take long until the Righteous Alliance Elder was finished.

As the Righteous Alliance Elder dodged left and right and was on the verge of falling to Blood Eye's attacks, suddenly, a vast stream of Psychic Energy slammed into Blood Eye's mind.

Even though Blood Eye was powerful, this attack took him completely off-guard and was tantamount to a hammer pounding into his brain. His mind went completely blank and his body went stiff. In normal circumstances, this kind of momentary pause would have been unimportant, but in the middle of a fierce battle, it was fatal.

Plush! Plush!

In a flash, a sword had been thrust through his chest, and then a palm shrouded in immense strength grabbed his head and simply crushed it.

The headless Blood Eye's body trembled once or twice before falling to the ground.

"What what happened here?"

Even the Righteous Alliance Elder was stunned over the fact that he had killed this powerful man in black with a single palm. He confusedly scanned the area, but all was quiet and empty. It was like he had just experienced an illusion.

"Were my eyes playing tricks on me?" the Righteous Alliance Elder muttered, his mind dazed and confused. But there was no time to ponder this matter, as the battle was still in full swing. His body swayed as he immediately flew off toward another part of the battle.